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Half-Sister, All Burden (Part 2)

Dean x Sam x Reader

Reader (Adam’s sister) living with Sam and Dean in the bunker. Dean hates the reader but she made the ultimate sacrifice for him.

Part 1

Warning: self-abuse, angst

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Half-Sister, All Burden Part 2

I woke up, again. It was just like normal. Waking up in the cage, wishing I was dead. However, this time was a little different. I felt like somebody was holding me. I looked up and saw Sam. It was one of Lucifer’s tricks again. Sam was going to tell me that he did not love me and that I was a burden. I closed my eyes, not wanting to hear what fake Sam had to say.

“Baby, wake up! It’s Sammy here. Baby, I love you, please wake up!!” fake Sam said.

“Sammy?” I asked. This has never happened before. Weird. I debated whether or not to believe. I chose to believe, this time. I had nothing to lose, right?

“Yes, baby, it’s me. Please wake up!” fake Sam pleaded. I got up and looked around. There was Lucifer, as usual. Dean was also here, weird. Sam was holding me like a baby. I wondered what had happened for them to visit me here.

“The princess has awaken!” announced Lucifer.

“What is this? Is this some sick joke again? What is going to happen next, are you going to make them torture me because you won’t?” I asked. I was angry.

“No, baby. Listen to me, we are real. Dean and I are really here. We are here to get Lucifer’s help.” Sam said. He pulled me into his arms, holding me tight.

“Y/N, they are very much real.” Crowley said, outside the cage. I looked into Crowley’s eyes. There was no trace of lies. I looked up at Sam with tears in my eyes. I immediately latched onto him like a parasite. I hugged him with everything I got in me. After what seems like eternity, I pulled away and looked at Dean. He looked guilty.

“Well, let us all settle down while I catch Dean up shall we?” Lucifer said.

“Catch me up on what? There is nothing to catch up here. Rowena! Get Sam and I out of here!” Dean said. Dean was a little scared. I don’t think that it was about Lucifer who was standing right beside him. I think it was something else.

“Please! This is my cage, I decide who leaves and who stays.” Lucifer says. He was eyeing Dean. Dean was looking at me. His eyes filled with fear.

“Y/N, would you like to tell Dean what happened or do you want me to do it?” Sam asks me gently.

“She is not real Sam. This is Lucifer tricking us. Y/N is dead and it will stay that way!” Dean yells. I have never seen him so afraid.

“Beeep! That is a lie Dean Winchester. Tell Sam what Crowley told you a month after Y/N disappeared.” Lucifer said.

“You knew! You knew that Y/N was in the cage and you did not tell me! WHY?” Sam yells at Dean.

“Fine! I lied. I knew about Y/N being in the cage. You happy now?” Dean yells, his hands in the air. I felt my heart sink. He knew, all this time and made no attempt to help me.

“She did this to save you Dean! How can you not feel anything? She is our sister Dean!” Sam said.

“You think I did not feel bad Sam? Everyday, I wished that I could replace her in this cage. But you needed me Sam. I could not leave you. You come first Sam! You are family!” Dean says.

“So is she! If she stays, I stay!” Sam said calmly.

“Excuse me! I am the judge here! I WILL HAVE ORDER!” Lucifer said, banging his fist on the side of the cage. He then stood in between Sam and Dean.

“Sam, do you have anything else to say before I pass the judgement?” Lucifer asks.

“Yes, take me instead. I will take her place. Release Y/N!” Sam said. As much as I was touched by Sam’s love for me, I won’t allow him to take my place!

“No! I won’t allow it. Take me and release them!” Dean said.

“That is ridiculous guys! This is my destiny! I made the damn deal!” I said.

“Everyone shut up!” Lucifer yells. We all stopped yelling. This was it. Lucifer was about to take a pick on who stays and who goes.

“I have made my choice.” Lucifer said. “The one who stays is…”

Suddenly a white light enveloped us and the next thing I knew, we were transported into the bunker. All of us. In front of us stood a man. He wasn’t someone I knew. He didn’t wear pants and was having chinese take out food. He looked like a nerd.

“Father?” Lucifer asks. We all looked at Lucifer, then the stranger.

“God?” Dean asks.

“Does this mean that I don’t have to go back to the cage?” I asked. Chuck looked at me with sadness in his eyes. He walked over to me, cradled my face in his hands and kissed my forehead. Instantly I felt fresh. It was as if I was born again. I did not feel depressed anymore. There was hope in me. I could feel myself smiling. I felt joy for the first time in so many years.

“Oh sweetie, you will never hurt like that again. That is a promise.” Chuck said. Then he looked at Lucifer and snapped his fingers. Instantly, both of them disappeared. We looked around and realized we were alone. I looked at Sam and smiled. He pulled me into a bear hug and laughed out loud. I don’t remember him laughing that hard before.

After what seems like hours in Sam’s arms, I pulled away and slowly looked towards Dean. I did not expect what I saw. Dean had tears in his eyes. He stood there, blank, as if he did not know what to do. I have never seen him this lost. It was then when I decided that I should be the one to take the first step. I ran towards him and hugged him as tight as I could. After a split second, I felt Dean return the hug. He was crying.

“I am so sorry Y/N. I should have tried harder but I was scared. I am so so sorry.” Dean said, his voice breaking. I did not know what to say. I just hugged him harder. We stood like that for what seemed like eternity. Dean then pulled away but he still held me at arm length. He knelt down and looked up to me.

“Y/N, I have been such a terrible brother to you. There are no words that can describe how bad I treated you. I don’t care if you don’t want me as a brother anymore. I promise that for as long as I live, I will make it up to you. I can only hope that one day, you will find it in your heart to forgive me. Hell, I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I should have been the one in hell. Damn, I am so so sorry.” Dean said. He hugged me tight. I could hear him sobbing.

“Dean, I just want my big brother back. That was all I wanted, was for you to be my big brother. Can I have that? Please?” I asked. That was the truth. I only wanted my big brother back.

“Yes! Yes you can. You can have all of me. I will quit hunting just for you. I will do anything for you!” Dean answered. He gave his biggest grin to me. It was the first time Dean ever smiled at me. Being in the cage was worth it. I finally got Dean to love me.

The next few months was filled with happiness. Sam, Dean and I were inseparable. The only exception was when they had to hunt because other hunters were busy. During those times, I would stay back in the bunker and clean. They would rush back to me as soon as they were done. Other times, we would be in the bunker watching movies, playing games, cooking and reading up on the lore. We almost started a band but Sam couldn’t sing and Dean’s rhythm was atrocious.

Other than that, we were pretty much like one big happy family. There was only one problem. We were always together, the three of us. I was never alone with Dean.

I woke up screaming. It was the same nightmare. Dean telling me that I was a burden and he would kill me if he had the chance. I always woke up before he managed to “kill” me but this time, he did. I woke up screaming. I was panting hard. My hands were on my tummy where Dean had supposedly stabbed me. I checked myself, worried that it wasn’t a dream. Then I heard it. Dean’s footsteps coming towards my room.

Dean’s POV

I heard her the first time. It was the kind of scream that meant she was in trouble. I ran straight to her room with a knife in my hand. I lost her once, I will not lose her again. I would gladly kill whoever that is hurting her. I reached her room and flung open the door. There she was on the bed. I barged into her room looking for the intruder. When I saw that there was no one in her room, it hit me. She was having a nightmare.

Y/N’s eyes locked onto mine. I saw fear in her eyes. I realized I must have looked like an actual intruder with the knife in my hand. I dropped the knife immediately and put my hands in the air as a sign of surrender.

“Y/N, it is just me.” I said as I walked closer to the bed. Y/N started to edge her way into the wall. It was as though she was afraid of me.

“Whatever your nightmare was, it is not real. Trust me!” I said. I stopped moving so she would not be afraid. I thought of calling Sam but he was out helping another hunter. I knew I should have gone instead of Sam.

“You killed me Dean! You stabbed me! I trusted you!” Y/N yelled. She must think that she is still dreaming. I need to prove to her that I will never hurt her.

“I am sorry Y/N. Please, believe me. I would never hurt you.” I said, kneeling down. Maybe if I wasn’t so big, she would be less frightened. Then I had an idea.

“Y/N, come here. Hit me. Hit me with everything you’ve got. I will prove to you that no matter what, I will not hurt you.” I said. That was what she needed. No, I needed her to hurt me. That way, I would be able to make it up to her.

Y/N got out of the bed slowly. She walked up to me carefully. It was like a sheep approaching a dead tiger. I stayed as still as I could. Any sudden moves would definitely scare her. She stopped about four feet in front of me. She looked like she was waiting for something. After about ten seconds, I decided that if she did not want to hurt me, I could always do it for her.

I started slapping and punching myself. I did not hold back. I bit through the pain and continued punching myself on the face. I heard a gasp and looked up at Y/N. She was shocked.

“Stop.” she said softly. I did not stop. I continued punching myself. I could taste the blood in my mouth. My whole face was sore.

“Stop! Stop it Dean!” Y/N yelled. I did not stop even then. Then she did something that I did not expect. She launched herself at me and held me. I stopped hitting myself and surrendered to her. I was sobbing hard, not from the pain but from guilt. She held me there for a long time. She was the first to pull away. Tears were rolling down her face. I reached up with my thumb and wiped them.

“I am so sorry for everything Y/N. Please, tell me what you want me to do. I’ll do it. I’ll die if that would bring you peace.” I said. Y/N shook her head. Then, she knelt down and looked up at me.

“No, please stay. Don’t leave me. I need my big brother. I am scared Dean. Don’t leave me alone.” she said and hugged me tight. That was all I needed to do. She needs me to love and protect her. She needs me to be her big brother. I held her tight to myself.

“I won’t leave you Y/N, I promise. I will love and protect you as long as I live.” I said as I pulled away and looked at her. She nods and gives me a small smile.

“Call me sissy, like Sam does.” she says. She brought her hand to my face and gives me a pained expression.

“I look terrible, don’t I?” I asked with a small laugh.

“Don’t worry Dean, I’ll take care of you.” she said. With that, she left the room looking for the first aid kit.

After she patched me up, I got up to leave. We both needed to sleep after that whole fiasco. We were both tired, physically and mentally. As I walked out, Y/N pulled me back. I turned around and looked at her questioningly.

“Can you stay with me tonight? Just in case the nightmares come back. Please.” she gave me some serious puppy eyes. How could I say no?

“I thought you’d never ask.” I said. She smiled. I followed her to the bed. We both got in and settled down. I expected her to just sleep beside me, but she turned to me and placed her head on my chest. I smiled and put my hand around her and started playing with her hair.

“Goodnight Dean, I love you!” she said.

“I love you too sissy. Goodnight.” I replied.

A Place to Call Home pt 6


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 7,328

Warnings: Language, mentions of assault, SMUT

A/N: Here is the next part of A Place to Call Home, I hope you all like it! There’s finally some more smut! YAY! hahah. Huge thank you to @rememberstilinski and @writing-obrien for proof reading and giving me their input! As always, let me know what you think! :)

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Wolf Rage - Harry Styles imagine

Request: Definitely an imagine with Harry styles, please. One where he gets jealous about my love for teen wolf and the hot dudes lmao. And it kinda blows up into a fight but we make up. Cheesy I know!


Y/N - Your Name
Y/F/N - Your Friends Name
Y/H/T - Your Home Town


“Oh my god I know right?!” I exclaim into the phone talking to my best friend, Y/F/N and I are watching the weekly episode of our favorite show Teen Wolf. We would normally be together tonight but she’s back home in Y/H/T and I’m traveling with my boyfriend Harry while he does press for his new movie. I love Harry so much but I miss home immensely, that’s why I look forward to spending my Sunday nights on the phone with my best girl friend watching my favorite show. “She needs to stay away from Stiles, I’m gonna get my big ass in the tv rip those cheap hair extensions out of her annoying ass head!” Y/F/N yelled into the phone. “I think her hair is real Y/F/N.” I say laughing, I hear a door shut behind me and turn my head to see Harry closing the front door.

“Hey gorgeous.” I say, I can hear him taking off his shoes and walking towards the back of the couch in our living room.

“Hello love, how was your day?” Harry says placing a kiss on the top of my head. “Hold on a sec Y/F/N Harry just got home, I’ll call you back after the commercial break. Okay bye.” I hang up the phone and face towards the couch wrapping my arms around Harry’s torso, placing my chin on his chest. “It was fine, I called my mom she’s says hi and that she loves the movie, how was yours handsome?” Harry smile and rubs his thumbs over my cheeks. “It was good, lots of interviews as usual but Fionn invited us to go out for dinner tonight. I just came up to get you and to change.” Harry said with a smile on his face, I felt so guilty. “Honey you know I’d love to but Teen Wolf is on tonight and Y/F/N and I on the phone watching it together.” I say smiling nervously hoping he understands.

“So you’re telling me you would rather stay home and watch some dumb teen tv show than go out for dinner with adults?” Harry answered back clearly agitated. I unwrapped my arms from his torso and leaned back into the couch, and gave him a confused look.

“Harry you know this is important to me, I haven’t seen Y/F/N in months and the only time we can talk together is when-”

“You’re gushing over shirtless ware wolves, I see how it is.” He said backing away. “Harry what is this really about? The fact like I like to spend my Sunday nights with my best friend who is thousands of miles away or about the guys in the show?” I say raising my voice, I can’t help but let out a humorous huff as this is such a ridiculous thing to be arguing about but here we are anyway.

“It just seems that you get a little too into the show sometimes, when we went to comic con you ran into one of those wolf blokes and completely ignored me.” Harry said obviously hurt by my love for the show and cast, I felt horrible. I didn’t know Harry felt this way about a silly show, clearly it’s taken a toll on him over time.

“Harry I’m sorry. Honey if you felt this way why didn’t you tell me? It’s just a fun show that I like to watch, it doesn’t mean I want to be with any of the guys in the show!” I say trying to make a point but sound sincere, Harry bows his head down running his fingers through his hair. He always did that when he gets nervous. I walk up to him and cup his head in my hands forcing him to look up at me.

“Listen Harry, I love you. Only you, and no one else. Well maybe Y/F/N a little to.” I say and we both laugh, “the only reason I make such an effort ever Sunday to watch the show is because I miss my friends. It’s just a fun thing to do and something I look forward to especially when I’m home sick.” I say quietly, I don’t mean to make him feel worse but I want him to know my reasoning.

“I’m so sorry love, I know you don’t get to see your family and friends that much.”, as Harry said that the phone rang it was obviously Y/F/N calling back. “Go answer it,” Harry said smiling,“she’s probably biting her nails in anticipation of who will be shirtless next.” He says laughing, I smile and lean into his chest and place my lips on his. I can feel him hum into the kiss and wrap his arms around my waist, I run my fingers through his hair as he rubs tiny circles on my lower back. “Before this goes to far,” Harry whispers low against my lips, “go enjoy your Sunday night.” I pull away from him slowly and smile up at him,“thank you darling.” I say and give him a quick peck on the lips.

I run towards the couch and pick up the phone on my way, “Hey I’m back! Oh my god, he did not!” I click the tv on and turn to Harry leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed smiling at me. “I love you” I mouth as Y/F/N catches me up on what I missed, Harry brings his hands up to his face, covering the sides of his grinning face and mouths “I love you too.” Oh this is the man I love.

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Moments. Chapter 13: Yes

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 13: Yes

“You start your last year of uni on Monday, are you excited?”

“I guess?” Sana said looking up from his book

They were in her living room, Sana sitting on one of the couches reading while Yousef lied on the other one going through his phone

“You guess?”

“No, I mean, I’m excited but I’m also kind of scared”

“Ah, you’re going to do great. You’re a genius”

“You think that because I’m smarter than you, but that’s not really difficult babe” she said winking at him

“Hey!” he said standing up and sitting by her side on the other couch “That wasn’t nice missy”

“I wasn’t trying to be nice” she said shrugging

“You’re hurting me Bakkoush”

“Life is tough” she said smirking

“Oh okay…that’s good…that’s fine…guess I’ll have to go to that restaurant tonight alone then” he said as he stood up and made it look like he was leaving

“What restaurant?” Sana said

“Nah, nothing…I was just thinking that since it’s your last Saturday before you start uni again that maybe you wanted to go out with me to a fancy restaurant, but I guess life is tough”

He shrugged and left the room waiting in the hallway for Sana. But Sana was not having it, she knew he would come back so she just lay back on the couch and kept reading her book.

“Are you seriously not going to come?” Yousef asked from the hallway after a minute

“Sorry, can’t hear you”

Yousef shook his head and sighed. He went back to the living room and stayed by the door.

“You were supposed to go after me” he said crossing his arms on his chest

“Why would I do that when I know that you were coming back?” she said not looking up from her book

“Okay, smarty pants, do you want to go out with me tonight or what?” he asked

“If you insist” she said shrugging but smiling at him

He shook his head once more and laughed, that girl was definitely going to be the end of her. Sana laughed too but was interrupted by her phone beeping.


“What happened?” Yousef asked seeing Sana’s face “Who was it?”

“Noora, she wants, she needs, to meet me today. Apparently some trouble with William”

“William? I thought they broke up months ago and that this time was for real”

“And that’s exactly why I’m worried. What if he came back again?” Sana said biting her lip

“There’s only one way to find out. Go talk to her”

“But what about our date?” she said

“We will go out tomorrow, it’s okay. Go, your friend needs you”

“You’re the best” she said walking to him and kissing him on his cheek.


“So you’re telling me that your big emergency with William is that you accidentally liked a picture of his?”

“It’s a BIG crisis Sana!!” Noora yelled “He’s going to think that I’m not over him and I’m waaay over him!”

“Noora, it’s just a picture”

“It’s not just any picture, it was a picture of him, he’s going to think that I still find him hot”

“But you do still find him hot” Sana said

“Well, I have eyes, but I would never ever date him again and now he’s going to think that I’m stalking him and…”

“Noora! Can you please stop trying to figure out what he’s going to think?” Sana said placing her hands on Noora’s shoulders.

“I’m freaking out here! I need to do something to calm me down…let’s go shopping!”

“What? shopping? Now?”

“Yes, let’s go find some clothes and let’s get beautiful and walk down the streets like we own the world”

“Noora…you seriously need some help”

“Please Sana, please, please, please”




Sana shook her head as she entered her house later that evening. Somehow Noora had convinced her to buy the white dress she was wearing now and match it with a light pink hijab. She wasn’t going to lie, she felt really pretty but what was the point? She was entering her house ready to take a shower and change into her pj’s. But she had had fun with Noora, she had to admit that, even though she would’ve wanted to go on that date with Yousef.

As Sana closed the front door behind her she started to hear some music, Siste gang was sounding.

“Hello?” she asked but no one answered.

All the lights of the house were off. She started to walk down the hallway and when she looked at the floor she saw flowers, flowers leading her way to the backyard. She smiled to herself, there was only one person dorky enough to do that.

She entered the backyard and smiled at the view. Yousef was waiting for her, white shirt and light trousers, no snapback on his head. There was a table set up with candles and somehow he had managed to bring music to the place.

“What is this?” she asked as she approached him

“You really thought you were going to get rid of me?” he said.

“You look beautiful”

“Thank you, it was Noora’s idea”

“I know” he said with a smirk


“I may or may have not been the one who told Noora to distract you today so I could make this”

“So the restaurant thing was all false?”

“Why go to a restaurant when we can bring the restaurant here” he said pointing at the table “I made your favorite”

“You’re unbelievable”

“And this is just the start” he said


After they finished dinner they just stayed there talking about nothing and everything and looking at each other. The music had continued sounding and at this point a new song began, I feel it coming by The Weeknd.

“Oh my god remember when you caught me dancing this song?”

“I’ll always remember it as one of the best moments of my life. The look in your face was priceless” Sana said laughing

“I was so embarrassed, I had a crush on you since forever”

“You were extremely cute”

“Cute huh? Let’s see if I still have the moves”

He stood up and started to dance to the rhythm of the music making Sana laugh with every facial expression he made.

“Okay, okay, enough with the laugh” Yousef said changing to the next song

Sana’s face lit up as she heard the first notes of Kiss me by Ed Sheeran. Yousef smiled back at her and offered his hand.

“Can I have this dance?”

Sana took his hand and stood up. He put his other hand on her waist and brought her close while she rested her hand on his shoulder. They swayed to the rhythm of the music, both lost in each other’s eyes.

“You know you’re the best thing of my life, right?” Yousef whispered

“So are you”

“I can’t picture my life without you, Sana”

“You don’t have to”

“And I know this year is going to be really important to you and I want to be there for you and once you finished I want us to celebrate”

“Well, that’s what the graduation is for” she chuckled

“Yes, but I want us to celebrate more than that, I want us to celebrate our love and the start of a new life together”

“What are you talking about” she asked confused

“Sana, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And you’re probably going to hate me for this but I’m going to do it the cheesy way”

He took a step backwards letting go of her and put his hand on his pocket


He got down on one knee and showed her a little box.

“Sana, will you marry me?” he asked opening the box to show her a ring

Sana gasped in shock and covered her mouth with her hand.

“Is that a…?”

“YES! It’s a yes! Yes, yes, yes of course I’ll marry you” she said with tears in her eyes

Yousef smiled widely at her as he slipped the ring on her finger while she kept nodding. She grabbed his shirt and made him stand up before wrapping her hands around his neck in an embrace. Yousef hugged her back and lift her off the floor slightly.

“I love you so much” she said as he left her on the floor

“And I love you, my love” he said kissing her forehead softly.

“Do you think our parents will be okay with this?” she asked hesitantly

“I think that it’s safe to say that they like the idea” Yousef said placing his hands on her shoulders to turn her around.

In the door that led to the backyard her parents, Yousef’s parents and Elias were looking at them with huge smiles on their faces.

“They knew about this?”

“Of course, I talked to all of them to make sure that they were okay with it”

Sana smiled and walked to her parents to give them a huge hug as Yousef did the same with his.

“Yousef! My man! You’re going to be my brother in law, finally!!” Elias said patting Yousef’s back and hugging him

“So you’re all really okay with this?” Sana asked her parents and Yousef’s

We want you two to be happy, habibti, and that’s what you are when you’re together” her mom said

“We couldn’t be happier, Sana” Yousef’s mom added

“Ah, little sis!” Elias said placing his arm around Sana “I can’t believe that it was right here when you told me that you didn’t like Yousef, what a liar you were. And now you’re getting married to my best friend and you’re about to finish your degree and…”

“Elias, are you crying?” Sana said seeing how his eyes got red

“It’s the allergies, shut up”

Sana laughed and took a moment to look around, those were the people that she loved the most and they were all here, happy because she, Sana Bakkoush, was finally marrying her soulmate, Yousef Acar.


(I know they kind of suck, sorry!)



Hello! First of all I wanted to tell you what a great writer you are! Then I wanted to ask you if you could write something about Yousana’s engagement night (like the night they make it official with their parents)… thanks in advance!

Hi! I have a Yousana future prompt for you, don’t worry about the time it’ll take you to write it, I’m in no rush… prompt: Sana and Yousef decide that they want to get married (what I mean is they are ready for the “next step” in their relationship)

(this probably wasn’t what you wanted, I’m sorry!)

Hope you’ve liked it!

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Beyond the Stories

Another Wattpad request. I do not own Jaime Lannister. He belongs to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: A teeny bit of angst I suppose and some fluff

Pairings: Jaime Lannister x reader

Originally posted by dawnofthedusk

Jaime stared at you, dumbfounded. “This cannot be true. Tell me this is not true, Y/N. Please,” he practically begged you. You stood on the opposite side of his small table, the tears running down your face. “It is true. I wish I could say otherwise, but I cannot lie to you. You would only discover it later. I thought you would like to hear it from me.” You turned and made your way to the door of his chamber. You didn’t get far before you heard the scraping of the chair against the floor and you felt a hand wrap around your arm.

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NERVE starters

‘ I haven’t found the right time to tell her. ’

‘ thank you, i love you, i’ll see you in a little bit. ’

‘ (name) doesn’t have to care, (name) has a trust fund. ’

‘ I don’t want space, I just want you. ’

‘ he put peanut butter on his junk and let his dog lick it off. ’

‘ I don’t expect you to understand. I’m an adrenaline junkie, you like to stay within your comfort zone, that’s fine. ’

‘ what about that pole dancing class we took ? ’

‘ why are you attacking her ? ’

‘ life is passing you by, you need to learn to take a few risks every once in a while. ’

‘ alright, you’ve been dared. do you accept your dare, (name) ? ’

‘ nah, she’s not my type. ’

‘ you are not nearly as hot as you think you are. ’

‘ look I spend a lot of time on the dark web, okay ? ’

‘ kiss a stranger for five seconds ? ’

‘ make a choice, the clock is ticking. ’

‘ – and I’m sorry that I’m totally geeking out and ruining the story. ’

‘ where did he go ? ’

‘ that was some kiss. ’

‘ does he always tell you what to do ? ’

‘ I’m gonna be outside, if you change your mind. ’

‘ you know, Charles Manson was a singer too ! ’

‘ I was hoping you’d come. ’

‘ I’m just warning you, I don’t think I’d make a very good partner. ’

‘ I’m not the daredevil type. ’

‘ the second I feel uncomfortable, I’m out. ’

‘ please let me fart on you ! ’

‘ hey, try screaming ! ’

‘ hey, what’s your email number – I mean your, uh, what’s your info ? ’

‘ alright, how about my first born son too ? ’

‘ are these stolen ? ’

‘ dolla dolla bill yo ! ’

‘ have you ever parallel parked a car in your life ? ’

‘ she’s doing what she apparently thinks is best for herself. ’

‘ I don’t think that (name) can handle this, I’m actually really worried about her. ’

‘ get your ass to this party and help me okay ? ’

‘ okay, just, please no fire-breathing dragons, or knives. No clowns, no snakes, no skeletons. ’

‘ what about this: just a tattoo of my dad ? he’s gorgeous, honestly, he’s a nice looking guy. ’

‘ I’m laughing ‘cause it’s good. ’

‘ hey you have to trust us. ’

‘ hold on I’m just doing the Y in ‘daddy’. ’

‘ hey, hey, stay with me, stay with me. ’

‘ he would laugh so hard if he saw me getting a tattoo right now. ’

‘ boom ! I am done. you go to that mirror and you celebrate my work. ’

‘ well did you try google ? ’

‘ I’m not gonna buy guns or something. ’

‘ (name) ! no ! not happening ! ’

‘ they’re asking if I can trust you. can I ? ’

‘ I have the perfect tattoo picked out for you ! ’

‘ don’t do anything dumb, dummy. ’

‘ oh god, I love the internet. ’

‘ there is no way in hell I am doing that ! ’

‘ say yes, just say yes. ’

‘ just keep your eyes open. ’

‘ hey, I know you’re scared but you’ve gotta talk to me, (name). ’

‘ that is the craziest thing I have ever done ! you are incredible ! ’

‘ you guys don’t need to be afraid, because I’m not afraid. ’

‘ just give me a real dare. ’

‘ maybe we could … team up ? ’

‘ how would I know if I’m being hacked ? ’

‘ (name), what are you not telling me ? ’

‘ some things happened that I wish turned out differently. ’

‘ this is just kinda something I need to do. ’

‘ if you want to talk about it, i’m here. happy to listen. ’

‘ I’m just tired of being her sidekick all the time. ’

‘ she’s at this party, mostly likely drunk and needs me to hold her hair back. ’

‘ stop yelling at me ! stop ! ’

‘ you guys are SO famous right now ! ’

‘ oh, come on, (name), you never even spoke to him. ’

‘ it’s fine. certainly no surprise. ’

‘ you know what’s not fine ? I almost died tonight, (name), and you were nowhere to be found. ’

‘ I’m sorry, when you said I should live my life did you mean I should live it in your shadow ? ’

‘ it is time to get over her, clearly she has traded up. ’

‘ why do you have to be such a bitch ? ’

‘ oh, look at that! little (name) finally speaking her mind ! ’

‘ you’re one of those girls who peaks in high school. ’

‘ we control your life. we control your family. we control your future. ’

‘ they’re onto us ! ’

‘ do you really want one of us to die tonight ? ’

‘ you are now an accessory to murder. ’

‘ she’s a badass. take care of her. ’

Red & Silver (Part 9)

Summary: Reader befriends Natasha Romanoff in the Red Room, but Natasha has a lucky escape. She manages to join the Avengers, leaving the reader to be recruited by HYDRA and turned into an ultimate weapon to replace the one they lost.

Warnings: nothing I think (maybe a swear word or two idk sorry)

Word count: 1271

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More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 10

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


JUNE 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

 “You didn’t come. I was there. I waited two hours for you. And you didn’t come. So much for ‘I’ll be there tomorrow’. You could’ve told me you know? If you didn’t want to come you could’ve just told me. I won’t check if you have answered until the 1st of July so don’t bother, if you even answer of course”


Sana read the letter with a guilty feeling in her stomach. She wanted to go, she really wanted but she couldn’t. She sat on her bed, with the back against wall and the letter in her hands. She looked at her wardrobe and she could almost see herself there a month ago. She closed her eyes and let the memories come to her.


She went to the wardrobe ready to pick up the outfit she was going to wear to her meeting with her letter boy. She opened one of the drawers to find the perfect scarf for the occasion. She was doubting between a red one or a pink one when a particular one caught her attention. She felt her stomach sink as she realized which one it was. She grabbed it with trembling hands, tears coming to her eyes. It was purple. It was a beautiful purple hijab. One she had wanted for so long. One she hadn’t bought. One someone had bought for her. One Yousef had bought for her. And one she had worn to her first date with Yousef.

You know in the movies, when the main character has flashbacks of crucial moments in their life so they can make a choice? That was what happened to Sana in that moment. Images of Yousef came to her mind, Yousef smiling, Yousef laughing, Yousef crying, Yousef’s eyes, Yousef’s hair, Yousef’s voice…Yousef. And then she remembered something Marit had told her just a few minutes ago, ‘why bother with any other guy when you know who’s the one for you?’. And finally she saw a sentence, a handwritten sentence from the last letter she had received, ‘Everything is over between my ex and me and now more than ever I want to see you’.

What was she doing? It was clear why he wanted to meet her. He wanted her as a rebound. Something had happened between him and his ex that had made him lost any hope he had and now he wanted to meet her. It was clear he wasn’t thinking straight, it was clear he didn’t want to meet her as friends. And she, what did she want to do? Did she want to reconnect with her pen pal? Did she want to take a risk and try to be with him? Did she want to forget about all the troubles her relationship with Yousef meant? Did she want to give up on Yousef?

No. She didn’t. Now more than ever she had one thing clear, she didn’t want to give up on Yousef. She loved him. She never stopped loving him. She had worked so hard to get past her insecurities only to throw it all away by giving up. She wanted to try again with him. She had to try again.

She couldn’t go to that meeting. It wouldn’t be fair to her, it wouldn’t be fair to Yousef and it wouldn’t be fair to the letter boy.


So she didn’t go. And as guilty as she felt reading that June letter, she knew she had made the right decision.

Now all she had to do was take the plunge and fight for what she wanted.


JULY 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

 “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I couldn’t do it.

Look, I don’t know what happened between you and your ex but you’re clearly not over her and you wanted to use me as a rebound. I’m not mad at you. I get it. But I couldn’t do it. I’m in love with him. I love him. And I have to fight for him. I can’t give up just yet.

This will be my last letter. I won’t go to that book store anymore. I’m really sorry.

You’ve been one of the most important people in my life for so long. But I need to focus on what it’s real. And you’re not real”


So now not only Sana but his letter girl had given up of him. Great, just great. It was clear that he was the problem, no one else. There was something in him that made people get tired of him. There was no other explanation.

And he got it. He knew why she hadn’t met him. He had to admit it, he wrote that letter, the one asking her to meet him, in a moment of bitterness and anger. He wanted to forget about Sana and he had tried to use the letter girl for that.

Somehow he was kind of relieved that they hadn’t met. Something inside of him was telling him that it had been the right choice and that he would’ve regretted it.

But now he was right at the start. A year had passed and he was exactly like he was after Sana broke up with him. Alone. In love. Alone.


On his way home from the book shop he received a message from his mom, she needed him to buy some stuff from the store. Fate had wanted that he’d receive the text right as he was walking by the store making him turn around still reading the text and enter the shop. Fate had also wanted that he’d bump into someone as he walked through the door.

“I’m sorry” he said before looking up from his phone “Oh…”

“It’s fine…hi Yousef”

Why? Just, why? There were billions of people in the world. There were 5,267,146 people in Norway. There were 658,390 people in Oslo. And he had to bump into Sana Bakkoush.

“Hi…I’m sorry, I was looking at my phone and…”

“I told you, it’s fine” she interrupted him with a smile, why did her smile have to be so beautiful?

Yousef nodded awkwardly.

“This reminds me of one of the first times we met” She said chuckling and covering her mouth with her left hand

“Yeah…we were always bumping into each other” he said distracted by her hand.

There was something missing there. She placed her hand back by her side and he followed it with his gaze, looking from one hand to another trying to get his thoughts in order.

“Uh…Yousef? Are you okay? Why are you looking at my hands?” Sana asked confused

His head snapped up and looked at her like a kid who had been caught eating a chocolate cookie after his parents had told him not to.

“There’s no ring” he whispered


“No…I just…I mean…You…you don’t have any ring” he stuttered.

“Well, yeah I don’t really wear rings”


“Oh! Talking about rings” Sana interrupted him “You remember my friend Marit, right?”

Yousef nodded still confused by this whole conversation

“Well, she’s getting married!!” Sana said excited

“What? Marit? Married?”

“Yes, her boyfriend, Frans, proposed to her and she said yes. He had been planning it for months and I helped him. He even came all the way to my university to show me the ring. Isn’t he nice?”

Of course. Of course he had done that. Of course his only reason to give up on Sana had been a misunderstanding. Of course he had assumed the worse instead of just thinking it through. Just, of course.

“Yeah, he sounds super nice” Yousef said faking a smile while cursing himself

Sana nodded and smiled uncomfortable, an awkward silence had been installed between them now.

“Well I should go get the things my mom needs” Yousef said

“Yeah, yeah, of course. And I should get going, my mom needs this for lunch” Sana said showing him the bag she was holding

“Okay so…I’ll see you around”


Yousef walked by her and finally entered the store. When he only had taken a few steps he heard her voice again.


“Yeah?” asked turning around to face her

“I just wanted to say that you should come over to the house more often…you are never there anymore and…well, we miss you” she said biting her lip and blushing

Yousef’s lips curved into a big smile. She wanted him there, she missed him. He nodded and so did she. He stood there watching her leaving, feeling a lot better than he had felt a few minutes ago. He had arrived to that store feeling abandoned and alone and he was going to leave it feeling hopeful.

AUGUST 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

To say that she was making progress with Yousef would be maybe going too far, but at least they were able to be in the same room now without one of them running away.

After their last encounter in the food store, Yousef started to come by the house more and more often. At first, Sana would stay in her room, too embarrassed to go out and meet him. But when one day they accidentally bumped into each other –again- in the kitchen and the world didn’t end after they talked for a few minutes, Sana decided that it was time for her to stop hiding and like she had said so many times, fight for what she wanted.

What she didn’t expect was that one way of doing that was going on a double date with a guy she wasn’t even dating. That maybe, only maybe, was going too far.


“Elias, what do you want?” she asked entering the living room after receiving a text from her brother telling her to come, because yes, her brother sent her texts even if they were both at home.

“Sit down” Elias said pointing the couch where Yousef was also sitting.

“Do you know what’s going on?” she asked Yousef

“Nope, I’m as clueless as you”

Elias kept pacing around the room, clearly finding the right way to say what he had in mind.

“Elias can you stop?!” she almost yelled, she was anxious enough having Yousef so close to her, she didn’t want added stress.

“Okay, okay…the thing is…I need your help” Elias started “I want to ask Noora out, on a real date”

“So do it”

“It’s not that easy Sana. I can’t just go there and say: ‘hey Noora I think you’re really cool, want to go out on a date with me?’”

“Isn’t that how asking people out works?” Yousef asked frowning

“I’m pretty sure that’s how it works, yeah” Sana agreed

“But I don’t want her to know that it’s a date…well I do but I don’t. So I thought about going on a double date”

“Okay…?” Sana said still not understanding where this was going on

“So, what’s the problem? Ask Mutta and Chris or Adam and Mikael or Isak and Even or Vilde and Magnus or Eva and Jonas…I mean you have plenty of couples to ask” Yousef said

“Yeah, but if I ask her to go out with one of those couples she’ll know it’s a date” Elias said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

“Elias, I’m lost here, do you or do you not want her to think it’s a date?”

“God, sis, are you even listening? I want but I don’t. So I thought that maybe you could help me. Maybe the four of us could go out? It’d be like a double date but not really, exactly what I want”

“You want us to go on a double date…” Yousef started

“…as a couple?” Sana finished

“Yes! No! I don’t know…I want the four of us to go out for dinner, it’d look like a double date but since you’re not dating it won’t really be a double date and she won’t get scared…if that makes any sense”

“No, it definitely doesn’t” Sana shaking her head

“Guys please! It’d only be dinner, after that I’ll ask her to go somewhere else and you could leave”

“I don’t know…” Yousef said, of course he wanted to do it but he didn’t want to make Sana uncomfortable

“Yeah, Elias…I don’t know either” Sana said, of course she wanted to do it but she didn’t want to make Yousef uncomfortable.

“Please, please, do it for me. I know you’ve been through a rough time but you’re friends again, right? I’ve seen you two talking…just please?”

Sana and Yousef looked at each other trying to see what the other thought.


And that’s how she ended sitting on a fancy restaurant on a Saturday night with her brother, her best friend and her ex-boyfriend.

Dinner was…interesting. Basically it consisted on Elias’ lame attempts to get Noora’s attention, Noora’s lame attempts to act as if she wasn’t head over heels in love with Elias and Sana’s and Yousef’s lame attempts to make it seem like they weren’t dying to be with each other. So yes, you could say that dinner was interesting. But what was even more interesting was when, after eating, Elias asked Noora if she wanted to go to another place with him, she accepted and the both of them left without even acknowledging Sana and Yousef, who were left awkwardly standing outside the restaurant.

“So…” Yousef said

“So…” Sana repeated looking at the floor “I think I should go home and sleep”

“But…what about your Saturday ice-cream?” he asked frowning

Sana looked up at him with wide eyes, her lips curving into a smile.

“You remember?”


“So, where do you want to go now?” Yousef asked Sana as they got out of the restaurant they had had dinner at.

He had been back in Norway for a month and even thought they had hanged out a lot since they started dating, this was the first Saturday night date they had had.

“I want ice-cream” she said with a big smile

“Ice-cream? Sana is freezing” he chuckled

“You can’t end a Saturday night out without ice-cream, it’s the rule” Sana said matter-of-factly

“What? Where did that come from?” he asked laughing

Okay, do you want to hear a story?”

“From you? Always”

She shook her head but smiled as she led the way to a bench near by and sat. He sat next to her and looked at her attentively.

“When I was little and my grandma came to spend some time with us she would always insisted on going out for dinner on Saturday. ‘You’ve all been working all week, you deserve a nice night out’ she would say. And after dinner she would always, always, insist on going to have an ice-cream. It didn’t matter if it was August, March or December. If we were out on a Saturday, we had to have an ice-cream before going home. ‘You can’t end a Saturday night without an ice-cream, Sana, it’s the rule’” she said imitating her grandma’s voice and then laughing “Mamma hated it, she always said that we were going to get ill, but grandma didn’t care. So every since then, every time I go out on a Saturday I finish my night with an ice-cream”

“Sounds like a perfect tradition to me” he said looking at her tenderly.

He stood up and offered his hand to her

“Let’s get you an ice-cream”

She smiled and took his hand, happy to know that she wasn’t alone in this anymore.


“I remember everything”

SEPTEMBER 2020 (20 and 23 years old)

 “Come on Sana you can do this, you can do this” Sana whispered to herself before knocking on the Acar’s door.

She took a deep breath waiting for the door to be opened.

“Sana?” Yousef asked as soon as he saw her standing outside his front door.

“Hi” Sana said looking at everywhere but him

“What are you doing here? Elias didn’t told me you were coming, I mean you’re always welcomed here but…”

“I didn’t tell Elias I was coming” Sana said, she knew her brother and his friends were spending the day at Yousef’s to celebrate his birthday “I needed to see you”

It took so much time to convince herself to go there, she couldn’t back up now.

“Oh…uh…come in” Yousef said stepping aside to let her in


They stood on the hallway neither of them daring to look at the other one. Sana closed her eyes for a moment and finally took a step closer to him.

“Happy birthday” she said handing him the gift bag she was holding

“Is…is that for me?” he asked, when she nodded he added “You didn’t have to…”

“You neither and yet last year you came to my house and gave me that beautiful gift” she said smiling at the memory “Besides, I couldn’t not buy you this when I saw it. Open it”

He took the gift bag and introduced his hand to grab what was inside of it. It was a snapback, but not any snapback, this one had a meaning for them.

“How…?” he tried to ask but he was so shocked to get the words out

“I did some research on the internet, made some calls and I found it, it’s the same one, right?”


Four months after they had started dating Yousef had insisted on taking Sana to the theme park. Sana wasn’t really into the attractions, the truth was that most of them scared her, but she wasn’t going to admit that to Yousef so she finally accepted. As they waited in the queue for the rollercoaster Yousef told Sana the story about the snapback he was wearing that day. It was a limited edition his favorite dancer had designed. There were only like 20 in the market and he had been lucky enough to buy one before they were all sold out.

“You should take it off then, you may lose her during the ride” Sana told him as they sat in their places, waiting for the ride to start

“Nah, that won’t happen”

“Yousef, this is a pretty big rollercoaster and there’s a lot of wind, your snapback is going to fall”

“Awww, is my girl afraid of the rollercoaster?” he teased her

“No” she said rolling her eyes “I don’t want you to come whining at me once you lose your snapback, that’s all”

“I’m telling you Sana, it won’t happen”

But it did, it happened. 2 minutes into the ride Yousef’s snapback fell down and he was unlucky enough for it to fall exactly in the railways where the wagons were about to pass, ending in the snapback being completely destroyed after every single wagon stepped on it.

Since that day both Yousef and Sana spent months trying to find another snapback like that but eventually they had given up.

Until only a month ago when while searching for something to give Yousef for his birthday, she had come across an add that was selling the same exact snapback. It had cost her almost half of her savings, but seeing the look on Yousef’s face now, it was totally worth it.


“It’s exactly the same, Sana!! I…I don’t even know what to say. Thank you” he said taking a few steps forward and hugging her.

Sana didn’t expect that reaction from him and stiffen at his touch.

“Oh god, sorry, sorry. I just…I got caught in the moment and…” Yousef said instantly backing off

“No, no, it’s fine. I didn’t expect it…that’s all…but…you can hug me…if you want” She said blushing trying to look at him but not being able to

“Yeah?” he asked

Sana nodded and took a step closer to him, wrapping his arms around his neck. Yousef placed his arms on her waist and hugged her tightly. It had been almost a year since their last hugh ,precisely also in one birthday, her birthday. That day Yousef had told her that he still loved her, and as selfish as it sounded, she needed to hear it again.

“Do you still love me?” she whispered in his ear

“What?” he asked pulling away from the hug frowning

“I’m sorry…I…it’s just…last year on my birthday you told me you loved me and now I’m thinking that maybe you still do and…I’m sorry this is selfish…I…I’m going to go…I’m sorry” she blurted out before turning around and walking to the door to leave.

She was almost out when she heard him.

“I do. I will always love you, Sana”

She looked at him and opened her mouth to say something but no words came out of it. They only stood there, staring at each other’s eyes intensely. It felt like hours but only a few seconds later Elias and the rest of the boys stepped in the hallway looking for Yousef. Sana took the moment of distraction to get out of the house. She knew she was being a coward and that she had asked for it, but knowing that Yousef still loved her was more than she could process.

OCTOBER 2020 (20 and 23 years old)

 Well of course.

Of course.

Just…of course.

Of course his parents gave him a trip to Turkey as a birthday ‘present’. Of course it was just an excuse to go see the family. Of course it was three days after Sana had asked him if he still loved her. Of course it was a two months trip. Of course he couldn’t get out of it by saying that he had to work because his boss was his own aunt. Of course he was now 2450 kilometers away from Sana.

Just, of course.

Don’t get him wrong. He loved going to Turkey to see his family, especially since his little cousin Omar had been born and he hadn’t had the chance to meet him. But the fact that he had to leave without being able to talk to Sana about what she had asked him on his birthday was killing him. And it wasn’t like he could talk to her about it by text message, right? No, he couldn’t. That was something that had to be dealt with face to face. The thing was, would there be anything to talk about once he came back?


Sana Bakkoush: Elias told me you went to Turkey

Sana Bakkoush: I hope you have a great time there

Yousef Acar: Thank you

Yousef Acar: To be honest I didn’t want to go

Yousef Acar: But it’ll be nice to spend some time with the family

Yousef Acar: And you know I love this country

Sana Bakkoush: I do

Yousef Acar: By the way, how is the Nazar amulet I gave to you?

Sana Bakkoush: Well…

Yousef Acar: It’s broken, isn’t it?

Yousef Acar: It’s okay, it always happens

Sana Bakkoush: Really?

Yousef Acar: Yeah, they’re very fragile

Yousef Acar: I’ll have to bring you another one, there’s no way I’m leaving you without protection

Sana Bakkoush: You really don’t have to.

Sana Bakkoush: I don’t think I need protection from jealousy anyway

Yousef Acar: I told you, you’re perfect

Yousef Acar: Of course people would be jealous at you

Yousef Acar: I’ll bring you a new one xx

Sana Bakkoush: Thank you xx

NOVEMBER 2020 (20 and 23 years old)

Sana Bakkoush: I heard that you’re back. I hope you’ve had an awesome time in Turkey.

Yousef Acar: Yeah, I got home yesterday. I had a great time, thanks!

Yousef Acar: I’m actually at your house right now.

Yousef Acar: Are you here? I thought we could talk?

Sana Bakkoush: I’m with Jamilla right now.

Sana Bakkoush: But maybe we can talk tomorrow?

Yousef Acar: Tomorrow sounds perfect.


“Are you even listening to me?” Elias asked annoyed


“I’m talking about Sana’s birthday, are you in?”

“Sana’s birthday?”

“So you’ve clearly haven’t listened to any of what I’ve said”

“I’m sorry I was…”

“Texting my sister?” he interrupted Yousef “Like you’ve been the whole two months you’ve been away?”

“What? I haven’t been texting Sana” Yousef lied

“Oh, please. She’s been all the time on her phone and smiling like a dork, that smile is her Yousef smile”

“Okay, fine, we’ve been texting”

“What is going on with you, then?”

“Nothing…I think…I don’t know. Last time I saw her was on my birthday and she asked me if I still loved her”

“And what did you tell her?” Elias asked

“I told her the truth, that I will always love her. But then I had to leave and yeah, we’ve been talking to each other but not about us, just about random stuff…”

“So, what are you waiting for? Go talk to her”

“She’s with Jamilla, but we’ve agreed on meeting tomorrow”

“Ever since those two became friends again she’s spending a lot of time with Jamilla. I’m so happy to see them reconnect” Elias said with a smile

“Reconnect? What do you mean reconnect? I thought Sana and Jamilla were never friends” Yousef asked confused

“Oh no, they were, they were really close back when Sana was in middle school. But then they got into a fight about something”

“But when I asked you about Sana and Jamilla you said that they had always hated each other”

“Well, it was a way of talking. What do you even care about it?”

“No…I don’t…it’s just…just forget it…” Yousef said shaking his head, he had already been down that road and he didn’t want to go there only to be disappointed once again.

“Okay…anyway. Sana’s birthday party at the cabin, are you in or not? I’m sure she’d want you to go”

“Cabin? What cabin?”

“Seriously Yousef? Where have you been for the past 20 minutes? The cabin in the woods my family used to rent for the holidays, the one we’re renting for Sana’s birthday party.”

“C..ca…cabin…in the woods…what…where?” Yousef stuttered, he could feel his heart beating fast in his chest, this couldn’t be happening, not again.

“In the woods, I just told you” Elias said chuckling

“Elias, I’m not joking here. Where is that cabin?”

Elias frowned at his friend and searched the location on his phone.

“Here” he said showing his phone to Yousef

“Oh my god…this…this can’t be…” Yousef said shaking his head and standing up.

He began to pace around the room anxiously, his mind was going too fast.

“Yousef you’re scaring me, what’s going on?”

“Elias…I need to ask you some questions and please you have to be completely sincere here”

“Of course, Yousef what happened?”

“Sana…was she…was she bullied in middle school?”

“Oh…uh…yes…how do you know that?”

“That doesn’t matter. Jamilla, did she go with Sana to school every morning? Did she pick her up from there? Was then when they became friends?”

“Yes, Jamilla was the first person Sana told about the bullying thing”

“No, she wasn’t” Yousef whispered more to himself than to him

He couldn’t believe he had been so blind during all these years. Yes, he had thought about this once but when Elias had told him that Sana and Jamilla weren’t friends he had immediately given up on that thought.

Now, it all seemed clear to him. But still, he needed to ask more questions just to be sure.

“This cabin…did you used to go on the second month of summer, the first week of Christmas, the winter break and the last 4 days of Easter? Did Sana hurt her foot with the wardrobe door of her room in the cabin when she was 11?”

“What the fuck Yousef? How do you know all of that? Did Sana tell you?”

“Yes, no…kind of…I need to go”

“What? Where?”

“I need to think” Yousef said walking to the door

“Wait, are you in for Sana’s birthday or not?”

“Uh…yes whatever” he said, he couldn’t think about that now

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow? When you come to see Sana?”

“I can’t see Sana…not tomorrow…I…please don’t tell her anything about this conversation, please”

“Okay, fine, fine I won’t tell her, but what’s going on?”

“I need to think” he said again, this time finally leaving


On his way home he texted Sana to tell her that he couldn’t meet her the following day.

He needed to think, he needed to process all this new information. Starting from the fact that Sana was his letter girl and ending in the fact that she had lied to him when she broke up with him, she had never stopped loving him.

DECEMBER 2020 (21 and 23 years old)

Her birthday, her 21st birthday, her birthday that she was celebrating with a surprise party in a cool cabin in the woods. That should be enough to make Sana feel happy right?

Well she wasn’t.

And the reason of that was not something but someone. The reason was a 23 years old boy who had been avoiding her for the past weeks. Since he had came home from Turkey in the end of November she hadn’t had a proper conversation with him. She had texted him, she had ran into him at her house but all she had received had been ambiguous answers and evasive looks. And now he wasn’t even in her party.

She knew she had no right to be mad at him. She had lost her chance. She had broken up with him more than a year ago. She had avoided him for almost a year. She had broken his heart. She had asked him if he still loved her and then she had run away. She had done everything wrong. As far as Yousef knew, she didn’t love him and she had moved on from him, so why would he even care about going to her stupid party? She should’ve talked to him sooner. She knew that. But it hadn’t been easy. First she had had to overcome her insecurities, and that had been really difficult. Then, she had had to finally get some closure on her letter boy. And finally, when she was ready to talk to him he had started to avoid her, it was just too late.

Still, she had a tiny shred of hope that he would come, but the party started almost 2 hours ago and he still hadn’t come. She had given up hope when her phone beeped with a text message.

Yousef Acar: A little rude to invite me to your birthday party and don’t come to greet me, don’t you think?

She looked up from her phone and saw him standing by the door, his eyes focused on her.


Sana Bakkoush: Well, I’m the birthday girl, I think you should come to me.

He smiled at her across the room and walked over to her. She returned the smile and met him in the middle.

“Hi” Sana said maybe smiling way too big

“Hey, happy birthday” he said as he put his hand on his pocket to take out her gift “as promised”

In his hand he was holding the new Nazar amulet he had brought her from Turkey.

“You remembered!” she said taking a step closer to him to hug him

“I told you, I remember everything” he whispered in her ear as he hugged her back.

“So, did you know about this?” she asked once she pulled away from the hug

“Yeah, I kind of did. This is such a nice cabin. Elias told me you used to come here?”

“Yes, we did. We spent almost every holiday here…do you maybe want to see what used to be my room?”

“I’d love to”

Without thinking twice she took his hand and led him to the attic. She was really excited to having him there. This was her chance and she wasn’t going to waste it. As soon as they were alone she would tell him all the truth, that she loved him and wanted to be with him.

“I haven’t seen it yet since I got here, I don’t know if it has changed or anything” Sana explained opening the door and turning the lights on. “Wow…it’s exactly as I remember it”

Yousef silently agree with her, the room hadn’t, in fact, changed a little bit. He stood by the door while Sana paced around the room inspecting every inch of it.

“I used to love coming here. It’s the best room of the house. I had to fight Abdu and Elias to have it, but you know I always find a way to make them do what I want” she said as she approached the wardrobe and put her hand on the door to open it

“Be careful, you don’t want to hurt your foot again with the door” he said leaning against the wall by the room door.

Sana froze at his words. She tried to find a moment in her memory when she had mentioned something about that wardrobe to Yousef but as hard as he tried she couldn’t find one. Slowly, she turned around to look at him

“What did you just say?” she whispered

“Last time I was here the door was still broken and I mean, we both know how much it hurts when it falls in your foot”


“One would think that after all this time they would’ve fixed it but I think we both know that they probably didn’t”

“Stop!” she heard herself yelling, she needed to process what she was hearing “You’re…it’s…it’s you…you’re…him”

Yousef nodded slowly and took a step towards her

“Since when do you know?” she asked him

“Since Elias showed me the location of this cabin. I had thought about it before to be honest. For a long time I was convinced that it was you…but then you weren’t friends with Jamilla and my letter girl had a great relationship with her sister-in-law. Then I found out that you used to have that kind of relationship with her and that you were bullied in middle school”

“But I…I thought you were him too…but you…you aren’t muslim” Sana said blinking fast, she had a lot of thoughts in her mind and she couldn’t put them in order

“No, I’m not muslim” he agreed

“But you were…when you were 16 you still were muslim” only now she was realizing her mistake

Once again, Yousef’s answer was simple nod, he knew this was a lot to process, it had took him weeks and she only had minutes.

“I can’t believe this…I…all the signs were there…your friend’s sister you thought hated you…that was me and I saw you coming out of the book store that time and…everything is starting to make sense now…” right now all she could do was look at some point in the wall behind Yousef and shake her head as she tried to think straight. A question came to her mind and this time she looked right at him “Why didn’t you tell me? Why have you avoided me all these weeks?”

“Probably for the same reason you lied to me when you broke up with me” he said bitterly “I needed time”

“Yousef…about that…”

“Why, Sana? Why would you do that? Why would to break my heart that way? Why wouldn’t you just tell me the truth? I would’ve understood, I would’ve supported you and given you the time you needed” he said taking a few steps towards her

“I was a mess Yousef! I didn’t want to bring you into my mess, it wasn’t fair to you”

“No, what wasn’t fair to me was that you made that decision for me” she could hear the hurt in his voice

She looked down trying to hide the tears that were coming to her eyes

“Sana…I…it felt like you were giving up on us…”

“You gave up on us too” she whispered before looking up at him “You gave up on us. You said everything was over between you and your ex and two months later you were saying that you were still in love with me, why?”

“That…that was a mistake…” he said closing his eyes and shaking his head “I saw you…outside your university, with that Frans guy, he had a ring and…”

“Oh my god, that’s why you kept looking at my hands that day, you thought he had proposed to me?!” she asked half angry half amused

“I’m sorry okay? You had told me you didn’t love me, you had been avoiding me for months and when I finally get the courage to tell you I still love you I see you with another guy…”

“And your instant reaction was to want to meet another girl?” she asked crossing her arms on her chest

“In my defense, that girl was you”

This time she really laughed, and not only a chuckle, she was completely laughing out loud, almost histerically, while the tears that she had been holding rolled down her face. It seemed contradictory but wasn’t that what that situation was? She felt happy to know that the two loves of her life were the same person but also frustrated about all the time they had lost on stupidities. At first Yousef just frowned at her but eventually he was infected with her laugh and ended up laughing too.

“What are you laughing at?” she said between laughs

“Me? You’re the one who started”

“It’s just…this could only happen to us” she said more calm now as the truth hit her “We’ve been knowing each other for 10 years and we’re still in the same point we were in the start”

“No, that’s not true”

“What do you mean?”

“Now, Sana, we know something we didn’t know before. You know I love you. And I…I think you love me too…don’t you?”

She sighed heavily and flashed a huge smile at him

“Of course I love you. I’ve wanted to tell you for months, I never stopped loving you.” She walked, ran, over to him and hugged him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him, lifting her off the floor a little.

“I’m sorry, for everything” she said against his neck

“I’m sorry too” he whispered back

He placed her in the floor and pulled away a little to look at her. She placed her hands on his chest and tilted her head to gaze at him with loving eyes.

“So it’s true then…it’s you, it’s always been you” she said

“Yeah, it’s me…I’m your anonymous friend about whom you knew nothing” he said in a nerdy voice

“Hey!” she reprimanded him patting softly on his chest with her hand

“You were such a know-it-all”

“Excuse me? I was smart, smarter than you Mr. lame jokes”

“You loved my jokes!” he said “You loved them as much as you loved 40 years old creepy men”

She opened her mouth offended and pulled away from his embrace

“You know what? I’ve changed my mind, I don’t love you” she said trying to leave but he took her hand and made her stay, hugging her again.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You were smarter than me”

“I’m smarter than you” she placed her hands on his chest again and smiled

“You are smarter than me”

“And I don’t love 40 years old creepy guys”

“And you don’t love 40 years old creepy guys” he repeated

“And I don’t think your jokes are that lame” she admitted “I kind of like them”

“Yes! I knew it” he said doing a victory sign with his fist

She laughed and then bit her lip as she looked at him. Everything they had been through had led them to that particular moment. The truth was out now. The boy she had had a crush on for 10 years and the boy she had been in love with for almost 5 years were the same person and it couldn’t feel more right.

“I love you” she said resting her forehead against his

“And I love you, girl” he said back

Since that day, Sana and Yousef became a couple again and this time there was nothing that could tear them apart.

Every time they met new people and they would asked them for how long they had known each other, Sana would say an amount of years while Yousef would say another. When asked about that difference of replies they would look at each other and smile knowingly before answering.

‘It’s a long story’ they would say, and indeed it was.


I can’t believe I’m sayin this but…this is the last chapter of More than words.

When I started this I never thought people would actually like it and would take the time to read it so it means the world to me all the love and support you’ve showed to me

I really hope you like this chapter and that it hasn’t disappointed you


Fuzzy Part Two {Anthony Ramos x Reader}

So here is the requested pt 2 of ‘Fuzzy’. I hope y’all like it

Pt 1 Pt 3

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 732

Tagging Party: @stardustandmoon @nadialinett14 @mindofthescattered @ihamilhatemyself @kazuha159 @randomlysu @keikoraventeller

“I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know who any of you are.”

In an instant, the room became eerily quiet. Everyone was holding their breaths, seemingly waiting for me to continue speaking. But that’s it. I have nothing more to say. I mean I guess I could yell for them to leave or scream for security, but I don’t think that’s the best option seeing as everyone looks either heartbroken or confused beyond belief.


I turn to look at Anthony and see utter pain written all across his face.

“What do you mean? You know who I am, Y/N. You’ve known me for over two years. You’ve known all of us for that long.”

Sorry pretty boy, but I have no fucking idea who you are. I’m pretty sure that I would know someone pretty well after two years and I know nothing. Nothing. Well, I know who my parents are and where I live, but I don’t know these people.

“Okay, fuck this.”

I turn to look at a tall man with his pulled back into a lil poof. He’s the only person doesn’t look sad or confused. He actually looks angry which doesn’t make much sense.

You need to stop playing,” he says, pointing a finger at you. ‘This is a serious situation and it is not the time to be making jokes or pranking people. This is pretty damn serious, Y/N, so you need to cut it out.”

The audacity of this guy. You would think someone would be more sensitive and caring to a person in a hospital bed, but apparently that’s not on his agenda. Apparently being a huge douche to a stranger is though. If he really knew me then he would know that I am terrible at pranking people and never go through with it because I’m afraid that I’ll hurt them in some way. Ha, and they all say that they know me.

“Daveed!” “What the hell, man?” “No, you need to stop.” “What’s wrong with you?!”

The entire room explodes into people questioning the guy. The volume increases and it’s even louder than it was before, which is not comfortable for one’s ears. I don’t seem to be the only on who thinks it’s too loud because the nurse looks to be in pain as well. I watch as she grabs a metal tray and cup and lifts them into the air. Now I’m the one confused until she starts banging them together, creating a noise louder than everyone’s yelling. Everyone quiets down and looks toward her with puzzled expressions.

“Listen up,” she says with authority. “Your friend here seems to have some amnesia from the attack. Like you said before, she hit one of the props during the altercation and during that fall she hit her head. Because of that and the entire trauma, it was possible that she would have some amnesia. As you can see, that has unfortunately occurred. However, everything will be okay because the amnesia should only be temporary. That means that you all need to be helpful and kind to her while she regains her memory, not getting mad at her for not knowing or yelling obscenities so loud that her head hurts. Okay?”

Everyone mutters a positive response, looking guilty for their past actions. I kind of feel bad for them. They didn’t know what was happening or that it was giving me a headache. They had no warning to what was coming and it looks to have hit them like a ton of bricks. That still doesn’t excuse their past actions though.

“So this is real? You don’t remember who we are?”

Lin looks at me with grim expression and it only worsens when I give him a small nod. Anthony, still holding my hand, drops his head onto the side of the bed. His face is obscured so I have no idea what he’s feeling right now. I don’t want to cause these people pain. They care too much and I can’t make them stop so I just sit in the silence, not wanting to say something and make it worse.

Anthony lifts his head and looks at me with tears in his eyes, saying, “It’s okay. We’ll figure this out and everything will be okay. We’ll get through this and everything will be fine. It’ll be just fine.”

A/N: Sorry that this part was shorter than the last but I wanted to stop there because I know that I can continue the story in a pt 3. If you would like to be tagged for pt 3 plz let me know. Well that’s all. Have a good day and peace out my peeps

don’t wait, or say a single vow

Amy Santiago had always planned her life down to the very minute. However, she never planned on her boyfriend, Teddy, proposing. She didn’t plan on meeting a stranger who convinced her to accept proposal, and she definitely didn’t plan on accidentally having that same stranger help her run away from her wedding, either.

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anonymous asked:

heyyy abby i need ur advice pls. im autistic (like .. super autistic? i dont like functioning labels but im .. very "low functioning". like. im mostly nonverbal) so i got a job where i dont have to talk much. well we have this one regular who KNOWS i cant talk and shes being such a fucking pissbaby about it ???? like it's So Rude to not speak .... what do i do?? it's hard to resist punching her in the face bc she'll just yell at me for not talking until i cry and she does it like every week

My oldest son is on the spectrum, so I’m tempted real bad to go down there and punch her for you. Does management know this is going on? Maybe let them know it is harassment and you’d like to be able to walk away when you need to. Hell, I’d just walk away anyways and if they ask then tell them. If I were your manager there I’d ban her ass from the store. Ask if it’s possible! The smelly fucking sasquatch really needs to be dipped in boiling honey then thrown to the bears. Un-fucking-believable. It definitely sounds like she does know you are autistic and is trying to force it out of you or something. Seriously, I wish I could hunt her ass down and key “evil cunt” into her damn car then put it in sharpie on her face.

Has any of our followers on the spectrum gone through this? What course of action did you take? I’m almost positive there is a law that would protect this anon, just not sure what though. Hostile work environment? -Abby

*EDIT* If it’s bad enough maybe you can even get a restraining order. -Abby

I remember back when I finally, formally dropped out of uni, when I left my college, when I moved in back home. I remember even before I started uni, when every choice I made stressed me out, when no matter what I decided it felt wrong. I remember having to say goodbye to all of my friends finishing school, knowing I was staying another year, because I couldn’t emotionally or mentally handle something that it felt like every single other person could. I remember never feeling happy or relaxed, completely, because there were all of my friends with future goals/careers in mind, because my parents wouldn’t stop bringing up the idea of me going back to studying again. I remember when I was so depressed I barely managed to force myself to shower, to talk, to eat. I remember waking up every single day and beginning that day with the thought “imagine if one day I was feeling better, I was in a better place and I was happy.”

I remember the day in year 11 when I broke down, after hiding my depression for years, only for the school counsellor to tell me I was overreacting due to school stress.

I remember my very first counsellor, when I was eleven, who first suggested I might have issues with my family, who I was never allowed to see again.

I remember my first psychiatrist, who told me the problems in my head were not real and I only needed to get over them.

I remember the guidance counsellor who wouldn’t let me leave her office because I was so close to the end and trying so hard not to show it.

I remember my parents finding out I was severely depressed and offering to take me out of my exams to walk the dogs on the beach, to drive me to the coast to get my formal dress.

I remember my parents a month later yelling at me and blaming me for being unhappy, for being angry but trying to hold it in.

I remember the last psychiatrist I had, who encouraged me to talk about what was on my mind even when I tried to back out because I felt immature, or like a coward. Who started seeing my mother for therapy, and when I displayed hesitance towards that, even before I could bring up the courage to explain why, was telling me that I had been his client first and if it came to it all I needed to do was ask him and he would stop seeing her. Who directed me to taking anti-depressants but only after months of knowing me and even then, emphasising time and time again that he didn’t want me to feel pressured into them, that he wanted me to be certain, that he wanted to be sure he understood me and my problems before he even suggested medical treatment.

I remember, so many times, over and over again, where I thought to myself, “
this can’t be the end. This can’t be my entire life. This can’t be my existence for the rest of my time.” I remember so many times where I’d given up hope, where I’d come to think the rest of my miserable life would be one disappointment, one stress, one breakdown after another.

But now. Now, I’ve moved out. I’m living with the closest friend I’ve ever known. I’m taking medication on a daily basis, and have been doing so for long enough where I can handle every day crises without breaking down. I have my license. I have a car. I have, more or less, a full time job. I’m independent, I’m with someone who loves and understands me. I’m in a mindset where things will go wrong and I can handle them. I don’t stress about uni, or about my future goals, or about what my friends are doing.

I’ve dreamed about making this kind of post for so long, and never truly believed I’d get there. But I did. I am happy, I am free, I am stable. I am doing better, feeling better, than I have in I don’t know how long. And I will never, never stop being grateful to everyone who got me here. Finally I am comfortable and happy. I will never take that for granted.

And if you need it, if you’re looking for it, take this as a sign. Take this as a sign that things will improve, you will improve, even if at this very moment you can’t imagine such a thing. One day you will be feeling free and loved and most importantly, content, and you won’t remember why you wanted everything to end in the first place. Or, more specifically I guess, you will, but it will not even have half the meaning it does to begin with, because you are no longer that person - you are stronger and braver than that.

Even when you absolutely believe without a doubt that there is no recovery, there is no coming back, please take this as proof; no matter how hard you fall, no matter how much it hurts, you can recover, you can survive, and you will one day find yourself in place where you’re able to feel at home, where you can laugh, where you feel safe. There was a time where I legitimately could not imagine myself in a scenario where I felt happy and free. But this is me, this is how I feel now, and I know that one day you could feel the same.

Hang in there. I know you might not want to, but neither did I, and look at me now.

Finding My Way Back To You

For the @aosrewatch Reunion prompt.  I was going for fluff…not sure I succeeded…but enjoy.  

Leopold Fitz Radcliffe had always felt like something was missing from his life.   Ever since he could remember there had been a hole, an ache in his chest he just couldn’t shake.   Though every so often he would get a flash, most triggered by every day things.  

The scent of Lavender and someone curled into his chest.

The sound of a kettle boiling and a warmth that could only be described as home filled him.

The sight of the stars shimmering at night telling him something Magnificent was out there.  

He had once told his adoptive parents of this, Holden and Agnes Radcliffe. They pair had smiled adoringly at each other and assured him that one day he would find a love and child as they had to fill the void.   They even tried to help him with a nearly constant stream of carefully vetted pretty faces.   Each and every one unable to hold a candle to the unknown Fitz was waiting for.  

Today he was expected to meet yet another one of those Radcliffe approved choices at a party they were putting on to celebrate their most recent breakthrough in prosthetics.  A English Garden Party of all things.  Agnes loving time honored tradition in counter to the future that their tech represented.  

Fitz hadn’t wanted to come at all as he preferred to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. Not liking the spot light or attention. Radcliffe had fostered and encouraged this when he was younger and kept him sheltered since taking him in when he was ten.  Worried that Fitz would be the target of rival corporations, Shield, and the occasional ransom junkie out to make a quick buck.  However, the older and more successful Fitz became the more he felt like a show pony being trotted out for a photo op.  

“Ten minutes Sir,” The voice called from the other side of the door and Fitz heaved a heavy sigh.  Perhaps he could slip away after cocktails.  The event was mercifully at an old Victorian Cottage Radcliffe had purchased years ago and meant that Fitz had his own space to slip away too once it got too much.   Until then he put the simple grey suit and Lavender tie Agnes had sent for him.


The party was just as bad as all the others.   Fitz stood dutifully at Radciffe’s side, shook hands or answered the occasional question.   Finally getting a moment to himself when Radcliffe was pulled away to speak with Melinda May.   He used the opportunity to slip away to an unused portion of the deck and sit on the weathered swing.   He had always loved this swing, spending countless hours on it growing up simply reading books or sketching designs that had long since come to life.

“Its not Perthshire but it is quite lovely,” a voice said and caused Fitz to jump.    

He turned to see a beautiful brunette tentatively approach with tears in her eyes.  Something about seeing tears in those eyes made him want to go to her immediately and take her into his arms to kiss them away.   She had dressed like the other guests, a long white tea length dress with blue flowers bursting across the fabric.  A matching jeweled comb in her hair.  Forget me Nots he noted.  Odd as most of the ladies dresses he’d seen had more traditional flowers such as roses and peonies on them.  

“I beg your pardon?” he asked when he found his voice.

She offered a sad smile and one of the tears leaked free to streak down her cheek.   “You are like the others you don’t remember,” she said as she carefully approached.  

“Remember what?” Fitz asked, amazed she had gotten this close. Normally someone from his protection detail would show up by now and take out anyone who got this close.  

As if he had heard his thoughts Radcliffe’s slightly panicked voice could be heard from the lawn.  “Fitz! Where are you?”

The girl cursed and rushed forward and grabbed Fitz’s hands, her thumb tracing circles over his knuckle in a surprisingly comforting gesture.   “Fitz, I need you to listen to me,” she said quickly.

Fitz knew he should pull away or call for help.   But he somehow knew she would never hurt him.  Her name on the tip of his tongue.  “You’ve been kidnapped by Radcliffe and AIDA.  You are in the Framework and your memories were wiped. This, none of this is real!  I need you to remember so we can find where they are holding you and the oth—“

“Get away from him!  Get away from my son!” Radcliffe yelled as he rounded the corner. “Security!”

Fitz looked between Radcliffe and the girl and tried to shake the feeling he was in the middle of a tug of war.   Only to let out a cry of surprise when she grabbed him by his perfectly pressed suit jacket and pulled his lips to hers.   Her tears wet his cheeks while her hands were so cold they gave him goose bumps despite the warm summer afternoon.  “You dove through a hole in the Universe for me Fitz and I will tear apart this world if that is what it takes to get you back.”  

Before Fitz could respond she had moved and shoved him right into a charging Grant Ward who had come to Radcliffe’s aid.   The action of catching Fitz forced him to lower his weapon just long enough for Jemma to leap over the railing and disappear into the crowd.  

Ward handed Fitz off to his father before taking off in what would be a fruitless pursuit.  

Radcliffe eased Fitz to the ground while he kept a protective hand on his arm.   Even as more security personal ran by and others positioned themselves in  protective ring around the pair.  “Are you okay?” Radcliffe asked as his hands took Fitz’s face to properly look him over. “She didn’t hurt you or inject you with anything?”

Fitz shook his head too stunned to speak while his lips still tingled from her touch.  As if it had been one of hundreds before.   Satisfied there were no physical injuries Radcliffe helped him up and ushered Fitz into the house.  “Go to your suite and lock the door.  I’m going to help clear our our guests and will be up with some tea….and perhaps a shot of whiskey as soon as I can.  Alright?”

Fitz merely nodded and quickly ran into his room bolting the door before he sank onto his bed.   He kept getting flashes of what he thought had been dreams, but now seemed like more.   That same girl at his side countless times.   With a shaky hand he shrugged off his jacket and heard a soft thud on the wood floor.  

The item sparkled in the sun that streamed through his windows.  Fitz picked it up and recognized it in and instant. It was the jeweled comb of Forget Me Nots the girl had worn in her hair, she must have slipped it into his pocked during their embrace.   He turned the delicate piece over and found something etched into the silver, for some reason the simple phrase took his breath away.

Come back to me, Love Jemma.

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Puzzle Is Completed - Newt Imagine

Fandom: Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x Reader

~(Y/N)’s pov~

“Y/N!” I hear a voice of my boyfriend calling me and I sigh. I put down the potato I was peeling and tell Frypan I’ll be back soon. 

“Yes?” I stand behind him. Gally turns around and shots me a quick smile before speaking again. 

“Can you please go tell Newt that we need more tools from creators? This shanks are breaking everything.” He says. 

“Gally I have a job too, I was just cooking dinner but I left because you called me.” I say and he sighs.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I’m just really busy, have to keep everything in control.” I can tell he’s stressed out so I give in.

“It’s alright, I’ll go tell Newt.” I say and he kisses my check.

“Thanks Y/N, I’ll make it up to you later.” He grins and I force a little smile. I head towards the gardens where I know I’ll find Newt. And just as I predicted he’s there working hard in his orange tanktop. 

“Hey Newt.” I smile when he turned around to look at me.

“Oh hey Y/N/N. What’s up?” He brightens up when he saw me and I can’t help but do the same.

“Nothing much, I was just cooking dinner before Gally interrupted me.” 

“Yeah I think the whole Glade heard it.” He chuckles and I look down for a second with a little smile, “What did he want?”

“He wanted me to tell you that they need more tools from creators.” I say and he nods, his face suddenly falling.

“Alright. I’ll put it on the list. Anything else?” He asks and I shake my head.

“That’s it. Anyways um..if you finish early you can come to the kitchen to keep me company, if you want of course.” I blush and he smiles.

“I’ll be there.” He says and I smile back.

“Alright then, um, I’ll see you later.” I say backing away and he waves with a smile. I turn around and leave towards the kitchens. 

I’m a mess around Newt and I can’t do anything about it. I have a boyfriend, but I’m in love with someone else. I’m in love with Newt. I love how he truly cares about me while Gally mostly calls me when he needs something, I love Newt’s sweet side which is a total contrast of Gally’s short temper..I just love Newt. I feel really bad about it because I know that I can’t be with Gally forever, not when I love someone else. I feel really bad because I don’t want to hurt him but I can’t control my feelings. But the biggest question is does Newt loves me back.

~Newt’s pov~

I watch Y/N as she makes her way towards the kitchens and I can’t help but wish that she is mine. I always loved her, and I still do. I was crushed when I found out that she started dating Gally but I guess it was my fault, I didn’t have courage to ask her to be my girlfriend and he did. If I could change anything, it would be that, I would ask her. Lately I noticed that she’s not that happy as she used to be, not around him or anyone for that matter, except me. That gave me hope again and now I have that spark of hope inside of me that she might love me, despite everything that’s getting in the way. 

I finish my work as fast as I can so I can go to Y/N. When I enter the kitchens I see her chopping the onion and I approach her.

“Hey love.” I say without thinking and my eyes instantly widen while I curse myself silently.

“Oh hey Newtie, you came.” She says softly and I look at her to see her smiling.

“Of course I did. So do you need any help?” I ask her and she looks around.

“No, I don’t think I do. Frypan and I finished everything, all that is left is this salad I’m making now. Fry left to set up everything.” She replies. 

Y/N and I talked and had fun before the dinner time came around and everyone started coming. I offered to help her take everything out and once everything was settled both of us took our own plates. Then we heard Gally calling Y/N and she sighed before looking at me apologetically, I nod and say I’ll wait for her at my table if she wants to sit with me. My table is not far from the one Gally’s sitting at so I can hear what he and Y/N are talking about.

“Bring me some food, I’m dead tired.” Gally says to Y/N and she looks at him with her mouth slightly open. 

“It’s not that far you know, you can take it by yourself.” Y/N says back and Gally looks at her seriously. 

“Just give me the damn plate.” He says and she turns around angrily, grabs a plate for him, comes back and drops his plate in front of him. 

“There.” She says through gritted teeth and comes to sit next to me.

“Are you okay?” I ask her putting my hand on her back and she takes a deep breath.

“Yeah.” She smiles but I know that this smile is a mask, a cover for everything she’s truly feeling.

“Y/N you deserve better than him.” Thomas says from his spot in front of her. 

“We don’t know if you want someone else or even if you truly like him but we do know that you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be treated like a princess.” Minho adds and she sighs.

“Can we please just talk about something else?” She asks and looks at me, I nod not wanting to push her into anything that she’s not comfortable with. 

“How was your run guys?” I ask Thomas and Minho, changing the subject.


“Y/N can we talk?” Gally comes to our table after some time and we all look at him. 

“Talk. These are my friends, I have nothing to hide from them.” She says and I see Gally clenching his jaw. I want to say something to defend the girl I love but her current boyfriend beats me to it.

“Outside.” He says simply and she rolls her eyes before standing up.

“I’ll be right back guys.” She says with a small smile, taking a longer look at me before leaving. Or being dragged by Gally. 

“I won’t leave her alone with him.” I say standing up and following them.

“If you need anything just call us.” Thomas says and I nod.

“What the hell was that?! You not doing what I told you, throwing the plate and sitting with that losers!” Gally shouts at Y/N and I stand behind a wall so they can’t see me.

“I’m not your maid Gally! You just call me when you need something or when you want to show off. You think I’m going to do everything you tell me, well news flash, I won’t! I’m not your fucking maid and you can’t tell me what to do, you can’t boss me around. If you really love me then you would care for me for real, not just when someone else is around!” Y/N yells back with tears in her eyes and I can’t help but feel sad, she’s not treated the way she’s supposed to be treated, she’s not treated like a princess she is.

“Well I don’t love you!” Gally shots back and my eyes widen. Y/N calms down and wipes her tears away.

“You know you just made it a lot easier for me. I don’t love you either, I never did. We’re over.” She says and Gally laughs.

“Trust me, we are.” He says and they both turn around going separate ways. Gally goes back inside while Y/N goes into the woods. I go after her and find her sitting on the grass, her back leaning on the tree.

“Mind if I join you?” I ask her and her head snaps at my direction. She calms down when she sees that it’s me.

“No, come sit.” She says I take a sit next to her.

“I heard you two, hope you’re not mad, I just couldn’t leave you alone with him after seeing that he’s getting mad.” I say and she closes her eyes.

“It’s okay, I’m not mad.” She says back.

“Are you okay? Honestly.” I ask her and she opens her eyes, sighing. 

“No. Haven’t been for quiet some time now. It’s not because of Gally, well okay maybe a little, but mainly because I’m in love with someone else. And without him I feel empty, the worst thing is that I don’t know if he feels the same.” She confesses and I feel my heart speeding up. Was it because of hope that this guy might be me or something else, I don’t know.

“How does he make you feel?” I ask her and she smiles looking anywhere but me.

“He makes me feel safe. When I’m with him I feel like I have the whole world, I don’t need anything else. No one matters when I’m with him, I feel like that one piece of a puzzle that was missing is put back into it’s place.” She talks about him with such love in her voice and I know that she truly is in love with him. I pray to God that I’m the guy. And this time I’m about to find out.

“I need to tell you something.” I start and she looks at me.

~(Y/N)’s pov~

“I love you. I love you for such a long time that I don’t know how I made it this far without you. I would do anything for you, I would treat you like a princess you are. You deserve the world and I would do anything to give you one. I care about you and when you are hurt and sad, I am too. You are always on my mind. I’m madly in love with you Y/N.” Newt says to me and I look at him not believing.

“Newt I..I love you too. You are the guy I was talking about.” A smile breaks onto both of our faces. We crash our lips against each others, waiting to do so for a long time. Every emotion, everything that we feel for each other, we put it into this kiss. 

“I love you so much. Please be mine.” Newt whispers after we pulled away. I lean my forehead on his and smile.

“Of course I’ll be yours, I love you too.” I reply and we kiss again.

“Get some rest, I’ll be right here.” My love says and wraps his arms around me while I lean my head on his shoulder, soon falling asleep, finally happy.


I look at Newt with a smile and he winks at me. Then I see Gally approaching me and my smile disappears. I look at Newt for a second and then back at Gally. 

“Why is everyone talking about you and Newt?” Gally asks and I see Newt coming.

“Because it’s true.” I answer.

“What?! So you dumped me because of that shank?!” Gally yells.

“No! I broke up with you because you treated me like shit! Newt cares about me, he always did, unlike you.” I shout back and he grits his teeth.

“Gally leave her alone.” Newt comes to us and Gally turns to him. I see that he wants to punch him so I quickly push him as hard as I can.

“Don’t even think about punching him.” I threaten and he looks at me angrily.

“You two deserve each other.” He says and leaves. I turn to Newt and he hugs me. 

“It’s finally over.” He kisses my temple and I nod.


“I’m actually happy for you. Really.” I hear a voice behind me as I cook lunch and I turn around to see Gally standing at the door. 

“Seriously?” I ask and he nods coming closer.

“Yeah. I thought about everything and realized I did treated you bad. You deserve better and I know Newt will treat you better. I’m happy if you are happy. And I’m really sorry about everything.” He says and I smile.

“Thanks Gally, it means a lot.” I say and he smiles back.

“So we can stay friends, right?” He grins and I chuckle.

“Yeah, we can stay friends.” I reply and we share a hug before he leaves. Finally everything came to it’s place, and I’m finally happy. Every piece of a puzzle is in it’s place, creating a beautiful picture.


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More little mermaid au please 😍

Sure! I’m happy you liked it! I really had fun writing this part of it! I had to include Hekapoo because the Hekapoo hype is so strong right now lmao! Enjoy!

Read the first one here! http://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/157079945357/little-mermaid-au


Tom lifted the rock up and poked his head up out of the underground; he smiled when he saw Marco sit down to look at him face-to-face. “You came back.” Marco mused. Tom nodded. Marco looked closer. “Don’t you talk?” Marco asked. Tom gave him an odd look. “Are you just shy?” Marco asked. “Am I the first human you’ve ever spoken to?” Marco asked. Tom nodded again. “Well you don’t have to be scared! I’m friendly, you can talk to me.” Marco assured. Tom stuck his head out a little more and looked around to make sure they were both alone.

“Are there others?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head.

“No, I remember that you seemed withdrawn, I know you guys like to hide. So it’s just me.” Marco promised. Tom smiled a bit. “I’ve never seen a demon before, I seriously thought you were all dead.” Marco admitted.

“No, we’re around, just scarce.” Tom explained. “They like to hunt us off.” Tom responded, moving a little deeper into the hole. Marco leaned closer.

“How come?” He asked.

“A long time ago they would sell our eyes.” Tom explained. “Humans would hunt us and sell our body parts on the black market. And because of that we died off rapidly… even though humans don’t really do that anymore, we’re still dwindling because of it. And humans still fear us. It’s best if we stay down here.” Tom told the human. Marco felt a bad feeling in his gut.

“I’m so sorry.” Marco whispered.

“It’s okay, I sneak away anyway.” Tom laughed a bit. “You know, I really shouldn’t be here.” Tom admitted, he was smiling mischievously, like he took pride in his little act of rebellion. “I wish I could come up there though, not just peek, I want to see what’s so special about this place.” Tom mused.

“I can show you.” Marco promised. Tom fell back.

“Oh no. I can’t leave; if somebody sees me I’ll be killed or worse! And if my father finds out I left!” Tom got a look of anxiety. “There’s no way I could.” Tom admitted and his ear dropped sadly. Marco frowned. He really liked this kid, and he wanted to help him out.

“Well what if you looked human?” Marco asked. Tom looked up curiously. “Don’t demons have powers? Maybe there’s a spell that could make you look human.” Marco suggested. “And then I could show you around!” Marco offered. Tom looked up with wonder in his eyes.

“You’d do that for me?” he asked. Marco blushed and looked away.

“Well… yeah! You seem really nice and I don’t think it’s right that you’re forced to live in the dark. I want to help you.” Marco responded. Tom blushed and thought for a moment.

“Maybe there could be some way to bend the rules, even a little bit.” Tom thought out loud. Marco perked up. Tom opened his mouth to say something but they heard more voices coming from the far end of the yard. Tom gasped. “Meet me here tomorrow!” He said quickly, and darted away. Marco sat there, about to say something but the demon dashed off to fast.


“Hekapoo?” Tom called. He walked into the cavern and called the girl’s name again. “Hekapoo? Are you home?” he asked. A girl dropped down from the ceiling and looked at Tom. “Hekapoo! You scared me!” Tom exclaimed.

“What are you here for?” She asked, knowing he wanted something. Tom made a face.

“Can’t I ever just stop over to say hi?” He asked. She shook her head.

“No you can’t, now what do you want?” Hekapoo asked again. Tom made a face at her.

“I was wondering if you had a spell I could use.” Tom asked. He rubbed his hands together nervously. “A transformation spell… that could make me look human?” He asked. Hekapoo dropped the pair of scissors she was crafting and almost fell to the floor.

“Keep your voice down!” She hissed, and pulled him closer by his horn. “Why would you want that sort of spell?” Hekapoo asked, they had all been banned for decades. Tom bit his lip.

“I just want to see! Don’t tell me you’ve never been curious about what’s up there!” He asked.

“Why would you want to go up there when everything if fine down here?” She asked. Tom rolled his eyes and clasped his hands together.

“Please Hekapoo! There must be something you can do!” He begged. Hekapoo sighed and patted the demon’s head.

“Let me see what I have.” She told him. Hekapoo went over to a large shelf of potions and books. She took down a large book and a bottle of some mysterious liquid. She then went over to her drawer and took out some sort of pink pendant. “I’ll do it, but you need to tell me the real reason.” Hekapoo dared, narrowing her eyes at Tom. She knew he was hiding something.

“There’s a human… he’s really nice and I-“ Hekapoo’s whisper yelling cut Tom off.

“You SPOKE to one!?” She hissed. “Are you INSANE!?” She cried.

“Maybe?” Tom shrugged. “But we’ve been talking through the ground for a few days now, and he said he wants to show me everything!” Tom exclaimed.

“Have you ever thought that he just luring you out of the safety of the underground so he can turn you over to someone? Or kill you for himself? Sell your eyes and wings?” Hekapoo asked.

“No!” Tom snapped. “He wouldn’t do that! Besides, I don’t have wings.” He reminded. Hekapoo looked him up and down.

“You’re young, you’ll grow them.” She told him. Tom rolled his eyes.

“Hekapoo, please, I’m old enough to take care of myself, and I can make my own judgments. Please?” He asked. Hekapoo sighed and opened the vile.

“I now understand what they mean when they say love is a sickness. You, Tom, are sick as hell.” She told him. “And this comes with a catch.” She added. “I need something of yours in order to sat the spell.” She told him.

“I don’t have anything valuable to give, I could get something from the castle-“ Hekapoo cut Tom off again.

“Not that type of thing.” She corrected. “I need something of you. Like a piece of your soul, or essence.” She explained.

“Like what?” Tom asked. Hekapoo thought for a moment.

“Your voice would be the easiest.” She explained. Tom fell silent, not sure of what to do. “And that’s not the only thing.” Hekapoo added. “The fact that you’re in love with the guy plays a big role in this spell. If you don’t earn his affection in three days, you’ll turn back into a demon and I won’t be able to return your voice.” Hekapoo warned. “You know I don’t want to do that, but I’ll have no choice.” She explained to him. Tom looked away, contemplating.

“I only have three days?” He asked. Hekapoo nodded.

“You wanna back out?” She asked. Tom took a deep breath and shook his head.

“No, I’ll do it.”

Anxiety Attack

For those who care can read. If you don’t please don’t send me things like ‘don’t post about your personal life.’ Just keep scrolling.

I don’t wish anxiety attacks on anyone. The feeling of not being able to breathe, your biggest fears not going away, and your eyes stinging from all the tears. It sucks and probably one of the worst feelings in the world. Well today I changed my opinion on who I would wish them on.Don’t get me wrong I love my mom, but I want her to know what it’s like to think you’re dying and to not be able to move. 

I have three things that really send me in to my anxiety attack. One, wind and bad storms, two screaming at me, three when cars are speeding (that one is a bit weird but I have reasoning for it.) 

Today everything was fine and I was having a great day. Until my mom got pissed off at me yet again. she started bitching at me and I had to sit and listen to it as she sat in our pool. That’s just the beginning of it. Where I live when it’s hot and humid, storms happen a lot in the evening during the summer. It started to get really cloudy and dark and I felt my heart start to race faster. I asked if I could please go inside before it got bad and before I get too nervous. I was told no and I need to stop being so pathetic. The wind started to pick up along with my mother’s yelling at me. I felt my heart racing and I was trying to pick up some stuff outside to distract myself and so things didn’t get wet when it starts to pour. 

Finally my mom went inside and I followed her in and went to my room where I broke down and couldn’t breathe. She wasn’t giving up on yelling at me and it started to pour. I was telling myself to breathe, but I felt like I wasn’t. My mom came in my room and kept yelling at me not to close my door because I needed to hear her rant and when she saw me on the floor she just laughed and her exact words “stop faking and act like a real fucking human you lazy piece of shit.” It reminded me of the time when I was suicidal and my mother yelled at me saying “I could pull that depressions card any day, but i’m a real persona and know how to function. I’d advise you to cut your act and pull yourself together before I kick you out of my house.”

I wish I could fake anxiety and depression. It’s a really thing and it sucks. Some people just don’t understand and I hope if you guys ever see someone struggling you help them, not make it worse. 



I downed my fourth shot then closed my eyes as the liquor burned my throat. We’ve been out for a little over an hour and I was already feeling nice. The blunt I shared with Ebony on the way over here, my shots and the damn near empty Long Island Iced Tea I was sipping on had me going.

“You need to stop taking shots. You were supposed to drive back or did your ass forget?” said Mariah. She shook her head at me then stuck a hot wing in her mouth.

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Mutual Help (3/3) {Smut}

Summary: You and Sebastian help each other out in times of need (Still suck at summaries

Word Count: 3,447 (I’m a wordy bitch)

Warnings: Swearing, unprotected sex (if you can’t protect your rocket, keep it in your pocket), oral sex ,Sebastian Stan, use of the word “baby girl”{Thought it was mention worthy}


*Sebastian’s POV*

The chilly air of the room pulled me out of my sleep, but lucky for me I have a human sized space heater next to me.

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