i so love this artist


DnD Sunny

Here’s Sunny as my DnD character! He’s a kind King with a big secret, he’s actually a Sun Dragon! Don’t worry, he’s a gentle giant when his people aren’t threatened, but many people find all dragons scary. Sunny’s just trying their best, ok?

Sunny’s friend Curtith is a cleric who literally worships the Sun, unaware that the King was actually the Sun God he would summon to help with battles. One day, he catches Sunny mid-transformation and while shocked, swears secrecy. A Sunny Buddy Duo~

Curtith the Cleric belongs to @sadface-art

honestly i thought i was gonna be hysterical but i remember having this conversation with a lot of shawols about being in the middle between love and pain. somedays pain would win and then other days love would. i got to a point where i just wanted love to win though. and that happened by listening to poet I artist. i love you kim jonghyun, you are our pride forever and always. 

Jonghyun’s MV was honestly so perfect, like how he was shining throughout the MV. I know that it’s because the song is called Shinin’ but for me it’s like a sign that wherever he is he’s fine and he’s shining like the angel he truly is.