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do you know another reason why im so happy harry worked with nolan? nolan met his wife emma thomas at uni when he was 19. she produced all of his movies (and is on set a lot - there are tons of pics of harry with her and nolan together), they have a production company together. they have 4 kids and are very reserved about their private life. this year they’ll celebrate 20 years of marriage and 28 years together. look at them at the premiere yesterday:

that’s what an industry power couple looks like

  • Me: I'm going to be productive once I get back from spring break! No more fucking around!!!
  • Also me: *stays up until 3 AM pacing and day-dreaming even though I'm exhausted and my legs are so sore I could cry, then sleeps until noon and misses first class the next day*

i was watching this novela called “mil formas de amar” and the promo was all straight, and i was like “no mames, que pendejada”, then i couldn’t find el control so i watched it, so, the thing is that IT TURNED UP BEING GAY AND IN SO HAPPY BECAUSE I NEVER WATCHED A NOVELA THAT THE GAY COUPLE DIDNT DIE OR ONE OF THEM ENDED UP BEING STRAIGHT


“Because you’re like this all the time, even your neighbourhood bum found you overbearing and moved away!”

Also regarding the “you couldn’t actually SEE their lips so it probably wasn’t a real kiss” like ok maybe it wasn’t!! But u gotta think about censorship laws in Japan. I don’t know the specifics of what they can show in the gay department but I’m guessing that’s probably why they went about it like that and covered their mouths :/

hiiiii !!! it’s been forever since i made one of these so i figured it was time hehe. i consider some of y'all my ~*bEsTiEs*~ and i srsly don’t know what i’d do without you. y'all make this fandom fun and a gr8 thing to be a part of so thanx for being awesome and beautiful and hilarious. i love u. and to the mutuals on this list - thanx for putting up with me on a regular basis. also i know some of u have changed fandoms but i still love ur blogs regardless !! and to those that write fic / make gifs / post hqs / make fanart etc etc etc - thank u for all that u do. you’re much appreciated xox 

i hope all of u have a happy new year filled with dranks delicious goodies. may 2015 be filled with a shitload of zayn candids and more a+ hairstylez. AND CROSS Y'ALLS FINGERS THAT GLASSES!ZAYN MAKES A COMEBACK. he haw ~~~ !!! <3


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