i snt


“I love him to bits. There’s a great love between the pair of us.” - Ant McPartlin

(if a lot of the gifs don’t move when you look at it on the dashboard,since they all should. Then just look at it on my blog because they will all move there. Don’t know why this happens)

Small PSA

This is SNT

This is NOT SNT

My cat girl’s name is not SNT.  She is me, so technically her name is Courtney.

I don’t mind people calling me SNT, but I’m getting bothered by it happening this often.  I just want to affirm that there’s a difference.

So let’s review.



This ends my PSA.


I’m really loving the twist on the Snow White story. It i'snt bad to fall in love with a prince, but it is kinda pathetic to let him make you into an accessory by his side. So, I love Shirayuki who finds a way for her to be in the palace by her prince’s side on her own merits! You go, girl! And I love Prince Zen for wanting a strong girl by his side!