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So I’m watching the very first ep again and realize that when Shiro crash-lands and gets taken in by the hazmat crew he’s wearing what we learn later is his gladiator/prisoner getup:

but immediately following the rescue and subsequent getaway (during which he is out cold and still obviously in the same clothes) we see him the next morning,

clearly wearing his own clothes.

But where did they come from??

The other three paladins-to-be left the garrison with just the clothes on their backs (and lbr Shiro’s height and shoulder-to-waist ratio means he’s not going to fit into anything of theirs anyway), and there’s absolutely no way he’d fit into anything of Keith’s either for the same reasons.

That outfit is also not generic officers’ or instructors clothing from the garrison either, because I’m like 95% sure we see examples of both earlier in the ep:

Which leaves only one obvious explanation: 

Keith has some of Shiro’s clothing.

No Strings (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Smut, light choking  

Word Count: 3,984

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

Originally posted by yoonmin

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put every one of your ships in a made-to-be-aesthetic-to-the-max remote boarding school!au, with the whole dorm thing, sneaking out thing, catching eyes at choir thing, blazer thing, tie thing, fields at twilight thing, caught by headteacher thing, angry rant @ said lover in class thing, indirects in class through poems thing, old buildings thing and it automatically becomes a lot more wonderful and appealing
(m8s the tags make up half this post tbh give them a read)

Dreaming as of Late

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that someone has come into my life. A goddess, though I haven’t been able to decipher who She is quite yet. I think I’ve been feeling Her presence for a little while now, but it was during a meditative projection into the astral plane that I first… came into Her presence? Even though it wasn’t Her, it was an altar of Hers… I dunno. She was there, She was embodied on the altar. I felt Her there.

Anyway, since that night, I’ve been having very vivid dreams. And I feel like the goddess has been attempting to communicate with me. Not a crazy stretch of the imagination, but curious nonetheless.

1. The first dream I remember only vaguely, but it was something about me adopting a dark-colored cat. I remember talking to the cat, sneaking him around my dorm room, giving him a bath… I remember knowing that the cat could understand me but I don’t recall whether he communicated through speech or not. I told the cat I was allergic so he wasn’t allowed to sleep in my bed with me, but I have the feeling he slept with me anyway. Cats are really cute, and I so desperately wish I could have one, but I am fairly allergic and 30 minutes in the same room as one sends me to sniffling with bloodshot eyes.

2. The second dream is kinda confusing to explain… In the dream, my sister and I rode on a roller coaster, one that (in the dream) we had ridden on when we were younger. The machine took our picture while we looked excited, but when we went to retrieve the photos, we found that the machine was spitting out pictures of us from throughout our lives: from when we’d first rode the roller coaster, to when we attended Catholic school, etc. I spent the dream trying to figure out how the machine had all these photos, and wanting them all, and asking around if someone could pull the images from the machine’s computer.

3. The third dream I had this afternoon during a nap. A boy and a girl accompanied me back in time. I’m not sure who they were, I want to say they were my brother and sister but I can’t recite for certain. For some reason I knew that we’d gone back to see my father as a child. But first we found some mechanic, a (dream-fictional) neighbor of my father’s. He was blond, looked a little beat up, and was a couple of years younger than me. He was hardcore flirting with me as I was trying to get information out of him, trying to grab my ass, but I was just blowing him off. Then we went to a nearby townhouse that was all decorated up for Christmas, and we knew it was my father’s. We knocked on the door and when my grandmother opened the door we were kind of in shock. My grandmother and grandfather were so young, and my father was just a little boy. When my grandmother asked us what we wanted, instead of telling the truth and potentially upsetting the order of things, we started singing Feliz Navidad?? It was so bizarre lol, and then I woke up.

So I guess the bottom line is… I’m very much in awe of this goddess and Her power, even though I don’t know who She is or what She wants. And my dreams are pretty all over the place lol. Any interpretation or suggestions are more than welcome!


There were very few occasions where Lily truly hated being a girl. Sure, she had cramps and cursed her uterus just as much as the next girl, but really. Lily loved being a girl.

Except when she was standing at the end of an incredibly wrong line, knees shaking with the urge of controlling her rebellious bladder. Due to an unfortunate prank Marlene had pulled, the largest girls bathroom on this side of the school was shut down until the mirrors stopped flashing Bloody Mary. Lily had no qualms about the screaming murdered woman in the mirror, but at least 3 first years had passed out. Marlene hadn’t stopped laughing. Lily could’ve cried. 6 years of magical education, and she was 30 seconds from peeing her damn self.

The most infuriating part of this situation was that the boys room had no line. Absolutely none. Sweat beaded on Lily’s forehead, and she decided that desperate times called for desperate measures. Turning quickly on her heel, she rounded the corner and hid behind a curtained alcove. Shoving her hair up into her hat and slouching, she made a mad dash into the boys room.

If she was quick and lucky, she could get away with this.

Nearly choking with the stench, she dived into a stall. ‘Just in time, too’. She knew a hand washing spell, so if she could skip out quickly, no one would be the wiser. Lily was about to congratulate herself on a job well done, until she heard a familiar voice.

Four familiar voices, to be precise.

James Potter was in there with his pals, and they were planning something.

“Mate, if I levitited you, the stairs shouldn’t change. I mean they’re triggered by someone stepping on them,” James said excitedly.

Sirius seemed skeptical. “I’m fairly certain that Godric would have had the foresight to plan against prats like you.”

Lily could feel her face turning bright red in fury. Those perverts were planning on sneaking into the girls dormitories! Throwing all pride to the wind, Lily quickly adjusted her robes, and burst out of her stall, glaring daggers.

The door slammed open with a bang, and Lily felt a glimmer of savage pride as Peter nearly soiled himself. Not that she typically enjoyed terrifying Peter, but this time he deserved it. They all deserved it.

Peter would later maintain that an unexpected and furious Lily Evans with eyes flashing and hair flying, gunning to kill you in the toilet was a perfectly understandable reason to shriek like a 5 year old girl.

The other 3 looked at Lily with looks somewhere between confusion, fear, and in James’ case, awe.

Lily whipped out her wand and pointed at them. She snarled “if you 4 so much as THINK about sneaking into MY dorm, I will REMOVE certain pieces of your precious anatomy!”

James started to make a crude joke about said anatomy, but Sirius kicked him before responsing himself. “Big words for the girl hiding in the men’s room,” Sirius snorted. Lily could feel her face grow hot, her pale skin betraying her by turning a shade of red that rivalled her hair.

…..“there was a line and I couldn’t wait, but Merlin, I was just taking a piss, not PERVING IN THE DORMS!” Lily screeched.

The boys looked like they were about to burst open from containing laughter. Remus, who had a feeling that Lily might have been serious about her previous threat, felt inclined to speak up. “Lily,” he tried to say in a reasonable voice, but she cut him off, and the rest dissolved into guffaws.

“Honestly Remus, you’re a prefect! And I know you’re no saint, but I never thought you would sink this low!” Lily was beside herself, especially because she was embarrassed now too. Her Gryffindore pride bristled at the way they were laughing at her.

James was practically whezing at this point. “Lily, relax, we were going to slide down the chute! On cushions! We just needed a way to get to the top! You know, just good clean fun!”

Lily narrowed her eyes. “You’re serious?” She hissed. They all nodded together before collapsing into uncontrollable laughter.

“You’re perfectly welcome to join,” James offered hopefully. “Especially if you can tell us how to avoid dying on the way up.”

Lily took a deep breath. “Levitation spell won’t work,” she muttered. “Not unless you want to get stuck to the ceiling”

Sirius smirked. “Told you so,” he sing songed, and James swatted at him.

“Althought,” she said slowly, thinking of all the possibilities offered by a large, spiral slide and several satin cushions, “I believe a broom would be effective.”

The boys traded conspiratorial looks, and they immediately started discussing the possibilities of Peter sneaking extra brooms out of the school shed, because neither Remus nor Peter owned brooms.

“Evans, you want in?” James offered.

Lily took a deep breath. “Don’t count me out,” she asked.

High fives were traded among the boys.

Their was the briefest moment of comradary, until a 4th year paused on his way to the urinal and gave Lily a confunded look. Blushing slightly, and wondering what the hell she had gotten into, she brushed her hair over her shoulder.

“I’ll just….erm….go then,” she muttered, before making a hasty retreat.

Briskly making her way to anywhere that wasn’t that damned bathroom, Lily was torn between giggling and kicking herself. Of all the insane things she had done…

“Did you just–” a 3rd year began to ask, and Lily breezed by.

“Damn straight I did!” She declared.

The laughter of the marauders chased her down the hall, and Lily allowed herself a small giggle.


Wrote this really quickly (again) and I’m bad a proofreading, so apologies. But this came into my head and was bothering me until I wrote it.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Sorsa Curses daughter of the Evil Sorceress

Parent’s Story: My mom has several tales she’s been in, think how many unpopular tales have someone cursed off page. That might have been her.


While I wouldn’t mind a roommate, no one’s wanted the position after last year’s magic incident.

I said I was sorry.

Secret Heart’s Desire:

Since I haven’t signed yet, I’m not sure what kind of witch or sorceress I’ll be. I’m hoping for Beauty and the Beast. But there’s a chance I’ll get to participate in more than one story.

My “Magic” Touch:

Besides general magic, I can usually charm people into making magic deals with me. The strength of my magic is strongest under contract.

Storybook Romance Status:

Witches don’t usually marry. Only a fool would let themselves be that vulnerable anyway.

“Oh Curses!” Moment:

Sometimes I miss a detail in even my most trusted contracts. I hate it when targets find the loophole. Especially if I don’t get anything out of the deal.

Favorite Subject:

Dark Horticulture. I love a good poison potion. I especially love one made from scratch instead of store bought herbs. Not to mention I might sneak a clipping of a magic plant back to my dorm every once in awhile to add to the windowsill garden. 

Least Favorite Subject:

History of Evil Spells. Can we just learn the spells? Do we have to learn what boring old wizard came up with it?

Best Friends Forever After:

The less people close to you the less weaknesses you’ll have.

Presenting Sorsa Curses, daughter of the Evil Sorceress, my EAH OC.

She’s not sure what story she’ll be in yet but she’s down with the evil part. She’s got something of a prejudice against royals and protagonists because there’s a chance one might be clever enough to defeat her someday. Her specialty is coming up with magically binding contracts to get what she wants at little cost to her. Her hat is a family heirloom from her mother, and she has a green pentagram on her left eye.

Her bag is full of magical herbs, spare potions, school work and blank contracts that only need a couple tweaks before they’re signed.

Oh and since she won’t admit it, she does know this guy.


rating : pg - 13

word count : 1722

characters : you x Jackson

genre : fluff ( kinda ?? )

After blow drying your hair from a hot and relaxing bath, you slipped into bed with a book and your reading glasses. You planned on sleeping at 1 o'clock opposed to 3 like you’d always had. Your eyes were already heavy with drowsiness so falling asleep wouldn’t be a problem especially with the reading you were about to do.

You inhaled the satisfying smell of an old book and snuggled into your covers before running your finger on a fresh page. As your eyes danced across the words and took in the plot, you found yourself at a point to put down the book with satisfaction.

As you leaned over to turn off your lamp that was sitting on your nightstand, you looked out the window to see the bright moon with clouds slightly tinting it grey on the hem. Your tranquil moment was then halted when you saw your neighbor jumping over his wooden fence carefully, trying not to poke his crotch with the wooden spikes. But he wasn’t careful enough to miss your sprinklers.

Water started to spray all over your freshly mowed grass, making it smell like a farm. Your two dogs rushed out of their doghouse and started to run around the perimeter.

Your eyes squinted in annoyance before rushing to your window and opening up the window to see Jackson Wang covering his head with his leather jacket-not that his hair would’ve been riled up with his cap on anyways.

“Get off my property!” You yelled, waving your hands at him as if you were batting him away.

“Um that’s what I’m trying to do!” He retorted back, now halfway through your soaking wet yard. “Nice bathrobe by the way!”

You looked down at your blue robe with bright yellow rubber ducks printed on them. “Don’t go on my lawn ever again you hooligan!”

He waved at you and nodded, “I won’t grandma.” Jackson then managed to jump your fence onto the streets. “Sweet dreams, sweet neighbor o'mine,” was the last thing you heard from him that night.

If only he acted as cutely as he looked, you thought.

You stared down at your muddy and dripping wet dogs and ruined yard, “this is going to be a pain.” Just like Jackson was.

It’s been a week since the fiasco last time but you were still on high alert. It wasn’t the first time he went through your yard, the other times were quiet and non-disturbing. But this time, you were going to get revenge.

You placed binoculars and a super soaker at your window sill for quick access if he ever tried to trespass again. Every night you were on high alert but he never seemed to come. Maybe he learned his lesson, but knowing Jackson he probably didn’t.

It was a Friday night and you had a pretty good day so you decided to treat yourself even more with a movie and snacks. While you were waiting for you disk to load, you had turned on the kettle for your hot chocolate and put a couple of pastries in the oven to warm.

As you were about to dim the lights, you heard footsteps dash across your wooden steps. Jackson Wang, you thought annoyed. Out of all the nights he could’ve snuck out, he always decides to when you’re having a pamper evening.

You quickly rushed to your bedroom to make sure that you could grab your water gun and shoot him before he could get away. A grin of victory appeared on your face when you saw that he was moving closer to your window.

The orange tip of the super soaker was placed on the wooden sill wedged between the flower baskets you had laid out and the glass window. Before he could step on his sprinklers, you shot him once, barely wetting his grey joggers and white tee.

He stopped and touched a damp spot on his chest, “the f-”

“Shouldn’t have stopped!” You yelled before going all out on him, making almost all of him soaked except for his shoes. Jackson placed his hands in front of him, as if he could disperse the water enough to not get anymore on him. You set the gun down when it was out of water and yelled, “don’t think of trespassing again,” before shutting your window and closing your curtains.

You wiped your hands together in satisfaction and went back into the living room and began finishing your prep for your movie night. With your croissants and muffins crispy out of the oven and a cup of hot chocolate and mint marshmallows on the table in front of you, you flipped down on you couch.

With the remote in your hand, you were about to click play until you heard loud and vigorous knocking on your door. A groan erupted while you rolled your eyes and got up to swing the door open.

“What do you want?” You asked Jackson who was dripping wet on your "welcome" mat.

“For you to fix this?” He said while wringing out his white, now see through tank top. "I can’t go to my party, and I can’t sneak into my dorm again.“

You tilted your head to the side, "why should I help you when you soaked my lawn last time?”

He pursed his lips before answering, “well, you soaked me now so truce?”

You smiled, “sure.” Jackson smiled back at you and was about to step in until you placed your hand on his chest to stop him; “I guess we’re even now so good night!”

Before you could close the door on him he leaned into you, making you step back. “I’ll clean your yard if you just let me shower and dry up.”

“Just don’t try anything,” was all you said before stepping out the way and closing the door behind you.

“Don’t worry,” he said reassuringly. “You know what position I’m in.”

Your eyes wandered down at his body, realising that every crevice on his body were outlined by his clothes. To feign innocence, you coughed into your hand and nodded your head towards the stairs. “Second door on the right,” you muttered.

“Thanks,” he winked before removing his sneakers and making his way up the stairs slowly, giving you lots of time to get mesmerized by how built he was.

When you heard the door close and the water start to run, you felt at ease. There was leftover hot water in the kettle so you decided to open another packet of instant hot chocolate and make a cup for him so he wouldn’t catch a cold.

Your dryer usually took 15 minutes to dry clothes so you went into your closet to find some old clothes that he could wear for the time being. With an old high school hoodie and gym short in hand, you knocked on the bathroom door. “What is it?” He called out.

“Can I come in to take your clothes to dry?”

“Oh, yeah sure. Thanks.”

You were invited with a fresh smell of soap and cloud of steam when you got in. “I’m leaving a pair of clothes and there’s towels in the bottom cabinet.” He hummed as a response, “mind washing my back while you’re at it?”

“Yeah right!” You choked.

“Joking,” he teased. You glanced at the outline of his body through the shower curtain before leaving into the laundry room.

When you finished loading the clothes into the dryer, you bumped into Jackson who had a towel wrapped around his neck and the clothes fitting him just right. “You suit those clothes.”

He looked down at them and laughed, “thanks. Are these your boyfriend’s?”

“Nah,” you laughed and waved your hand to clear up the air. “There were only guy’s gym clothes at my high school.”

Jackson nodded, “so you don’t have a boyfriend?”

You raised your eyebrow, “why? You interested?”

He tilted his head, “maybe.” Jackson stroked the back of your neck with his cool hand before walking down the stairs and to leave you there baffled.

The smell of sweet cocoa and buttery dough must’ve drawn him to the sofa since he was hovering over them with an open mouth. “Two cups?” Half questioning if it was for him and half asking for permission to pig out.

“Yeah, I was gonna watch a movie but I decided to make you one too since you got blasted with cold water.” You held your hands out as a gesture for him to sit, and he did. “Dig in.”

Jackson nodded as a sign of thanks before making himself comfortable and stuffing his face. You chuckled at the sight before pressing play for the movie and turning off all the lights.

You fumbled slightly in the darkness and finally made your way over to him, sitting down and making yourself comfortable. Once the opening credits and advertisements finished playing, you heard snoring and felt vibrations coming from your right.

There Jackson was, arm hanging over and dropping down to the carpet and his head resting on the sofa arm. It was cute to find him fall asleep quickly into a food coma.

After making it half way through the film and finishing your now cold beverage, you decided to go to sleep. You felt bad for leaving Jackson on the coach so you grabbed a thick blanket and draped it over him. Your hands lightly held his head up so that you could place a pillow under it but he grabbed your waist and pulled you on top of him.

“Uh.. You okay there bud?”

“Stay here,” he mumbled sleepily.

“You sleep talking?”

“Shut up and sleep,” he laughed, flicking your forehead.

“Um, I’d rather sleep in my bed to be honest. That’s be more comfortable.”

Jackson nodded, “you got it.” He got off from under you and picked you up bridal style, carefully making his way up the stairs. When you two finally got into your room, he shut the lights and door, and turned on your lamp.

He threw you onto the bed and jumped in, pulling the sheets over the both of you. You were extremely-but happily -confused  so all you could say was, “good night??”

Jackson placed his arm over you, “because of you it is.”

softgrantaire  asked:

sometimes i think about like sneaking a cat into my dorm room but then i remember that Lord Byron kept a pet bear in his college dorm room so like. i need to dream bigger.

I bet rooming with Byron was like the worst thing ever.

You’d just rock up, exhausted from class, ready to go to sleep - but no.

There is a bear on your bed. 

Party or No?

Can I request a George Weasley imagine where the reader and George are dating and she is in Ravenclaw so they both sneak out of their dorms at night to see each other?

Could you do an imagine that takes place the same time as the chamber of secrets, where the main charcter lady person (the reader) is best friends with the trio and have a huge crush on George Weasley and Ron try’s to set them up together bc he knows George likes her and it ends up with te reader and George dating? Loads of fluff at the end? Thanks love, I think your blog is great!

(Hope you like it!)

Author: Sim the Bookworm

Looking at the potion book and then at the homework in front of me, I checked for any mistakes. Sitting opposite me was a very anxious twelve year old named Hermione. She kept giving me this scared look as I finished checking it. I looked up at her with a smile and passed the parchment with her essay on it back.

“It’s all correct.” I assured her. She sighed with relief. “I don’t know why you’re worrying. You’re intelligent.”

“I keep telling her the same thing.” Harry exclaimed taking a seat next to me at the desk in the library. Ron was sitting on a chair next to Hermione’s. Ron passed me his homework and I began to read over it. Even though I was older than all three of the students and in a different house, we were all good friends.

Just as I began reading over Ron’s work, there were footsteps and I looked up to see George Weasley. There was a smile on his face and he smiled back at me.

“What’re you doing?” George asked looking at the four of us.

“I’m trying to help these guys with their homework.” I told him.

“You’re a Ravenclaw, of course you can help them.” George laughed sitting next to me. I smiled at him. “Are you ready for the Quidditch match this weekend?”

“Only if it doesn’t get cancelled.” I replied. Harry looked slightly uncomfortable and glanced at his work. I nudged him and gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Well, when we win, I’ll invite you to the get together after.” George leaned towards me. I couldn’t help but blush.

“Maybe I’ll invite you when we win.” I told him.

“Maybe?” George asked with a laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh too.

Ron gave me a weird look and George told us that he had to leave. While he walked away, I smiled and carried on reading Ron’s work. Ron cleared his throat and I glanced up at him.

“What?” I asked. “Let me read your work.”

“Do you like George?” He asked me. Hermione, looking excited, asked the same question while Harry just looked at us. I stared at the three of them and laughed.

“What makes you ask that?” I questioned.

“He likes you.” Ron told me. I couldn’t help but grin. “Do you like him?”

“Yes. I do like him.”

~A Few Days Later~

I pulled on my Quidditch uniform and went down to the pitch with my team. The Gryffindor team had arrived at the same time as us and I saw George. He was talking to Fred and Ron who both kept nudging him as they spoke. Ron looked around and saw me. Smiling, I waved at him. Ron nudged his brother again and pointed at me. George had a huge smile on his face and he walked over to me.

“So, you wanna come to the party after we win?” I asked when he reached me.

“Well, it’ll be in my common room, so I’ll have to.” George told me. I laughed. “But do you want to come to ours?”

“I would love to.” I held out my hand and he shook it.

“By the way, I really like you.” George took a deep breath. I smiled.

“I like you too.” I told him biting my lip.

“Come on you lovebirds!” Fred yelled. Looking at him, we both turned and ran to the pitch.

Unfortunately, the match was cancelled. That mean the parties were cancelled. Instead of going straight to my dorm, I walked around the grounds with George for a little bit.

“So, Ron told you, right?” George asked me. I nodded. “I thought so. I’m going to have to get him.”

“Don’t. I’m honestly really glad he did.” I told him taking his hand. “But I think we should get back.”

“Wait, how about you and I meet each other later?”

“I’ll see you.” I smiled kissing his cheek. We agreed in a place to meet up and I said that I’ll see him.

Later that night, I pulled on my shoes and sneaked out of the dorm. The common room was empty so I could get out quickly. The only problem was getting out of the common room and finding George.

Thankfully it was easy to find him. Well, I arrived early and he nearly scared the living daylights out of me by grabbing my waist.

“Are you serious?” I asked. “You terrified me!”

“I’m sorry.” George told me with a laugh.

“You should be. My heart is still racing!”

“I think that might be because of me.”

“Smooth, Weasley. Smooth.” I took a step towards him and he pecked my lips. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed him back. We heard footsteps and froze.

“This way,” He grabbed my hand and pulled me away before Filtch could give us a detention for sneaking out of our dorms.

Still my favorite thing about FEELS AND PORN recs lists: There’s usually at least something I’m always in the mood for. Well. Honestly, I’m always interested in pretty much everything, but sometimes some things more than others! And there’s usually at least something that catches my eye hard in a list like this!

let me wrap myself in you by jellyfish, thor/loki, NSFW, teen!thor, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 8.6k

When Loki first goes to Asgard he meets young and impressionable Thor. It’s the opportunity he’d always waited for.

Dirt by thisdorkyblogthing, thor/loki, 1.2k

He wakes surrounded in something cold and moist.

The Thunderer’s Queen by bluetoast, thor/loki, mildly nsfw, jotunn!loki, thorki kids, previously pregnant!loki, 4.2k

Things come full circle with Thor and Loki, following the death of Odin and Loki’s return from Jotunheim.

untitled by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, hades & persephone, greek mythology, 1k

The Lord of the Underworld is a dark and terrible god, grim and implacable, knowing neither mercy nor sorrow. He does not sigh like a lovesick boy, nor pace like a wife awaiting her husband’s return from battle.

untitled by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, vampire!thor + human!loki, human au, 1.1k

The locket, Thor’s locket, hung from a delicate chain against his pale chest, exposed by the open, silky robe he wore.

Fishnet, and Feathers, and Heels! Oh, my! by guardianinthesky, thor/loki, halloween party, human au, crossdressing, fluff, 3.4k

Loki goes to a costume party and meets Thor, who seems to be too drunk to understand that even though he’s dressed as a witch, he’s not actually a woman.

Call of the sea by berserkr-bread (howtobottlefame), thor/loki, NSFW, human au, pirate au, 2.7k

Thor and his crew find a survivor to the ship they just raided, and the only one who knows how to read a book containing a map that leads to a treasure worth ten million galleons.

Cat-ch You Later by appleseason, thor/loki, human au, college au, 1.4k

“can u help me sneak my cat into my dorm” au

Exploded Stars & Broken Dreams by hellohades, NSFW, thor/loki + other asgardians, arranged marriage, space faring au, evil!sif, 10.7k

It’s been a thousand years since he’s been back to Asgard.

Need/Want by Runie (Runic), thor/loki, NSFW, ~1k

Loki tortures Thor with blow jobs.

In Too Deep by thisdorkyficthing, thor/loki + other marvel characters, vampire!thor + human!loki, human au, true blod fusion, 3.6k

“And the leads you told me about over the phone?” She jerked her head towards a door at the other end of the room. “Clint’s been with them since they arrived.” As if on cue the door opened and a man poked his head out, nodding over to the three of them. “They’re appear to be ready to talk now.” Loki was getting the distinct feeling that he should have not tagged along for this.

Halloween by appleseason, thor/loki, vampire!thor + ghost!loki, human au, ~1k

There is little in Thor’s long, long life that remains unchanged.

untitled by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki + some amora/loki, NSFW, brief pegging, ~1k

“Shut up, Amora,” Loki hisses through gritted teeth, furious and humiliated and determined someone will suffer for both. “I came for your help, not for you to mock me.”

full details + recs under the cut!

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The Gilinsky Twins - Jack Gilinsky Imagine - Part 7

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 ~speaking the truth~ I woke up by the sound of a door closing. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I saw Jack standing by his closet and pulling a hoodie over his head. I slowly stood up and felt chills go up my back as I felt the cold floor. “I’m gonna head to the shower” I said smiling at him. “Yeah see you later today” he said giving me a warm smile. I opened the door and sneaked down the hallway.
I had no idea what the time was but I was guessing around 10am? Anyways. I sneaked into my dorm room, seeing Andrea sleeping and snoring on her bed. I carefully opened my closet and grabbed all my bathing stuff. And then I headed to the shower.
I walked down the empty hallway and heard a door close behind me. I didn’t bother to look back, instead I kept on walking.

I entered the shower and the hot water felt good on my skin. I mumbled some song lyrics while I running my hands over my hair. I felt a cold breeze against my back. I snapped my head to look back and saw Jack enter the shower then closing it. He looked at me and smirked. I looked over all his body. He was amazing. I quickly snapped my eyes back up and turned my head around. Jack’s hands slipped along my waist and his body came closer to mine. I slowly reached my hand out to grab the body scrub. His hands grabbed the scrub and he took it away from me. “Let me” he said and opened the body scrub. He rubbed it on my back and shoulders. His hands then slipped around my waist and he rubbed my stomach then moving up to my collarbones. Going over my breasts. This moment felt perfect. I turned around and he looked at me. My hands made their way to his neck and played with his hair. He put his thumb on my chin and leaned in. Our lips touched and his tongue entered my mouth. He explored every inch of it. There we stood. In the shower making out. It didn’t feel sexual it felt romantic in stead. He pulled away and smiled. “I will let you finish” he said and got out. I stood there and smiled to myself. I dragged my hands against my face and let out a small laugh. I then finished my shower. - Get ready for the party Andrea said as I entered the room. I groaned and flopped down on my bed. Andrea placed some clothes on my stomach. “Go get dressed” she said. I stood up and got dressed. I didn’t really want to go but I guess I should. I put on some black skinny jeans and a cute top. I then did my make-up and my hair. Me and Andrea were finally ready and the clock was about 9pm. We made our way to the party. We entered the party and you could already see that everyone was drunk. Usually we would make our way over to the drinks but Andrea really needed to go to the bathroom. She dragged me around and soon she was at the bathroom. I waited outside. I spotted Nate and I was trying to hide but it was to late, he was already making His way over. “Hey” he said and leaned up against the wall. “Hey” i said smiling. His muscle tee showed His perfect arms and a small peek of tattoo. “You want something to drink?” His voice was calming and you could smell some alcohol in his breath. “Maybe a beer” I said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. I then felt a hand grab my other hand and pulling me back. I slipped out of Nate’s hands and he was out off sight. I turned around and saw Jack. “We need to talk” he said over the loud music. I slowly nodded and looked back but soon following Gilinsky. He made his way to the backyard and sat down on a bench. I sat down beside him and he looked at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. “I need to tell you something” he was serious. “Since you’re a girl I thought you could help me with this..” He stopped. I furrowed my eyebrows at him while he licked his lips and started talking. “There is this girl that I like-” great my crush is gonna be talking about another girl he likes, just great. “Nobody knows that I like her but I really do. She is different. I feel like I know her but I really don’t but I want to and I just like her so freaking much. But the problem is that she is afraid to hurt another guy. She doesn’t like that other guy but she knows him to well and that guy doesn’t want me to be around her” he stopped and looked at me. “I think I even love her” he then finished off. I felt my eyes starting to water. This was so stupid. I had liked him for so long and I think it would be good to have this benefit relationship with him? Well no, it didn’t. My body took over my thoughts and I stood up and ran inside. The tears were now coming. I ran through the sweat bodies and the alcohol smell made me feel sick. I need to get out of here. “STOP” I heard behind me. The room went quite and I turned around, wiping the tears. There he stood, Gilinsky. “God y/n” he said and everyone moved out of the way. He was facing me but still couple meters between us. “Don’t you realize” he said throwing his arms up. I looked to my side and saw Aden and Jenn standing there confused. “It’s you. I love you and I hate to know that you are to good for me. It first started and I thought I could control it and not fall for you but with every minute I spent with you I fell harder and now I’m stuck and I have never felt this way before y/n. I LOVE YOU” he said. I stood there frozen. I looked back at Aden and saw him with his jaw dropped. “What is going on?” I heard from the other side. Nate walked in. It was Nate. I felt dizzy. Gilinsky stepped one step closer. But I couldn’t think straight. I turned around and ran outside the door, straight to my room. Although I really liked him I was too afraid. But still I wanted him ———————————- I never know how to end this 🙈 but I’m thinking about ending it at part 10, so only 3 parts left :( but hey when I have finished this one I can make another fanfic :) Thanks for reading ❤️

I Love You More- Draco Malfoy imagine

Request: So I’m sorry it’s five I didn’t sleep some stuff happened to me and I’m really upset right now and I was hoping you could spare some time to write a fluffy Draco one I don’t care about the topic but I really just need something right now to make me not feel like I do. Again I’m sorry that it’s early I just needed to talk to something.

*I’m really sorry it wasn’t the day you requested it*


The swimming shadows of the lake reflected off the floors of the Slytherin common room. Your eyes peeked out from under the dark green covers of your boyfriend’s bed. One of his arms was under your body as your back was pressed against his side.

“Draco?” Your voice came out in a squeak; your throat was dry. You turned to face him. Next to you, Draco’s chest rose and fell rhythmically. For a while, you rested and watched his eyes flutter under his eyelids. His lips formed a smile and his eyes flicked open, staring sideways at you.

“Why are you watching me?” He whispered. His voice was sleepy and soft. You blushed.

“You looked so peaceful.” You rested your hand on his chest, drawing lazy circles. Draco chuckled, wrapping his other arm around your body and pulling you to him..

“I was lucky I was able to sneak you into my dorm.” He winked suggestively. You giggled, burying your head in his chest. The miniature clock on his bed-side table made light chimes, signalling the last few minutes of breakfast. You gasped, looking at Draco.

“We’re going to be late for classes!” You moaned, beginning to kick the covers off your body. Draco’s arms tightened, leaning his head into your back and planting small kisses on your shoulder blades.

“We don’t have to go to class today, Y/N.” He whispered in your ear, his breath tickling your neck. You laughed shortly.

“We’re going to get in trouble, Drac.” Your hands pushed his arms down, escaping his grasp. Raking your hands through your hair hurriedly and throwing on your button-up shirt. Draco didn’t budge from under the covers. You whirled to face him.

“Get up, lazy bum!” You teased, whisking your tie from over the back of a chair near the bed. Draco groaned dramatically.

“Stay with me, Y/N. One day won’t hurt.” He pleaded, sticking his lip out. You stopped fastening your tie, throwing you hands down in defeat.

“One day, Draco! One.” You told him firmly. Draco smiled slyly and opened his arms. On your knees, you crawled into bed with him. Draco sat up to be at eye level with you. You smiled, snapping your tie off your neck in one quick motion. A glint of mischief flashed in Draco’s eyes. Biting your lip, you used your tie to pull Draco’s face closer. Noses touching, you looked into his beautiful grey eyes.

“I love you so much, Draco.” You whispered, kissing his lips. Draco smiled in the kiss, placing his hands on your hips.

“I love you more, Y/N.” And he kissed you again.


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The last of “the children” passed away tonight. Tara and her sisters were the best little group of ratties I’ve ever had and they’ve been a big part of my life for the last 2 and a half years. They helped build the friendship between my two best friends and me freshman year. I remember sneaking them into my dorm room in our sweatshirts, hiding the cage from the RA, and calling them “our kids.” Tara, you were the “evil mastermind,” always getting into trouble. I remember one time in my dorm room I was studying when all of a sudden I heard screaming coming from the bathroom. I run in there, and there you were running around, terrorizing all the girls! You had somehow escaped (like you always did) and managed to wander into the bathroom. In your older days, you were the biggest snuggler. You would sit on my lap and brux during late study nights. And you’re probably one of the few rats that has ever lived in the same cage as a ferret for several months. You were our sweet girl, and you will be missed. Now go play with your sisters. I’m sure they’ll be glad to see you again. “The children” are together again. Rest in peace, Tara.