i smoked too much weed

Seventeen as things I've ate while I was fucked up

S.Coups: grilled steak over rice only I smothered it in bbq sawce
Junghan: The apple I smoked out of
Joshua: just bread. Plain white sliced bread
Hoshi: jack in the box tacos
Wonwoo: A McDonald’s cheeseburger except with a hot n spicy patty in there
Mingyu: an entire box of Frosted Flakes
Woozi: gummy bears but they where soaked in vodka.
Dokyum: a can of sweetened condensed milk (aka lechera)
Jun: that time I ate half an edible brownie, then forgot I ate it and ate the other half then a whole other one. I thought I was dying
Seungkwan: an entire carton of goats milk
The8: a packet of hot cocoa mix. Just the powder. I don’t know why.
Vernon: an entire pizza with honey mustard.
Dino: half a stick of salami.

The way he looked like they were best friends: Chapter 2!

Rating: Teens and up
Fandom: Be More Chill
Ship: Jeremy/Michael(boyf riends)
a college/coffeeshop/internet friends/no squip AU
Summary: Jeremy and Michael have been best friends since they met each other while playing a shitty game online.
Even though they have never met each other they tell each other everything, that includes meeting the cutest barista they have ever seen.

Chapter 2/?

You can find chapter 1 here or the whole fanfic on AO3 here

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In Which Rin Smokes Weed
  • Rin smokes on the roof of the dorm building
  • he likes to look at the clouds or the stars
  • its soothing to him, makes him relax

Yukio is the first one to find out 

  • and he is pretty agitated by it  
  • scolds him and lectures him for hours 
  • confiscates his weed stash and flushes it 

Bon finds out next 

  • cause Rin comes up to him and is like: 
  • “Yo dude, you know where I can get any kush?” 
  • and at first Bon was like: ???????? wut
  • and then it clicked and he was like: 
  • ‘yeah man, dont you?’
  • “yeah man.” 
  • so Bon and Rin go back to Bon’s dorm while Shima & Koneko aren’t there and they open up the widows and sit on the windowsills and smoke weed together 

Shima found out from Bon

  • “So you’re telling me that you and Rin were up here smoking?”
  • ‘yep’
  • “WIthOUT ME?”
  • he didnt think Rin would’ve been one for smoking but - it doesn’t bother him?
  • he doesnt feel any sort of way about it
  • just upset that he missed out on the weed session

Shima whined to Izumo about it not being fair 

  • truly she didn’t care
  • she doesn’t smoke or anything like that 
  • but its their bodies its their lives 

Shura found out because Rin turned up to lesson late smellin like HELLA weed 

  • she wasn’t mad about the weed thing
  • she did scold him for being late though 
  • after lesson she met up with him && was like:
  • “if you ever need somethin - I gotchu”
  • and rin didnt get it at first and was like: “yeah i know”
  • but then she gave him a look 
  • and he was like: “You sell weed???” 
  • and she was like: “I do many things”

Konekomaru found out because he came back to the dorm early one day & Rin nd Bon was in there smoking in the windowsill again 

  • and he freaked out
  • he was scolding them and ranting 
  • he took the blunt & broke it in half 
  • Bon & Rin just looked @ each other 

Shiemi was the last to know 

  • because no one really thought she’d get it? 
  • and no one thought she’d be into it?
  • which isn’t a lie 
  • she doesnt smoke or anything like that 
  • but im just sayin 
  • she has a Greenman as her familiar 
  • a familiar that can grow any plant
  • one day shima had flippantly asked her if Nii could do it 
  • and he sure could 
  • of course it was fresh though, it needed to be dried out and stuff but 
  • and it was like - everyone’s lightbulbs went off 
  • they all ended up talking about it as a big group 
  • and Shiemi shared some tidbits about how Native Americans would brew the stuff in their teas 
100 Dialogue Prompts #2 (Part 1)


1. “Somewhere out there, you are wanted. Just not here.”

2. “Let’s go to this party–show them who you really are, huh?”

3. “I may or may not have just smoked too much weed.”

4. “Why do you do this? You can’t just hold open the door and then slam it in my face!”

5. “Just beat the devil out of it.”

6. “If you move quickly enough, they won’t be able to hear you. Keep your feet light.”

7. “That doll is cursed–don’t touch it!”

8. “Keep your head down; if you see its eyes, you’re as good as dead.”

9. “It’s a sign of God!”

10. “How did you survive that?”

11. “Fuck off! . . . I mean–uh, please go away?”

12. “We need to have a little talk.”

13. “Your lips taste like berries.”

14. “Oh, hey–no! Don’t stop on my account!”

15. “I feel so wrong right now. So … normal. Ugh.”

16. “Hey–don’t look at me like that unless you plan on following through!”

17. “I am so fed up with your shit it’s not even funny.”

18. “Bitch–you wish!”

19. “Let’s go for a ride, shall we?”

20. “Are you bleeding on me?!”

21. “This is so stupid.”

22. “Jesus Christ those are a lot of knives.”

23. “If you walk towards the West, you’ll find your way.”

24. “Next motel isn’t till the next town over. Guess we’re sleeping in the car tonight.”

25. “I already know what you’re thinking–don’t say it.”

26. “That is one big . . . bear.”

27. “So you’re telling me you took him on alone? Single-handedly?”

28. “What’s that on the ceiling?”

29. “I can not roll my eyes hard enough.”

30. “Let’s see what we have here . . .”

31. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Whoops.”

32. “Oh, right–gotta protect those precious feelings of yours there, huh princess?”

33. “Just hear me out! I promise you won’t regret it!”

34. “Dude . . . where are we? And why do we have matching tattoos?”

35. “… What are you watching?”

36. “Please tell me you’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking.”

37. “Never fail to disappoint, huh?”

38. “If you let go of that, you will lose your hand.”

39. “Don’t trust her.”

40. “I’m here for you–remember? I made a promise, and I intend to keep it.”

41. “Ah–the big bad tough guy, huh? Let’s see how tough you really are.”

42. “Please stop laughing and just help me up!”

43. “Ohmygod that’s a lot of blood.”

44. “Do we really need this much ice cream?”

45. “Did you feel that? … Did you really just feel my pain?”

46. “Let’s just get out of here before they change their minds.”

47. “If I don’t stay behind, we all die. You die. They die. There are no other alternatives.”

48. “Please, for the love of God–just tell me the truth for once!”

49. “Another step and I’ll snap his neck.”

50. “Watch it–that’s poisonous.”

what’s good? the name’s michael, everyone calls me mike. don’t be that one funny guy who thinks it’s okay to call me michael. that shit’s reserved for my moms. got it? good. i play drums for pierce the veil and i haven’t taken my hat off since shaving my head. i wear it to shower, sleep, etc. you name it. it stays on my head 24/7. i smoke a lot of weed. maybe too much weed but it’s all good. i don’t like rambling on for too long so that’s about it. catch ya on the flipside homies. 🤘

@avvoyd tagged me to write 10 things about myself. I’ll try!

1. I am nonbinary and my pronouns are They/She

2. I’m a vegan!

3. I smoke way too much weed.

4. I am a gardener and dog groomer by trade 

5. I have GAD, depression, and C-PTSD

6. I have a cat child named Kyo and I love him so much!

7. I met my boyfriend on tumblr, and I love HIM so much @bigbryan

8. I love to write, draw, paint, and sing.

9. I have 4 tattoos– an eel from the little mermaid, the triforce, a friday the 13th tattoo, and la santa muerte

10. I love spending time online to chat with my friends :)

Sorry if these were boring, but this is my life! I tag @crumpassingmaster, @jedibusiness @septemberismm, @bigbryan, @thequeenvegan, @veganxiety, @ghostparadoxa, and @wildcherrylime and of course anyone else who wants to do it! Please tag me so I can read what you wrote :)