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Petname Babygirl II pt.3

yoongi x reader

genre: filth..fluff? I don’t know except for the smut, dom!yoongi

this chapter contains a bit of everything, I guess

word count: 10.6k

Your business trip involved boring meetings, some time for yourself and you being naked and tied up underneath your boss.

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“The Wrong Derek” - Derek Hale

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) kinda skypes Derek by accident and she is working on a project or Something and then they just start talking and over the course of a few weeks they meet up.

(Y/N) had spent most of her childhood in Beacon Hills before she had to move out at the age of thirteen to go live in New York with her family when her father got promoted. The young girl hadn’t been too delighted to leave her friends Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski behind but she had promised them that they will see each other again one day. And (Y/N) had kept her promise.

After building a new life in New York, she still spent hours on the phone with Scott and Stiles over the years and when she came back to Beacon Hills, it felt like Nothing had changed between the three of them, except for the fact that they were now grown-ups.

(Y/N) had arrived in Beacon Hills less than a week ago, and Scott and Stiles had welcomed her home with open arms. She was staying in her old house – which her parents desired to keep in order to move back in Beacon Hills at an older age.

(Y/N) placed her laptop on a shelf and went on Skype to have a little catch up with her brother. She clicked on his name and waited for him to accept the video-call. While waiting, she started working on a painting which she had started the previous day. (Y/N) was an art student in New York and they had been given a project to work on over the holiday break.
(Y/N) started humming a song while cleaning her paintbrushes.
“Uh, hello?” A voice said and (Y/N) jumped. She turned around and saw an unfamiliar face on her computer screen which was definitely not her brother’s.
“Who is this?” The man on the video-call asked, confused. “Scott?”
“Who the hell are you?” (Y/N) asked as she took a closer look to the man.
“What do you mean? You’re the one who called me!” The man said defensively.
“No, I didn’t! I don’t even know who you are!” (Y/N) said, also very confused about the whole situation. “Did you hack into my computer?”
“Wha- No! I’m Derek Hale.” The man said as if it justified everything.
“You’re- Oh, damn it!” (Y/N) said. “That’s not my computer!” She added.
“Could you tell me what’s going on here?” Derek asked, still confused and also a little annoyed at this waste of his time.
“I meant to call my brother, his name is also Derek. But Scott and I must have switched computers by accident this morning.” (Y/N) explained and swearing under her breath.
“You know Scott McCall?” Derek asked, surprised to find out that Scott had a friend Derek knew nothing about.
“No, I just stole his computer and thought it would be fun to skype all of his contacts at random.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.
“How do you guys know each other?” Derek asked, ignoring the girl’s sarcastic comment.
“We grew up together.” (Y/N) replied as she picked up her phone to let Scott know she had his computer.” You know you can hang up the video-call, right?” She told Derek who seemed to feel like he had to make the conversation.
“Yeah, well, I got nothing better to do so I don’t mind the compagny.” Derek shrugged.
(Y/N) tried to suppress a smile.
“What’s your name, by the way?” Derek asked.
“(Y/N).” She said. “Wait, are you the Derek Hale?” She added as she looked at her screen more closely.
“Uh, yeah? I’m pretty sure there is only one Derek Hale around here.” He said, raising his eyebrows.
“I’ve heard a lot of things about you.” (Y/N) declared.
“Don’t believe everything you hear in this town.” Derek said.

There was a short and awkward silence for a minute or two while the two of them stared at each other on their computer screens.
“What’s that you’re working on?” Derek broke the silence and changed the subject. He knew (Y/N) must have heard about the fire which killed most of his family as well as the false accusation against him for the murder of his sister, Laura Hale. These ere the rumours and gossip going around about Derek Hale and he didn’t want (Y/N) to judge him upon those things.
“Oh. It’s just a painting I’m working on for school. I’m an art student.” (Y/N) stated.
“It looks nice.”
“Thanks. But it’s no way near done.” (Y/N) said with a shy smile. “Listen, I gotta go. My brother is waiting for me to call.” (Y/N) added.
“No problem. Make sure to call the right Derek though.” Derek said with a laugh.
“I’ll try.” (Y/N) smiled. “Have a good day, then.” She said before she hung up the call, still smiling.

The next day, (Y/N) asked Scott if she could borrow his computer and when she got home, she walked into her garage – where she was working on her art project,  and settled the computer on a shelf and called Derek Hale on Skype.
“You got the wrong Derek again.” Derek said once he had accepted the video-call.
“Nope. not this time.” (Y/N) said, smiling. “I thought you could use the compagny.”
“I’m not that lonely, you know.” Derek laughed.
“Oh, so you don’t appreciate my compagny anymore?” (Y/N) asked with a smug.
“I didn’t say that.” Derek said.

The video-call lasted hours that day. They talked about all sorts of things, trying to get to know each other a little better and even when they weren’t talking at all, none of them wanted to end the call. Derek would quietly Watch (Y/N) work on her painting while she hummed a song every now and then and he was surprised to find himself smiling like an idiot at his computer screen.

Over the following days, it had became an habit for (Y/N) to call Derek on Skype everytime she was working on her art project and it quickly and surprisingly became the moment of the day she was the most looking forward to.
“Hi.” Derek said after he accepted the video-call once more.
“Oh, sorry.” (Y/N) said. “Wrong Derek.”
“I’m kidding, relax!” (Y/N) laughed.
“Ha-ha. Very funny.” Derek rolled his eyes.
“Anyway, what about we grab a coffee sometime?” (Y/N) asked.
“Yeah, I’d like that.” Derek smiled. “When?”
“What about now?”
“Uh, y-yeah.” Derek said, taken aback.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to.” (Y/N) added quickly.
“No! I want to. Of course I want to.” Derek declared. “I’ll meet you at the coffee house in ten minutes, then?”
“I’ll be there.” (Y/N) said with a smile and hung up the video-call.

Derek and (Y/N) met for the first time that day. They were both a little nervous at first, but they were so comfortable around each other that it felt like they had known each other for ages. The night was falling upon Beacon Hills and Derek and (Y/N) felt like they were the only ones in the world right now, and it was more than enough. And as they were laughing in a corner of the coffee house, (Y/N) was glad to have skyped the “wrong Derek”.


All of the other Avengers seemed to give him a wide berth. He just peaked your interest. It’s late one night, you’ve been wandering the halls of the tower a blanket wrapped around your shoulders. The lightening shoots across the window and the thunder rumbles lowly. You drop onto the floor and sit cross legged in front of the window. You trace a drop as it slides down the window.
“What are you doing little one?” A male voice says from behind you causing you to jump. When you turn to look at him Loki has a little smile on his face, he looks tired but then again it is the middle of the night.
“The storm woke me. Thought I’d come watch it for a while.” You tell him turning back toward the window, “You’re free to join me.” You’re actually pretty surprised when you hear the couch groan as he stands up. His long frame joins you on the floor and you hold up the side of your blanket offering him some of the warmth.
“Thank you little one but I don’t really get cold.” He says somewhat bitterly and you feel like such an idiot.
“Sorry.” You mutter and he lets out a soft chuckle.
“It’s alright.” You wrap the blanket tightly around yourself.
“Why are you awake so late?”
“The storm. When we were children Thor used to use them to calm me from when I woke from a nightmare. As I got older he used them to show off, they became a warning that he was coming. Now, in times like this when it’s just a normal storm like this they bring me slight comfort. They make me feel as if he is here with me.”
“You miss him.” You say softly.
“I do not.” Loki protests quickly, and loudly looking over at you sharply. You don’t bother to hide the small smile on your face. He shoves his hair out of his face and scowls down at you, you have to fight back the sudden urge you have to slide your fingers through his dark hair. Looking back out on the storm you change the subject.
“When I was a child I was terrified of storms. My grandma would come into my room and tell me stories, she was a Lit Professor. She told me Greek tragedies, Roman mythologies, Norse too.”
“Is that why you’re not afraid of me? Because you think you know me.”
“You don’t scare me. That’s why I’m not afraid.”
“I could freeze you to death with a touch.” He says so simply that he could have just asked you if you wanted some tea. You don’t say anything back, you just watch the storm. It’s not until it dies down enough for you to actually get some sleep that you speak again.
“But you won’t.”
“Won’t what?”
“Freeze me to death.” You tell him standing from your spot on the floor. He joins you then stares down at you.
“Why won’t I?”
“Because. I intrigue you. You want to figure me out as much as I want to figure you out.” There’s a rumble of thunder but neither of you move. “Goodnight Loki.” You say softly before heading back to bed.

When you’re doing your nails


« I like this color, babe… Looks good on you »

You suddenly feel him behind you and smile when he leans to rest his chin on your shoulder, his hands on your waist. You smile and turn your head to kiss him softly. He kisses you back but deeper this time, making you moan against his mouth. « They’re not dry yet… » Namjoon lifts you up in his arms without a warning and dives into your neck, showing you how little he cares about your nails.


« What are you doing ? »

He finds you sitting in the corner of the table, doing your nails in full concentration mode while whispering the lyrics of the song playing on your speakers. Taehyung smiles and sits on the chair next to you while resting his head on his arms. He watches you with attention and then grins : « Can I try, Jagi ? ». You laugh and let him practice on your nails, his tongue pressed between his lips. It’s a mess, obviously, but you both laugh your asses off.


« Can you do mine exactly like yours so we can match ? I’m sure I’ll be even more handsome. »

You laugh and look at Jin, only to find a neutral face. You frown, afraid he’s really serious, until Jin bursts out laughing. He leans towards you to kiss your nose, making you smile like an idiot. He watches you finish your nails while you two have a nice conversation about diner.


« Waaaah, Jagi ! You’re so good at this ! »

Hoseok, eyes wide open, stares at you while you focus to finish your last finger. The color he chose earlier for you is just perfect, and it seems like Hobi likes it too. When you’re done, you shake your hands to dry it off and burst out laughing when you see him doing the same with a stupid smile on his face. You both ends up dancing and singing a song about nail art.


« You look so serious right now. »

Yoongi stares at you while you’re painting your nails, your legs on his thighs. He can’t help but find you cute, enjoying those quiet times with you. You look up at him and your heart skip a beat when you see the way he looks at you. You smile and lean towards his lips to give him a soft kiss. When you’re about to move back, he grips your waist and grins : « Are you done yet ? I’m tired. Let’s go to bed, Jagiya. »


« Yaaaah, watch your mouth, babe ! »

Jimin chuckles when you curse after messing up one of your nails. You whine a little and try to remove it with polish remover. Jimin leans towards you and kisses your neck, making you smile immediately. You end up dropping everything to let him kiss you everywhere.


« It seems easy to do honestly, I don’t understand why it takes you so long to finish. »

Kookie is a bit annoyed since you promised him you’ll play video games with him but you’re too busy waiting for your nails to dry. You tell him it’s almost dry and pulls your tongue out when he turns his head back to the tv screen. He starts to play alone and you watch him quietly, smiling at his pouty face. You wait ‘till is totally focused on his game and hug him from behind, your arms around his waist. Jungkook tries hard not to smile but fails when you begin to kiss his ear. « Stop it baby, I’m trying to win here… »

Zach Dempsey #4

Request: Can you do an imagine with Zach where him and the reader (girl) get into a fight and she ignores him and goes to Bryce’s with all the other boys and gets high or drunk, which is totally unlike her, and she gets hurt somehow and Zach takes care of her and they make up, please?❤️

A/N: I love writing these requests from you guys! Please keep sending in more of these!

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Zach and I have been together for a whole while now and I really love him.
I do. With all my heart.

But sometimes he’s just an idiot; not on purpose but he is.
Especially when it comes to basketball.
When he plays or the guys dare him to play, he just zooms out.

Just like today.
We agreed on having lunch together today due to our busy schedule with school we haven’t had much time for each other.
But lunch at Rosie’s today should be like a fresh start.
All exams and papers for this year are finished, so we still have time for each other.
Or so I thought.
Because Mr. Dempsey decided not to show up nor text me why.
That was two hours ago and now I am done waiting.

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46. im in love... shit

starlord x reader

Requested by: @summertime-nd-butterflies

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Days and nights truly had no meaning whatsoever in space. Instead, you divided your time into hours and places. With all the different timezones getting thrown around, life was just easier to say things at the time (according to the place you were at in the moment) and the name of the place you were.

For instance, you met a self-proclaimed “legendary outlaw” with the title “Starlord” at Knowhere, at about 1500. Upon first glance, you were taken aback by his confidence and outwardness. He joked openly about… well, anything, and didn’t take much notice to you, the self-proclaimed legendary nothing-in-particular. You owned the title proudly, and sat back in your seat and watched the empty-minded aliens drunkenly punch each other and screech in different languages.

He was just another person. A diamond in the rough, perhaps, but you had seen many of those pass through, and most of them ended up the same way; they were too outward or too “funny” and got their ass handed to them, quite literally, and never made it passed the golden age of 27. Of course, he was something special, though you’d never admit to anybody who asked, but you tried not to linger on it, because in this life, lingering only led to hurt and hurt led to… well, hurt led to a great-big downward spiral of pain and never-agains.

“You look bored,” he said, suddenly right in front of you.

You jumped, eyebrows raised as a lump formed in your throat. You looked up at him for a moment, angry at how you had let yourself get lost in your thoughts. Or rather, lost in your thoughts about another person, who was now right in front of you- and, oh, god, you still weren’t saying anything.

“Lack manners where you come from?” he chided, pulling up a rusty old chair next to you and taking a seat.

You took in a breath and shrugged. “You took me by surprise,” you said softly, your eyes gently grazing his face, his stubble, his eyes, his everything.

He smirked. “Sorry, then. You’re a pretty face-” he said, but quickly took in a sharp breath, “pretty, uh… pretty new face,” he hurried.

You chuckled. “Maybe to you, but I’ve been around here for a while now. I haven’t seen you, either.”

He shifted, leaning back slightly. “Well then I guess it was about time we met,” he said, reaching out a hand for yours, “I’m Peter Quill, legendary outlaw, though you may know me as Starlord.”

You let your hand fold around his, small and soft. “No, actually I haven’t heard of you.”

His expression faltered for a second, but he quickly reclaimed his overbearing confidence. “Well now you have.”

“I suppose,” you said, suddenly bored.

“And what about you? You have a name?”

You thought for a moment. You glanced around, and sat up straight, your hands folded over your stomach. “Y/N,” you said, meeting his eyes with your own, “I am merely a speck of dust surviving in a universe infinitely too big for my tiny mind to comprehend.”

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A Place To Call Home pt 3


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 8,711

Warnings: Language, sexual assault, violence, mentions of blood

A/N: I have to give a huge thank you to the amazingly wonderful @writing-obrien for helping to come up with the idea for this part and for proof reading it for me! This part is very very intense and the content is very mature, it’s not all cute and fluffy like the other parts have been. Anyways, I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think! Enjoy! 

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“Dirty Laundry” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2748

Warnings: angst feat. a pinch of fluff (but mostly angst)

Author’s Note: This month’s song (or technically last month… it’s for March) is Dirty Laundry by All Time Low. I’m so sorry this took a bit longer than planned, but I hope yall enjoy! The song is kinda about lying… (*coughs* Y/n? *coughs again*) so yeah, expect an argument about that :)

Lilly’s Imagine


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Monsta X  reaction to you (girl group member) confessing you really like them on a TV show

Shownu: He would hear that you liked him from an interview he was doing. You had been there the previous day before Monsta X and they asked you if there were any kpop idols that caught your attention. Bashfully you said Shownu was cute and you would like to get to know him. The interviewer showed Shownu the clip and he would blush too before getting smug. 

“I might just need to find her number to ask her on a date.”

Originally posted by idiotfadeddream

Wonho: You were on Weekly Idol when they showed a clip of Monsta X. You immediately claimed you had a massive crush on Wonho. Little did you know Wonho decided to watch your group’s episode on Weekly Idol and saw your confession. He immediately decided he was going to flirt with you the next time he saw you. 

“I hope she’s ready for me the next time we met.”

Originally posted by kihyuon

Minhyuk: Your group was fairly new to the kpop scene but nonetheless your group caught the eye of Minhyuk. He was in love with your group and thought you were pretty cute. He saw that your group was on vlive and immediately started watching it. Right, when he clicked on he heard you say you loved Monsta X and had a crush on him. He dropped his phone in shock and went running around the dorm screaming that a beautiful girl liked him.

“Did you guys hear this? (Y/n) has a crush on me. Do you think she’ll say yes to going on a date?”

Originally posted by cosmicmari

Kihyun: You were so busy talking to an interviewer that you didn’t notice Monsta X was right behind your group listening in. The interviewer asked if your group was dating anyone or had an ideal type. Your group said since you just debuted there was a dating ban for a few months. You did mention Kihyun was your ideal type. As soon as those words left your mouth, all of Monsta X started snickering and nudging Kihyun. When you were done with the interview you turned around to only be face to face with Kihyun. 

I know there is a dating ban but who said we can’t get to know each other before it’s lifted?”

Originally posted by kihyuon

Hyungwon: He would be minding his own business and be sleeping peacefully when his members would barge in and jump on him. He would be half asleep so he wouldn’t know what was going on. He would snap awake though when they showed him you were confessing you like him on some random TV show your group was starring in. He would be all smiles knowing a gorgeous girl liked him and he didn’t have to fight for your attention.

“I have to figure out how to ask her on a date without looking like a idiot.”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Jooheon: He would also be like Minhyuk and be in love with your group. He would buy your albums and watch any show your group was featured in. After a while he developed a crush for you. You were the rapper in the group and even though you tried to be cute you failed and that was more endearing to him. He was ecstatic when he learned both Monsta X and your group will be in the same episode of Running Man. During the filming, you had let it slip that you had a crush on him. Jooheon was delighted.

“I want to let you know I like you too and I was hoping you would want to go out some time.” 

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

I.M: He would low key love your group. He liked you but he was too shy to admit and he also didn’t want to hear the teasing from the other members. Your group was on Weekly Idol where you boldy said I.M was your ideal type. Monsta X was watching the episode as a whole and heard the whole thing. His members would immediately start teasing him but he was too stunned at first to say anything. After the shock wore off he would then bolt out of the room to ask people for your number so he can ask you out.

“At least I’m going to be the one with the girlfriend unlike you guys!”

Originally posted by mykeem

I hope you guys like this. ❤️ Please continue to send in requests. I’ll have them up as soon as I can.

iKON react to you asking them out:

Request: Hello hello! Can you do “iKON reacts to you asking them out”? Thank you ☺️

Kim Jinhwan

Jinhwan would be startled, when he hears those words he’d cough on his food and have to take a drink of water and clear his throat to say, “what?”. You’d have to ask him again, just so he could be confident that that’s what you were asking. He’d probably blush a little and give you one of those smiles (^^^) and then say “yes of course, I’ll pick you up at 7 on Friday” trying to play it cool but he would be dying on the inside and praying that his cheeks weren’t red. 

Song Yunhyeong 

In contrast to Jinhwan, Mr Song would not be surprised at all. He would be so grateful that you asked him, because now he didn’t have to ask you. He’d say something along the lines of “I was wondering when you’d ask” and you’d probably hit him on the arm to which he’d say “okay okay I’ll go out with you, no need to get violent”. With Yunhyeong, I feel as if the two of you would have been friends beforehand so you’d be totally comfortable with each other. 

Kim Jiwon

Bobby would probably laugh to hide how excited he is, he would try and play it cool but you would be able to tell that he’s over the moon because of that goofy smile of his. He’d probably just nod or mumble something small in case his voice failed him or he started to blush. Expect him to be sneaking glances at you after you’ve agreed on a date, him just comprehending that this is real and that just happened.

Kim Hanbin

The two of you would be walking together when you popped the question and he’d trip over something (absolutely nothing) and stumble a bit before giving you the most serious look ever. He’d tell you to repeat yourself and when you did he’d get so happy and not be able to hide it at all. He’d give you that crazy beautiful smile of is and hug you saying “yes” a thousand times and then repeating it in all the “many” languages he knows. 

Kim Donghyuk

He’d scream and you’d be so confused and ask “why are you screaming?”. And he’d say “why did you have to ask now? And like this?” To which you’d reply with a 100% justifiable “what?”. He’d tell you how he planned this whole special evening where you would watch the sunset together and he’d ask you out with a red rose and how you had spoilt everything. This would leave you laughing at how extra and romantic he is to which he’d stick his tongue out at you while hiding his smile. 

(I think I just bias wrecked myself…)

Koo Junhoe

After you ask he’d wink and give you an air kiss (just like that ^^^) and not answer you. You’d just be staring at him like…so is that a yes? And he’d have to finally clarify that “that means yes idiot”. Then he’d say “so what time are you picking me up?”. Even though he’d be so calm and collected with you, as soon as he gets home he’d run to Jinhwan and completely fangirl over you and how you’re the prettiest girl in the world and cannot believe that you actually asked him out. Don’t be surprised if you get a notification at 2am saying that he (accidentally) liked one of your pictures on Instagram from 81 weeks ago.

Jung Chanwoo

There’d be a moment of silence before he would laugh and squeeze your cheeks softly. “Why do look so nervous? Of course I’ll go out with you” he’d smile. Chanwoo is like the biggest cutie ever but I don’t think that he’d see this as such a big deal, yes his heart rate would increase and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling but it would have been obvious that the two of like each other and if you didn’t ask he would have. 

This is a few hours late but it’s done nonetheless. I love my babies, they’re so cute! Are you guys watching iKONTV? They’re so crazy!!

I hope you liked this anon! 


anonymous asked:

Hello! How would Kihyun, Minhyuk, Wonho and Hyungwon react to their gf wanting them aka their gf being horny at with them first no knowing what is happening LOL

Hi! This is a fun one, here you go~

Girlfriend is horny and they have no idea (Kihyun, Minhyuk, Wonho & Hyungwon)

Kihyun; Kihyun would be in the kitchen, cooking dinner for you two, and you’d be sitting by the table, staring at him. ‘He looks so sexy..’ You’d think to yourself and stand up, slowly walking behind him and wrapping your arms around him. Kihyun would smile a little, continuing to cook. “Just a little more, baby. Almost there.” He’d mumble, and you couldn’t help but think dirty thoughts when he said that. “What if i can’t wait any longer..?” You’d bite your lip and caress his sides gently. “.. Well, you’ll have to. I’m not letting you order junk food again. “ He’d chuckle, oblivious to what you were hinting at. You’d frown a little, “.. Really, Kihyun? Can’t you see that i’m horny?” You’d mumble, and he’d turn around to look at you, all puzzled. Soon though, both of you would burst out laughing when the realization hit him, “I’m sorry baby, i was too focused on cooking..” He’d kiss your forehead and grin, “If you wait a little longer, i’ll reward you once we’re done eating.

Wonho; You two would be in bed, ready to go to sleep, but you couldn’t help but feel horny. You’d look over at Hoseok, watching him close his eyes slowly, his chest rising up and down. You would scoot closer to him and rest your head against his chest, “Hoseok-ah..” You’d mumble and take his hand in yours, placing it on your waist. He would smile a little and wrap his arms around you, thinking you wanted to cuddle. You’d sigh when he didn’t get it and you would try again, “Hoseok, i’m not sleepy.. Can you help me and make me tired?” You’d whisper, and he would pull away to look at you, “How? Should i continue teaching you our dance?”. You would face-palm in your head and sigh, “Oh my God.. I’m horny. How about we have sex instead of dancing?” You’d roll your eyes and he would raise his eyebrows at you, trying his best not to laugh. “.. Oh. Okay then.

Minhyuk; He’d be playing a video game on the couch with you by his side, watching him. You soon got bored though, and a little horny. You’d be thinking of ways to get his attention, watching him as he bit his lower lip in concentration. You would shift closer to him, resting your chin on his shoulder while your hand slipped under his shirt. Minhyuk would pay no attention though, continuing to play the game. “Oh, fuck you!” He’d yell at the TV screen when he lost and sigh dramatically. You’d smirk and caress his torso, “How about you fuck me instead..?”. All you’d hear from his was a laugh, since he thought you were joking around, and he’d start the game again. You would sigh and take the controller from him, pausing the game. Before he could protest, you’d straddle him and press your lips against his, grinding down against his crotch slowly. Once you pulled away he’d gulp, “..Oh, you weren’t joking..” He’d chuckle and place his hands on your butt. 

Hyungwon; You two would be sitting on the couch, with Hyungwon practicing his singing. You’d be staring at him, and couldn’t help but think about how hot he looked. “Your voice is so sexy..” You’d comment and bite your lip, watching him smile at you in return, “I know. I’ve been practicing a lot recently, it’s gotten much better hasn’t it?” He’d ask and you’d nod. “Don’t you want to practice your voice in other ways?” You’d ask and he’d raise an eyebrow, “Well.. I already did, like five minutes ago, this is the last step for practicing.”. You would sigh and think about how much of an idiot he was not to get what you’re hinting at. “I meant other ways.” You’d mumble and scoot closer to him, pressing your lips against his neck while your hand slid down to his crotch, making him moan out. “.. Oh, you meant this kind of way..Alright, this works too.” He’d chuckle and pull you on his lap.  


anonymous asked:

Hi Ducky! How would the Tale, Fell, and Swap brothers react to walking in on their crush / S/O acting like a total dork dancing and singing to a song? Or, alternatively, walking in on their crush acting like a lovestruck idiot and singing a romantic song dramatically. (Crush does not know they are there yet!) Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy reading your headcanons!

I’m glad that you like my stuff!



Classic has the biggest smile on his face and is internally screaming at how cute you are. You’re such a dork and if he wasn’t already, this is the exact moment where he fell in love with you. He won’t join you, but rather stand by and watch, savoring this moment as much as he can. He’ll definitely tease you about it later, while tickling your sides so he can see that bright big smile of yours again. 


Papaya will wait until you’re finished, then clap loudly, complimenting and praising you for your dancing skills and singing. When you’re blushing wildly from being caught, Papyrus laughs and pulls you into a tight hug while stroking your cheeks asking you why you’re blushing, you should accept his compliments! Then he playfully pinch your cheeks to make your blush stay longer because holy heck you’re so cute. 



Ohh man, Red is blushing, and he’s blushing hard. He pulls his hood over his face to hide it, even though you can’t exactly see him and just wondering how lucky he got. You’re so amazing, adorable, and perfect, how did he end up with someone like you. Like Classic, this is the exact moment where he falls in love with you, but he doesn’t mention this incident. It’s a private memory that he likes to keep for himself, but he does shower you with extra affection and gifts as his way of saying “I love you”


Fell smiles as his heart stops and does little flips. He will never show this side of him to anyone, but you’re so perfect and sweet, he loves every inch of you. Fell lets you have your dorky moment now, but later that night, after he cooks you a romantic dinner, he’ll dim the lights, light up some candles, a soft melody flowing the background, and slow dances with you in the living room. He’ll tease you about your little dance from earlier, and as you blush, completely embarrassed from getting caught, Fell laughs, a genuine real laugh that radiates happiness and love, and says that other monsters would find it as a weakness and attack you, but he promises to never let that happen, and that he’ll always be there to protect you. 



Precious Blue would just jump right in and dance or sing with you! Even if you’re embarrassed, Blue gives you one big smile, holds out his hand, and together, you two bounce around, singing out of tune at the top of you lungs, knocking things over as you dance, and overall, completely dorking out with each other. Once exhausted, you two slump into the couch laughing. Overwhelmed by how much he loves, you, Blue presses his mouth against your lips and the two of you stay locked until you are breathless. 


Stretch smirks and immediately whips out his phone to record the entire thing. This is soo like you and he loves it. That video becomes your kryptonite, kind of like Dan Howell’s reaction to Hello Internet. He’ll show it too all your family members and friends, and if he needs you to exit the room, he’ll play that video. But despite the jokes and the teasing, Stretch genuinely loves it, and on nights where he’s lonely and you’re not with him, he’ll play it on repeat and fall asleep with a smile on his face. 

The Firefighter (Part 2)

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Summary: Dean and reader decide to get together for a date…

Part 1

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,400ish

Warnings: none?

A/N: Firefighter Dean is so cute to write…

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you-had-me-at-hallow  asked:

The marauders at a disco party would include??


-Absolutely going nuts

-has all the best dance moves to a T because he and Sirius have been practicing

-laughs the whole time

-”Come on Moony! No one is watching!” 

-everyone is  totally watching

-never deviates from the center of the dance floor

-except when Lily has gone for refreshments

-then he moves to stay in her line of sight

-asks her to do the Discofox with him but is rejected

-does the dance with Peter instead

-”You got it, Pete! 1-2-&3!” 

-never seems to stop or ever run out of energy

-crashes in the cab on the way home


-perfected all the dance moves practicing with James

-but is all over the place, not just staying in the middle

-he even ends up on stage at some point

-acting oblivious to the way his hip movements are affecting the girls

-is totally doing it on purpose

-along with his sweaty hair flip every time he does a disco finger point

-tries to get Remus to dance with him when James is dancing with Peter


-ends up doing the Discofox alone with an imaginary partner like the dramatic geek he is

-is so buzzed on adrenaline that he begs the boys to go to another club when it’s time to go home


-does NOT want to dance

-but loves watching his friends have fun

-”No, the wall is much better company than you lot, thank you”

-secretly loves the disco but refuses to give in to James and Sirius’ antics and begging

-but Lily catches him bobbing his head to the music more than once

-”No, Pads, I will not dance with you.”

-”No, not even if you let me lead.”

-smiles the whole time

-lots of embarrassed head shaking 

-and eye rolling

-but he is having the time of his life watching his friends act like idiots

-gives in to Sirius’ pleading and takes him to another club while Peter takes James home


-is awful

-like cannot dance to save his life

-and he knows it

-he just doesn’t care because he is having fun

-beams when James compliments him

-not because he believes a word James is saying but because James is kind enough to try

-steps on James’ toes 3 times while doing the Discofox

-his favourite move to mess up is the “stealth walk”

-he usually ends up falling over laughing

-but who cares because he is with his friends and they all look ridiculous even if James and Sirius actually have rhythm

-collapses with James on the couch when they get home

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Prompt: It’s Valentine’s Day and the reader wants to do something for Dean, even if they aren’t together and she has hidden feelings for him. 

Words: 1,722

A/N: I was going to post this on, well, Valentine’s Day, but its like 2 in the morning here and I had a very busy Valentine’s Day. I hope you all had a great one! This may be a day late, but better late than never. Remember, I take requests so don’t be afraid to message/ask me! 

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Pumpkin mocha breve


Written for the @carryon-countdown prompt: Coffee Shop AU

Summary: I watch him sipping at the cup and wait for the compliments. Which never come. He grimaces and all I want to do is spit on him. But I don’t. I’ve heard it’s not nice to spit on your customers on your first day at work.

(In which Baz works in a coffee shop and Simon is his first customer)

Word count: 925

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It’s unnecessarily grandiose to create your own beverage on your first day as a barista—especially when you’re not really a barista and you’re just being forced to work part-time at the shabby coffee shop around the corner—but I do it anyway. Because I can. And I might as well make a good start.

I hand a cup to my first customer. “What is this?“ he asks, estranged. I look at his face. He’s got the most unremarkable blue eyes. And bronze curls.

“Pumpkin mocha breve,” I say, with a smirk. “I created it myself.”

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Shawn mendes imagine

Note : this is like my first imagine and i hope you guys enjoy it and since shawn release his new mv, this imagine is all about that.


“BABEE HURRY UP” shawn yelled as i applied my makeup,i take my lipstick and threw it in my pocket since he’s being impatient .
“lord shawn what’s up with the rush god damn” i sigh and run to his jeep with my undone makeup.shawn in his driver seat waiting impatiently and bitting his nails. What’s up with him anyway is just a fucking music video why he’s sound so nervous i shake my head to clear my mind.
“babe, honey you know how this music video is important to me and fans. This is like my first time doing romantic music video tho” he’s smiling like an idiot while watching the road, the other hand hold my thigh.i don’t know what is happening to me but thingking about that mv made me want to throw up. He said it 2 weeks ago that he’ll be doing some romantic music video with this blonde hair girl. “hey aren’t you happy?” shawn pinched my cheek “huh? Oh ya ya of course” i smiled at him. Suddenly his eyes lookin at my lips like he was going to kiss me ,i closed my eyes waiting his lips touch mine and then his freaking drake ringtone rang “oh wait a minute, Oh hi ellie yeah I’ll be there in a minute okay… I bring my girlfriend. Say hi y/n” shawn looks so excited his bright teeth are showing “hi” i say kindly “no she’s not going to be jealous come on it’s just a music video” he laugh and say goodbye to this ellie girl

“we’re here” he shake my shoulder. Damn he’s even forgot about the kiss.he turned off the jeep and running to the crew leaving me behind. Oh well this is going to be the best day of my life i take his backpack and run over to shawn
“oh hey guys meet my beautiful and cute girlfriend y/n” he put his arm around me not kidding but he’s so sweet he makes me smile when he said that
“hi y/n I’m ellie shawn 1 day girlfriend lol” she said bitterly with a smile. Okay what’s happening why she seems don’t like me.
“hi ellie” i smiles back

They start shooting for the music video and it was heart breaking, shawn hold her close and kiss her forehead and running in each other arm I’m so close too crying. Everytime they do that stuff i can’t look it. I’m just pretending playing with my phone
This is the last shoot of music video and shawn hug me so tight he even kiss me everywhere in my face
“what is this for? ” i ask while holding his face in my hands
“i love you so much y/n but i have to kiss her to finish this music video” his sentence hit my right through my heart .but I can’t do anything this is his job so instead i nod my head
“love you” he kissed me on the lips but i didn’t kiss back. I watched him kiss another girl from his jeep then my tears rolling down my face. After 20 minutes shawn say goodbye to his crew and back to the jeep. He saw my face and he didn’t say anything he just hug me so tight whispering “I’m sorry it’s nothing i feel nothing” i don’t want him to feel bad just because he’s doing his job so i look at his face and smile then i put my lips on his. He kissed me back and hold the back of my neck not wanting this moment to be end he smiled between the kissed.