i smile a fake smile

Eyes are Windows to the soul, it is possible to determine a person's character.

Ferid’s smile is fake, it is know all.  And I thought, to remove his smile.

Who is that? Ferid? NO!  His eyes are sad and empty.

What the hell? He is always like this?


This discovery killed me. Ferid always smiling and laughing, but we all know that it is only acting. Everyone thinks he’s a bastard, but what on the soul of this bastard? Emptiness, sadness, despair or hopelessness? 
Nobody knows, but you can see in his eyes the fatigue and indifference.


GPOY: some of the many faces of Stitchy edition.

The photographer asked why I always make the same face, when I did my usual smile (read: smirk) in a selfie she took with me.

I said: because I don’t like my teeth
I thought: because I don’t trust my face and you’re gonna post these

we were talking abt one of the new counselors (who i mentioned as the typical flirty straight girl previously) and she and my other coworker were like ‘she doesn’t really do anything’ and i was like ‘yeah but she’s pretty’ and cwg half smiled sorta and she was like ‘it seems like being pretty is all she does’ and i was like ‘hah but she does it really well’ in a jokey way and she just…..did…not….respond and turned toward the window like

why u always like this when i talk abt girls


Legacy Play - Generation 3 and 4 - Kekoa-Messer Family 

Close family and friends had begun to arrive for Lionel’s Birthday party.

His paternal grandmother Maria had dragged his reluctant teenage aunt Amy along.

Maria: Can you at least pretend that you want to be here Amy? Lionel is your nephew after all.

Amy: See this smile? This is my fake I’m pretending this doesn’t bore me smile.

Maria: Young lady I just don’t know what to do about that sassy mouth of yours. My father warned me girls were difficult to bring up I had no idea how right he was!

Amy: Sorry, na-na-na-na, I can’t hear you. Its all just noise!

Maria sighed, she had no idea how to cope with Amy’s wilful nature. 

Sodapop Curtis Imagine

Requested: anon

59. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Character: Sodapop Curtis

Sodapop Curtis had been my best friend since elementary school. Steve, Soda, and I would also goof around. We had been super close. Lately, Soda had kinda pulled away from me. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was a girl and he wasn’t comfortable with that or what, but I missed him.

One night, I was over at the Curtises’ and everyone was out. 

Just me and Soda.


“Soda?” I asked walking into the kitchen. “Hm?” he looked up at me from wiping the counter. “Soda, is everything okay?” I asked. “Yeah.” he smiled a fake smile, “Why?” “It’s just you’ve seemed a little distant to me lately…I didn’t know if anything was bugging you.” I said. “No, no everything’s fine.” he fake smiled and looked down at the counter as he wiped it with the rag.

“Soda, We’ve been friends since second grade. I know you really well and you are lying right now.” I said walking around the counter to where he was standing. He sighed, “Look, Y/N, I’d really rather not talk about this right now. I’m fine.” “Is it because you and Lily broke up? I know she was kinda the first girl after Sandy.” I said. “I liked Lily, but I didn’t really like her, you know what I mean? I stopped calling her anyway.” Soda said.

“Is it Sandy?” I asked. “No! Look, just leave me alone!” Soda said storming out to the porch. “Soda!” I chased after him and grabbed his wrist, “Just talk to me! I’m your best friend and I love you!” He muttered something I couldn’t make out. “Sorry?” 

“You love me, but that’s it.” he said quietly. I gave him a confused look. He looked at me. He grabbed both my hands. “I think I’m in love with you…and I’m terrified.”  Soda said. I brushed my fingers against the side of his face and into his hair. “Well, don’t be.” I stood on my toes and kissed him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I felt his around the small of my back. He smiled under the kiss and the kissed again. I couldn’t be happier. My best friend was also the love of my life. What more could I ask for?

He isn’t worth it, he isn’t worth those black bags under your eyes, or that cracked, chipped smile on your lips.
He isn’t worth all the tears you cry, and he isn’t worth all your bitten nails.

He isn’t worth your love, he isn’t worthy of your heart.

His just a boy, and believe me, his sleeping, so darling, get some sleep yourself.
His just a boy, don’t fake a smile every time you see him.
He isn’t worth your tears, my love.
Don’t be anxious around him, he is just a guy.
And you’re just a girl, asking to be loved, and you surely will be, by a boy who knows your worth and kisses you like every time he does, it will be the last.

Damaged Goods, part 1

Your POV.

You were nervous. Very nervous. The knob in your stomach seemed to get bigger every minute. You checked your reflection in the mirror. You put on a nice dress, some make up and looked… Well, you looked ok you thought, in the right light maybe even pretty. You liked your hair though. Laura worked magic with it. She braided it in a way you would never be able to duplicate. “Cheer up. "You look amazing with that hair if I may say so” she smiled. “I mean come on, it is the best people have ever seen trust me” she says playfully cocky. I loved her sense of humor ever since we we met, I faked a smile. “No little miss, no fake smiling” she says. I knew she knew me like the back of her hand. O how she new me. “I’m nervous” I told her. “Like really nervous. Like shitting my pants, tripping over my dress, spilling my drink over someone else clothes kind of nervous” I sighed. She observed me and grabbed my hands. “Look at me” I looked up. “You did it! I am so proud of you. even if you spill all the drinks tonight, no one can take that away from you. Did you ever think you would be here? London of al places!” I looked at her. Her eyes shimmered from excitement. And although I wanted to feel the same excitement as she did I didn’t really feel it. Yes I was proud, yes I accomplished a lot but there was something missing. Feelings were not my strongest quality these days. I nod, a small smile appearing. “Ok, "lets go.” I grabbed my bag and walked in to the kitchen. Noa, my nextdoor neighbor babysat my daughter. I went trough some last minute things and turned around. Walking trough the front door with that knob in my stomach.


It was as it had always been. Like the break never happened. The solo projects, the movies, the this and that. It happened of course but it felt like it was yesterday that they decide on doing those things. On going for an hiatus. And here they where. Cracking jokes, writing songs like it was something they did everyday, like they never had taken time off. “I wish we could end the night in style” Liam says. “Isn’t there something to do tonight?” He looked around to see if we knew something to do in town. I mean, it’s London there is always something to do but I couldn’t come up with something different nor exciting. Nor could the others. I played around with the piano and Niall jammed a bit on a guitar. We were just messing around but it sounded nice. Niall stopped “There is this exhibition” he said. “Just a couple blocks from here. We could walk there and see if it is any good”. He looked around questioning. “Since when are you a collector?” Louis asked. Niall laughed. “I’m not, is just that I know her, sort of. "Her?” “Louis raised his eyebrows. "Yeah she did a series of famous Irish men for a magazine, and I guess I’m one of them” he smirked. “She was working on a big project and asked me to come visit if I ever had the change. Nice girl and all so she put me on the guest list. We don’t have to go” he shrug his shoulders. “What’s the exhibition about?” I asked. Niall looked at me with a questioning look on his face. “I’m gonna look that up for you” he said while opening his email. ‘Ah here it is, it’s about art and photography" he explained. We found out it was a photographer and an artist, working together and making something different then just paintings or photographs but combining the two of them. “I don’t know the artist but I worked with the photographer like I said. She also made the documantary about the project” he read. “It will be aring on tv later this week” he added. “Well what are we waiting for, lets go” Liam said jumping up from his chair. “I could use some fresh air.” “It starts in an hour we could grab a bite and then walk there, it is only a 10 minute walk” Niall looked at us. “Lets do that” Louis cheered. We grabbed our coats and left the studio. It was a chilly April evening. The fresh air blew in my face and I inhaled deeply. I loved being back together with the guys. We would have an awesome year, I could just feel it in my bones.

Your POV.

We entered the gallery trough the backdoor. Laura did some last minute touch ups on my hair. I saw Sophie, the artist I worked with on this project and waved as she talked to one of the owners of the gallery. Why she wanted to work with me was still a mystery. I liked her style way before we met. She told me she saw a few pictures of me and decided she wanted to work with me. Honored and a little starstruck, on my part, we started working together. And after only a couple of months we got an offer for an exhibition. People loved the idea of pictures and paint and well an exhibition was born. Sophie walked up to me and greeted me with 3 kisses. She is Dutch, that’s how they do it over there. “Good to see you. Are you nervous? Don’t be, the people will love you” she chatted away. I love the air Sophie brings with her. Airy, bubbly, alive. When she talks people listen. She can make you feel at ease with just one look. Besides al that she is creative and brings the best out of me. I liked her. We chatted for a bit before she walked away to check something with Mike her assistant.

We waited for a couple of minutes. We could here people come in, filling the room with voices. Laura left to get to the other side of the venue in to the crowd and watch my speech. So it was just me and time. Seconds ticking away. It felt like hours but then Sophie told me we should go. They announced us like we were royalty and everyone clapped as we got past the curtain and in to the main area. The room was filled with people and I was kind of shocked. I knew Sophie knew people and I invited some as well but so many. Sophie squeezed gently in my hand as she felt I got a bit nervous"We are gonna rock this" she whispered. When I looked at her she winked and turned to face the crowd.

The speech the we had prepared went smoothly. People laughed at your jokes and you could even feel the nerves drifting away for a little bit. It was nice being up there with Sophie though, you would have never thought about doing this alone. When the speech was done and everyone wandered of to see the various pieces the two of you created you headed straight to Laura.

“So. What did you think” I asked her with a curious look on my face. She smiled and gave me a big hug. “I’m so proud of you she said. "Such a good speech and I have seen some of the work so I know for sure people will love that as well.” I smiled. We talked for a bit before I started interacting with the crowd. The evening past by quickly without my nerves getting the better of me no knocking things over or tripping over something I thought. Just as I bumped into someone. “Sorry” I said looking up to see a familiar face. “Niall” I said as I smiled and hugged the Irish lad. “So nice of you to come.” I worked with Niall on a shoot a couple of weeks earlier. He was a nice guy and we grabbed lunch as we had to wait around. I invited him to the exhibition as well as some other people from that shoot. “Good to see you. I took some friends with me, hope you don’t mind?” I looked past him and saw 3 other boys standing behind him. Could this be? Where they really here to see my art? I mean, there were other famous people here but none as famous as the 4 guys in front of you. Of course you knew there names. Not that you were a fangirl but who could not have heard of the boys. A bit lost in thoughts you see someone reaching out a hand.

“Hi, I’m Harry” he says.

“Hi I’m (Y/N).”


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          there’s a small smile playing at his lips as he watches other, leaning against the arm of the couch. he’s laying quietly, one leg out-stretched while the other is bent so he can balance his plate on his knee. he folds an arm behind his head, occasionally taking a few bites of his food. after a moment, he groans, taking the plate and setting it on the coffee table. with his arms open, he whines.

                   ❝ would’ja come here ??

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Dear Charlie,

I am so lost. I don´t know what to do and the panic I am feeling inside is starting to show through. My friends are starting to ask if I am okay and all I do is nodd and smile. I lie to them all the time and I feel so bad about it, but it is just eaiser to lie than to tell the truth. Charlie, people do not actually care, I know that people see that I am hurting, but do they ask? Mostly not. And I hate it. I want to be able to tell someone, but each time, theres just like a force, keeping me from telling. I cry untill I puke, I have panicattacks, I am a mess, a complete fuckup, but nobody knows this. Cus all I do is smile. It is so easy to fake a smile when you´ve been doing it for a while.

Love Milla.


I work in a
These days.

It’s a
Industry for those
With nothing
To give and
To take.

It’s fast and
And I
A fake smile
At hungry souls
And my soul
Hungers not
For it is
Too tired
Under the
Too busy
Filling waters and
Remembering orders
And tonight
My third week
Boss says I’m
The best
New hire
No prior experience
And he
Is right I
Because I want
To not be
To not think of
My loneliness
Or know any
Of thought
Which is my
So I run and
Pour and
So when I’m
Done I’m like
All the rest
To sit and
Bitch and
Ingest the world
At other restaurants
Other empties
Serve us pleasures
As we search
For nothing
Find it,

poem by lexi george

Just because I’m smiling,
Doesn’t mean I have an easy life.

Just because I’m smiling,
Doesn’t mean I’m always happy;
Faking a smile is my specialty.

Just because I’m smiling,
Doesn’t mean that I’m not hurting inside.
I don’t show my true feelings;
The attention isn’t my thing.

Just because I’m smiling,
Doesn’t mean I don’t have hard days.
My eyes might be the color of oceans,
But my heart is like broken glass.

Just because I’m smiling,
Doesn’t mean I’m not crying inside.
The blue in my eyes are my hidden tears.

Just because I’m smiling,
Doesn’t mean I’m perfect.

Doesn’t mean I’m okay.