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- Mikaela Hyakuya, who are you?
- Who I am? Who I am… Can you tell me just looking at me?… I am just a filthy vampire.

Everything’s just getting worse

I hate when you introduce your friend to something and then they start getting praise and recognition for it without even acknowledging you,  you’re happy for them you just hate that they forgot about you….

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Gavin or Ryan in the AI/hacker AU



  • is in love with Jarvis. Like full on mural with hearts. Ryan thinks its because of narcissistic tendencies 
  • Gavin is a matchmaking fiend. He was the one who set up Michael and Geoff. annnnd got Ryan and Ray back together. and he brought Jack together with Geoff and Michael. you get the picture
  • if anyone ever makes a reference Gavin doesn’t get he will go on a binge. watching, reading, and absorbing every bit of info he can find. till he becomes a pop culture junkie


  • He hoards everything. From old tech he never uses to small tickets from movies he and ray went to go see.
  • even though he is a pack rat. his apartment is not messy, everything has a place, and if he gets something new it gets filed away in a perfect spot.
  • He hates memes with a burning passion. because EDGAR could only talk via pictures, screenshots, and gifs. which lead to quite a bit of excessive memeing. 

~ 6 selfies fav selfies of 2015! ~

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