i smell regret .. but whatever

five times castiel spoke to dean in a foreign language, and one time dean returned the favor

dean/cas | 4k | schmoop
in which dean just so happens to have a language!kink.
(set loosely in season 9/10, but not accounting for anything after 10x20)

i would like to clarify that mishcollin is also to blame for this, since she sparked the twitter discussion on foreign accents/languages kinks. claire, i am so very sorry about the actual lack of kinkiness. schmoop is stronger than me. schmoop is stronger than all of us.

last but definitely not least, huge thanks go to museaway, for her quick, efficient, and thorough beta work. you’re a lifesaver! ♥


In retrospect, Dean’s not sure why it didn’t occur to him sooner. After all, Cas has been alive for a really, really long time, and he’s probably visited his fair share of the planet. Wings are pretty handy that way, Dean supposes.

Still, for some reason he’d been surprised when he’d heard Cas speak in Mandarin to an old Chinese lady they needed to question for a case.

“Dude. You speak Chinese?” Dean mutters to him later, aiming for mildly impressed but sounding at least 40% more starstruck than he’d planned.

“The idea of Chinese being a single language is misguided. There are several regional dialects,” Cas replies dryly. Dean blinks.

“Uh, okay. Which one do you speak?”

“All of them,” Cas deadpans. Dean snorts laughter.

“Show-off,” he accuses, playfully shoving Cas’ shoulder. He doesn’t miss the tiny smile lingering on Cas’ lips.

After that, the seed is planted, so to speak.

Dean doesn’t have a language kink, okay? He just likes accents and stuff. It’s purely coincidence that all his favorite porn has foreign chicks in it (well, crass stereotypes anyway, Dean assumes). Everyone likes a little something exotic to spice up their routine, right? But that doesn’t mean he has a language kink, and certainly not when it comes to Cas.

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