i smell a feminist

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I hope you dont mind if i vent to you real quick but my least favorite thing is when aphobes make posts that are clearly about their aphobia to people who know about the issue, but they put it in such language that it gets popular w/ people who dont know, so they can feel validated by people who dont even know the context. Like ive seen posts saying "why do people get angry when i say straight ppl arent lgbt" or "men who just want to fuck a lot of women dont belong in the community" and (1/2)

(2/2) its clearly just an aphobe making a strawman out of the people telling them to stop being aphobic, but the language they use hides the issue their talking about, and makes it so clear that they want their aphobia validated without telling people what their actual point is. Any time i check an ops blog (if i dont already recognize the url) its always immediately a bunch of aphobic nonsense, and it is just so obnoxious to see them putting their point as if it isnt aphobia when it clearly is

yeah it’s gotten to the point where literally any time I see anything community-related on my dash I go to the OP’s blog and ensure they’re not an aphobe, because even though my dash is filled with well-meaning folks, unless you’re immersed in The Discourse, you can’t really pick up on the nuances of aphobia etc.

it’s like when i see a feminist post and I vaguely smell the TERFYness I’m usually right; these days I’ve gotten real good at sniffing out the aphobia even if it’s not stated outright.

Reasons girls don't like being around me in real life

-feminists on tumblr
-NOT because I smell bad
-the sjws
-the Jews
-NOT because I have cum stains on my shirt that I haven’t bothered changing or cleaning in weeks
-the SJWS