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pentarokenta  asked:

Hello! I popped in here because of the two asks you received about All Might & the Noumu fight!! *^* If you notice, in that particular episode with the fight, All Might's leg trembles just before he lunged into his full-frontal attack. I know I'm a nerd for loving that moment BUT I LOVE THAT MOMENT! Because I feel like it's a window into All Might's pain; like his body is having a hard time holding himself and he's in so much pain and I just adore that small detail!! Sorry!!! \( ; u ; )


FDSKLJFAL;K I had to rewatch the fight to catch it (I missed it the first time I saw the episode) but it’s really delightful in the way that it shows the effort he’s putting into just moving forward and continuing the fight. Dude’s just trying to hold himself together after getting injured in the same place that caused his decline and landed him with a mess of medical complications, and he’s very tired, and forcing himself to stay in that form is probably painful in itself, since his time limit was passed. The drive to protect his students and his place as the Symbol of Peace is more than enough to get him to move, thankfully!!

aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA such a good moment!! I love little physical tics like that, the ones that show you just how fatigued and tired a character is!! Thank you for mentioning it!!