i slept for a few hours and my head ache went away

Don’t Objectify Me!

Summery: Based on this Sinful Sunday Ask

Triggers: Smutty smut, Angry bucky, Dom(ish)!bucky (wasn’t my intention but it happened) Unprotected sex (Before you tap it, wrap it), Masturbation

Word Count: 1600+

A/N: I don’t wanna go to college tomorrow, also the inventor of coursework needs to fight me.


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‘Do you not fucking speak english?!’ You screamed over at Bucky. The two of you were meant to meet for dinner at one of your favourite restaurants after you had finished work. You booked a table there for 6, giving you enough time to get home and change before you got there.

‘Yes, I speak over 30 languages’ Bucky yelled back at you, taking off the gym clothes he wore to meet Steve earlier that day. According to your boyfriend you had said seven so he thought he could finish at the gym at 6;30 giving him half an hour to get ready. Only when he got home you sitting on the bed, all dressed up and fuming from having to wait for him.

‘Ok. I’ll say what I said to you yesterday is Spanish. Seis!’ your hair was pinned back and styled so you took it out, facing the mirror but you could still see his reflection.

‘You said seven!’ He was now taking off his hoodie and shirt. You were so mad at him but he looked so good.

‘I said six!’

‘No, you didn’t’

‘Why would I book a table at six then tell you seven? What, you think I want to spend quality time with my glass of fucking water’ you finally turned to look him in the eye, but he couldn’t look at you. For a second you weren’t sure if he was angry or upset. But then you heard the metallic whirring of his arm, it was very distinctive when he was angry 

‘I’m not doing this right now’ He turned away from you, his hands in the air. Then stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door hard behind him.

‘Good. Fuck off then’

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The third season of Norwegian teen series Skam dismantled stereotypes, coerced schoolkids into skiving off classes and turned homophobes into rainbow flag-waving defenders—and it first began airing one year ago today. It was the “gay” season, charting the blossoming relationship of Isak Valtersen and Even Bech Næsheim, both coming to terms with their sexuality amidst a cutting background of teenage angst. Taking every fan poll I’ve ever come across into account, season three was by far Skam’s most popular. It broke streaming records in Norway, and television viewership records in neighboring Denmark and Sweden. Throughout its 10-episode run, it hardly left the list of worldwide trending topics on any given social platform.

With a short promo clip that could have been a stand in for a gay snuff film—jockish throbs in a locker room being showered with milk in slow motion—the series wasn’t afraid to shy away from explicitly homosexual subject matter. Or any hot button subject. Homophobia, bullying, mental health—nothing was off the cards for series creator Julie Andem.

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How Skam’s Isak and Even revolutionized teen TV

The third season of Norwegian teen series Skam dismantled stereotypes, coerced schoolkids into skiving off classes and turned homophobes into rainbow flag-waving defenders—and it first began airing one year ago today. It was the “gay” season, charting the blossoming relationship of Isak Valtersen and Even Bech Næsheim, both coming to terms with their sexuality amidst a cutting background of teenage angst. Taking every fan poll I’ve ever come across into account, season three was by far Skam’s most popular. It broke streaming records in Norway, and television viewership records in neighboring Denmark and Sweden. Throughout its 10-episode run, it hardly left the list of worldwide trending topics on any given social platform.

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Back To You - Requested

Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 2,301 (I have no self control. I’m sorry.)

Requested by: anonymous

Can you do a tom holland x reader where toms really sad and stuff bc he hasnt seen his gf in a long time but he doesn’t know she’s flying out to see him bc she missed him too?? And she brings tess and it’s just a cute ass family reunion between the three :)”



One week.

Seven days.

One hundred and sixty-eight hours.

And counting.

How Tom had managed that long without you was a mystery to him. Never had he ever dreamed to be away from you this long, or at all really but it was part of the job. He had to do what he had to do. He all but begged you to come with him and Harrison to Montreal but you couldn’t just leave your job indefinitely. He fully accepted and respected your decision, but that didn’t mean he didn’t miss you like all hell.

Week one of filming for ‘Chaos Walking’ had just wrapped, and he was so fucking exhausted. This was by far the hardest film he has ever shot, next to ‘The Impossible’. Tom was tired and all he wanted wanted was to curl up on the couch with you, watching Friends reruns on the telly.

He was lying in his bed after a particularly trying day of filming, you already had your nightly FaceTime session earlier but he still couldn’t sleep. He missed having you to curl up next to,.He turned over to his side and clicked open his phone, looks like he was going to have to spend some time on Instagram until he passed out from exhaustion.

It wasn’t a good enough distraction though. You were still ever present in his thoughts. Tom typed out a single text to you,

I miss you so so much, Y/N. I love you.

A succession of beeps coming from his phone diverted his attention. Tom raised the phone to his face to see your sleepy one staring back at him. Tears immediately began to flood his vision, he mentally cursed himself for losing his composure so quickly.

“Hi, my darling girl.” he rasped out. His eyes took the sight of you in through his phone screen, he cherished every detail.

You tried to stifle a yawn as you waved at him. “Hey, Tom. Is everything okay? Your text woke me up, I just wanted to see you and check in.” you said though you could barely keep your eyes open

Tom chuckled at how you were widening your eyes in an attempt to keep them focused on him. “Y-Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay. I just miss you.. Miss you a lot, Y/N.” In a matter of seconds, he broke down completely.

“God.. God, Y/N. I miss you, I miss you so much.” he cried

The sound of Tom crying completely woke you up as if someone had thrown a bucket of ice cold water all over you. Clamoring alarm bells were going off inside your head while you watched Tom’s face twist in pain, he was moving to sit up, like if he stayed down any longer he would drown in his own tears.

“Tom..” you weakly trailed off. You hoped and prayed that the right words would come to you.

“Tom, I love you. I love you so much.” was all you managed to say as you began to choke up as well

You didn’t notice Tessa climb into bed next to you. Next thing you knew, she was licking away your tears.

“Tess! Tom, look who’s come to see you.” Focusing your camera on the both of you, you watched with a heavy heart as Tom held back more tears. Tessa began to whine as well.

“Oh, my beautiful girls. I miss you both so much. I’m sorry I woke you, love. I’m just having such a rough time without you.”

“I know. I miss you too, Tom. You know you can call me any time.”

You two continued to talk into the night (morning for you), he told you all about the set and the cast while you told him about your days at work. Most of the things you told each other, you already knew. You didn’t think this was your first time speaking in a week, did you? Hell no. The time you two spent apart were filled in with calls and texts, FaceTime was like a staple for your relationship.

When you opened your eyes, the first thing you saw was Tom’s sleeping face, or at least the upper half of it. You two must’ve fallen asleep at some point, which was good, Tom was always telling you how tired he was. A groan left your lips as you stretched, it was almost time for you to get ready for work.

“I’ve got to go now, Tom.” you whispered, watching him stir as he slept. “I’ll text as I always do. I love you.”

“Mmm. I love you so much, Y/N.” he mumbled sleepily in reply

His groggy deep voice made you swoon all the way from across the pond. Very very reluctantly, you ended FaceTime and got up to start your day.


It was the middle of Tom’s second week in Montreal, he felt as if he’s already been there for months. Each and everyday he’d return to their temporary home, body aching, his reprieves being your texts and calls, FaceTime, Harrison making him food, and sleep. That being said, when you missed your regular FaceTime session before Tom went to bed, it worried him. He rang you close to about thirty times with no answer.

He tried to be understanding about it. Tom knew that sooner or later your current situation would begin to take its toll on the both of you so instead of trying you again, he just sent you a text saying that you must’ve fallen asleep but it was alright, he was just going to bed, and he loved you.

Though he said he was going to bed, the lack of seeing your face and hearing your voice made it close to impossible for him to get settled. He tossed and turned the entire night, well into the wee hours of the morning.

“Oh, fuck this.” he grumbled, flinging the blankets off his tired body. It was pointless, Harrison was set to wake him up in a few minutes anyway. Fuck sleep.

He blindly made his way through his dark room, stubbing his toe on the doorframe in the process. Tom let out a hearty string of curses that would make a sailor blush, and exited his room. Harrison wasn’t up yet so he just sat on the couch, checking his phone to see if you had finally replied.

You hadn’t.

Was he seeing things? Maybe it was just the lack of sleep that was making his eyes play tricks on him. He brought both hands up to his eyes palmed them gently, God he was so fucking tired. Although it soothed him a great deal, it still didn’t change the fact that you hadn’t replied to him, or texted or called. At all.

“You’re up early.”

The sound of Harrison’s voice did nothing to distract Tom from his worried thoughts about you, he bit on his thumbnail as he stared ahead.

“Tom?” Harrison walked over to his best friend and put a hand on his shoulder. The sudden contact shocked Tom, he looked at Harrison, confused.

“Oh, hey. I didn’t see you come in.” he said distractedly, shifting in his seat. Tom continued to bite on his nail, staring ahead.

“What’s the matter?” Harrison asked, heading back to kitchen area to cook breakfast

“Y/N hasn’t been answering my texts. She missed FaceTime last night.” he stated, rubbing his tired eyes

Harrison frowned, he thought it was rather odd, that wasn’t something you usually did. He kept that thought to himself though, he knew he shouldn’t stress Tom out before an even more stressful day.

“Well, I’m sure she has a good reason. When has Y/N ever let you down?”

“Right. You’re right.” Tom nodded firmly, trying to grasp at any reassurance he could get

You were fine, you were safe, and you surely had a good reason for not responding to his attempts to contact you.

“Yeah. Yeah, everything’s fine.” he kept nodding to himself. It was unsettling.

“Yes, I’m sure they are. Now would you stop nodding? You’re freaking me out a bit here.” Harrison teased, hoping Tom’s mood would improve

After breakfast and a shower, they both went out to set. Through the course of his day, in between takes, Tom couldn’t stop himself from obsessively checking his phone to see if you resurfaced from whatever hole it is you’ve crawled into. He became more and more agitated every time he saw your conversation the same as it was.

But being a consummate professional, Tom never let his agitation show up while he was doing a scene. That was a good thing for him professionally, but emotionally? Tom was just about ready to explode. It was a good thing they wrapped early that day.

“I’m going to the fucking airport.” he said, slamming the car door and driving off like a madman

“WHAT?!” Harrison exclaimed from next to him, holding onto the handles for dear life

“I’m going to pack, then the fucking airport, then I’m going the fuck home to Y/N. Something is wrong, I fucking know it.” Tom fumed, his vision had been painted a venomous red

The duo somehow managed to get back home in one piece, Tom immediately got out of the car and slammed the door shut behind him. He didn’t even bother to wait for Harrison as he trudged up to their front door.

He all but hurled it open and went inside. Nothing but silence greeted him, it wasn’t like he was expecting something else though. But maybe he should have.

He took a step forward and felt something underneath his shoe, he looked down to see one of his trainers. How in the hell did that get there? Tom tried to think of every plausible explanation. His eyes widened in realisation. Tom ran outside, smacking into Harrison in the process.

“Jesus Christ!” Harrison exclaimed as he fell to the ground, Tom on top of him

Tom pushed off of his best friend and grabbed hold of his shoulders. “Harrison. Harrison, there is an animal in the fucking house.” he hissed

“No.. No, you’re shitting me.” Harrison shook his head, dread beginning to invade his senses. His sky blue eyes darted from Tom’s frazzled face to the open door.

“I am not. I found one of my trainers by the door, I didn’t leave it there, I swear to you.”

Tom dropped his hands from Harrison’s shoulders and ran them through his cropped hair. “We’ve got to go inside and check it out.”

“Those are the exact words of everyone who’s ever died in a horror film, Tom.”

“Well this isn’t a film, buddy. It’s real life.” Tom grabbed a nearby stick off of the ground and flipped it around. Taking a deep breath, he stalked confidently to the house

“Yeah, and a fucking stick is going to fend of a bear.” Harrison muttered under his breath, staying close behind Tom

The wannabe Hardy Boys made their way through the quiet house, they checked the kitchen, the living room, and their backyard. Nothing was there. They thought they were in the clear, until they heard something scratching on the other side of Tom’s bedroom door.

“Alright, it’s been a nice run, mate. We’ve had fun and everything, done amazing things, seen amazing places.” Harrison told him as the scratching began to intensify, the door started to rattle against its hinges

By its own volition, the door swung open and Tom closed his eyes and braced himself for impact. The intruder lunged at him, tackled him to the ground and.. Licked his face?

Harrison let out a surprised laugh. Tom took it as his cue to open his eyes. Standing on his chest, was Tessa.

“Oh my God! Tess?!” Tom exclaimed once he realised who it was. He scooped her up in his arms and gave her a big hug

“God damn I wish I’d caught that on camera.” Harrison remarked

Tom sat up, Tessa still in his arms, he felt warm hands cover his eyes a second later. The way his heart beat faster gave it away.

“Surprise!” you yelled right next to his ear

He winced at the volume but at the same time, he felt so relieved to hear the sound of your voice. Tom let Tessa go and engulfed you in his arms. The familiar scent of your perfume invaded his senses, he breathed you in until he swore the room was spinning.

Tom pulled away to press his lips against yours, his eyes were shut tightly. Afraid that if he opened them once again, you would be gone.

“I’m not going anywhere, Tom.” you whispered, like you’d read his mind. You wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him again.

“I can’t believe you called me thirty-six times. I didn’t know you were a stage five clinger.” you said into the crook of his neck

Your boyfriend smiled, you couldn’t see the playful glint in his eye.

“Oh, I’ll show you a stage five clinger, darling.”

He flipped you over to the floor and latched onto you like a koala. Tom squeezed you until you could feel the air slowly leaving your lungs. You tried to laugh but Tom’s weight on you made it difficult, you hit him repeatedly. “TOM!! GET!! OFF!!”

“Tess! Get in here!” he called to Tessa, who was watching you, head tilted. But at Tom’s command, she came bounding over to you, yipping excitedly

Harrison stood by the doorway, snapping a picture of the two of you on the floor, Tom wrapped around you as you lay trapped under him, and Tessa with her tail wagging in the air. He posted it on his Instagram with the caption, “Family Reunion”

moment of clarity || bill skarsgård

description: in which all he wants to do is put you back together again

requested by: @scarlet-doll-13

warnings: mild sexual content, swearing, angst, mentions of cheating, 

notes: this is a really old request, one of the first i got when i made this blog. i ended up tweaking it a little, but i hope it’s still to your liking my dear. 

It was a glorious winter morning.

The cool air bit into your skin the moment you stepped out onto the open porch that connected to the cozy cabin you’d been tucked into for the night. The sun had barely begun to rise, leaving the sky an odd pinkish blue hue. 

Your breath came out before you in white plumes, curling into the air and disappearing thereafter. You leaned up against the sturdy wood railing, gazing upon the beautiful landscape. 

It was all like something out of a story book, really. A romantic tale of a boy and a girl, so much in love, leading a life safe and warm in their quaint little cottage, living within their means. But the truth was, this was no fairytale, and you were not in love.

At least, that’s what you kept telling yourself. 

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word count: 2.1k 

warnings: none 

requested: yes :)

summary: you’d been studying for hours so Calum invites you to watch films with him and the boys. 

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missing you - tom holland imagine #4

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about : Tom is away at SDCC while promoting Spider-Man Homecoming. Things start to go downhill as a Facetime call ensues and jealousy arises. 

Warnings : a teeny bit sad. drunk tom!


The ID caller showed up on your phone and you grinned, flopping down onto the bed as you answered the call. Tom’s smiling face filled your screen and you giggled, greeting him with a simple ‘hello Thomas’.

“Y/N! It’s crazy here!” Tom shouted, “I’ve never seen anything like this before! There were thousands of people on the panel it was insane!”

“Are you having fun?” You asked, a small yet tired simper reaches your lips.

“Loads! Everyone’s amazing! Laura is here, Jacob is here, Tony is here, oh and Zendaya is here too!” He continued to ramble on about how everyone had secretly arrived to the convention but your heart sank at her name.

Tom was an extremely sweet person, and he was definitely good-looking. Your biggest fear from letting him leave to Atlanta was him finding someone new. What if he found someone else prettier, smarter and better than you? Maybe he was already tired of you.

And it didn’t help that Zendaya was a part of your worry. She was the kind of girl you’d always want to be. She was gorgeous and successful, not to mention extremely talented. You let your insecurity get the best of you sometimes and you would always feel a bit glum whenever you saw them together. However, Tom wasn’t aware that you felt that way.

“Isn’t Zendaya pretty?” you piped up randomly, playing with the hem of your sweatpants.

“Yes, she is. Why?” Tom sounded confused. He looked at something behind the camera and he laughed, slapping his chest.

“Oh, that’s amazing, Z,” he chuckled before looking back at you on the phone, “sorry babe, were you saying something?”

You were about to say something before he interrupted you, laughing again and talking to someone you could only assume was Zendaya. You could hear her laughter too and you flinched, feeling annoyed. Anger and jealousy was already bubbling inside of you. Rolling your eyes, you scoffed at how he was so oblivious to you on the phone as he dropped his phone to his side so all you could see was his pants.

This was the first time in days he had facetimed you, and you felt so put off by how he wasn’t even paying attention to you.

Pissed off, you pressed the end call button hardly, ending the facetime. You put your phone beside you and picked up your laptop, trying to calm yourself down.

It seemed like the world wanted to rub everything in your face when you clicked on a random song on your spotify. Everything I’m Not by The Veronicas came on and you gasped, throwing up your arms in anger.

“Oh, come on!” You yelled at no one in particular.

The song blasted on your speakers and you sighed, letting it play.

Your phone beeped once.



Tom’s face popped up on the screen, indicating a call coming in from him.

You ignored it, letting the ringtone play amongst the loud tunes of The Veronicas.

It stopped for a few seconds before ringing again. This time you decided to decline the call.

A text came in. You peeked.

Tom x : babe, what’s up? u  just hung up?

10. 50 pm

Tom x : y/n? Im gonna call u again.

10. 52 pm

Tom x : why did u decline the call?

10. 58 pm

Tom x : did i do something wrong?

11. 05 pm

You snorted, picking up your phone and typing a quick reply.

Me : idk ask zendaya lmao

Me : im gonna sleep. Have fun at comic con.

Just as you were about to put away your phone, it vibrated.

Tom x : I think I know what’s going on. Are you jealous of Z?

11.08 pm

Tom x : I hope you know I love you, and that I will never eye another girl that’s not you. I understand how you feel, I get sad whenever I think of all the other boys that are with you everyday. So i dont blame you. But you can trust me love. I promise.

11.09 pm

Tom x : z and i are just friends, nothing more babe. Im way too in love with you. Also im sorry if ive been distant. I miss you so much and i havent been able to really talk to you. Ive been very busy with work and everything else i just idk i feel really guilty now.

11.11 pm


Tom x : call me back when u wanna talk. Im sorry, i love you. Xx

11.13 pm

You sighed, giving in. You could tell he was feeling really crappy about it as you watched a livestream of the convention. Marvel was holding a livestream for the interviews and you saw Tom pop up in the screen when you opened the website.

His eyes were downcast even though he had a small smile on his face. Tom was less energetic and gave the interviewer half-assed answers. He kept crossing and uncrossing his arms and he fidgeted a lot on his feet.

His iPhone was gripped tightly in his hand, and every few seconds he went to check it.

Probably for my reply, you thought.

When the interviewer ended, you saw him walk away from the camera. The interviewer was about to interview Lupita Nyong’o next when another text from Tom came in.

Tom x : love i really am sorry. maybe u went to sleep already. Im sorry. I love you. Goodnight. Xx

11.25 pm

“Meh screw it,” you mumbled, pressing the call icon on his contact name.

He picked it up immediately after the third ring.

“Hello?” he said quickly.

“It’s okay,” you sighed, slumping on the bed, “sorry, I just got jealous. I shouldn’t have hung up on you like that.

“It’s just..I miss you so much Tom. And we haven’t facetimed in so long and.. I don’t know I was pretty pissed off by how you weren’t paying attention to me.”

“I know, I know,” you could hear his guilt from across the line, “I’m really sorry. There’s just been a lot going on right now.”

You sighed, “okay, now go and have fun. We can talk more later. I’m not mad at you anymore so don’t worry.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive, I’ll be fine,” You lied through your teeth, even mustering a fake smile.

Tom hummed, before speaking again, “I’ll call you when you wake up. I love you so much, Y/N. Goodnight, love.”

“Goodnight,” you mumbled back as you hit the ‘end call’.

Grabbing a pillow from the top of the bed, you clutched it tightly into your chest as sobs began to rack through your body. The tears didn’t stop flowing, even after half an hour.

You’d think he would notice that you really weren’t okay.

You missed him so much.

And it already felt like, to you, he was slowly drifting away.


The next morning was horrendous. You woke up to the feel of your soggy pillow and puffy eyes. Rubbing your face, you snuggled further into your duvet.

There was no way you were going out today. Your heart felt the heaviest it had felt in a long time and nothing seemed to motivate you to get out of bed.

You missed him too much.

Making calls to everyone, you apologised for not feeling well and rescheduled everything.

Nothing mattered more than the ache in your heart. If your mind wasn’t in the game, there would be no point in getting into the game in the first place.

You decided to check your notifications and was surprised by the amount of texts Tom had sent in.

Tom x : Good morning, babe. I hope you slept well. I’m out here in San Diego, in some bar. Missing you. 💛

7.30 am

Tom x : I hope you’re not angry anymore. It’s been bothering me the whole day. I’m still sorry.

7.45 am

Tom x : baEb i lpve you si much…….im sorry yoi think i luv zebdaya….i dont… i love you im sorry

8.30 am

Tom x : jacOb says in Drunk! Haha@ he keeps tellinf me that i should go homE

8.35 am

Tom x : i sAid wherE? LonDon? He saiD no You IdioT the Hotel

8.36 am

Tom x : i saiD it aInt HoME UNLESS y/n is wit me

8.38 am

Tom x : jeusu chrisy i lovw you

9.00 am


9.28 am


9.35 am

You stared at the screen, taking it all in.

Tom got drunk last night.

Yet, all his words seemed so sincere. Just before you could exit the chat, a new message came in.

Instead, this was from Harrison.

Haz O : hey y/n, i think you probably read the drunk texts tom has been sending. just want to tell you. tom has been drinking a lot for the past 2 hours. he’s upset, y/n. after he puked on the sidewalk, he cried. he cried about how much he missed you and how he didn’t deserve you. that you lie when you say you’re okay. he said that it would be easier if you both broke up. you could find someone better. so, stop being mad at tom. there’s nothing going on between z and tom. If they did, i would’ve told you. he’s feeling so guilty for no reason.

You felt hot tears gathering at the side of your eyes. He was beating himself up because of your jealousy. Guilt took over you as you fumbled to type out a quick reply. A plan was already forming in your head and although it involved a lot of money, you knew it would help in fixing this problem.

It was probably too reckless and spontaneous, but you had enough of missing Tom and clearly, Tom was sick of missing you too.

You : I’m getting on the next flight to San Diego. Take care of Tom for me. x

All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.6

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 4199
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mild language, sexual tension.
A/N: HEY IT’S BEEN MONTHS I KNOW BUT HERE WE ARE!! So remember how I lost the original 2000+ words I had written for Pt.5 before the file got corrupted? Well in this rewrite, I somehow doubled it so get comfy! Also, as a show of gratitude for your patience with me, I’ve been working really hard and I’ll be posting Pt.6 tomorrow and Pt.7 the day after! Three parts in three days, look at you! Just a heads up, Pt.8 will be the final update and then that’s it for this monster of a fic! I love you all so much and thank you for sticking around with me. ❤

P.S. I am such a little shit for extending the slow burn and I’m not even sorry about it…okay I’m really sorry, please don’t lynch me ILYOKAYBYE!

Click HERE for more character information

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

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[ previously ]

“I’ll see you tomorrow, James,” you said, blushing at the way he smiled back. You paused to admire the way his lips still looked full and plump as he grinned and the way his long lashes fluttered against his cheeks.

Bucky passed his tongue over his fangs as he watched you walk away. Just one more day and he would have you again.

“I made a promise, didn’t I?”

[ The day of the full moon ]

You woke up in good spirits and the first thing you wanted to do was find Bucky. After showering and dressing yourself in a flattering, and somewhat revealing summer dress, you made your way towards Steve’s room to see the vampire. Since they switched rooms yesterday you wouldn’t actually be seeing the blonde man just yet but you reminded yourself to go check up on him later on. Today his migraines would be in full swing.

When you reached ‘Bucky’s’ door, you stopped to take a deep breath before knocking. As eager as you were, you were still a bit nervous. Several seconds passed and there was still no answer so you decided to open the door and walk slowly into the cold room. All monster’s burned a little hotter than humans so every bedroom was a few degrees lower than the rest of the household. Being that you always felt a little warmer yourself, you really didn’t mind the sudden temperature drop. You actually found that it soothed you just as much as it did the others. Maybe that was why you felt so exhilarated by Bucky’s touch.

That or his charm and pure sexual magnetism that pulled at you and left you wanting and aching for more. Who knew.

Your search went on for a few more minutes until you came to the disheartening conclusion that Bucky was definitely not in here. It wasn’t just that the bed was made and looked like it hadn’t been slept in at all, but the light as well. The early morning sun was shining so brightly that even you thought it was headache inducing. There was no way Bucky would stick around and be exposed to this so he must have gone.

You didn’t bother to hide your disappointment, jutting out your bottom lip and pouting as you shut the door and left. As you were walking back to your room, you bumped into something hard that caused you to lose your balance. You shrieked as you awkwardly tumbled down, hearing only a disgruntled “oof” and landing a few inches off of the floor.

“Y/N…” The strained voice of Clint Barton cut through the air. “Sweetie…for the love of God…move your knee,” he groaned before materializing beneath you with a pained expression on his face. You looked down the length of your bodies to see that your knee was pressing hard against his groin.

“Oh my God!” you exclaimed and pushed yourself off of him, moving to his side. “Holy shit, Clint I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

He rolled to his side, cupping himself and stuttering, “Mhm, uh-huh, ‘m fine. Just…just gimme a minute here, kiddo.” His voice was a little higher than usual.

Trying your best not to laugh, you rubbed his arm to comfort him. “To be fair here, you bumped into me. I can’t really avoid something I can’t see.” Still, you felt just a little bit guilty.

He continued to mumble and groan, waiting for the pain to pass and trying not to let tears fall. Then you noticed that the bags under his eyes were a little more pronounced than usual.

“Sweetie, when was the last time you slept?” you asked, knowing that your friend turned into a bit of a night owl during this time. He muttered an answer that you were less than happy with and sighed. “How many times do I have to tell you,” you started to nag him. “You can’t survive on just coffee and pizza. Even creatures need to sleep.”

“Y/N, we-”

“Don’t give me any of that “monster/human metabolisms are different” crap,” you cut him off. “I know all about it and there’s still a limit, Barton.”

The invisible man with the not-so-invisible pain finally laughed and moved to sit up, letting you help him. “Can’t get anything past you, huh Y/N?”

“You’re damn right,” you reaffirmed and helped him get to his feet. “Alright then, let’s get you to your room so you can sleep for the rest of the day. You’re going out tonight, yeah?” you asked and he replied with a nod, huffing out a harsh breath as he came to his feet.

He was still sore but his voice sounded a little more normal again. “There’s no point in arguing with you, is there?” he asked, knowing the answer even before you shook your head. “And you’re gonna lock me in there, aren’t you?” He smiled when you nodded this time.

“You’re a flight risk, Barton. If I don’t latch the cage, my little birdie will fly away,” you joked with him, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.

As you helped him hobble towards his bedroom, you felt a rush of cold air pass by, strong enough to lift your dress up. Startled by the sudden exposure, you turned abruptly to look for the source, forgetting that you were supporting most of Clint’s weight. But you remembered as soon as you heard him fall to the ground and curse in surprise.

“Shit! Sorry Clint!”

As the afternoon approached, you still hadn’t been able to find Bucky. You settled for the fact that it was still early in the day and he would show up eventually. For almost an hour you stayed with Clint to make sure that he actually fell asleep and then locked his door when you left. The elusive man couldn’t pass through walls so he was trapped in there until you set him free. Which is why it was a little unsettling that wherever you went, you felt as though you weren’t alone. That something unseen was following you around. Catching a glimpse only through your peripheral vision but as soon as you turned to look, there was nothing there. Thinking it would be best to tell Steve about it, you made your way down the first floor corridors to reach Bucky’s basement bedroom where Steve was resting. That’s when you heard two very distinct voices. It was Sam and Tony and they were arguing. Again. About something stupid…again. Being in no mood to deal with them, especially today, you tried to sneak past them.

“Hey Y/N!” Sam’s voice called out to you. “Come and settle this for us.”

You slumped your shoulders down in defeat and turned back to face them. You gave them both a hard look and raised your hands in surrender, hoping they would see how sincere you were with your inability to deal with their crap.

“Fellas, not today. I really don’t want to deal with your whining and complaining,” you said sternly before pointing at Tony. “I don’t want to hear about how you’re going to pluck out Sam’s feathers one by one or how you’re going to clip his wings because he’s annoying you and never shuts up. Just suck it up like the rest of us do!” Then you turned to Sam. “And I definitely don’t want to hear about how we should neuter Tony because the last thing you want is a pack of little Stark’s running around. Yeah, I know, even the thought of that terrifies me too.” You took turns looking them both in the eyes. “Please boys, let it go. And enough with the animal jokes, damn.”

Both men looked at each other then you and then back to each other, taking a moment before nodding in unison and silently agreeing to let it go. For now, at least. You swore that in that moment, the heavens parted and you could hear angels singing.

“Fine. So then where were you heading off to, babygirl?” Sam asked with a grin. The two of them started walking closer to you.

“I was just gonna go check on Stevie. See if he needs anything.”

“Is that why you were sneaking towards Barnes’ room?” Tony asked, staring you down suspiciously.

You rolled your eyes and simply answered, “That’s because Steve spent the night in there.”

Sam crossed his arms over his chest. “What, are the two old-timers having some kind of “best friends forever” sleepover or something?” You could practically hear the scoff that was itching to push through his throat. As much as he wouldn’t admit it, Sam was a little jealous now that Steve’s old chum had moved in.

Tony chimed in again, “Upset you weren’t invited, Wilson?”

“You’re the one that would never get invited, Stark,” Sam retaliated immediately.

Tony snorted derisively, trying to hide his own jealousy. “Who says I would want to join your super-secret boy band? Cause I don’t. I’m a lone wolf!”

Again, you rolled your eyes. That truce lasted all of two minutes but to be fair, it was a new record. You interjected before things could get too out of hand. “No, guys. Bucky was nice enough to switch rooms with Steve until his headaches pass. He’s actually really sweet and he cares about Stevie so give him a chance, okay?” you defended the absent vampire.

You could see that Tony still wasn’t buying it. “Yeah, cause that’s what you’d expect from the spawn of Dracula,” he chided, raising his hands to imitate air quotations as he repeated, “Sweet and caring.”

Holding back your annoyance towards the wolfman, you turned to address the birdman instead. “Sam, could you actually go check on Steve for me? There’s something I need to talk to Tony about. Tell him I’ll come around later to see him.”

“Yeah, I can do that,” he said, ruffling your hair affectionately and smiling when you pouted. Sam stuck his thumb out towards Tony as he backed away. “But you might wanna put a shock collar on Stark tonight, Y/N. Just in case he gets a little too close to your undead boytoy.” He mimicked being electrocuted and laughed wholeheartedly before continuing to walk away.

“Go lay an egg, Wilson!” Tony bellowed after him.

“Bad dog! Don’t make me get the spray bottle!” Sam’s laugh echoed down the hall.

“Smartass,” Tony grumbled before turning his full attention on you. “Seriously Y/N. I warned that pale bastard before you got here to keep his creepy hands off of you.” He held your chin between his thumb and index finger, turning your head from side to side. “I’ll rip his head off if he puts his mark on you.” Content to see that your skin was clear, Tony dropped his hand and sighed in relief.

Your cheeks flushed as you thought back to Bucky’s teeth breaking through your skin. Drinking from you from the exact spot that Tony had just inspected and found nothing. Bucky’s words from yesterday started to echo in your ears. Our little secret indeed.

Waving off the thoughts, you remembered what you wanted to talk to Tony about. “First of all, Bucky is not creepy so stop that. Second, you have other things to worry about.”

“What’re you talking about, kid?” he asked, clearly confused.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about, Tony. You better not come home tomorrow morning dragging back another devoured animal carcass that I’m left to clean up. I swear, I’ll shave you bald this time,” you warned, poking him hard on the chest.

Tony choked back incredulously. “Oh come on, Y/N! You know I can’t promise anything here. I have no control over it!” He tried to defend himself.

Thinking back to the last time you were home during the full moon, he remembered he had done exactly that. Managing to get blood and entrails all around the mansion but more specifically, right in front of your bedroom door. You were sure that your screams and curses could be heard from three towns over after you stepped in what you could only assume was a half-eaten sheep’s stomach. It ended up taking you a couple of hours to clean everything, mostly because you were trying not to get sick and add to the mess. When you eventually found Tony, he was rolling around on the lawn in the back still trying to recover from his feast. Vision was already scolding him for making his clean kitchen tiles all filthy too. Once Tony was lucid enough to remember what he did, he started to use his trademark charm on you. Trying to convince you that it was his lycanthrope way of giving you a gift because he cares about you so much. Sweet concept but you were adamant that you wanted it returned and exchanged for a soul-cleansing shower and new pair of bunny slippers.

Tony nudged your shoulder affectionately with his after replaying the memory. “Hey, you forgave me for that remember. Besides, you said you’re enjoying this vegan lifestyle, right? You have me to thank for that!” He raised his eyebrows, clapped his hands together, and gave you a big smile.

You pursed your lips to keep from smiling back. “That’s not the point, mister.” You looked at him, pleading softly with your best impression of puppy-dog eyes that you knew he couldn’t resist. “Please Tony, just try. For me?”

He groaned and his head fall back. “You’re killing me here, kiddo. Alright alright, I’ll try.” He looked to you again. “But will you still love me if I accidentally bring back some leftovers?” he asked hopefully, raising one eyebrow and nipping at his bottom lip.

You looked into his big brown eyes and nodded. “Of course I’ll still love you, Tony.” You leaned forward and kissed his cheek softly before turning to leave. “But if you do end up bringing back a treat…” you grinned over your shoulder as you walked away. “…you’re going to spend an entire day with Bucky and you have to be nice to him.”

“No way in hell!” he exclaimed in the distance. “I’ll take my chances with the shock collar!”

Your laughter was cut short when you gasped in surprise. There was a strange stinging sensation on your backside, like someone had just spanked you. You spun on your heels to see if maybe Tony had followed and was messing around but you were completely alone in the corridor. You turned again when you felt something else on your thigh, just under the hem of your dress. A kiss?

Hours later, the sun was hanging lower in the sky and you were really starting to feel frustrated. There was still no sign of Bucky and the increase of weird incidents was not helping with putting your mind at ease. Full moons were always a little more strange now that you were usually surrounded by creatures but this was unprecedented, and a little inappropriate. Like your dress straps slipping off your shoulders repeatedly and almost exposing your chest or the fleeting touches that would leave a trail of goosebumps in their wake. Jolts of pleasure that felt like they were tightening a coil in your stomach just a little more each time but then it would go away unfulfilled. You suspected Bucky but whenever you would call out to him, you were met with only silence. If it was him, he was doing his best to tease and torment you, and annoying as it was, it was working.

In an attempt to distract yourself from your sexual frustration, you stayed in the library and tried to immerse your mind in a good book. Of course, it was completely futile. After reading the same paragraph for the fourth time, a thought crossed your mind that made you jump from your seat. The time had just passed for when Bucky would be down in the kitchen so he could take his supplements. When you got there, you saw that only Vision was in the room standing by the stove and stirring a small pot. Feeling slightly dejected, you walked in and leaned against the counter top, resting your head in your hands.

“Y/N, is everything alright?” Vision asked looking up from his task and at you. “I sense that your mood has decreased dramatically since entering the room. Are you in need of comfort? Have I upset you in any way?” He didn’t have eyebrows but you were sure they would be knitted curiously right about now if he did.

Faking a smile as best you could, you tried to reassure him. “No no, it’s not you, Viz. Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.”

He turned his attention back to the stove. “I can sense that you are not being honest with me,” he paused and thought for a moment. “But you also have no desire to discuss it further so I shall let it pass.”

This time, your smile was genuine. Out of all of your monster friends, Vision was the least protective and yet, somehow, the most understanding. He didn’t necessarily experience emotions but he was still programmed to be kind and caring. The synthetic man was the newest member of the household before Bucky came along. Tony and another monster, who had since disappeared, created Vision by accident almost a year ago. He was still very much in his infancy but he possessed a staggering intellect and in order to maintain his software, he would power down during the full moon and update his systems. Knowing that he still couldn’t comprehend the dynamics of human/creature relationships, you didn’t have to worry about him being upfront with him.

“Hey Vision, have you seen Bucky at all today?” you asked hopefully.

“No, I haven’t. It would appear as though Mr. Barnes has been absent for the majority of the day. Or has at least managed to elude my attention.” He continued to stir the pot and read from his European Cuisine cookbook. “I had taken the liberty to deliver his supplements to his bed chambers but instead found only a highly discontent Steve Rogers.”

You pinched the bridge of your nose, feeling your frustration build again. “Yeah, they switched rooms. Steve’s headaches and all.”

“I know, that is why I offered to prepare a soup for Mr. Rogers that will aid in his recovery.” He removed the pot from the stove and poured it into a bowl. “Will you be needing anything before I rest for the night, Y/N?”

You shook your head and helped him prepare a tray. “No thanks, Viz. And I can take this to Steve for you, I wanted to go check on him anyways.” You were hoping to ask him if he knew where his best friend was or if maybe a frisky ghost had moved while you were gone.

Vision bowed his head in thanks and said, “Have a good night, Y/N,” before leaving you alone in the kitchen.

Just as you were about to pick up the prepared tray, you started to feel warm. Really warm. An intense heat started to build inside of you, burning hot in your belly and making you gasp for air. Your hands reached out to grip the edge of the counter top when it passed through your lower half, almost making your knees buckle. The desire to rub your thighs together to alleviate the aching need for friction made your cheeks flush. And then it faded away just as suddenly as it started. The only reminder being the heavy beating of your heart and the wetness gathering between your legs. If this was Bucky, you swore he was going to be in so much trouble when you found him.

Nightfall. The clouds parted to reveal the stunningly bright and full orb that triggered a change in every monster. You could hear Tony howling in the distance; the beast within was in full control now as he ran wildly through the forests to hunt down his prey. Sam had changed at the same time, mutating into the form of his giant-feathered counterpart. He was probably somewhere over the Atlantic by now; his majestic and enormous wings could carry him to Europe and back before daybreak. Vision went into hibernation mode long before the sun had set and was now out of commission for the rest of the night. Clint was freed from his room hours ago and now he was…well, who the hell knew where he was, the man was invisible after all.

Steve assured you that he would stay barricaded in the dark sanctity of Bucky’s bedroom since the harsh effects of his migraines were still causing him grief. When you brought him his meal earlier, you casually asked if Bucky had come to see him, careful not to mention that you noticed his absence all day. That’s when he told you that his friend left earlier that day to feed on whoever took his fancy. That he struggled more to maintain his appetite during the full moon and he needed to find a mate to relieve his desires. At first you didn’t believe a word he said. Bucky wasn’t like that. This had to just be Steve’s typical over-protectiveness trying to keep you away from the ‘vampire threat’ and you were not amused. But then you thought that Steve had never lied to you before so who knows what to believe. By the end of your visit, you became so disenchanted from his words that you forgot to mention anything about the strange things that happened to you throughout the day and if Bucky was really behind it all.

“Y/N, are you sure you don’t want to come out tonight?” Natasha’s voice cut through your neurotic thoughts, forcing you to shake your head clear.

“Yeah, I’m positive. I’m just not feeling it tonight. But you guys go and have a good time for me.”

You turned to see her donning her tight-fitted, black leather jacket over her slender shoulders, just as Wanda did the same. The two women always went out together during the full moon, claiming to see what kind of trouble they could stir up but you knew that their true intentions were far more virtuous. They would go out to bars and clubs so they could keep an eye on other creatures and make sure they didn’t prey on innocent humans. Just as she protected you and came to your aid all those years ago, Natasha continued to do the same for others, and Wanda was more than happy to join in the mission.

“Did you want us to stay with you, sweetie?” Wanda asked in her soft accented voice and took your hands in hers. “You’ve been home for a week and we’ve barely had a chance to hang out.”

You felt a tingling warmth in the palms of your hands and you knew she was trying to connect with you. Trying to read your mind and see if you were hiding anything from them. Thankfully you were aware of Wanda’s little tricks, the faint red wisps of her magic being a major clue, and you managed to focus your thoughts away from a certain vampire long enough for her to feel reassured. “Ladies, I’ll be fine. Besides, I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon so we still have plenty of time to hang out,” you said, trying to convince them as much as yourself. This whole ordeal with Bucky left you somewhat less than inclined to stick around but you didn’t want to think about that now.

“I still don’t like the idea of leaving you alone, Y/N,” Natasha admitted. A scowl pulled her features taut. “What about Barnes? Where’s he gone off to? I don’t trust that Fang.”

“Nat, don’t be rude,” you scolded her for using that term against him. “And you don’t need to worry about Bucky, he’s been gone all day and he probably won’t be coming back soon either.” Hiding the slight harshness in your voice was difficult but you pulled it off.

“He better not be draining the neighbors or any locals. If we have to move because of that bloodsucker, I’m going to tear his throat out. And I won’t be nice about it either.”

The venom in her tone made a shiver crawl up your spine. Natasha was less fond of relocating than she was of vampires and she absolutely hated them. Sirens and vampires were always butting heads, they were the two most effective predators after all. Whereas sirens were more strategic and stealthy when hunting, vampires showed more cunning and charm with their prey. Each one thought their kind was superior to the other and they often fought for dominance when they were forced to keep company.

Clint suddenly appeared beside the red-haired seductress, laughing nervously. “Alright, Nat, easy there. Let’s get going, yeah?” He usually tagged along with the ladies on these nights. As they would watch over others, he would be watching over them. Mostly Natasha though, just to make sure she didn’t tear anyone’s limbs off in public because they pissed her off…again.

After wishing them a good time and saying your goodbyes, you watched the remainder of your friends take off for the night. Leaving you alone and still thinking about where the hell Bucky could be.

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Scars and kisses - Old Man Logan/Wolverine x reader

Yes please ! I’m gonna use the movie Old Man Logan, not the comic version. I went to see “Logan” twelve times in the cinema (don’t judge me…ahem) and I still have so much feels about it…anyway here we go, hope you’ll like it (though maybe it’s more a bit “sad” that “fluffy” at times…) :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


After days of running away from Transigen and its goons, without stopping once, Charles finally convinced Logan to calm down and take a breather.

Of course it was dangerous, but if you kept going, the ex-professor was pretty sure he’d die of exhaustion. After all, he was freaking 90 years old ! With many groans and curse words, The Wolverine found a motel that wasn’t too crappy, and after making sure the place was somewhat secure, that you had easy and fast exits out, you all fell heavily on almost comfortable beds.

Charles and Laura were sleeping in the room next door, and you were laying in bed beside Logan, enjoying his body pressed against yours.

It had been so long since you two had a moment of intimacy. Just you and him. Together, with no one else in the World. It felt great.

He had just made love to you, and you were enjoying each other’s closeness…Contrary to popular belief, Logan loved to just cuddle.

It started out really sweet.

Tender. Delicate. Caring. Thoughtful. Cheesy as fuck.

Caresses on each other’s body. Calloused yet gentle hands running lovingly up and down your back. Smooth fingers tangling threw his hair. It was just a perfect and amorous moment between you and your Wolverine, just like you used to have before…Before the World went to shit.

As you did a thousand times in the past, you grabbed his hand to kiss his now scarred knuckles, and immediately realized your mistake.

The moment was gone.

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Written for @watsonsanatomy =)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight

Rosie was crying.  Again.  It was the fourth time that night, and John had barely gotten a wink of sleep.  He rolled out of bed and padded over to her crib.  She wailed up at him and reached out, and he picked her up in his arms, pressing his cheek to her forehead and murmuring “Shh, shh, it’s all right, daddy’s here.”

She felt warm.  Too warm.  As a doctor, John knew better than to panic about a little bit of a fever, but it still wasn’t a pleasant thought.  Still whispering soothing words against her head he carried her carefully down the stairs.

221B was dark and quiet, only the distant sounds from the street outside permeating the silence.  Of course Sherlock would pick tonight to go to bed at a reasonable hour when John had a screaming baby in his arms and was bumping into things left and right trying to get to the loo.

Ever since he’d moved back to Baker Street with Rosie he’d kept all of the medical supplies in the cabinet under the sink in the loo.  The hallway that led down that way was blocked off by a gate so she’d never be able to get to it.  He knew he had some baby medicine in there somewhere.

Rosie was still sobbing, but the sound was muffled by John’s shoulder, and Sherlock usually slept like the dead so John wasn’t too worried.  Until he hooked his foot on the top of the gate while trying to step over it and it came crashing down as he stumbled into the wall.

John cursed and heard a thump from inside Sherlock’s room, and a few second later the door swung open and Sherlock appeared, looking…well, endearingly disheveled and still half-asleep.  He squinted at John in the darkness.

“Is everything all right?”

Rosie’s cries stuttered a bit, and she picked her head up, craning her neck around to see Sherlock.

“Yeah, yeah, just…tripped over the damn gate is all.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Sherlock stepped closer, tilting his head slightly.  His eyes were slowly regaining their intellectual light, and he stopped in front of John, his gaze on Rosie, reaching out to flick on the hallway light.  John winced at the sudden brightness in his eyes, but when he managed to get a clear look at Sherlock he noticed a developing red mark on Sherlock’s cheek.

Rosie reached out a hand for him, and Sherlock gave her one of his fingers to hold onto.

“Why is she crying?” Sherlock asked.

“Daddy,” Rosie said.  John kissed her temple, letting her know he was still right there.

“She’s a bit feverish,” he said distractedly, stepping closer and reaching up with his free hand to touch Sherlock’s face.  “Did you–did you fall out of the bed?”

Sherlock’s flushed and smacked his hand away.  “No.”

John couldn’t prevent the grin.  Not that he tried very hard.  “Yes, you did, you fell out of the bed.”

“You startled me!” Sherlock snapped.  “Shouldn’t you be taking care of your daughter instead of interrogating me anyway?”

“Daddy,” Rosie said miserably.

“I know, love, I know, we’ll get you sorted,” John said.  Then, glancing back at Sherlock with another small grin, “You should really put some ice on that.”

Sherlock huffed and turned to sweep back into his room in characteristic dramatic fashion, but before he’d even taken three steps Rosie cried out, “Daddy, no!”

Sherlock froze.  So did John.  Rosie was squirming in his arms, reaching unmistakably for Sherlock who still had his back to them.

“Back, back, c’m back, daddy!”

John felt like something in his chest might burst, and he said, “Sherlock,” a bit hoarsely.  

Slowly, as if he was afraid he might break if he moved to quickly, Sherlock turned back around.  His eyes were wide, and he looked as Rosie like he’d never seen her before in his life.

“Daddy, daddy!” Rosie sobbed, her arms flailing out in front of her, but she couldn’t reach him.  She turned around to look at John, and her expression was almost accusatory.  “Want daddy!”

John stared at her, stunned, and then looked back at Sherlock who was still staring at Rosie, and there was something so so fragile in his eyes, something John wasn’t sure he’d ever seen before.  John did the only thing he could think to do, which was to put Rosie down on the floor where she immediately crawled over to Sherlock and pulled herself up by his pajamas.

“Daddy,” she said firmly, her little fists closed around the worn fabric as if she could keep him there by force.

It was like watching a statue learn how to move.  Sherlock leaned over, his movements strangely jerky, and pulled Rosie up into his arms where she immediately cuddled herself into his chest with a little sigh.

John suddenly found he needed to blink very rapidly.  “I–I’ll go get the, um, the medicine.  Can you just…?”

Sherlock nodded mutely, all of his attention on the little girl that had attached herself to him like a barnacle.  John hurried past them and went into the loo where he leaned back against the door and took a deep, shuddering breath. There was the sound of Sherlock’s muffled voice moving down the hallway, toward the sitting room, and of Rosie’s delighted replies that were mostly garbled noises.  

John listened to them and pressed the heels of his hands hard into his eyes, willing himself not to cry.  His chest ached, and he wanted nothing more than to go out there and wrap his arms around both of them and never let go.  

In hindsight he should’ve seen it coming.  Of course she would see Sherlock as her father.  He changed her nappies, he fed her, he played games with her, he played her the violin when she was fussy, he was…he was her father.

John let out a long breath and pushed off from the door, crouching down to rummage through the cabinet.  He had to pull himself together and get Rosie feeling better so he and Sherlock could have a much needed talk.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight

There will probably be a part two to this.  It just got…very long.  Ahem.  But I want my boys to have their kiss, soooo yeah.  :)

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Imagine Leonard overhearing your conversation with Uhura.

Requested by the filthy minded @bkwrm523

Originally posted by nichelle-nichols

It was not the doctor’s intention to overhear the conversation you had going with Uhura. He was simply strolling past the pair of you at the exact moment Uhura grasped in horror, “You’ve never had an ORGAS-”

“- UHURA!” You practically attacked the woman, your hand clamping over her mouth. The translator and communications officer glared in confusion until her eyes flickered to Leonard McCoy who stood there frozen in skeptical shock. The three of you just stood silent, unsure of when to talk until you couldn’t take it any longer. You grabbed Uhura’s hand and lead her away from the Doctor and into the turbolift. Once inside the safety of the lift, you turned to her with widen eyes.

“How could you yell that! In front of him!”

“It’s fine. He didn’t hear, I’m sure,” Uhara tried reasoning with you, but the uncertainty in her voice said it all.

“You better hope he didn’t,” you muttered before exiting the lift onto the quarters deck.

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Originally posted by 50shadesofjaredleto

It was dark outside but it felt darker in my mind.
I sat outside looking up into the sky, I became jealous of the twinkling light from the stars amongst the black background. I wished that’s what it was like, I wished that’s what it felt like in my mind, that even through all the darkness there were specs of light.
I pressed the home button on my phone checking the time, 2am.
I let out a heavy sigh and made my way back inside the apartment and back into bed. Bringing the blankets up to my chin and my knees curled to my chest, I close my eyes and try my best to fall asleep knowing I have to be up in four hours to start the day. 

I groan as my alarm blares from the bedside, I grab my phone and snooze it. I roll on my back, rub my burning eyes and lay there until your alarm sounds five minutes later.
I bring my feet to the cold tile and proceed to the bathroom in order to start getting ready for the day. I throw my hair in a bun and apply a little amount of makeup before heading out the door in black jeans and a black t-shirt.

I pulled up to the coffee shop I worked at and headed inside, I get behind the counter and throw on an apron. The store doesn’t open for another thirty minutes but I let a few special customers in early to beat the crowd, paparazzi and fans.
The knock on the front door is my cue and I go unlock the front door and let the two men in, wearing sweatshirts and sunglasses like always. 

“Good morning Shannon, Jared.” I lock the door once they are in. 

“Morning.” Shannon’s tired voice is deep and he yawns right after he speaks. 

“Good morning.” Jared is a little more awake as he pulls the sweatshirt off and tucks his sunglasses in his pocket. 

I get back behind the counter and start their usual order, the old manager used to do this for them and she let me in on the secret once she moved and left me in charge.
Jared comes and leans on the ‘pick up’ counter while Shannon takes a seat at one of the tables close by. 

“You didn’t sleep again, huh?” Jared keeps his voice low. 

I roll your eyes at him, “You look nice today too, Jared.“ 

He pats his hand against the counter softly to get my attention, “You know I didn’t mean it like that, you always look nice but I can see it in your eyes.“ 

“Here you go Shannon.” I place the drink next to Jared’s arm ignoring his comments but I can feel his eyes on my every move. 

Jared picks up the coffee and takes it to Shannon who gives me a nod with a smile.
Jared makes his way back to the counter and leans forward on it again. 

“Why didn’t you call? I told you it doesn’t matter what time of the morning or night.” He lets out a sigh as I give him the look to drop it. 

“Here.” I set his cup down a little harder than usual. 

“Look, I didn’t mean…” I cut him off. 

I move so I can lean against the counter as well lean close enough so he can hear me whisper, “I know, but you have to stop this. I can’t run to you when things are bad, you won’t be here forever.“ 

I come back around the counter and Shannon gets up and follows me to the front door, he pulls me into a quick hug and says thanks for the coffee, he starts walking up the street. Jared stops at the door and pushes it closed, I can feel his stare as he is waiting for me to look up at him.
I break my stubbornness and meet his icy eyes. 

“Everything will be fine, whatever is going on up there.” He uses his pointer finger to gently tap my temple, “Will be just fine." 

He goes and catches up with Shannon and I leave the door unlocked for the day.


I had just met with my manager and she had told me she was promoting me because she was moving, I was excited about the position and the new income but she mentioned a few special customers that come in a few times a week before hours and she wanted to introduce us before she left. 

"OK, so they are big time and they love the our coffee big time. It’s usually two of them, they are brothers but occasionally the older one comes in alone and vice versa.” Kerri, my manager, tells me to sit at the table with her using her hands to motion the open seat. 

“Oh, ok. So what, what do I do?” I can feel the anxiety start to spike inside me. 

“Just treat them like regulars, they are regular people and we have created a really good relationship and I don’t want to lose that. You know 30 Seconds To Mars, yeah?” A grin appears on her face probably in response to my own facial expression. 

“You’re kidding?” My mouth is hung open and I can’t configure another sentence. 

“No, I’m not sweetie. For the next month I’ll have you come here early and I’ll let you make their drinks and meet them. They come, they get coffee and sometimes talk and then they go before we open to avoid the crowds.” She hands me a set of keys for the coffee shop, “It’s yours now. You’ll do great, ok? Everything will be just fine." 

We both stand and she pulls me in for a hug.
I’ve been working for Kerri for almost two years and we have grown to become close friends. This move wasn’t just hard on the business, it was hand on me personally.

The next week the Leto brothers come in everyday, the first day I was a nervous mess and thankfully they were extremely kind about it. They stayed longer than usual to talk and get to know me a little bit and to make me feel at ease.
They both were pretty quiet about themselves which is understandable.
The next few days go by and it definitely got easier to be around them but not necessarily easier to look at them.
Jared with the long ombré hair and bright blue eyes, even first thing in the morning they were brighter than the sky.
Shannon with his darker demeanor and hazel eyes that are much more piercing in person than in pictures. 

The month passes and things are going just fine between me and my new customers. They come in pretty constantly but they both gave me their number just in case they decide not to come in so I could sleep in if I wanted, little do they know sleep is an enemy of mine.
My personal spiral started after the first month, once Kerri left, I noticed it but I pushed it aside because really there wasn’t much I could do.
I slept a lot less or didn’t sleep at all, went to work came home and sat in my bed till the sun was visible again.
I added more and more makeup to hide the bags under my eyes, I hated taking sleeping pills but I needed it.
Three times a week I would take one as soon as I got home and the other four nights were restless.
This night was far worse, nothing would calm the voices and a pill didn’t even dull me.
I got up and threw on a sweatshirt, my body ached with every movement. I barely remember driving to the coffee shop, I don’t even remember unlocking the door or going inside. When my mind finally let me remember it was me tucked behind the counter. I sat there with my knees to my chest, my forehead pressed against them and my fingers linked together on the back side of my head.
I was sniffling, my eyes were shut tight and I could feel the ache in my chest start to become unbearable. I take a deep breath in and it’s shaky, I hear the front door open and I freeze hoping whoever it is will leave. 

“Hello?” Jared’s voice rang out.

I curl my arms around myself hoping he won’t see me, I hear his steps getting closer and he leans over the counter.
I hear him gasp and he quickly jumps over the counter, he crouches down next to me and his arm drapes over my shoulder pulling me close to him.

“What happened? Are you ok?” He pulls me into him tighter. 

He smells good, like a warm day and he feels warm against my cold skin. As his arms wrap around me a sharp inhale leaves me, I press my face into his chest as I sink down into him. His hands are griping my arms and he hums a soft melody above my head. 
He doesn’t ask another question and he doesn’t let go.
He just stays there with me behind the counter until I shift in his grip minutes later. He releases my arms and I sit back with my head against the counter, I can feel his eyes on me but I keep mine closed. I wipe under my eyes with my hands and leave them covering my face until my breathing calms. 

“I’m fine.” I finally whisper.

He shifts closer to me and pulls my hands away from my face, “Do you expect me to believe that?” His eyes meet mine.

I feel like the tears are going to roll down my cheeks again as he stares at me, I pull my arm away from him gently and he lets go.

“Look, or, or don’t look at me but listen. I’m here, right here. I haven’t known you long but it feels like I have, and I can’t just leave you like this. Let me get someone to cover your shift and I’ll take you out for the day, clear your head. Is that ok?” His hand moves to rest it on mine but he stops himself and puts it back on the floor. 

I nod, that’s all I can do and let out a deep breath. He stands up next to me and he reaches his hand down to help me up, I take it and he pulls me to my feet.

“Who should I call?” He looks around for any kind of employees names or information. 

“I-I can text someone.” My voice is barley above a whisper.

He nods and walks around the counter and waits for me, I follow behind him and we both leave through the front door and I lock it behind us. 
We begin a silent walk to his place, he puts his hood up and sunglasses on and gives me a faint smile.
I return with a half smile myself, he seems so inviting all the time and his smile draws me in more. 
We don’t say a word during the walk but it doesn’t feel awkward, it feels nice. 
We get to his place and I try not to be blown away by the size as he holds the front door open for me. 

“I’m going to get a few things, I’ll be down in a minute. You can have a seat wherever or help yourself to anything, Shannon isn’t here so don’t be scared.” He lets out a bit of a laugh as he runs up the stairs.

I walk through the house a little bit but I still get the nervous feeling so I just sit on the couch until Jared comes back down the stairs.

“Ready?” He pops up around the corner.

I nod, “Your house is gorgeous.” 

“So are the things in it.” He smiles and opens the front door for us to walk out. 

“I’d love a tour someday.” I walk past him and wait to follow his next move.

“So would I.” He says in a low whisper.

He nods his head for me to follow him, we walk around the front of his house and he presses a button to unlock the black vehicle parked in the driveway. He open the car door for me and then closes it once I’m seated, he walks to the driver side and gets in. 

“So, talk to me. Tell me things about you. Where did you grow up? What are your dreams? Favorite desserts?” He laughs and smiles at me and I join him with a soft laugh.

The car ride is full of questions that we pass back and forth to each other, nothing too personal but it was nice getting to know some of the small details of him. He was even more interesting than he looks.
We pull up to a beach and it’s completely empty, he gets out of the car quickly and opens my door for me before getting into the trunk of his car and pulling out a bright red blanket.

“You like the beach?” He stops in front of me waiting for my response. 

I nod, again, and he grabs my hand and starts running towards the water, I stumble with the first few steps and laugh, Jared looks back at me with a grin on his face, before we hit the water he drops the blanket. 
He continues to run and the waves hit us, I let out a small scream from the water being colder than expected. Jared never lets go of my hand as we run into the waves till the ocean water hits my waist. 
We stop an stand there, my black shirt and pants soaked and my hair falling out of the bun I had this morning. Jared’s t-shirt clinging to him and his jeans falling lower from being so heavy. 
A smile spreading across my face as the waves hit us lightly and the sun hits my skin. I look over at Jared and his eyes were already on me, he gives me a nod to head back and with our hands still locked we turn around and fight the water to get back to the beach. 
I slip and fall and we laugh as he hold me up, his hand wraps around my waist and I try to ignore the sensation it sent through my body. 

Once we reach the beach I take my shoes and socks off and he does the same, he throws open the red blanket and we sit in the center of it, he grabs one side of it and I grab the other to wrap it over our shoulders. 

“Wanna talk about anything in particular?” He doesn’t look my way, we both stay watching the waves.

I take a deep breath, “Thank you.” 

He chuckles, “You’re welcome.” He puts his arm around my shoulder and I rest my head against him.

A few moments go by and I can’t keep my mouth sealed, “It doesn’t happen all the time, it just builds up and well, eventually I break and then start over again. Sometimes it can take months, other times it takes days. I’m a messy person.” I can feel the lump in my throat grow as I realize how much I just let out.

"You’re allowed to be messy. People find beauty in the mess and that’s everything you are. Beautiful.” He turns his head to look at me.

I try to keep my focus on the ocean in front of us but I can’t, I look at him and as soon as our eyes meet his lips are on mine. I don’t push in and I don’t pull away, instead I close my eyes. It’s a moment of bliss, my heart beating fast and my body feels like it’s somewhere else. He pulls away and I open my eyes to meet his again.

”I’m sorry.” He stutters out but doesn’t look away.

“It’s, uh, it’s fine. Really.” I try to find the right words.

He lets out a sigh and turns back to the waves. I’m thankful he left his shoulder around me because it was starting to get cold, he pulled the blankets closer around us once he noticed.
We stayed there in silence for a few moments until he finally broke it.

“Are you hungry?” He whispers. 

“A little bit.” I whisper back.

He stands up and reaches down for my hand, I grab onto it and he pulls me up. He picks up the blanket and holds it under his arm as we walk back to his car, he tosses it in the trunk and opens the door for me again, I get in and he follows to the driver side.
The car ride starts out quiet, nothing awkward, just peaceful. 

“I think everyone has their own mess. I’m a mess too, I hide it as well. I’m not trying to say that my problems are yours but I just want you to know that you’re not alone.” He pulls up to his house just as he finishes his sentence. 

“I. thank you Jared.” I whisper back.

And that was the start of it all. That was the start of me falling in love with someone so completely out of my league but also someone I still had to see almost every single day, someone who I would constantly have to push away. He always seems flirty, more caring but he’s like that with just about everyone, so again, I push him away.

I finish the day at the coffee shop and get in my car to head home, I have four missed calls from Jared once I check my phone and my heart sinks and I roll my eyes. I never know how to feel about him.
I quickly call him back.

"Jared? Everything ok?” I ask as soon as I hear him answer.

“I’m great actually! I wanted to ask you if you were busy Saturday night? Not like a date or anything, we have a small concert just doing a few songs and then I was thinking we’d all go get some dinner. If you’re free.” He clears his throats as he realizes how fast he was talking.

"Actually that sounds perfect! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you guys play and I could use a night out. Don’t get weird though.” I laugh.

“I’ll have a car pick you up!” He ends the call with a click so I can’t argue with him.

Saturday comes around and I dress is torn up black jeans and a blue faded t-shirt with black boots, I wear my hair down for the first time in a while and apply a thin winged liner and a nude lipstick.
I hear a knock on the door and I peep through window, it’s the driver. I open the door and he’s professional and walks me down to the limo out front. I laugh to myself and get in the back of the limo as the driver holds the door open for me. Once I’m seated I pull my phone out and text Jared.

“I said don’t be weird. And here I am sitting in a limo.” I put my phone in my pocket as I’m sure he is in rehearsal.

The limo comes to a stop and it’s the back of a building, a studio. I begin thinking just how small this gif is. The driver comes around and opens the door for me, he tells me to walk through the door he’s parked in front of and then take the second left. I thank him and walk inside and make the second left.
I walk in the small studio and there are about thirty chairs set out in front of the small recording area that has its set spots for Jared, Shannon and Tomo.
There are a few open seats and I take one of the ones left in the front. I smile at a few people around and then the lights get a little brighter, the three guys come and take their place and the crowd of thirty sounds like hundreds.
Jared makes a few announcements about the recording and the songs they are going to do, he asks people to stay quiet until the very end because they are doing a live recording, he makes some jokes and then they start to play.
About five songs in Jared stops and pulls his phone out, people laugh and he smiles and looks up at me, I know he just read my text.

“I always knew there was something about you. I just need you to listen to these words of this last song and then tell me what you feel.” He slides his phone in his pocket and stared at me.

I can feel his eye on me and I also feel my cheeks go red from his text, I nod towards him so he knows I got it and the show continues.
The music starts and I instantly know it’s one of their cover songs. My heart sinks once the first few words leave his mouth, my entire being feels like I’m having an out of body experience and I can feel my throats going dry from trying to hold back the tears.

“Stay” by Rihanna, that’s the song that he wants me to pay attention to and I do. I listen to every word that comes out of his mouth and with each moment it becomes harder and harder to hold myself together.
The words flow out of his mouth, his voice is soothing yet the words are breaking down all my walls. His eyes are closed as he sings and when it finally ends his eyes open up to me.
I can’t help it, I get up and walk toward him the guards try to push me back but Jared tells them to let me through. I run up to him, tears falling down my cheek, and kiss him.
My arms fall around his shoulders and his hands pull my waist into him. He kisses back harder, our lips pulling apart and meeting back together again. A smile comes over him during the kiss and he pulls away slightly.

“There is definitely something about you and I need you. I think about you everyday and I hope you’re ok every second I’m not with you. I don’t want to fix you, I just want to be there to hold the pieces of you till you’re ready to be put back together.” He whispers against my lips.

I kiss him again, “I’ve always felt this way about you. I just never knew, I didn’t know how..” I whisper back but he cuts me off.

“Lets get out of here baby.” He pecks me once more.

The small crowd is clapping and cheering, Jared walks by them and signs things for the fans but his one hand never leaves my waist.
We walk out of the small studio, his hand still on my waist.
My thoughts seem like a mess but beautiful things are found in messes.


All Night {Tom Holland}

Summary : Tom just got back from the set over the weekend. He felt woozy and sick but ignored it until he wasn’t able to stand up. You took care of him all night since he started throwing up.

Words : 965

Pairing : Tom Holland x Reader

Warning : Sickness and some puking.

Requested :  Can you write a tom Holland imagine where he comes home from set and he’s feeling really unwell and says that he was feeling kinda off all day at the set but now that he’s home it kinda hits him that he’s feeling really sick to his stomach and his head hurts really bad and he ends up throwing up all night and you’re taking care of him? Thanks!

A/n : I barely have time to write anymore because of school so this one was a bit rushed, but more are coming. Sorry if this wasn’t what you expected.

“Babe, are you sure that you’re okay?” You asked and grabbed Tom’s arm to support him as he stumbled around the room.

“I’m fine, just tired I guess.” Tom answered, shaking his head, hoping that the head ache would go away even though he knew that it wouldn’t help.

“I think you should go to bed, you just got back so get some rest,” You said, leading Tom up the stairs. You tugged him in bed before you placed a small kiss on his forehead. Tom shut his eyes as you look at him.

He looked pale, his lips were dried and occasionally he would coughed. You would always glanced up from your book, looking at him carefully.

After the third time, you were done with him coughing. You decided to go to pharmacy, buying some of the medicines Tom always get when he was sick. After you arrived at the flat, you went into the kitchen, getting a cup of water. Later, you set the medicine on the night stand next to the bed.

You placed your hand on his forehead, the heat immediately traveled to your skin when your hand made contact with him. You shook your head, feeling bad for him because he just got back from the movie set and as soon as he got home he got sick.

Tom woke up when the sun was already below the horizon, he looked around for you. He called out your name when he spotted you on the single seat couch reading your book. You looked at him and stood up right away, rushing over to him when he tried to get out of bed.

“Don’t even think about it, Tom.” You said sternly, pushing him back lightly onto the bed once again.

“But I’m thirsty,” He coughed. You went over to the night stand, holding the cup of water at him before he grabbed it.

“There are medicines over there,” You pointed out.

“But I don’t need any medicine,” he said.

“Don’t lie to me or yourself.” You gave him the pills and watched him swallowed them down.

After you made him dinner, you tugged him in bed once again. You raised your brows up at him when you saw him staring at you. The cover was covering his lower lips as he stared at you tiredly.

“What?” You asked softly.

“You look so cute,” he said, his voice was a bit muffled under the cover. He shifted under the cover cutely and continued to stare at you.

“Well you look like a burrito.” You stated before you went back to reading your book, pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose. You told him to go to bed without looking up but he didn’t.

“My belly is feeling woozy,” he said randomly, “my head and body are aching.”

“That’s why you have to sleep, you’re going to feel better later,” you closed your book and walked over to the bed, laying yourself on the bed next to him, not caring if you could get sick too.

“Get away from me,” he squinted his eyes at you dramatic. You just shook your head and hugged him. After a minute of silence, Tom eventually slept. His breathing was heavy and his body temperature was still high.

You decided to turned off the light and went to bed next to Tom. After what seemed like an hour, your arms were thrown off him and he rushed to the bathroom. You rubbed your eyes tiredly and followed him. You placed your hand on his back, rubbing up and down a couple of times as he dug his head into the sink, throwing up everything he ate.

After a couple of minutes, you grabbed a small towel and cleaned off his face as he stared at you. You guided him back onto the bed again and just sat there in the dark together, the only light source was the light from the bathroom.

“You okay?” You asked, looking at him worriedly. He nodded his head and gagged a bit as if he was going to puke again.

“I’m taking you to the hospital,” you stood up ready to take him out.

“Love, it’s the middle of the night and plus I’m fine, I really am.” Tom reassured you. You stared at him for a minute, trying to read him.

“Alright, but tell me when it’s too much.” You said, pushing him down on the bed and pulled the cover over his already warm body.

That night Tom woke up more than once to puke, making you more worried about him. You decided to laid a few think blankets on the floor along with pillows two meters away from the bathroom so that if he needed to puke again, it would be easier for him to go to the bathroom.

You would play with his hair, helping him sleep and occasionally add more blankets when you saw him shivered. Your eyes were droopy but you didn’t dare to let yourself sleep.

After a few times of puking out food, the only thing that was coming out of his stomach was water, his face was paler than before, almost white. He would complained that he was cold even though four blankets were wrapped around him.

In the morning his head ache got better and he started to puke less. He was still coughing though but not as much as before. You let him eat the medicine again and told him to sleep once again.

“I’m not sick anymore, no need to go to the hospital,” Tom said when he woke up. He felt much better after lots and lots of nap. He didn’t puke anymore and his head ache was starting to go away.

“Don’t try to be tough when you’re sick. Don’t push yourself.”

“But I am tough,” he said, pouting his lips.

“I know but you’re also very bad at hiding your sickness.” You said, coughing at the end of your sentence. Your eyes widened as you turned to look t Tom.

“Well would you look at that,” Tom smiled under the cover.


Title: 2am

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,098

Anon Request: Will you write a one shot where Dean and the reader are like each others weekly booty call with q lot of dirty talk?

Anon Request: Can you do a rough Dean x reader? With a lot of dirty talk and kinky? Thanks!

Warnings: some feelsy stuff, dirty talk, temperature play, smut.

A/N:  Flashbacks are in Italics. So originally, this was supposed to be like 1k, I got carried away then I fell in love. I hope y’all love this as much as I do, I cried while writing this…twice, even my sister said something along the lines of feels (that never happens). Let me know what you think :)


Your name: submit What is this?


Dean Winchester.

 The man was like no other man you had ever met. He was smart, handsome, loving, you could go on forever with all of the characteristics you loved about the man, but you’d be here for a lifetime.

You’ve know Dean for your entire life. You were his next door neighbor in Lawrence. His mom was best friends with your mom for years before you and Dean were even an idea. Dean was older than you by six months, and for a while, those six months were pretty significant. The difference between the big kid swing and the baby swing. He would smirk at you while his mom would push him on the swing while your dad pushed you in the little one. Dean would constantly bring up how he was older to you when the two of you were kids.

 It stopped instantly when he lost his mom in the house fire. Dean’s dad was determined to find the thing that killed Mary, and your dad, who just happened to be John’s best friend, decided to set out with him. Your mom was going to go wherever your dad went. While the three of you stayed back in motels she would take care of you. Dean didn’t talk for awhile and even at that age, you could understand why. You would talk to him everyday, even if he wouldn’t say a word back. Sometimes he would smile softly at something you said, and that was enough to keep you going. After awhile, he came around, but most of all, he stuck to your side. He protected you.

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Approximately This Big (Bones x Reader)

Title: Approximately This Big (which refers to something reader says whilst motioning. it’ll make sense if you read it)

Prompt: does watching what to expect when you’re expecting count as a prompt?

Word count: 2,688 (good god)

Warnings: language, pregnancy, vomiting

A/N: I was watching what to expect when you’re expecting (as i just said) and for some reason felt like writing something. Bones came to mind before anyone else could and i feel like it’d be interesting to be married to him, so here’s something that i wrote in the middle of the night that likely sucks! (tell me what you think, though) ENJOY IT (or try to, at least)

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martauzumaki  asked:

I would love to request something! I remember in the comics, Betty one day passes out from exhaustion; can you write something about Betty trying to keep up with school, a few jobs, extracurriculars, and being INCREDIBLY stressed out about it? (Obviously with a little pre-relationship Jughead thrown in, trying to cheer her up) ;)

Sure! This one might be a little fluffy!

Woah. Where did that head ache come from?
All day Betty had been feeling light on her feet, her knees were a little wobbly and her vision had been blurring.

Shaking her shoulders, she put a hand to her forehead. Probably a head cold. She had been out late last night in the rain, Kevin needed her help sneaking out to meet up with his boyfriend.
And then there was the 3 am cram session for her calculus test, not to mention Ronnie had made her help work on the newest cheerleading routine during her free period.

She just needed rest.

Obviously not today, she had promised professor flutesnoot she would help him organize a bake sale for the science club, and Archie had practically begged her to look at his car, apparently the battery wasn’t working properly.

“Bets? You okay?” She looked up to meet the concerned eyes of Jughead jones.

Oh yeah she forgot to mention the dead line for this weeks edition of the blue and gold was tomorrow.

“I’m fine juggie, just a headache.” She smiled weakly.

Putting his pencil down, he moved to lean on her desk, placing a cool hand to her forehead.

She closed her eyes, relishing in the feeling of cold to hot.

“Betty, you look exhausted. Have you gotten any sleep at all this week?”

She sighed softly.

“Oh sure, yeah I sleep all the time. You know how my mom is, the pills she keeps me on make me feel more tired than I actually am.” She suggested

His eyes hardened at the mention of her mother, but he took her hand and gently led her to the ugly plaid couch they had dragged out.

“Why don’t you rest? Take a nap, I’m sure I can handle finishing the rest of the edits. I’ll wake you up before last period.”

She shook her head “no juggie, I can’t let you do that, I’m fine, my head feels better already!” She tried to be convincing but the sway to her step gave her away.

His hands immediately went to her shoulders to steady her

“As convincing as that was, I’m gonna have to disagree. Sleep. I’m not gonna have my very favorite investigative journalist pass out on me. I know my rippling muscles may look strong, but I’m not sure I could carry you all the way home” he said with a smirk and an eyebrow raise.

She laughed drowsily, laying down she realized just how tired she was.

“Okay but just for a few minutes! You’ve gotta wake me up.”

He laughed moving to go sit back at his desk

“You got it champ.”

Rolling her eyes, she was asleep in seconds.

She felt her shoulders being shaken softly and heard the gentle voice

“Wake up sleeping beauty, the bells about to ring.”

She looked into the smiling face of Jughead jones.

There were definitely worse ways to wake up.

She hadn’t even realized she had said that out loud until he barked out a laugh.

“Oh yeah? I would think that would be a nightmare.”

She blushed

“What time is it?” She said jumping up

“Calm down speedy, you only slept for an hour.”

“An hour?! Oh god my moms gonna kill me, I promised I would email my volunteer officer within the hour.” Her fingers went to dig into her palms , but long smooth fingers were covering hers before she got the chance.

“Hey listen to me. You’re fine, you have got to relax. You can’t keep running yourself dry like this, it’s not safe and it’s not healthy.”

She slumped into his arms, tears finally falling

“I know..I.. I’m just so tired juggie” she choked out

He rubbed her back gently, pulling her tighter into him

“I know, I know.”

They had missed the last period bell and jughead gently pulled away.

“What do you say we blow this joint and grab a milkshake at pops? Then I’ll walk you home and you’ll get some sleep.”

She sighed softly taking his hand

“Sounds perfect.”

I Know Part Two

Word count: 2373

Summary: Waking up to banging at the door

Wanring: Annnnnngst, smuuuuuuuuut.

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Your legs felt weak and heavier with every step you took towards your door, you were emotionally drained and wanted to get inside your house before you broke down. After getting in you walked blindly into your bedroom, throwing your shoes off you landed with a loud thump onto the comfort of your bed.

You sat silently for a few moments before your tears finally broke free. You laid still as the hot tears burned down your face, sob after sob burst through your aching throat. The embarrassment tore through your body as you pulled your knees to your chest.

You were an embarrassment to yourself.

Would you be able to show your face to anyone ever again?

Has Daveed told anyone?

Does he hate you now..?

The painful questions repeated in your mind, it was 3am and you were still wide awake, the guilt sat heavily in your heart and pumped through your veins as you stared blankly at your bedroom wall.

You felt some exhaustion, but you felt that it would be unfair to get any sleep, god knows Daveed was awake.

How you wished that you could call him, to hear his voice… but you were probably the last person he wanted to walk to at this moment.

As the minutes slipped by your burning tender eyes began to blur, your body ached from the hours of crying. You had heard your phone buzz a few times but chose to ignore it.

You knew Rafa had some sense of your feelings for Daveed, you could see it in his eyes after Daveed brought up how he had told him of his plans to propose, you saw the fear and guilt as he looked back at you.

You felt so stupid at that moment, one second you felt you could tell him anything and the next he had betrayed you.

You groaned as you pulled your pillow over your head, you felt so selfish for your thoughts and actions you hated yourself for it.

As more minutes ticked by sleep finally found you, you drifted off, hoping that this night was nothing more than a nightmare.

Your body jolted awake around 7am, the sun beamed down over your face, you opened your sore eyes to the morning and groaned as your head pounded roughly. Unfortunately the memories of last night were still alive and well in your mind, as your stomach churned at the thought of your mistakes your body shivered with nausea. You bolted from your bed to your bathroom and released the whiskey from the previous night.

You spent an hour glued to the cold bathroom floor, cooling your face and regretting everything that happened, every time you blinked you could see Daveed’s lost heartbroken face and your heart tensed.

You finally forced yourself up and changed from you dress into your pajamas and headed to the kitchen for water.

The hours of the day unfortunately flew by as you continued to ignore every noise that came from your phone that usually remained quiet, you just sat and barely watched TV, mostly you were debating on calling Daveed or Rafa with guilt sitting at the pit of your stomach.

Before you knew it, it was 1am and you were drifting back to sleep on your stiff couch, but as soon as your eyes fluttered shut you were awaken by sudden banging at your door. The warmth drained from you as you removed the blanket you were wrapped in and walked carefully to the door.

The pounding continued with ever step, when you reached for your doorknob you took in a deep breath before turning it.

Swinging the door open you froze, just like last night, Daveed stood in front of you. His face was tired, he was still in the clothes from last night and he looked hurt, but mostly angry.

You attempted to slam the door shut, you’d listen to him banging on the door all night if you had too, it would be better than talking to him. But his hand smacked loudly against the closing door forcing it open once more, he moved fast as he walked past you and inside your house.

You took in a shaky breath. “Get out.” you muttered from the still open door. You turned to face him, he was just staring at you. “I said get out!” you shouted, you voice echoed into the empty street. He was suddenly in front of you once more causing you to move back and close the door with your back, his hands rested on either side of you on your door. “So what, you’re just going to ignore me?” he questioned, his voice was hoarse. You refused to look at him, his hand slammed against the door causing you to jump as he pushed himself away from you. “Dammit, Y/N. You cannot just do this to me!”  he barked at you as he sat on your couch putting his face in his hands and kicking at your coffee table.

“Then leave.” You offered, he ignored your words as he pulled his hair back. “Why did you do this to me?” before you could defend yourself he exploded once more. “I haven’t slept, eaten, anything since last night! I have barely spoken two words to Lauren and its your fault!” he accused. You let out a scoff. “I didn’t plan this Daveed.” you snapped back at him. “You may not have planned it.” he growled. “But you’ve ruined my life.” You could feel your heart pound violently in your chest, it hurt, not as much as his words though. “I wasn’t the one who kissed you!” you shouted. “You kissed me!” you pointed at him angrily. “Why didn’t you just let me leave!?” You asked tears pricking at your eyes, it felt like glass cutting into you. “You tell me!” He seethed clenching his fists. “You tell me why you acted like that!” You shook your head wishing this would all just end. “Daveed just get the hell out, go back to Lauren.”

“I said tell me!” He ordered standing from the couch . “Because I love you, you fucking idiot!” You snapped, he took a step forward, as you went to back up you realized there was nowhere to go. “No you don’t.” he argued, you scoffed in disbelief. “No, you’re right, I just did it to ruin your night.” He continued to step towards you. “That’s sure what it felt like, what is it you hate Lauren?” Shaking your head you closed your eyes, tears slipped down your cheeks. “I don’t hate her.” you mumbled. “Then what? You hate me? You hate to see me happy don’t you?” You sobbed as he threw insults at you. “You’re selfish Y/N!”

“Yes, I know that! And I’m sorry!” You screamed back. “And you know that, so why the fuck are you here!?” Daveed stopped moving as he stared at your shaking body. “You’re not sorry.” He growled. You could barely wipe the tears from your eyes before Daveed had you up against the door, his lips smashed onto yours, his anger overran his kiss as he pinned you harder into the door, he pulled back to give you air. “Daveed.” you panted, trying to tell him he would regret this. “Shut up.” he ordered as his lips met yours again, it was rough yet tender, you could feel his heart beating against your chest as he pulled you close to him.

Your mind went blank as his lips moved from yours to your neck, biting and sucking you moaned, you tried to move to tangle your hands in his hair but you were quickly stopped. His hand gripped your wrists and pulled them over your head. “I’ll show you sorry.” he teased against your hot skin. You quickly wrapped your legs around his hips as he moved you to your bedroom. He let you down on your bed and unbuttoned his shirt and quickly threw it to the side. There was no time for thinking, no time for foreplay as you reached for his belt. “God, Y/N” he muttered, you held your breath for a second waiting for him to realize what was happening and leave, but as his hand moved to slid down the strap of your shirt you relaxed.

Soon his dress pants and your pajamas were thrown to the ground, “Nothing on underneath, huh? Were you waiting for me?” he questioned as his lips met with your neck once more and sucked hard marking you as his. “Daveed.” you cried out as his lips moved down your neck. “Whats that Kitten?” your hands gripped at the sheets of the bed at the use of your nickname. “Turn over” He demanded lightly in your ear, causing you to shiver, you quickly scrambled to your hands and knees on your bed, you heard Daveed take in a sharp breath as he scanned over your body. “Good girl.” he shuddered. His hands held your waist and as you began to beg for him he thrust his cock in you without warning, throwing your head back you let out a breathy gasp. He gave you no time to adjust to his size before slamming into you once more before picking up the pace. You hands gripped tightly at the front of the bed, one particular thrust had you face first in the mattress. “That’s right Kitten.” Daveed encouraged as his nails dug deep into your skin. Thrust after thrust you could feel a familiar pressure growing in your stomach as he continued to fuck deeper in you. “Daveed.” You whimpered, one of his hands moved to your head as he grabbed a handful of your hair, it didn’t hurt it just added to the pleasure as he used it for grip. “Are you sorry?” He growled out to you. You nodded unable to form any words, a slight tug came from your hair and your head moved up. “No, no kitty. Tell me.” He demanded, slamming into you making it harder for you to concentrate on his words. “Oh fuck, I-I’m sorry!” You cried out, the building orgasm had your leg numb and shaking. “Are you going for cum for me?” he questioned his voice deep and hoarse. “God yes.” You whimpered, you could feel Daveed lean over your naked body, his hair gliding against your back, his cock filling you. “Cum for me Y/N, cum for daddy, kitten.” Like magic your body was overtaken by your orgasm, your back arched and your knuckles whitened as you tightened your grip. You could feel yourself tighten around Daveed’s cock as wave after wave of ecstasy filled your body. “Oh fuck!” You shouted out, Daveed grunted his cock throbbing inside you, he leaned into you so hard you could barely keep your position as he came, you felt him spill into you as he almost collapsed onto you.

You both rode out the rest of your highs before he slid out of you and lay next to you panting in the thick air.

You rolled back on your back and stared at your ceiling, you desperately tried to hold onto your euphoria instead of the crashing realization of what you had just done.

You turned to your side away from Daveed unsure of what he was thinking, you didn’t want to look at his face only to see regret.

His arm draped over your and pull you closer, you both lay there silently unsure on what to say to each other, sleep soon over took the two of you as you wished you could ask him what this meant.

The next morning came quickly, your eyes opened slowly before you jumped from you sleeping position, you turned around to find Daveed missing. Your heart dropped as you scanned your room, his clothes were gone and your bedroom door was left ajar.

You quickly threw on your pajamas and quietly walked out of the room. All you felt was your heart pounding in your chest, you mind was nothing but white noise as you entered your kitchen.

There he was, dressed once more, leaning over the kitchen counter, an empty cup of coffee set in front of him.

As you came into eye sight he spun on his heel to face you. You fidgeted with your hands, almost ready to laugh about what happened, then he spoke. “I cannot believe you.” he hissed, your head almost snapped as you looked up at him. “What?” you croaked out. He quickly looked away from you, too upset to look in your eyes. “I need to go.” he said low, you let out a bitter laugh. “So I’m just what, a fuck and dump?” You asked trudging towards him. “I’m getting married Y/N” he stated, you shoved him hard. “I know that! You don’t think I know that?!” You shouted pushing him further. “Y/N stop!” he said grabbing at your wrists. “No! You don’t get to fucking touch me anymore!” You said snapping your arms away from him. “What did you expect Y/N?” Tears streamed down your cheeks once more, you were so tired of crying. “You used me!” You wailed. Daveed kept quiet as you wiped furiously at your face. “Get out! I never want to see you again!” You screamed picking up the empty coffee mug. “You don’t mean that, Y/N.” He tried to walk forward to you, you threw the coffee mug shattering it on the floor by his feet. “I said don’t touch me!” You warned. “You blame me for this, you’re the one that kissed me! Both times!” You bawled, you held yourself together, you wouldn’t let him see you collapse. You gathered yourself together and stared him dead in the eye. “You’re the worst mistake I’ve ever made.” you said coldly.

Daveed stared at you in disbelief, “If you make me leave, I am never coming back Y/N.” he threatened as he made his way to your door. You swallowed hard as he turned the door knob, trying to break you. With one final broken breath you and one last look in his eyes you uttered your final word to him. “Good.”

|| true beauty ||

[[request prompt(s): Can I request a Drabble? I’d love if you wrote one for Peter in which he helps the reader through her insecurities because she doesn’t think she’s pretty due to scars from something like acne or something like that. + hey!!! congrats on 1000 followers! I was wondering if you can do a drabble with Peter Parker? like the reader has acne marks and sometimes she gets self-conscious about it, and when peter notices this, he just starts kissing her all over her face or some fluff like that??]]

I really wanted to do this prompt(s) and finally had the time to write it ♡

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Walking the Tightrope

Part One

Scully and Ethan are together. But for how long?

Post Pilot. Tagging @today-in-fic 

When she put the phone down she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep. The Billy Miles case had been unsettling on a level she wasn’t prepared to admit just yet. She’d gone along for Mulder’s ride with more than large dose of scepticism packed in her case. But her resolve to be rational went out the window, along with her pride, after she disrobed before him. His tenderness towards her was a surprise. That he’d shown his vulnerability with his sister’s story was an even bigger surprise.

           She got up and made tea. She considered calling Ethan but she could already hear the snip in his voice, the way he’d talk over her if she so much as mentioned her new role.

           “Dana, if you’re going to be a spy, shouldn’t you be in the CIA?”

           Ethan Minette was a great boyfriend. Just not for Dana Scully. She kind of knew that before she’d got the request from Blevins. Ethan was sweet in the beginning, considerate, interesting and intelligent. But he had started to become self-absorbed and even a little jealous of her career.

           “I booked us a table and you didn’t show up.”

           “I told you I was flying out the next morning. I couldn’t have a late night.”

           “But you’re talking to me after 1am, Dana. Seems you can have a late night with Spooky Mulder, but not your own boyfriend.”

           She’d nearly hung up, but she took a deep breath, picked up the specimen jar containing the strange object removed from Billy Miles and held it up to look at it for tenth time. “You called me, Ethan.”

           “And you were still awake.”

           “This is going nowhere. I’ll see you when I’m home.”

           His curt, “Will you?” left her edgy and she wished she could go for a run. She could hear Mulder moving around next door and she knew he would be willing to accompany her, but instead, she tried to add details to her report. Details that didn’t exist.

Sipping her tea, with a better perspective, she could see that now that she’d worked a full case with Spooky Mulder and found him less spooky and more intriguing, she had that bubble of nervous energy working its way around her gut telling her that she needed to do the right thing and let Ethan go.

She was rinsing the cup when she heard the knock at the door. A frisson of fear ran through her. She reached for her weapon with one hand and held the other at her throat, holding the collars of her robe together. It was probably Ethan, she reasoned. Anxious to see her, and she wanted to think it was a good thing, that he was being attentive. But it was gone midnight and she hadn’t slept well for days. By the time she tiptoed to the door, reason had turned to anger. What right did he have to just show up like this? She wasn’t his property. She was still gripping the gun and she didn’t care. Holding her breath until she gasped at the second knock, harder this time, and followed by a low male voice.

           “Scully, it’s me.”

           Relief flooded her system. She unlocked the door and let Mulder in.

           “Were you going to shoot me?” he said, looking at the Sig in her hand.

           “I thought you were my boyfriend,” she said, locking the door again.

           His mouth dropped open and then shut again. She felt the flush bloom over her chest and neck and up to her cheeks.

           “I didn’t mean it like that.”

           Mulder grinned. “Remind me never to ask you out, Scully. I’ve heard you’re a pretty mean shot.”

           She giggled and sounded about twelve. “Treat me with respect, Mulder and you’ll never have to find out.”

           His grin fell away. “I hope you don’t mind me coming here. I don’t mean to get in the way of your private life. If you were expecting your boyfriend, I can leave. I’ll see you in a few hours anyway.”

           “It’s fine. I wasn’t expecting him, but I couldn’t think of anyone else who would show up here. Do you want something to drink? Tea, coffee?”

           He shook his head. “I just wanted to talk to you about the case. Is that all right?”

           She showed him to the couch. “What more is there to talk about? They buried the evidence. My report was trashed. Our voices have been drowned out.”

           His weight on the sofa felt different to Ethan’s. Mulder was taller, took up more space, but somehow it felt more comfortable. She sat like she would without anyone there, cross-legged on the seat, hair tied in a loose pony-tail, no make-up, no pretences.

           “Scully, I know you were sent to spy on me but I think this case has shown you that what I’ve discovered in the X-Files, the things I’ve seen, I’ve learned…I…I think you can see that the work is valid.”

           His face was open, his eyes trained on her, his jaw flexing. She felt a buzz in the pit of her stomach, a familiar ache, something that she hadn’t experienced for the longest time. Excitement, anticipation, rising tension. It was building within her as he spoke. His face, his body language, the way he talked faster and stammered, was evidence of his passion, his complete commitment to his work. Fox Mulder was intensity personified and she felt alive.

When his hand rested on her knee, she swallowed back thick saliva, tasted more than just the tea – it was the tang of arousal and she flushed. She looked up at him, still talking, still explaining the bizarre and the arcane, the conspiracies and the paranoia. He was oblivious to the power he commanded. He had no clue about how he exuded sensuality through this passion of his. She stayed still, holding her breath, lest the shuddery exhale give away her own vulnerability. She was his partner, for God’s sake. She’d already walked that tightrope before and there was no way she was going to give in to emotions so readily. She promised herself she wouldn’t go there anymore. Clearly, she needed distance to work with this man, she needed boundaries. She needed to build some walls.

Her cell rang and she jumped. Mulder stopped talking, surprised to be interrupted. He didn’t move his hand though, even when she leaned across to the coffee table to pick up the phone.

“Ethan?” she said. Fuck. She already had distance, a boundary, a wall. And his name was Ethan. “Why are you calling me so late?”

Mulder leant back against the couch and smiled that lazy, sexy smile. His arms tucked behind his head and his body was on the diagonal so that his knees touched hers. She felt the buzz and she couldn’t move.

“I’m not doing anything. I’m trying to sleep.”

Mulder grinned and shook his head slightly. He was loving this.

“I’m in bed, Ethan. And it’s late. And I’ve had a big week.”

He leant forward now, elbows on knees, face up against hers, and whispered. “I’ll see you later, Scully.”

She watched him stand and walk to the door. She followed. “Thanks for coming over,” she said. He turned and winked to her. She heard Ethan’s voice in her ear and gulped. “No, Ethan. I didn’t say anything. There’s nobody here. I’ll call you later.”

Mulder stood in the doorframe. “You’re a terrible liar, Scully.”

She blushed. “He’s been worried about me. The job, the case.”

He nodded. “But you’re an FBI agent. You can take care of yourself, make your own decisions. I’m sure Ethan will understand.”

“He does,” she said. But as Mulder pointed out. She was a terrible liar.

“Goodnight, Scully. Sleep tight.” He laid a hand on her forearm and looked right into her. They stayed that way for a long, long beat.

“Night, Mulder,” she said, finally.

But she knew when she shut the door she wouldn’t be able to sleep. 

Michael Clifford::: Video Games and Bug Bites Pt 2

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 4.3k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: yep :)

PART 1 (smut)

This part is all about how fucking cute he would be after taking your virginity and you’re all sore. This whole mini series things just hits me right in the Michael feels. 

Also guys the first part of this was posted on Wattpad without my permission -.- but I promise you this is my original idea and story.

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