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Britney vs. Xtina - (Bold Your Fav)

Baby One More Time vs Genie in a Bottle

Sometimes vs What a Girl Wants

(You Drive Me) Crazy vs I Turn to You

From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart vs Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You)

Oops! I Did It Again vs Pero Me Acuerdo de TI

Lucky vs Falsas Esperanzas

Stronger vs Nobody Wants to be Lonely feat. Ricky Martin

Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know vs  Lady Marmalade feat. Lil’ Kim, Mya & P!nk

I’m A Slave 4 U vs Dirrty feat. Redman

Overprotected (Darkchild remix) vs Beautiful

I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman vs Fighter

I Love Rock ‘n Roll vs Can’t Hold Us Down feat. Lil’ Kim

Boys feat. Pharrell vs The Voice Within

Me Against The Music feat. Madonna vs Car Wash feat. Missy Elliot

Toxic vs Tilt Ya Head Back feat. Nelly

Everytime vs Ain’t No Other Man

My Prerogative vs Hurt

Do Somethin’ vs Candyman

Someday (I Will Understand) vs Tell Me feat. Diddy

Gimme More vs Oh Mother

Piece of Me vs Slow Down Baby

Break the Ice vs Keeps Gettin’ Better

Womanizer vs Not Myself Tonight

Circus vs Woohoo feat. Nicki Minaj

If U Seek Amy vs You Lost Me

Radar vs I Hate Boys

3 vs Express

Hold It Against Me vs Show Me How You Burlesque

Till the World Ends vs Moves like Jagger feat. Maroon 5

I Wanna Go vs Your Body

Criminal vs Just a Fool

Scream & Shout feat. WillIAm vs Feel This Moment feat. Pitbull

Work B*tch vs Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti feat. Alejandro Fernandez

Perfume vs Say Something feat. A Great Big World

Pretty Girls feat. Iggy Azalea vs We Remain

Make Me… feat. G-Eazy vs Change

Slumber Party feat. Tinashe vs Telepathy feat. Nile Rodgers

Britney - 18

Xtina - 19

Luke Imagine - No More Waiting Till 18

Requested: No, but I wanted to write something about the string bean’s birthday

Author: Brittanyyyyy


  • Like I said, this is in dedication to the baby of the band turning 18.
  • I was not prepared for that shit and now I’m fragile

No More Waiting Till 18 – Luke Imagine

“So my flight gets in very early tomorrow,” You said into the phone, talking to Luke, “Michael’s gonna pick me up so you can sleep as long as you’d like.”

Luke scoffed, “I can pick you up, babe. I can get up on time, I swear.” You laughed. “What’s so funny?” You could almost hear his pout on the other.

You twirled your hair as you spoke, “I’m not letting you pick me up. Tomorrow’s your birthday and you should be able to sleep in, ok?”

“Oh yeah,” Luke’s voice lowered, but you didn’t read his solemn tone over the line.

“You must be ecstatic,” You chirped with a huge smile on your face, “You’re finally gonna be able to party with the boys, like you’ve always wanted.”

Your boyfriend’s voice cracked as he replied, “Yeah, I can’t wait. We’re gonna party so hard. The best part is you flying out to see me though. I’ve missed you so much.”

Your cheeks burned crimson red. “Aw, love, I miss you too, but I should get some rest before my flight so I’m not a complete monster tomorrow.”

“You could never be monstrous,” He whispered into the microphone, “Night, Y/N. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


People swarmed the airport. It was a big week for vacationers and it was just crawling with tourists. A couple of girls came up to you, asking for a picture or questions about your relationship. You answered all of them gratefully, thankful that the fans were so nice to you. Pretty soon, you saw a tall guy with big sunglasses, a trench coat, and a fedora. You excused yourself from the fans and crept towards this figure. You saw tufts of green hair poking out from the hat and you chuckled. “Michael?” You whispered, “Is that you under there?”

He lifted his sunglasses to reveal those charming blue eyes you knew so well. “You know it,” The guitarist grinned and looped his arm in yours as he took your bag, “Shall we?” You nodded and skipped out of there, unseen.

Michael led you back to where the guys were staying, without running into any fans. “Luke’s still asleep,” He hushed his tone as you walked into his room, “Wake him up.”

You scurried over to Luke’s bedside and admired his relaxed, unconscious face. His mouth was open slightly and small snores escaped. You gently placed his hand over his mouth and pinched his nose as a not so sweet wake up. His breath came to a halt and he sat up gasping. “What the hell?” Luke panted with a small cough.

“Happy Birthday!” You cheered.

Your boyfriend glared at you for a couple of seconds before sighing. “You know, if you weren’t so fucking cute, I’d be mad,” Luke said with a tiny smile. He pulled you in close and fluttered your face with little kisses. “I’m so happy you’re here,” He whispered in his husky, morning voice.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” You gave him a passionate kiss on the lips, “It’s not everyday your boyfriend becomes a legal adult.”

Michael stepped in, “Yeah, come on, loser. Get ready so we can go out and get you absolutely hammered!” He scampered out of the room, leaving you and Luke alone.

You noticed Luke’s tired eyes and stroked his face. “I can’t go out yet,” He said bluntly.

“Why not?”

“I, uh,” Luke cleared his throat, “I can’t go out yet because I’m not 18 in America yet. I need to wait.”

You slumped your shoulders, “Oh. I thought we were going to start celebrating right away. Isn’t that what you want to do?”

Luke started panicking, “Yeah! I just thought I should be 18 everywhere, but you’re right. I’m going to go get ready and then we’ll head out.” He jumped out of bed, pecked your cheek, and disappeared into the bathroom.

You tried to wrap your head around why he was acting so weird, but couldn’t figure it out. A week ago, he wouldn’t shut up about his upcoming birthday and now he was avoiding it at all costs. You simply didn’t understand. The fact that he wouldn’t talk to you about it either, really made your head spin.

When he was ready, You, Luke, and the rest of the guys went out to a club. Almost immediately after walking through the door, Michael and Ashton ordered enough drinks for an army. “Drink up, Lukey!” Calum pinched the singer’s cheeks and slid two glasses towards him.

“You’re legal now!” Ashton laid a hand on Luke’s back, “Have fun, drink a bunch, and hook up with some girls.”

“Um, Ash?” You made your presence known, “His girlfriend’s right here.”

The drummer put his other arm around you and gave you a side-hug, “I’m just messing with you, Y/N.”

“I’ll be right back!” Luke shot up from the table, leaving everyone dumbfounded. The guys all looked at you to go do something. You instantly stood up, grabbed your purse, and tried to find him. The club was packed and you weren’t having much luck.

You rounded a corner and saw him. He looked so small. Luke was sitting down, pressed up against the wall, with his head back, and eyes closed. You sat down next to him and rubbed his knee. “Hey,” You whispered as he turned to look at you, “Talk to me.”

“I don’t want to be 18,” Luke confessed, “I’m so stressed out all the time, Y/N. I’ve been stressed since we started the band. I started being an adult when I was 16. Now that I’m a real, legal adult, I have to take on even more responsibility. I’m afraid I’m going to crack under pressure. I’m so scared. I don’t want to let anyone down.”

“Luke…” You sighed and put your head on his shoulder, “You need to take a step back and take a breath. Half of the stress you’re under is your own fault. You’re always so hard on yourself when you don’t need to be. It’s ok to do something for yourself every once in a while. No one will be disappointed in you.” He leaned his head on yours and intertwined his fingers into yours. “Now,” You said and put your hand on top of his, “Why don’t we get some alcohol in you?”

Luke untangled his giraffe legs, stood up, and lifted you as well. “You always know what to say,” He smiled, walking back to your table, “I love you.”

The boys had been eagerly waiting for your return. They looked at you for any news. All you said was, “Little Lukey’s ready to get crazy!”

They cheered and gave Luke glass after glass. Staying sober, you got to witness the insane antics the boys performed on this very special occasion. First, Luke hit on a fern tucked away in the corner, thinking it was you. “I don’t think I tell you enough,” He slurred at the plant, “You have the most beautiful eyes, Y/N.”

Later, the guys formed a four-man conga line. Nobody else was amused with their attempted dance, but you were in hysterics. The almost caused a riot actually. They congaed behind the bar and almost knocked over countless bottles of liquor.

Finally, they thought it was a good idea to do Karaoke. Michael went first and sang Slave 4 U by Britney Spears. He killed it. Calum sang some Usher song and Ashton screamed Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. When Luke took his turn, he first attempted to rap Lose Yourself by Eminem. It ended up sounding a lot like, “Palms sweaty… Weak and uh heavy… SPAGHETTI!!!” He gave up on that and asked for an easier song. You thought it would be funny to have the machine play Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. When he heard it, you saw his face drop, but he tried anyway. That ended like this, “aksjhkajdhksjbdgavkajhskhasb MAMAAAAAAAAAA OOOOoooooOOOooo!”

“Very good, babe,” You snickered as you helped Luke off the stage, “You could be in a band, you know.” He was too far-gone to understand your sarcasm and shot you a very confused look. “Ah, forget it,” You said with a laugh.

Luke’s eyes started to droop and you knew he was exhausted. “Y/N?” He whined, “Can we go home, now?” You nodded and led him out of the club. The rest of the guys followed you like puppies.

Once you got back, everyone was ready to pass out. You tucked Luke into bed after he had gotten sick in the toilet a couple times. You pulled a small box out of your bag and gave it to him. “I know you’re probably not going to remember opening this in the morning, but I wanted you to have it,” You said as his skinny fingers tore open the paper.

In the box was a worn blanket. Luke looked up at you with tears in his eyes. “My baby blanket. How’d you find this? I thought it was gone forever” He asked and held it close to him, inhaling the familiar scent.

“I went to your mom’s and we turned the place upside down looking for it,” You smiled and pushed his hair back, “I wanted you to have it so you don’t forget that you don’t always have to be an adult. I’ll give you your big presents when you’re sober, ok?”

“I love it,” Luke muffled into the hug he pulled you into. He looked at you with such love and caressed your cheek with his gentle hand, “You look like a penguin.”

“Ok, time for bed,” You giggled and got under the covers with him.

Luke buried his face into the pillow and held you close, “I love you, Y/N.”

“Happy Birthday, penguin boy.”

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Lana Del Rey’s sound is nostalgia for an old lie

“Darling, you can’t let everything seem so dark blue. Oh, what can I do?”

—“Black Beauty,” Lana Del Rey

The summer I was 16 and cripplingly awkward, my father’s job moved our family from Toronto to the southern U.S. After spending my whole young life in Canada, I started my first day of 10th grade at George Walton High School in East Cobb County, Georgia, and the ensuing culture shock was about as harrowing as you can imagine for an already uneasy teenage girl.

The high school of nearly 2,700 students was primarily white and Baptist, complete with daily prayer around the flagpole, pancake breakfasts for Jesus, and a Friday Night Lights–style football obsession. On game days, fully suited football players brought roses to their assigned cheerleaders, while the girls, clad in their freshly pressed red-white-and-blue uniforms, provided players with baked goods and breakfast sandwiches from Chik-fil-A. The town was famed for a 56-foot-tall steel-sided chicken statue, and for being an early adopter of evolution is just a theory stickers for its science textbooks. In one memorable round of bullying, a few other students decided I was a weirdo and a freak and threw food at me in the cafeteria while gleefully chanting insults.

The only way to suffer through 18 months in the slo-mo sport-movie montage of southern teen culture was to fetishize Americana—protests in Marietta Square and peach pies cooling on windowsills, buttery Waffle House grits and chain-smoked Marlboro Reds with bottomless diner coffee, and the appealing façade of southern hospitality. It was a bright-side approach to darkness, a juvenile fascination with the great American road trip, with drug-fueled binges for the sake of poetry and art, with Hollywood glamour and revolution and the blinking lights of Vegas—a false frontier mentality that made America seem majestic rather than menacing. Deluding myself into survival, I found something to love where there was nothing. And decades later, I’ve found that Lana Del Rey that sounds exactly like that glorious pretense. Her songs, are in essence, nostalgia for an old lie.

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Stuck on a title or url for your roleplay, use one from a Glee song

This is the full list of songs Glee have performed over 5 seasons. At the bottom you will also find the songs that have been unreleased. I have found using a song for a title or URL has helped me and give a sense to people outside what the roleplay could be about.

Note some songs appear multiple times asuch as Don’t Stop Belivin’ because they have been performed a different way etc.

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