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TITLE: Bruises

PAIRING: Matt Murdock x You/OC

REQUEST/PROMPT: “Please don’t do this.”

WORD COUNT: 4,465 with a 51 word writer’s note

GENRES/WARNINGS: Angst, slow-build, happy-ending, excessive use of the f word, and physical abuse.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This fic jumps around quite a bit. I didn’t intend for it to, but it just made sense as I was writing that this is how it should be. It starts out with the prompt and in present day, and then goes to ‘a month earlier’ then when that scene is over, back to present day. When that scene isomer, it goes to three weeks earlier, and so on. I hope it isn’t hard to read! As usual for my Daredevil fics, Foggy and Karen are in a relationship. In this one, they’re married. Matt and you are not a couple in this fic, simply have mutual feelings for each other. The relationship doesn’t come into play until the end. Also, the three of you know that Matt is Daredevil.

ALSO: I chose a real Daredevil villain from the comics to play a part in this fic called Angar the Screamer. I changed the characterization completely, also giving him a more amplified and easier to understand form of mind control.

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