i skip valentines day

I was wondering why Overwatch skipped Valentines day, but then I realized...

When you look at the runaway train that is the Voltron fandom right now

When you look at everything SU shippers have done in the past, including but not limited to: driving some people to try and take their own lives and chasing some of the artists of the show off tumblr on the grounds of ‘queerbaiting’

When you look at how seriously this damn website takes the relationships of two fictional characters and the lengths they will go to to justify their own view and shut down others, even if it’s the very creators of the content they love

Is it any fucking wonder why Blizzard took one look at Valentines Day and said 'Yeah, we’re skipping that’

since everyone is claiming 5sos are rude and horrible, I just wanna tell you about why I will always disagree and I’m going to start with 14/2/14 - Valentines Day and the day I skipped school to meet 5sos in Lincoln. by the time we got there, there were sooooo many people and how I ended up second row, I have no clue. anyway it was raining and cold but yet the band came out and did an acoustic performance of SLSP for the fans they knew they wouldn’t be able to meet - which they didn’t have to because it was freezing cold and such horrible, drizzly rain but they CHOSE to. then they started coming round fans, even with the weather. I’m only 5’1 and I was easily pushed when this started but managed to make my way back to Gen (in the photo). Michael started coming round and frankly I was pissed about being pushed back and kicked and having my hair ripped out by some girl, so I started shouting about getting in a selfie. Michael heard me and angled the camera differently so I actually got some selfies. this is why I don’t believe the looks rumours, because I’m nowhere near beautiful and also chubby and short yet he took time to thank us for staying in the cold and stuff. so every time I see someone say they’re rude and arrogant, I want you to know that they’re not and whoever says that is probably attention seeking and wanting to cause shit. they’re so down to earth saying how much fame they’ve claimed and they’re SO appreciative of the support they have.


Kyoko didnt gave Ren choco before and now she finally acknowledge her feelings she decided to give him this time

“Uhmmm…Tsurugu-san, happy valentine’s day..” (♥→o←♥)

Ren is very happy he could not help but smile so every brightly(..and blindly)

“Thank you”  ♥ℒᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥ 

Bet ya all he wants is to kiss da girl  (/▽\*)。o○♡

(●´∀`)ノ♡ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY♡o。(๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)。o♡


That was years ago so yeah decided to fantasize on my own haha. And Ren’s hairstyle in the newer chapters slay me a lot (♡ >ω< ♡)

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Early Valentine PART 1 (Requested)

Dylan and you spent the whole day running random errands around town. It was getting late and you two had done everything you needed to take care of, so Dylan invites you back to his apartment to maybe watch a movie. When you enter his apartment and he turns on the lights, you see a beautiful dinner waiting for you on his dining room table. You also see flowers everywhere, and pink hearts all over the floor. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran starts playing and Dylan grabs you into his arms and starts swaying back and forth to the beat.

“Dylan! What is all this?!” You say nervously. It was all so romantic but you didn’t know what his motive behind this whole thing could be.

“Well, you were going to be busy on valentines day, and I’m going to be busy every day leading up to it, so I wanted to bring valentines day to you instead of skipping it like we planned this year.”

“How did you make the dinner?”

“I had a famous cook come over and make it.”

“Really?! Who! Would I be familiar with them?!”

“Yes, very! His name is tyler posey.”

“Woowww, Dyl. Not funny. But very clever. I thought you meant an actual professional chef.”

“I never said they were professional, I just said they were famous and cooked. The food may not be too edible but he tried so that counts.” You don’t even care how the food will taste, all that matters in this moment is the fact that Dylan cares about you this much to put this together.

You guys stop dancing and Dylan takes you over to the table. The two of you eat the dinner tyler prepared and talk about things for a while. You hop on Dylan’s kitchen counter as he begins to wash the dishes.

“So. What did you think about this whole thing? Was it too much? I told tyler to keep the decorations and food simple.”

“It was perfect! Very romantic. This whole day was a great early valentines.” Dylan dries his hands on his pants and inches toward you.

“Well good, I wanted it to be special because you mean something to me and you deserve to know it. We just never get to do stuff like this.” He wraps his hands around your waist as you both lean in to kiss each other. You lock lips and you start to run your hands into Dylan’s hair. His touches were gentle but this still made you nervous. You could never get over how good of a kisser Dylan was. You always felt inexperienced compared to him. He kisses your neck gently and your whole body feels it. You remove your hands from his neck and hair and intertwine your fingers with his. You get up the courage to reach for his shirt and pull it up, which reveals his chest and happy trail. It wasn’t surprising to see that he has moles on the rest of his body since they were all over his face. You start to kiss fast and harder as Dylan grabs you and takes you off the counter. He carries you into his bedroom and shuts the door.

Valentine's Day

context: Snow Queen story line never happened, but Robin did eventually leave Marian. 4 months in to the relationship. Also, thank you trina-deckers and Hailey

It’s not until Regina sends him to the grocery store that he realizes something’s up. The store is decorated with pink and red hearts coated with glitter and sparkles. All his regular food comes in heart shapes, and there’s a half-naked baby printed on all the cookie boxes. He thinks this town has gone mad. He stops by Granny’s on the way home to pick up a coffee for Regina, and sees the same thing. A banner of hearts is hung up above the kitchen counter. The door chime rings and he turns around to see Henry.

“Henry!” he greets his soon to be stepson, or so he hopes if all goes according to plan and she says yes.

A rosy-cheeked Henry approaches and smiles. “Robin? What are you doing here? I thought mom sent you to the grocery store.” He asks

“Aye, she did, but I stopped by Granny’s to pick her up a coffee.” He explains. “Henry why is this town decorated in hearts, is this something usual for this land?” his brows furrow from confusion.

The boy lets out a soft chuckle. “It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow.”

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