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A Very Tasertricks December
Day 16: Morning rituals
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The coffee downstairs grows cold, but here in her arms it is warm.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS @sheepsprite! I hope you like it! 

Somehow, it went from ‘Lavilena–cozy and christmasy’ to ‘christmas dance’ to ‘Princess!Lenalee&Wanderer!Lavi AU’ to ‘lenalee would look nice in a red dress’ to ‘lavi is so smitten and everyone&their cats can tell’ to ‘enGAGEMENt rinGS’. The christmas got lost somewhere in translation… Yeah– well, It looks like I skipped Christmas and dove into New Years. 

This is my contribution to @dgmsecretsanta2016. Thank you for putting this all together; it was really fun. :) <3

 This year, Kyoko's Christmas gift is...? 

midnightstarlightwrites this is the most fluffy and Christmas related I could think of… I hope you like it! ▽・ω・▽

As requested by anonymous, a simple guide (more accurately, a list of important plot points, so not too in depth), broken down by episode, to remember when auditioning/playing out a canon season five Rachel Berry!

Please keep in mind that this does reference both Finn Hudson and The Quarterback, and I skipped Previously Unaired Christmas as it’s not ‘canon’ for this timeframe. 

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Doctor Who Confidential: David Tennant Per Episode

New New Doctor (2x01)