i skip christmas

 This year, Kyoko's Christmas gift is...? 

midnightstarlightwrites this is the most fluffy and Christmas related I could think of… I hope you like it! ▽・ω・▽


A Very Tasertricks December
Day 16: Morning rituals
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The coffee downstairs grows cold, but here in her arms it is warm.

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“I’m not coming home, Mom,” she spoke as she walked out of the house. “Because I don’t want to. Everybody just stares at me, and Aunt Rosa always says things will get better, and I don’t need to hear it anymore, because if I do, I’ll snap. I just don’t think it’s a good idea, okay? I’ll be fine where I am, and no; I do not want you or Dad to come down. You have your fun with Ren and whatever she decides to do, but I’m not into it. I need to go, Elijah’s on the other line, I love you,” she said before hanging up and putting her phone in her pocket. “Fuck it, I’m skipping Christmas,” she said as she sat on the steps.