i sketched something a while ago


Hi guys! , Here at last, after God know how many days I bring something that I really take time to do, I was asked a long time ago if I could draw Nova; And well , at first he had made many sketches, but to be honest he was not convinced at all, so i wait and then there was some light of inspiration.
So here at last I have some drawings of Nova

1. Little Nova and his father spend quality time together

2.I wanted to draw Amanda and Nova together, so just imagine running away from the guards while they start a tour

I hope you like guys, and I really regret the delay

I hope in the heart that the drawings are to your liking Mr.Eva and marionette

Nova belongs to @mrevaunit42 and @marionette-j2x

It’s been a while since I last inked anything traditionally and had it turn out nice :’)
Wanted to try out one of the glittery Sakura Gelly Roll pens I randomly got in a small bunch of art stuff my dad got for free from a yard-sale or something, and figured the gold would make for a lovely accent!

This is kind of influenced/based off a sketch set I did like, two years ago? Three maybe? Mostly just the pose tho OTL

Also part of the reason I’m posting this is to let others know that I probably won’t be posting much - if at all - in the next little while.
My grandpa suddenly passed away around 11:30 last night after being diagnosed with leukemia a couple weeks ago at the most, and it’s hit us really hard, especially since it’s almost exactly two years after my grandma passed away under pretty similar circumstances.

I’m just really not feeling inspired or motivated to do a whole lot right now… which also goes to answering asks and such :/
[I promise I’ll get to them when I’m feelin’ up for it, though!]

However! I’m still super pumped for RWBY Vol. 4 though!! :)
I’m really diggin’ some of the new outfits they’ve been revealing!

Also holy shit, why are there no decent purples in both my Crayola and Prismacolor sets???? It’s all just this pink/red bullshit, lmao [that or it’s a super dark, blue-tinted purple]

//OOC: while looking through old pictures I found this sketch I did a couple of weeks ago. It was an Modern AU Idea where Ban is breaking into an rich families house to rob it but end up running into the daughter of the mansion who was currently preparing herself to go to bed in her room. The next scene is Elaine beeing tied to a chair while Ban is searching through her stuff in hope to find something worth stealing but all he keeps finding are teddybears while Elaine blushes furriously and screams at him in anger. (All those teddy bears where a present by her dear brother cough)


I started this a little while ago but i’m not very sure if i will end it so i post it here anyway. Sorry.
Lately i feel insecure about my art, i didn’t draw, or just horrible scratches, i feel bad. I feel like i’m not able to do something good anymore, and it’s scaring me. I can’t cheer myself up.

A while ago I watched the pilot of Syfy’s The Magicians - and it was already good enough, with all the potential darkness in it. Two days ago a friend of mine (yes, @bobsytherabbit, you!) finished the first book of the trilogy and screeched something incoherent in my direction, that ended with, “WE NEED THE FINEST FANART AVAILABLE TO HUMANITY AND WE WANT IT NOW”. She might also have added that all the nerdy guys need to be painted by yours truly, I’m really not sure about that. But I started sketching anyway. Today another friend of mine told me that “that young Michael Sheen guy steals the whole thing”.

Well. He does.

And I honestly added the apple BEFORE I realised the name of the actor was Hale APPLEMAN. It just drifted out of my subconsciousness, I guess… Or, just blame magic - that always works.))

You have no idea how well sketching him goes to Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Peek-A-Boo”, because honestly, peepshow, creepshow, were did you get those eyes?!)))


i haven’t been posting much art on here lately. here’s a little something i drew a while ago. i used a plain ole mechanical pencil & a relatively new tortillon {btw, if you haven’t used a tortillon (a blending stump, essentially - they also have another name that’s shorter & easier but i can’t remember it for some reason) i would recommend you try one out, because they make shading a hell of a lot easier. newer ones can be used for lighter shading, while older ones that have been broken in can be used for the darker stuff. :) 

I got so excited at the demo reel yesterday that I thought HEY HO LET’S UPDATE AND COLOUR THAT SKETCH FROM A WHILE AGO :U (seriously, how cool was that demo reel?? music?? 3d model turnarounds?? christmas came three quarters of a year early this year)

he’s pointing to a display board of vital information, NOT flippin’ any birds to anyone.

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why don't you like kate????

okay, story time. i don’t hate her exactly, i’ll explain. i stanned her super hard around about when ghostbusters came out but then posts started appearing about her being transphobic and a gold-star lesbian n shit. her ‘fitzwilliam’ sketch from the big gay sketch show was about (i’m paraphrasing here but she said something like this) “a gender-confused boy who keeps asking his father for a vagina” idk the way she talks about it is just really gross. it was a while ago but i didn’t feel like i could continue to support her when she was poking fun at trans people. i blacklisted her bc i have a super weird morality complex and i felt terrible for ever having liked her and kinda wanted to avoid seeing her so i wouldn’t feel guilty???