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lmao i actually started working on this when i tried scouting for her first UR and didn’t get her and so i decided to draw her out of sheer spite :)))) but i never finished it… but now i figured her birthday would be a good occasion to finish this~ (plus i heard @sukutomo‘s holding a giveaway for this occasion and this might as well be my first time entering hehe)

1D Plus Sized Series // Versace on the Floor- Harry (Requested)

You and Harry have been dating for quite a while and you’ve loved every minute of it. He was far from the typical scum bags you were used to dating. You don’t really know how it happened but he is literally the man of your Dreams. You never thought someone of his status would look at you, none the less tell you he was falling in love with you. Throughout your time dating, he’s taken it slow. It wasn’t like you were inexperienced or anything, you hand your fun in uni. But you could still count the number of guys you’ve had sex with on one hand, but you both agreed that feelings had come faster than the two of you could even imagine, so why rush things. Now the two of you both had your needs, so of course you’ve fooled around plenty of times. Harry even got you to cum two times the night you both said that you love each other. But you both agreed that you wanted to wait to have sex till you knew that you weren’t rushing into things and weren’t letting your feeling cloud your judgment.

You’ve been a bigger girl all your life, and it took some time for you to feel confident in your own body. But your confidence was off the chart now. Of course, you’ve had your moments when you hated yourself, especially when the paps got an unflattering picture of you, or when the fans made rude comments, but you’ve learned to push them down. Your strong self-confidence is something you pride yourself on. Plus, you had that extra boost of confidence whenever Harry sent you those naughty texts when the two of you were away from each other.

You weren’t one to initiate those naughty texts, but you couldn’t help it tonight. You were missing Harry and earlier in the day you stumbled upon the song, “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars and it made you think of him. You were finally ready to have sex with Harry, to give your full self to him. You quickly typed out a text on your phone and sent it without a second thought.

Babe. I miss you so fucking much. How much longer are you going to be gone?

I miss you too. And I’ll be home tomorrow. I’ll be there when you get home from work.

Good. Cause I’m ready.

Ready for what, love?

Suddenly you didn’t know if you could start the naughty texts. You were getting shy. You knew Harry wouldn’t understand what you were hinting at. He was a guy after all, and with guys, you must be blunt and spell it out. But now you felt like you couldn’t say anything. You were trying to talk yourself into figuring out what to say when Harry sent you another few texts.



You weren’t the type of person to hide your feelings from Harry. He made it clear from the very start, that if this relationship was going to work the two of you had to have open communication between each other. But now you were scared to tell him. What if he wasn’t ready? You didn’t want to push him. You decided that you were just going to send him a link to the song. If he didn’t get it, or if he wasn’t ready, then you wouldn’t have the embarrassment of telling him. You quickly sent him the link to the song.

Just listen to this. https://open.spotify.com/track/0kN8xEmgMW9mh7UmDYHlJP

You set your phone on the side table by your bed. It had gotten later than you had realized and if you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t hundred percent sure you wanted to see Harry’s response to the song. Before you knew you the sound of your alarm clock was waking you up. You must have fallen asleep after you send Harry the song. You looked at the time, you had an hour to get ready before you needed to leave for a long day of work. You took a peek at your phone, but you didn’t have any text’s from Harry. You had a mix of emotions, you were happy that he hadn’t said no, but at the same time you would have hoped he would have at least made a cheeky little comment about you sending him something like that.

Your work day seemed to drag on. You were anxious to see your boyfriend. You missed him so much, but you were dying to find out what his reaction was to your confession.

When you pulled up to your small house, Harry’s black Range Rover was in the driveway, and a swarm of butterflies decided to take residence in your stomach. You were being silly, there was no need to be nervous, but you couldn’t help it.
The house was quiet. You figured Harry was taking a nap, exhausted from his day of travel. You kicked off your heals as you made your way into the kitchen. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a glass of red wine, which you happily picked up and took a sip. Placed next to the glass of wine was a beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses. You brought one of the long-stemmed roses to your nose and inhaled the beautiful scent. Suddenly, you noticed that there was note that had your name on it.

“Y/N. Every single day I am grateful for you. I’ve missed you so much. Come upstairs and find me. I love you. H.”

You quickly set the note down and made your way up to your room. The swarm of butterflies in your stomach were buzzing all over the place. You knew you would be nervous, but you didn’t think that you would be this excited.
When you make it to your room the door is closed, but you could hear Harry moving around from the other side of the door. You took a moment to calm yourself down before you opened the door.
Harry had truly outdone himself. The room was lit by a dozen or so candles, there were flower peddles on the floor, and he was sitting on your bed, sipping his wine while he waited for you.

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okay so i was hesitant to release this theme, because it is very code heavy. MOST of the editing needs to be done inside the code itself, so i do not recommend using this code unless you’re familiar enough with html to feel comfortable going inside the code and doing things.

this theme was built with character blogs in mind, it comes with tabs for an askbox, rules/full biography, character stat page & navigation page. In the character stats page there are clickable connections that open to new tabs where you can add details about their history/connection or whatever else.

Credit to @ncighbourhood for the tab code base (it’s amazing and so is her blog, go check it out!). This theme is dedicated to the tiny little group I have with @chasingxprongs and @mctherfvckers and our screwed up babies. xo

theme features.

  • 400 px posts size.
  • i-message style chat posts.
  • sidebar with 170x100px image
  • option for background image.
  • 10 font options
  • 4 font size options; 9 - 12px
  • 4 extra tabs formatted for: askbox/submit page, rules page, character stats page, navigation page.
  • features clickable ‘connections’ that open to formatted tabs for each connection.
  • supports all post types.
  • best viewed & formatted for chrome browsers

theme dimensions

  • Sidebar Image - 170 x 100 
  • Character Stats Page Images (x3) - 100 x 100
  • Connection Link Images - 40 x 40
  • Connection Tab Images - 210 x 410

terms of use.

  • do not remove credit.
  • do not use as a base.
  • do not redistribute/repost theme.
  • likes/reblogs appreciated.
  • enjoy!

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White ink “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” tattoo on the ankle. Tattoo artist: Jon Boy · Jonathan Valena

Fresh Start

This is actually the second part to Alive. Alive was the prologue and this is the first chapter! I hope you guys enjoy. 

I huffed as the he crisp autumn air seemed to bite at my cheeks as hurried inside my loft. I set my groceries down on the marble counter, and rubbed my hands together. Thank God I decided to turn the heat on before I left. I looked around the small home, boxes still cluttered the place, some empty others full of things.

I sighed and pushed a dainty hand through my hair, I definitely had to finish unpacking.I put the groceries up before making my way into the living room. I sat on the floor as I started pulling things out of box closest to me.The box was filled with old pictures, most of them memorized from looking at them so many times.

I pulled out the photo of my mom squinting at the camera with her mouth twisted into a scowl, he favorite purple sundress was blowing in the wind along with her curls. I could almost hear her telling me to knock it off and be serious for once.

I shook my head with a small smile on my lips and continued to unpack the box before moving on to the others.

By the time I was done with half of the boxes, the sun was no longer visible; instead the moon beamed through my window. The trees rapped on the glass loudly as the wind hadn’t seemed to settle.

Everything was so peaceful until loud footsteps from the floor above and faint music that seemed to get louder.

I stared at my ceiling as it shook gently, I could hear laughter and squeals of excitement, I grabbed my broom and hit the ceiling with the top of but the stomping came back twice as loud.

I definitely wasn’t going to deal with this all night, I grabbed my sneakers and exited my apartment.

My foot tapped impatiently as I waited for the elevator to open, who throws a party on a Sunday night?

The elevator dinged and the doors opened to reveal a couple making out, they didn’t even jumped away from each other when the doors opened they seemed to get more lost in each other.

My nose crinkled and my eyes narrowed in disgust at the couple as I stepped into the elevator, not that they would of noticed.

I was only going one floor up and it felt like the longest elevator ride of my life, I was awkwardly looking at everything but the couple next to me.

One of them moaned and I almost tripped over my feet at the sound as the doors opened.

I walked down the hallway following the loud music, before stopping in front of a a green door with the words “4b” across it,

I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer,

“Hey,” said a boy with hair that touched his shoulders, the tips were a dark purple and the rest was jet black. I wrapped my arms around myself as his eyes scanned me up and down. 

Clearing my throat to get his attention I asked, “Do you live in this Apartment?”

"Me? No, but I know the guy that does come on.” He said as he opened the door wider and walked through the crowd of people dancing. I would have envied how easily he squeezed through if I wasn’t focused on meeting the person that decided to the party in the first place. 

As I followed him through the apartment I noticed that it was similar to mine except everything was flipped, whereas my small living room was towards the right side his was on the left. The raven haired boy lead me to the kitchen where a group of guys were laughing loudly and drinking. 

“Harry! Someone’s here for you.” He said over the music to a boy that was sitting on a countertop with a couple guys surrounding him.

A pair of light green eyes locked with my dull brown ones,

I cleared my throat before speaking, or, well almost shouting because of the music, “Do you think you could keep the music down? I live in the apartment under you and I’d like to be able to sleep tonight.” I said confidently.

He looked at me for a moment before laughing, “You’re new here, yeah?” He paused for only a second before continuing, “Right, so you have no idea how things work yet. I’m not turning down my music,” he stated and let out a humorless chuckle.

“I could call the police and file a complaint.” I said my confident demeanor not faltering.

Good one, Why’d I even say I’d call the police? I was mentally slapping myself.

They all laughed and my face felt hot. I took a step back feeling small.

“Oi, if you want go ahead and call the police.” One of the boys said laughing.

“Can’t you just turn the music down a bit? I really need-”

“Hey you can either stay and enjoy the party,” Harry said with a small smirk on his lips, “or leave because you’re really killing my mood.”

I frowned and turned away from the group of boys feeling defeated. I walked as if the floor was fire as I pushed through sweaty bodies again; I heard a few complaints and I mumbled apologies. 

I couldn’t believe someone could be so rude and I thought Americans were bad.I got back on the elevator not accompanied by a kissing couple, thank God, and made it to my apartment furious.

I glanced at the clock on the small microwave above my stove, the green numbers showed that it was almost midnight.

I groaned and pulled off my shoes, the music and loud footsteps could still be heard above me but I tried my best to ignore it as I got ready for bed.

I closed my eyes and pulled the covers over my head but it was no use my body was restless and As I kept replaying what I said in my head I let out a groan and buried my face in my pillow; “I’m the biggest idiot. I could’ve said something witty instead of “I’m going to call the cops.” I thought.

As I closed my eyes I let the possible scenarios play in my head of what I could’ve said and the music faded out as my thoughts became louder.


A/N:  Sometimes when you’re having debilitating writer’s block, what you need is someone like @melissas173 whispering in your ear, sending you pictures, asking questions, and cheering you on with your feeble attempts to move past the block.  I think Secure is proof that she has a successful formula.  Thank you, Mel!!!!

As always, shoutout to my betas @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, and @emulateharry for reading, discussing and giving feedback.  No woman is an island.  Not with friends like this.

“Uhm, Jeffrey? May I, uhm, speak to you, uhm, in private?” my potential new client pulls at his lip while staring meaningfully at his manager.

I don’t flinch at the question. It’s to be expected. Still I tune my ear to their conversation when the office door doesn’t close all of the way.

“Harry,” the manager starts out reasonably, “We talked about new security since Mike is out on paternity leave.”

“Yes, but, uhm….how do I say this?” the celebrity is hesitant, obviously unwilling to voice the opinion I anticipate.

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@naosnotthetime said:

hey! i love your art so can you maybe make a llsif sr card thingy for tenko? and can the attribute be pure?

I hope you don’t mind that I used the tenko I drew yesterday!! here, now she’s a set with the others!


Opposite Gender Challenge - Havoc

Rules: Take a photo of your favorite sim in their usual gender/look/makeup/style etc and then take an after photo of them completely genderbended. You may edit their features to match the original sim’s face if needed. Tag 10 other people & tag your challenge with #simsgbd

Tagged by @ninjaofthepurplethings. I may or may not have also done the two sets of gen 3 twins for this too XD And taken loads of pictures of them all >> (Don’t worry Ninja, I’ll only tag you in this one, promise XD) I’ll try to spread the posts out so not to spam everyone with these ;P

I was so happy to see all of Hav’s tattoos actually moved over perfectly! So of course Male!Havoc had to wear a top that shows them off ;)

Don’t know who to tag, seen so many people already doing these. Feel free to tag yourselves if you wanna do it!