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hey! i love your art so can you maybe make a llsif sr card thingy for tenko? and can the attribute be pure?

I hope you don’t mind that I used the tenko I drew yesterday!! here, now she’s a set with the others!

1D Plus Sized Series // Versace on the Floor- Harry (Requested)

You and Harry have been dating for quite a while and you’ve loved every minute of it. He was far from the typical scum bags you were used to dating. You don’t really know how it happened but he is literally the man of your Dreams. You never thought someone of his status would look at you, none the less tell you he was falling in love with you. Throughout your time dating, he’s taken it slow. It wasn’t like you were inexperienced or anything, you hand your fun in uni. But you could still count the number of guys you’ve had sex with on one hand, but you both agreed that feelings had come faster than the two of you could even imagine, so why rush things. Now the two of you both had your needs, so of course you’ve fooled around plenty of times. Harry even got you to cum two times the night you both said that you love each other. But you both agreed that you wanted to wait to have sex till you knew that you weren’t rushing into things and weren’t letting your feeling cloud your judgment.

You’ve been a bigger girl all your life, and it took some time for you to feel confident in your own body. But your confidence was off the chart now. Of course, you’ve had your moments when you hated yourself, especially when the paps got an unflattering picture of you, or when the fans made rude comments, but you’ve learned to push them down. Your strong self-confidence is something you pride yourself on. Plus, you had that extra boost of confidence whenever Harry sent you those naughty texts when the two of you were away from each other.

You weren’t one to initiate those naughty texts, but you couldn’t help it tonight. You were missing Harry and earlier in the day you stumbled upon the song, “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars and it made you think of him. You were finally ready to have sex with Harry, to give your full self to him. You quickly typed out a text on your phone and sent it without a second thought.

Babe. I miss you so fucking much. How much longer are you going to be gone?

I miss you too. And I’ll be home tomorrow. I’ll be there when you get home from work.

Good. Cause I’m ready.

Ready for what, love?

Suddenly you didn’t know if you could start the naughty texts. You were getting shy. You knew Harry wouldn’t understand what you were hinting at. He was a guy after all, and with guys, you must be blunt and spell it out. But now you felt like you couldn’t say anything. You were trying to talk yourself into figuring out what to say when Harry sent you another few texts.



You weren’t the type of person to hide your feelings from Harry. He made it clear from the very start, that if this relationship was going to work the two of you had to have open communication between each other. But now you were scared to tell him. What if he wasn’t ready? You didn’t want to push him. You decided that you were just going to send him a link to the song. If he didn’t get it, or if he wasn’t ready, then you wouldn’t have the embarrassment of telling him. You quickly sent him the link to the song.

Just listen to this. https://open.spotify.com/track/0kN8xEmgMW9mh7UmDYHlJP

You set your phone on the side table by your bed. It had gotten later than you had realized and if you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t hundred percent sure you wanted to see Harry’s response to the song. Before you knew you the sound of your alarm clock was waking you up. You must have fallen asleep after you send Harry the song. You looked at the time, you had an hour to get ready before you needed to leave for a long day of work. You took a peek at your phone, but you didn’t have any text’s from Harry. You had a mix of emotions, you were happy that he hadn’t said no, but at the same time you would have hoped he would have at least made a cheeky little comment about you sending him something like that.

Your work day seemed to drag on. You were anxious to see your boyfriend. You missed him so much, but you were dying to find out what his reaction was to your confession.

When you pulled up to your small house, Harry’s black Range Rover was in the driveway, and a swarm of butterflies decided to take residence in your stomach. You were being silly, there was no need to be nervous, but you couldn’t help it.
The house was quiet. You figured Harry was taking a nap, exhausted from his day of travel. You kicked off your heals as you made your way into the kitchen. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a glass of red wine, which you happily picked up and took a sip. Placed next to the glass of wine was a beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses. You brought one of the long-stemmed roses to your nose and inhaled the beautiful scent. Suddenly, you noticed that there was note that had your name on it.

“Y/N. Every single day I am grateful for you. I’ve missed you so much. Come upstairs and find me. I love you. H.”

You quickly set the note down and made your way up to your room. The swarm of butterflies in your stomach were buzzing all over the place. You knew you would be nervous, but you didn’t think that you would be this excited.
When you make it to your room the door is closed, but you could hear Harry moving around from the other side of the door. You took a moment to calm yourself down before you opened the door.
Harry had truly outdone himself. The room was lit by a dozen or so candles, there were flower peddles on the floor, and he was sitting on your bed, sipping his wine while he waited for you.

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@freakumdress suggested i draw miki and luka and of course, i know no moderation so the sketch turned into a full project 😂 i havent drawn either of these two in so long haha, its good to be back

White ink “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” tattoo on the ankle. Tattoo artist: Jon Boy · Jonathan Valena


au: Justin Bieber admits that Harry Styles is his favorite member of One Direction and people can’t stop asking them about each other.  


#IAmNotAFruit Promotes Women Wearing Whatever The Hell They Want

Reading a women’s magazine is an emotional roller coaster. “Eat What You Want!” headlines immediately follow “How To Lose 10 Pounds FAST” advertisements. “Being Single Rocks!” stories make way for “100 Looks To Land A Husband” listicles. And when it comes to fashion advice, the message is pretty clear across the board: you should be dressing your body according to what fruit it most resembles. 

oftd featuring. tezri propie

1D Plus Sized Series // Lovers Heartbreak (Submission)- Harry

Everything was over. As soon as I saw him sitting, waiting patiently for me inside the warm confinements of the coffee shop, I knew my time with him has come to an end. But I saw it coming. I prepared myself a week in advance but now that I’m here, nothing seemed to change, I still loved him and now, he’s going to leave.

I stood outside, hands in my maroon coat staring at Harry fumbling with his rings. He kept pulling them out and pushing them back onto his fingers. His brown coat hung on the chair and his sleeves from his black sweater were rolled up, showcasing his impressing ink. Harry called me to meet him an hour ago. It only took me 10 minutes to walk here but I was afraid. I don’t know if I could just sit there and sip on my beverage while he sat there breaking my heart.

Harry and I were just friends up until a month ago. He came to New York because his girlfriend of two years broke it off. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten involve with someone broken hearted but I couldn’t help. I did and I’m about to pay the price.

My insecurities were at an all time low when Harry came to town. The guy that I was seeing was embarrassed to be seen with me in front of his friends. HE said that I wasn’t the normal girl he’d go for and that a woman shouldn’t be heavier than a man. As shitty as that made me feel, I put that aside when Harry arrived. He needed me so I decided to put my body issues aside. We were both in a venerable state so falling for him was so easy.

I took the deepest breath I could muster before walking into the nice warm shop, a small ring of a bell announcing my arrival. Harry immediately shot his head up and a small smile appeared at the corner of his lip. As I pulled my chair out to sit, Harry stood up and waiting until I was seated to sit.

“It’s chill out there innit’? ” Harry smiled as I shook the coat of me. A waiter came by and placed two hot chocolates in front of us with whip cream smothering the top, “Hope hot chocolates alright?”

“Yeah, hot chocolates perfect,” My hands covered the white mug hoping it’ll warm them up soon.

“How was work?” Harry asked avoiding the subject he really wanted to get to. He still thinks I’m completely oblivious to what we’re actually doing here.

“Work was fine,” I smiled taking a sip of my hot chocolate, not forgetting to wipe of the whip cream that was surely on my lip. A memory hit me as I cleaned off the whip cream with my finger and rubbed my fingers onto a napkin. Harry first kissed me because I had whip cream on my lower lip. I remember the way his tongue swiped my bottom lip oh-so very slowly before connecting our lips completely.

“Glad to hear that,” Harry said, staring at my lip as if he was too remembering our first kiss. I held onto my mug tighter to avoid his stare. He lightly shook his head and stared at his hands, “ y/n, we need to talk,” He finally said avoiding looking into my eyes. “I spoke to Nicole last week,” He was telling me something I already knew. I overheard them talking last Friday. He told her that he still loved her and that he needed to think things through.

I remember telling him I needed to leave because my sister was drunk and needed to crash at my place. I couldn’t even look at him. We had just finish being in between his sheets. We made love because I was stupid enough to fall in love with him. “She said she made a mistake and still loved me. She left Jacob.”

Jacob was the guy Nicole left Harry for. She said she was confused and wanted time away from Harry. Saying that I liked her was a lie but I respected her for Harry. Up until he came crying saying the she ripped his heart out. Twice. She was confused more than once but she didn’t break up with him the first time, she just talked to that guy behind his back.

“Y/N, I love her and I think she deserves a second chance.” Second? This was the third time and she still decided to fuck up. “She needs me.” Funny, I do too, “Please forgive me.”

“Harry,” I sighed, “There’s nothing to forgive.” I didn’t regret any thing we had.

Harry shook his head, “Yes there is. I thought being with you was going to thaw my cold heart and it did,” He smiled, “ The way you always manage to make me smile, the way you defended me, all those stolen kisses…” He sighed. I bit my lip hoping I didn’t bite down to hard because of the emotional storm that was going on inside me. I must remain calm but he wasn’t making it easy. “And I know after this, staying friends probably isn’t an option anymore.” He frowned, “Just know you’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

I attempted to open my mouth and push some words out but I couldn’t. I just settled with a simple nod.

“Thank you for understanding,” Harry wrapped his hands around mine as I held onto my mug for dear life. My heart was breaking but my face showed a complete different expression.

“I hope everything works out for you both,” I forced a smile. Lies. “So when do you leave?” If I sounded harsh, I didn’t mean too but I needed to think about something else other Harry being happy with someone who didn’t deserve him.

“Tomorrow,” He frowned. Shouldn’t you be happy? I thought, “I was… you, never mind.”

“No, go ahead.” I encouraged him.

“Well, I was wondering if you’ll go with me to the airport?”

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have encouraged him. I wanted this to be our goodbye but I knew Harry. He wanted to stay friends. Even after our sex filled month we had. I couldn’t watch him get on a plane knowing he was leaving with my heart. I blinked a couple of times before nodding agreeing to his request.

“Great, thank you.” He didn’t try to take back his request because he knew if I thought about it more, I’d say no. He knew me so well.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” I smiled as I stood up getting ready to leave

“So soon?” I needed to be alone right now. I don’t know how long I could keep this happy-go-lucky attitude for much longer.

“Yeah, I’m a bit tired.” I lied, slipping my coat on. I took out a $10 and placed on the table.

“No,” Harry said handing me the money, “I paid for yours too.” He stood up and put on his coat, “I’ll walk you home.”

“You don’t have to,”

“I want too,” He genuinely smiled, his dimples on full display. I wanted to be angry with him but I couldn’t. I loved him. I smiled and walked out of the shop into the cold New York air. Unlike earlier, it was snowing. The night would be perfect if my heart was in one piece.

Harry and I walked down the snowy white sidewalk, talking about everything except what the reason we went out tonight. I’d glanced to my left and I see the puff of Harry’s breath when he talked or laughed. I enjoyed seeing the way the snowflakes fell onto his eyelash before melting away. He’s soft rosy lip’s redder than usual because of the cold weather along with his cheeks.

Harry had been a wreck when he came 2 months ago. He cried endlessly on my chest as he held on to me. He didn’t deserve to go through so much hurt. He kept blaming himself and asking why he wasn’t good enough. “Nothing, you are the most loving, caring, amazing human being and anyone who doesn’t see that doesn’t deserve you.” I said to him countless times.

“Well, we’re here,” Harry said, distracting me from my thoughts. I glanced at my apartment building. Him and I had so many nights here. Stolen kisses, moaning in the darkness, there was love there but it was one sided.

“Yeah,” I breathed as I step forward in front of the entrance. I turned to Harry and I stared into his oceanic green eyes. I wanted to invite him in but that would be a mistake. As I stared into his eyes I remembered all the great times we had, when we went bowling, or when we decided to drive out into the country. We made love in the back seat that night. My bottom lip starting quivering, I’m not sure if it was the cold or if my walls were finally tumbling down.

“Y/n” Harry whispered. I erased every though and grabbed him by his collared coat. My lips crashed onto his and he didn’t hesitate to kiss back. Harry didn’t push me away; he needed this as much as I did. I pulled back for a second before connecting our lips again. Harry managed to push me against the wall so my back had some support while one hand caressed my cheek and the other holding my waist.

“This is the last time I’ll ever feel your lips against mine,” I whispered as I moved away from him. I went into the building and made a dash for the stairs. That was my goodbye. I wasn’t going to the airport tomorrow. That kiss was the last of everything. All I have left is my broke heart.

-Submission from AnonymousFriend