i sit at home and act like a cat

Okay hear me out here:

If owls do this, then that means owls also apply to “if I fits, I sits” logic. So if this logic applies to both cats AND owls that means there is a high possibility that Tsukki comes home to Bokuto, Kuroo, and even Akaashi in compromising, seemingly uncomfortable positions more often than not. But he’s the only one who doesn’t do this so while he’s confused, the other three just act like it’s normal and don’t understand why he’s so put off by it?? He comes in like “what the fuck”; they’re all stuffed in weird shapes and corners and they’re just like “??? What’s wrong Tsukki?” because they genuinely have no clue how weird they are.

Tsukki expects this kind of behavior from Kuroo and Bokuto but Akaashi’s the weirdest one of them all and he’s so thrown by this.