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Summary:  “Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone-and finding that’s okay with them.” Alain de Botton; Yuri and Otabek being weird and domestic with each other.




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Okay hear me out here:

If owls do this, then that means owls also apply to “if I fits, I sits” logic. So if this logic applies to both cats AND owls that means there is a high possibility that Tsukki comes home to Bokuto, Kuroo, and even Akaashi in compromising, seemingly uncomfortable positions more often than not. But he’s the only one who doesn’t do this so while he’s confused, the other three just act like it’s normal and don’t understand why he’s so put off by it?? He comes in like “what the fuck”; they’re all stuffed in weird shapes and corners and they’re just like “??? What’s wrong Tsukki?” because they genuinely have no clue how weird they are.

Tsukki expects this kind of behavior from Kuroo and Bokuto but Akaashi’s the weirdest one of them all and he’s so thrown by this.

anonymous asked:

"Are you sabotaging my dates?!" - Supercat

“Are you sabotaging my dates!?” Kara demanded in a harsh whisper. Wine was splattered down the chest of her pale pink dress in a shocking explosion of color, droplets running down to ruin the fabric as far as mid-thigh before hitting the distressingly visible skin above Kara’s knee. Since when did Kara wear dresses that put her legs on such tempting public display?

“Oops,” Cat said, holding up her empty wine glass in a gesture of ‘what can you do?’ “I’m so sorry, Kiera, perhaps I’ve had one too many of these. You know how clumsy I can get after a few glasses of wine.”

She only said it to relish the sheer outrage that spread across Kara’s face. “I  - you -” she stuttered, too kind to say aloud in public that as Cat’s assistant for two years, she was well aware that Cat was basically a functional alcoholic and it would take a few bottles of wine to make her stumble.

The heated outrage on Kara’s face sparked something inside her, a deep satisfaction that was partly petty, but partly something else, something that craved being the undivided focus of Kara’s attention…

Lena Luthor’s hand on Kara’s arm was like a bucket of cold water. Even worse was the expression of gentle concern that the arm was attached to. “Kara, are you alright? Why don’t we get you cleaned up…” she suggested, and Kara’s attention was diverted entirely as she beamed at her savior.

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armoredalchemist611  asked:

Oh hi. I was wondering if you could give some seiyuu facts abt morikawa toshiyuki (even the funny ones would do if its ok for you)? Thanks :) oh and also facts abt hino satoshi as well since I only know that he voices yandere characters. Thanks so much. I Really like your blog.

I’ll do Morikawa’s since it’s his birthday. Man, this has been sitting in my inbox for 9 months. lol sorry about that.

Happy birthday, Morikawa, you’re already 48. Please act more adult like. lol

  • Born in Kanagawa, January 26 1967, he has one younger brother.
  • His favorite animals are dogs and pandas.
  • He hates snakes and cockroaches the most
  • Growing up, he said that his childhood home was full of cats, which he calls “Morikawa Family’s Daughters”
  • His favorite book from childhood was The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 
  • He originally wanted to be a Physical Education teacher but a certain accident prevented him from doing that, so, he ended up as a seiyuu.
  • He was a member of the American Football team and the Judo club when he was in high school and middle school.
  • His least favorite foods are milk and broccoli (seriously, grow up already)
  • Meat is his number one favorite, he likes it so much that Kamiya Hiroshi and Suzumura Kenichi calls him “Nama-niku-senpai” or “Raw Meat-senpai”.
  • If it’s a rainy day, you can count on him to be always late. He does not regularly bring umbrellas so, he ends up buying one every single time it rains and he’s outside. As a consequence, he says his house is almost like an umbrella shop now, with all of the umbrellas he has bought.
  • He has this habit of picking up and helping small animals in the middle of the road, be it frozen birds or frogs that wants to cross to the other side of the road.
  • He had mentored Hirakawa Daisuke, Seki Tomokazu and Konishi Katsuyuki.
  • According to Kamiya Hiroshi, Morikawa is one of the few people who are the worst choice for hosting events (because he had reduced Kamiya to almost tears during the recent Kamigami no Asobi event).
  • Kamiya also hates the fact that Morikawa calls him “Piroshi”.
  • He had once ditched a recording session, because he went and watched his favorite baseball team’s game. Unfortunately, he got found out and was reprimanded. LOL
  • And speaking of recordings, he had once managed to break a mic used for recording because he was shouting too loud. pfft
  • Of course, Morikawa wouldn’t be Morikawa without his airhead moments. His most famous one was that he once bought a Playstation 2 console. But did not buy a memory card. He didn’t realize one needed a memory card to be able to play games on the PS2.
  • When buying clothes, he says that when he finds something, say, a shirt that he liked the design of, he’ll end up buying all the colors in which that shirt comes in, because he cannot pick at once while in the store. So he ends up with 3 or 5 different colors of the same shirt.
  • The extra clothes he has from buying the same colors of one item, he gives them all to his younger brother.
  • Once, while drunk, Hoshi Souichirou cornered him and confessed to him, “Senpai, I like you, I have a crush on you.” He still uses that to make fun of Hoshi, apparently.
  • He’s best friends with Miki Shinichirou, and MikiShin likes to hang out so much at the Axl-One office that his manager became worried, calling him and asking if he has any intention to join Axl-One.
  • One side of his office in the Axl-One HQ is literally, a wall of Matchbox cars.
  • He was once “kidnapped” by a group for a TV show and was made to camp in the mountains overnight. Of all the things he was hesitant to give up, it was his cellphone that he didn’t want to give up the most.
  • Onosaka Masaya once teased him about getting married and having children to inherit Axl-One, he replied that nope, he’s not getting married and would just have Fukuyama Jun inherit Axl-One.
  • He’s also has a close relationship with e-ZUKA from GRANRODEO, even calling him “Otousan”.
  • In 2007, while riding the Shinkansen, travelling for an event in Kyoto with Sugita Tomokazu and Hiyama Nobuyuki, a small kid ran up to Morikawa and called out “Daddy!”. Apparently, Sugita and Hiyama never let him hear the end of that.
  • Morikawa also has a lot of episodes with the police. So much, that he says he now gets nervous when he sees a police car nearby. lol
  • One time, he was walking home from an event, so he was carrying a suitcase along with him. Little did he know, an incident involving the yakuza has taken place nearby, and the police thought that he was suspicious, that’s why they brought him in to be investigated.
  • Another is after he had finished recording for a certain anime, he rode a taxi and went to a bar where there was a drinking party with his colleagues. As soon as he stepped out of the taxi, a police officer blocked his way and escorted him right into the police box, to be interrogated. Only after he showed them the script for the anime he was recording that they let him go.
  • He also gets flagged down while walking in the streets of Kabuki-cho, he was made to face the wall and was searched, even his bag, which only has anime scripts.
  • According to Hiyama, Morikawa is just too nice and kind, and he “definitely needs to be stern”.
  • Saiga Mitsuki is a member of his official fan club
  • Known as the “Emperor” among the BL fans, because of the sheer number of his seme roles
  • The list of the seiyuus whose “first time” in BL he had taken:

    Inoue Kazuhiko
    Okano Kosuke
    Kakihara Tetsuya
    Sakurai Takahiro
    Sugiyama Noriaki
    Suzuki Tatsuhisa
    Suzuki Chihiro
    Suzumura Kenichi
    Taniyama Kishou
    Hoshi Soichiro
    Fukuyama Jun
    Nakahara Shigeru
    Yuuki Hiro
    Yonaga Tsubasa
    Okitsu Kazuyuki

  • Apparently, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise listened to samples of his voice and decided themselves tha Morikawa is to be Cruise’s official dubber for Japanese.

And now. I leave you with random GIFs of him.

  • Playing janken and acchi muite with Ono Kensho:

  • Molesting Ono Kensho:

  • Morikawa and his fanboys

  • Morikawag hetting heckled by his fanboys:

  • The beautiful model, Toshiko, for divetodistraction ww

  • Getting asked on what’s the catchphrase of Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara, he answers:
    >Beef or Pork?
    >You see?
    >Beef or Chicken?

  • 2 year old Morikawa Toshiyuki and his mom:

My pets think I’ve lost it.

My family is out camping this weekend and I volunteered to watch the house and feed the pets. So I just finished binge eating a bunch of junk food to make myself feel better and I’m sitting on the couch (note I’m the only one home.) and I literally felt everything go blank and I sat up on the edge of the coach and just started crying. And since I’m the only one home I can say whatever I want and I was rambling out loud. And I said “Why can’t I just be f*cking okay for once?” And I was going on and on. I ended up sitting in the floor bawling like a baby and all of my cats and dogs are looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. Then my brother came in from work so now I have to act like I’m not a complete mental case.

1floweredcrown  asked:

i wanted to offer some further context to that ask you just got about con tabling - a lot of it also has to do with some of us being very, very unaccustomed to being in the limelight like the way you end up being at cons. being on a pedestal is terrifying, and especially if you approach an artist expecting them to act a certain way. we're all human, we're all exhausted, and we're essentially running our own business either just by ourselves or with maybe a few people helping us.

this is very true! most of my job (and my life) is just me sitting and drawing. i work from home and on an average day i will see 2 people (my fiancée and our room mate) and our 2 cats. i’m honestly a shut in and it’s not uncommon for me to go a full week without leaving my apartment building.

in contrast, most of the conventions i go to have anywhere between 25k-100k attendees and by sheer force of numbers i am outmatched and overwhelmed and usually end up losing my voice and my sanity. it is simultaneously gratifying and terrifying to have so many people look at, enjoy, and often recognize my work (or me) in person when typically i am just a some rube sitting at a desk working for hours upon hours.

i’m really grateful for my fans but the expectations can be kind of scary because in all honesty i am a very boring and easily overwhelmed person and not as cool as people probably want haha

External image

This is Sammy. Named after Sam Winchester as he has gas that could kill a man, puppy eyes I cannot resist, and may be possessed by the devil.

I adopted him shortly after buying my first home because I’m easily spooked living alone and needed something to protect me (cats just aren’t very good defenders.) He was at the Waco Humane Society, sitting calmly in his cage, just watching. I squeezed my hand in and petted, he just leaned his head into my hand. I decided he was the one.

That’s not to say there weren’t pitfalls. While his demeanor in the cage and his personality card said couch potato, this boy can RUN when he slips his leash or performs his Houdini act of escaping the backyard despite an electric fence and cinder blocks. And he likes to send me into panics, like right now. He’s suffering from an upper respiratory infection and sounds just awful and makes me ache that I can’t immediately fix it and also worry frantically that he’s not getting better fast enough (he is, I’ve been assured.)

But he’s my boy, in a house full of girls.