i sing this legit all the time

I firmly believe that there was a tiny fn-2187 who went on survival training with the rest of his unit and spent way too much time wandering around in the woods and being happy about birds 

(do you think he gives them all names? private, secret names, for the bird families he hears singing in the trees and also the squirrels and also whatever weird alien fauna lives in the forest. finn loves them all, they are his special friends.)

do you think there was a couple of grizzled lady freighter captains who crash-landed on the planet with their daughter and sort of………adopted this weird militaristic, regimented child who wandered out of the woods and occasionally leaves for days at a time only to slink back and eat all their food and listen to their stories and songs like he’s starving for them

one of them hugs him once, instinctively, and fn-2187 spends the whole cycle shaking, trying to forget the warmth and comfort and softness of that woman’s arms, trying to remind himself that the first order—

do you think he cries a little, when they manage to fix their thermo coupling, and the captain lays her heavy hand on his tiny shoulder and says, If you ever need us, okay? just call. we’ll come and get you, steal you away, just let us know, okay?

the first order comes for their unit seven days later, and finn tries very hard to forget, buries it in training and regimen and forgets, forgets, tries to forget. 

(if you ever—)

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Top 5 1D songs?

5. Drag Me Down-because it’s an absolute JAM. And the way they dropped the single/video out of freaking nowhere was genius. Also, this:

2. Little Things-a classic ballad. And remember on 1D Day when Harry legit sang the entire song to Louis & we all died? Good times

3. No Control-because, DUH. The way Harry is so extra about it gives me life. He’s all “my hubby wrote this about our sex lives so kiss me arse, y’all”

2. Don’t Forget Where You Belong-hearing it live in a stadium is just epic. And I kind of feel like it’s the boys’ singing to us “if you ever feel alone…don’t you are never on your own”

1. Gotta Be You-this was my introduction to One Direction and it holds a special place in my heart. Gorgeous harmonies, adorable, fetus OT5, plus Harry with a hickey in the music video= my all time fav

Hickey is hidden just under the white scarf…

Thanks for the cool ask btw!


I JUST. I LEGIT CAN’T. It’s like every time Killian Jones kisses Emma Swan’s hands angels sing, babies are born, hearts are healed, rainbows appear, unicorns become real. It’s all a beautiful, wonderful world when that happens. 

The hand he once held believing would go home with her but she locked him up out of fear is now the hand he can’t stop kissing. The hand that’s guided him towards heroism, kindness, nobility. The hand that’s shown him he needs to be better. The hand that’s graced his cheek when he’s been broken. And the fact that Emma will occasionally hold onto his hook is just as important because no one has loved Captain Hook. No one’s adored him. No one’s accepted him as everything that he is: brave, noble, and completely amazing. And Emma Swan does that. 

WE COULD HAPPEN (Rapmonster)
BTS (방탄소년단)
WE COULD HAPPEN (Rapmonster)

I sincerely feel people all overslept too much on namjoon’s we could happen.
it might be a cover of drake’s something, it’s still incredible.
I mean have you heard his singing voice ? forreal ?
legit one of my fave mixtapes/covers from him. I have no word to explain the way it makes me feel.

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Hi! I was just wondering what your vocal range is? (Roughly, of course). I've been trying to peg your vocal type for about a week now, and I've been struggling with it. Thank you! ^.^

((OOC: My vocal range (last time I checked) was C#3-E6. Vocal type? I have “Mezzo” on my resume, but I also sing some legit soprano stuff as well as Alto 2 in my all girls a cappella group…. so really who knows. If you figure it out, lemme know!))

Jimin as your bf (BTS)


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-the fLuffiEst

-has no chill so you would never live

-super cute and sweet and cares so much

-is constantly making sure you’re healthy and happy

-type to spoon feed you

-will probably cry the first time you tell him you have feelings for him

-will also tell everyone he possibly can

-will hug you all the time and pick you up and spin you around randomly too

-will legit fight anyone who says anything wrong to you

-will serenade you randomly and try to get you to sing along

-will also attempt to “rap” for you


-will smile at you for no reason and if you ask why he’ll just tell you you’re beautiful

-so cute but if he’s in confident mode WATCH OUT you’re done

-esp. when he comes back from a performance and he’s like “well jagi, how was i?” and he’s smirking because he knows exactly how he was

-super jealous and overprotective even around the other members

-will casually call you his whenever he possibly can

-holds  your hand all the time

-probably also tries to kiss you all the time even when you’re trying to say something dammit

-buys you things for no reason

-sends you pictures of a sunset or smthn and is like “This reminded me of you,” like chill

-so gentle with you

-but also really playful and teasing

-loves to laugh with you

-esp. at 3am for no reason

-hates when he say to sleep without you

-loves to see you wearing his clothes

-also loves when you compliment him bc it reassures him that you love him

-also cried the first time you told him you loved him

-probably called his parents to tell them

-will make sure that if you are together he is somehow touching you

-will let you do his makeup just to make you happy

-will also laugh at your bad jokes to make you happy

-is very ompliant and will go to get ice cream with you in the middle of the night

-casual dance parties with barely any clothes on also in the middle of the night for no reason

-will make a pillow fort with you

-tells you his deepest thoughts and talks to you when he’s feeling upset or stressed

-sometimes he just calls you to hear your voice even if he just saw you/is about to see you

-imagine the selcas this dork would send you

-you’re probably gonna get jealous of jungkook at some point

-still loves you the most though


-you are still unsure

-is very romantic and such a gentleman it scares you how nice a person can be

-this floof deserves all the love in the world

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🍉🌺 yooo

🍉- What would you do if you had one day with unlimited money to treat yourself? 

catch me going to every goddamn library/bookstores and buying any books i want. legit.

🌺- Name a song that reminds you of a happy moment in your life

I’m Alive by Celine Dion, reminds me of all those times when i was a kid and i’d watch Stuart Little with my sister and my mom loves Celine Dion so we’d constantly sing that song even now

Suga as a best friend

- helping him compose raps

- he’s ask for your opinion on every thing he writes 

- “okay but does this sound good? If it doesn’t tell me I can fix it”

- “Yoongi it’s perfect”

- long naps because he never stops sleeping and you just join 

- fighting about who has more swag 

- having him be extremely protective over you 

- he doesn’t admit it but he really cares about you 

- he’d literally interrogate any boyfriend you had because you deserve the best 

- pressuring you to sing with him while he raps 

- duet goals wow 

- complaining central whenever you want to go out and do things 

- he would legit judge you all the time 24/7

- whenever you say mushy best friend stuff he’d cringe 

- him being a grumpy grandpa 

- “could you not scream and just sleep that would be great" 

- and your just like ????? But it’s 3pm

-him really appreciating your friendship but he can NOT express that at all 

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Just realized...

…Riley and Lucas date for the better part of a school year and we see him at her house TWICE (TRW, Bear). Granted, nobody other than Maya goes to Riley’s house again until S16 as far as I know (aside from the singing bit outside the window in GMHM), but like…Lucas is Riley’s BOYFRIEND. Usually when you get together with someone after “waiting” to do so for literally years you spend lots and lots of time together. But nope.

They go on one group date (which we don’t even SEE), they talk in her Bay Window alone one time…and legit NOTHING of any consequence happens or evolves for them as far as being a couple goes. At all.

Riley has more of an ongoing arc with Zay’s cookie than she does with Lucas after Ski Lodge. Sheesh.

A Quintessential Review
  • Malfunction: :')
  • Blue Portals: bouncy bouncy bouncy
  • The Ballad of Delilah Morreo: iT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN
  • Love World of Love: oooo la la
  • Only Human: reblog for noises, this song is so nice
  • Salgexicon: David is basically singing about himself I cannot
  • Sleep Evil Sleep: MOM I'M HERE FOR YOU
  • Photographic Memories: sPINE,,
  • Leopold Expeditus: ULTIMATE PUPPER SONG
  • Dream Machine: It's a really pretty song but AT THE END I LEGIT JUMPED AND SCREAMED
  • Over all: Quintessential was worth waiting for, and worth the hype as well.

though there were many ups and downs, thank you so much for the amazing past 5+ years. we, as ledas, will never forget the many things you’ve done for us. we love you all ♡ 

“don’t you worry. cheers… to the good times and and let us sing again.” -hanbyul 

2015 Soul Train Awards...

me during the Babyface tribute:

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Then they fucked up and brought out my FAVORITE group of all time, Boyz II Men, and they started singing my FAVORITE song of all time, End of the Road:

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Somebody gotta add that Fantasia gif when they were walking her off stage because that legit was me.

We all know Luke can be an annoying orange and has a v boopable nose, so 

Imagine Luke annoying you so much sometimes that you resorted to booping his nose to turn him off. Like an alarm clock. 

The first time you did it was on a Saturday afternoon. You had decided to catch up on a bit work and he’d groaned for legit 45 minutes straight - tugging on your hair, bouncing on the bed, obnoxiously singing and playing guitar right in your ear, being loud and generally insufferable. So without really thinking you touched his nose, a high pitched “BOOP” escaping your lips. He just froze and looked at you stunned and confused, which genuinely surprised you. “Wow it actually worked?” And he’d muttered, unfreezing himself, “What did you do?” So you’d shrugged and told him that you pressed the off button, earning a puppy dog pout from him.

You’d do that every time he was getting on your nerves (which happened to be often), but being the little turd that he is he’d use it to his advantage and annoy you even more. You’d boop him and he’d sometimes stay frozen for way longer than you intended and when you’d tell him to get up and do something for you he’d mumble through still lips, “Can’t. I’m not on. You have to turn me on.” And that little idiot would have a stupid grin on his face and his eyebrows would be doing the thing and omg I could slap him

I legit shed real tears at the ending of black flag. That game was an emotional rollercoaster and that ending with Anne Bonny singing that song, Edward seeing all his friends around that table, it was too much. I cried. Then when pulled myself together I tried to describe the ending to my parents. And I cried again. Im an almost 19 year old dude, (17 at the time) and I still get a lump in my throat watching that ending or thinking about it. Fuckin masterpiece that game

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Post-Victorious Scope Recap:

  • Everyone is PUMPED about Victorious
  • He’s takin’ a break from da real weed
  • More vape less joints. Nice Beeb. Take care of your lungs <3
  • “Bitch betta have mah money”
  • He’s legit not stopped walking this entire time. Where is he going. Brendon please.
  • “I’m the opposite of Sarah Palin. I’m smart and liberal.”
  • He was listening to the demos of all the songs on the album. I want the album. Where is the album. Give it to me.
  • He likes the lyrics, “Turn up the crazy,” and the killer king line. (Queen reference!)
  • Psych he’s rolling a joint now.
  • Singing Frank Sinatra!
  • High beeb restarts a song because it’s so good.
  • Screamoooo
  • “Play some heavy music? I gotchu.” (He recommends Everytime I Die - New Junk Aesthetic.)
  • “‘Do a collab with the pope?’ Yo! Pope Frankie! He seems like he’s down for some shit. Let’s do it bruh.” *continues headbanging to heavy metal*
  • “Hey sorry this was boring but … but not really because … I’m not making you watch.” HAHAHA

daryl *as life flashes before his eyes* dying: the first time i cared about someone’s feelings and wanted to give this one person in the world some kind of comfort… i can still see the one teary smile she gave me in my head after all this time. that one time i thought the one i love more than anything was dead, then i found her alive and held her in my arms, safe. the baby and the cherokee rose as symbols of hope, also associated with the one… 

me: *sings You’re Still The One*   ♫ you’re still the one i run to  ♫ the one that i belong to  ♫ you’re still the one i want for life ♫ you’re still the one that i love  ♫ the only one i dream of  ♫