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hi! I saw your ask about your favorite dreampack art/fics and I wondered if you also have favorite rovinsky art/fics?

hey! yes!! art-wise, i’ve reblogged some rad ronan/k art on my raven cycle sideblog, you can find it in my fanart tag!

and then for fics, i actually havent read too many?! but here are a few i really enjoyed. mind the tags and warnings for each - our boy joey k is pretty much a content warning to begin with, so. that said:

  • juvenile by momebie - fast driving. shotgunning. kissing. this fic is actually perfect in like, every single way, and i think about it way too often. it’s super well-written and in character and just!! ahhh i love it so dang much okay *breathes heavily*
  • sic by tanyart - “one out of several of the same sober mornings.” kavinsky wakes up to a dreamt-up version of ronan, and my soul is singed just a bit more by the flame that is rovinsky.
  • cut your own breaks by kiiouex - a tale of ronan and partying told in kavinsky’s tone. who knew i could enjoy being in k’s head so much? as always, this author’s writing is an absolute treat.
  • breathe deep by ouroboros - a hp au in which ronan and k smoke gillyweed and things get dreamy. and steamy. lmao i’m the worst… but yeah, dumb rhymes aside, this one’s entertaining af.
  • this sin was mine alone by batmandeh and aweekofsaturdays - a solid mix of no-frills raw ronan/k and a little dash of gansey at the end. i actually just read this one last night!!
  • and then a lil bonus!! just because i can - this one’s actually kavinsky/gansey… just trust me on this one… read it. you won’t regret it. something that explodes by jouissant. the author nailed kavinsky’s character so well. feel free to come yell at me when you leave this fic with yet another rare trc ship.

happy reading!!

My Love, My Darling

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Thorin x Reader

Warnings: Soulful song. Flustered Thorin. Adorableness.

Word count: 1,658

Note: I hold no claim over Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers.

“Oh, my love, my darling,” you begin to sing softly, stoking the fire with a stick. “I’ve hungered for your touch a long lonely time.

If it was anything that tethered you to your world it was the songs that you brought with you; stuck in your head, stuck in your heart, they often played in a way to cope with having virtually disappeared from home. You woke up one morning with too far strong a breeze on your face to believe that anything was the way it should be. Never one to leave the window open more than a few inches overnight, you bolted up to find yourself surrounded with what looked to be some sort of ancient race.

You had never been so terrified.

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It is too early to talk about that. But I can say that I’m always making beats, and when I can hear Ezra singing on one of them in my head, I send it to him. That’s one of the ways that we’ve always worked together. In Vampire Weekend, I often express myself in terms of the bigger picture stuff with subconscious choices that I make while I’m making the music. In that way, I’m very different from Ezra, because he makes connections more explicitly in his head. Like, when we were writing the song “Diplomat’s Son” [from Contra], I wrote that lyric “it was ‘81,” but I couldn’t tell you what I was thinking about when I wrote it. For Ezra, it meant something different; he was thinking about Joe Strummer and the Clash and that line opened up a whole other connection for him. But for me it was much more instinctual. I don’t want to say that I never have conscious artistic choices, but it can be hard to think about why you make some of the choices that you make.
—  Rostam Batmanglij on Vampire Weekend’s LP4