i sing this all the time tbh

5 Things Tag Game

Thanks to the absolutely lovely @dirtydirtychimchim for tagging me in this!

5 things you will find in my bag

  • 2 choir binders
  • gum
  • glasses
  • loads of cough drops and headache pills lol
  • lucky pencils!!

5 things you will find in my room

  • giant teddy bear (aka Twixgerald)
  • a crap ton of art stuff literally all over the ground
  • a mountain of sheet music on my music stand
  • my lil keyboard!
  • me, asleep lmao

5 things that make me happy

  • singing all the time, 24/7
  • dogs
  • talking to my friends/mutuals!!
  • anything that makes me laugh tbh

5 things I am currently into

  • watching repeats of the amas bc bts actually killed it
  • photoshop/editing! it’s super fun! even if I suck at it lmao
  • drawing/painting
  • throwing myself into work, aka anything that will keep me busy
  • I’ve watched like 7 straight hours of youtube does that count

5 people I’m tagging


*there are way more namjoon tracks but this list was getting too long* *just peep his mixtape and soundcloud*

1. Rap Monster by Rap Monster

This is Namjoon’s take on “look at me now” by Chris Brown and a.k.a the first ever song to be represented by Bangtan Sonyeondan as it was the first ever track on BTS’s official soundcloud.

This is an introduction to Rap Monster as an artist and a lit track. This shit was a bop!

2. Too much by Rap Monster

This song is extremely meaningful and Namjoon’s voice sounds breathtaking. This was Namjoon’s reflection of the B-free incident. He mentions how he shouldn’t take B-free’s hate to his heart and not to over think criticism. In the beginning he sounds really hurt but omg towards the end he is going hard, and it gives me old school rap vibes.

3. Unpack your bags by Rap Monster

This song is a huge middle finger to the underground rap community who looks down on idol rappers. This was a collab with the show 4 things where he mentions how hard it was him to pursue hip hop. He mentioned 4 struggles he faced in the industry. Check out the episode, the show also shows how he interacts with his producers and Bang PDnim and this was where the really famous “ Solo, or Bangtan” moment was born. We really got to know Namjoon as an artist personally and his teenage days.This is complimented with a really cute music video.

4. P.D.D (Please Don’t Die) by Rap Monster

This is a track where he collabed with Warren G  prior to his mixtape in L.A and this gives me chills because of that prominent West Coast feel. Check out the MV and the naver behind the scenes.

5. Something by Rap Monster (a.k.a my all time favourite song I don’t know why tbh)

HOLY SHIT THIS SONG TAKES ME WAY BACK! I feel as if nowadays the producers really autotune Namjoon’s singing voice and make it really shaky but hear you can prominently really hear his singing skills and It is such a sexy love song. It really gives your romantic feels and reflects on a sad teenage love story.

6. Where u At by Rap Monster


Here we have high school Namjoon talking about how school has gotten the best of him. In a culture where education and status are everything, he talks about letting his parents down and confessing to his relatives about his future in Hip-Hop. Its an extremely relatable track where you think about where you want to head in the future.

7. Favourite Girl by Rap Monster

This is such a cute fuckboy song omg Namjoon’s voice is so cute in this. Young love amirite.

But I have a secret meme with this song. In 6th grade I accidentally blasted this and my teacher started singing along to it since the chorus is in english and ever since my friends have been taunting me with this song.

8. Monterlude by Rap Monster

The instrumental to this was included in the Skool Luv Affair album. This is in english and this is such a cute love song. Namjoon would spoil his girlfriend omg.

9. Promethus by Yankie feat Rap Monster

Namjoon teamed up with some popular K-rappers and his verse in this made my pussy drop BUT EVERYONE IN THIS SONG DID SO AMAZING THIS IS SUCH A TURNT SONG I WAS JAMMING TOO HARD

This song is based off of the seven sins and Namjoon plays lust..ofc.

He uses some sick korean wordplay.

10. Bucku Bucku by MFBTY feat Rap Monster

MFBTY are already korean hip hop legends and the fact that such “old” and wise rappers decided to have Namjoon feature is an honor. 

He also had a little role in another one of their mvs here

11.   PRIMARY (프라이머리) - U (Feat. Kwon Jin Ah 권진아, Rap Monster 랩

This song is really relaxing and I love Primary’s beats and Kwon Jin Ah’s soothing voice, But Namjoon’s soothing rap was so sexy. It was just so hot omg.

12. Awakening by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song was from his mixtape which you absolutely need to check out and I suggest you see his other music videos such as the legendary Do You  and Joke.

This song was extremely powerful and eye opening. Just ready the lyrics and you will know why.

“In  the moment of my failure
will someone hold my hand?
in the moment when I come down from the stage
will that person be next to me?
just tell me that I can survive
in this cold world, just feel my vibe
every night inside me I quietly fight with myself
my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back
while saying that I became a moron after joining a company
yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol
at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title”

13. I believe by Rap Monster

Extremely uplifting and it brings you a huge amount of self-confidence, its a self-loving song and its a self reminder to always believe in yourself no matter how much you fall. Also has a little appearance from Jimin.

14. God Rap By Rap Monster

This song talks about Namjoon being an athiest but also has a message for believers. It talks about controlling your own life and to be your own idol. It says how you have the power of god in you and how you are extraordinary.

15. Throw Away by Rap Monster


“got an automatic dick”

16. Rush by Rap Monster feat Krizz Kaliko also from his mixtape

Funny story this is how they got together and created this lit korean meets american rap track.

Namjoon goes really hard in this, check it out!

17. Drifting by Rap Monster also from his Mixtape

This song has a theme that goes with “Reflection” and “Always”, He says how his thoughts are drifting and how feels lost (almost like the track lost in wings). Its put you in a trance where you, yourself starts to think about where you are in life and what purpose you have. 

18. Life by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song got me tripping because Namjoon is a lyrical genius. The amount of questions this song got me saying is insane. Just read.

“ the little me inside myself was always lonely
why is there no opposite word of loneliness?
could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?
it’s necessary to seek a moment to be alone
yeah that’s a life
we live inside danger
through the reward that makes us able to see this beautiful world “

were we born to die, were we born to live
are we living to die, or are we dying to live
the nametag with my name on it, is that my life?
or is it death

who knows…

life, fall in love
life receives injuries from us and
is lonely because of the wind and
we wanna be right
but always wrong
were we born to be wrong?
is life something like that?
(in the end, for our whole lives we don’t know what tomorrow will be)”

19. Monster by Rap Monster from his mixtape


20. Joke. (you should probably know this)

I really did’nt want to include this because his 2 most famous tracks are Do you and Joke and I wanted to keep this list to the underrated but tbvh I was really surprised when I figured out that people don’t know this track.


In this track he said how he is mocking rappers who only have good flow but no sense of meaningful lyrics. 

The lyrics in this song make no sense but the rap flow is too damn good. WHEN WATCHING THIS YOU WILL BE LIKE HONEY PLEASE BREATHE. HE RAPS SO FAST.


21. DO YOU BY RAP MONSTER ( (you should also probably know this)

In this track he talks about how at a young age society tells us what to be, how to look, what to wear, how to behave. He says fuck whatever they say and just do you.

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22. Fantastic by Rap Monster (from fantastic four)

I heard that fantastic four was shit but Namjoon got a chance to do a song for a movie which is a big deal for bangtan so WHOO

23. Illest Bitch

A really cute confession from Namjoon going through Puberty

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So I’m just saying, there are a lot of supercorp fics out there but tbh a lot of them I’m just like. Eh. About.

So here’s a list of my favorite supercorp authors and/or their fics—10/10 would recommend, and sure I may have only mentioned one fic, but if they’re on this list they’re quality all around and they’re good for all the fics (the ones I mention are just personally my fave). This will be a link to their ao3 page btw not their tumblr (and again–this is STRICTLY about supercorp fic, although if they do have other pairings lol i’ve read them they’re also good but then i’d need a longer list)

Sunlight Honey and Lavender Sunsets
honestly this is an amazing outside look at supercorp, featuring non-human “passing” aliens and a wonderfully crafted Jess the Secretary!!!

love all your fix it fics and oneshots!

listen closely and the stars will sing
Wish that Mon-El would have been a smol little girl who gets v attatched to lena instead of the gross dudebro and see Kara do what Clark wouldn’t?

ALL the fics. Cant really pick out just one standout tbh p much trust anyone by them

such unruly heads and hearts
HP supercorp au!

literally read every single up. 10/10 would die for. You don’t understand I die every single time I read one of your fics holy shit please go read there’s ALL the ships I more than lowkey scream every time I see an email saying there’s a fic update

hi I also love you but my favorite is probably wonderful electric (cover me in you)


I don’t think I can do a better job than the description: “
“Lena has a crush on Kara.
Lena’s too afraid to tell Kara.
Obviously the only solution is to make Kara jealous by dating Supergirl.”
It IS as great as it sounds


there’s a moon in the sky (she calls me)
“The one where Lena finds herself falling for both eager cub reporter Kara Danvers and the mysterious caped protector of National City”
When Lena has a crush on BOTH supergirl and Kara and hijinks ensue it’s great

Honestly if you’re in the mood for multi-chapter fics and supercorp heroism is a full time job is one you’d probably wanna read. Also danishes and other sweet treats feature actual!genius!kara! which makes me v v happy because she’s not an idiot

The Death of Supergirl
Kara forgot to leave a note when she went to the Flash Universe and Shit Happens

i follow just to find you (a kiss we had to wait for)
sometimes you gotta just read Sin and if you do it might as well be well written sin?

Her Brother’s Keeper
holy fucking character study of lena batman

this list is for @pyrotechnician originally but everyone feel free to enjoy!

Dating Jungkook would include

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Jeon Jungkook

- Texting all the time
- But not sweet texts
- More like that one things that’s like the “What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills.” thing idk fr what it is but he would send you that
- And he’s not mad when he sends it
- You just asked what time he wants to go to the movies
- He’s actually a meme
- You could be in a group chat with the other boys and use your boyfriend’s face as a reaction to things they say
- And he’s so athletic w o w
- You’re dating the golden maknae, just a reminder
- Tbh he’ll never cheat on you because you’re the only girl he can even look in the eye
- He does really weird things
- All the time
- You look over and he’s making a weird face
- You turn around and he’s walking on his hands
- Who knows
- Your closet is full of white shirts because that’s all he wears
- You could wear one of his white shirts and he’d know exactly which one it is out of his 219 white shirts
- You wear his flannels
- Matching couple shirts?
- More like matching Timberlands, lace up homie
- Random singing
- Also dealing with Jimin
- Honestly he’d probably pick you up the same way he picked up Jimin in that jail sene thing
- Minus the ass slapping
- But at the same time he might tbh idek
- But playfully
- He and every one of his fans can think that he acts tough all he wants
- But tbh he’s still slgihtly scared of doing something out of line
- His hyungs tease him because aw their maknae is dating someone
- What they don’t know is that your relationship is an all out w a r
- Throwing a pillow at him
- “hAH TAKE THAT- o shit”
- Running from Jungkook after throwing said pillow
- Best friend couple tbh
- He goes from being really shy with you to being just so comfy and weird
- But certain things still catch him and he’s suddenly all blushy and shy
- Learning things together
- Shyly giving you flowers with that lil bunny smile
- But also
- Have u seen him move bc um
- W O W
- Golden maknae is good at everything
- E v e r y t h i n g
- if u catch my drift
- In general the relationship would just be so fun all the time
- It’d be a learning process that you get to do together and all of it is just so worth it

The upperclassmen drag Neil to a karaoke bar with them. Drunk Matt serenades Neil with “Time After Time,” while Dan sits right next to Neil and performs backup vocals.

bmc characters snapchat hcs

these might give you diseases i’m sorry

-sends pictures of his lamp because he’s too scared to take one of his face
-hasn’t grasped the concept of streaks
-story is just vids of him and michael hanging out
-o-bombs everyone except michael
-also rewatches michael’s story bc lil jeremy has a crush
-screenshots people’s selfies and doesnt realize they’re aware

-uses faceswap with random pics from his camera roll
-has streaks with chloe, jake, jenna, and christine (and accidentally jeremy but that’s because they snap every day
-doesnt save convos
-uses that ‘how fast ur going’ filter
-uses the flower crown filter a lot
-sends selfies to jeremy because he knows jeremy will screenshot them and he finds it adorable
-subscribes to political stories

-uses the weird filters that cover your whole face
-takes vids of him screaming with the voice changing filters
-loses streaks constantly so his are only like 6 days old usually
-sends pics of his shoes
-hates bitmoji
-“jake i swear to god if u send me another bitmoji sticker-”

-uses the altitude filter
-also the geotags
-sends random stickers to everyone with no context
-has two very long streaks with rich and chloe and less long with the others
-secretly is subscribed to food network
-his bitmoji has a tuxedo
-emojis: 👌🏼💯💀🍆😉
-posts jawline selfies on story

-motherfucking owns streaks, has like 70
-snap score is like 100,000
-dog filter selfies to everyone
-posts makeup pics on story
-sc best friends with brooke, jake, michael, and jenna
-saves convos
-screenshots when necessary
-bitmoji is fabulous
-highest streak is over a year old
-subscribes to like every story
-‘hmu for a tbh’

-'pulled clutch’
-'froyo with her’
- the time filter thing
-dog!!! selfies!!
-doesn’t send selfies that often tho
-motivational lgbt pride posts
-also uses the time filter

-never snapchats
-jenna hacks her phone to save her streaks
-score is like 3
-singing vids with voice change
-vendetta against stickers
-likes sunset pictures

-voice calls
-eggplant emoji
-story is all screenshotted texts
-uses the bitmoji stickers
-saves all the messages
-has like 80 billion sources cough i mean friends but only talks to approximately five

EXO'S singles in a nutshell
  • History: the birth of EXO-K and EXO-M. That weird dance where they put their hands in their pockets and shake their ass. Everybody tryna look all mysterious lmao if they only knew how Baekhyun would turn out.
  • MAMA: when the skies and grounds were one of legends. So much metallic ???? Kai screaming for no reason ????? Superpowers are hella cool tho and we still get goosebumps from that intro don't lie. Hella woke song.
  • Wolf: quite possibly the most iconic intro to a kpop song. CHOGIWA. Everyone turning into wolves and wanting to eat you like cheese. Disturbing lyrics but the beat is lit. It's that one song that you hate to love.
  • Growl: legendary beat, just an exo classic. If it's not done in one single shot, then it's not an exo video. When suho has a court battle at 8 but a game with the homies at 9. The main vocals' ad-libs throughout the whole song are life. 3:01.
  • Overdose: shhhhh, you can almost hear everyone crying bc it's the last ot12 video ;((( we ain't over it fam. Mazes.....killer dance moves.......Kai looking like an escaped mental patient.........."someone call the doctor"...........baek's vocals got even Bobby shook.
  • Call Me Baby: Suho gathered all his cars and got the whole gang together. Everyone looks badass and then you have Xiumin in a blue velvet track suit I'm???? Honestly you can't love exo more when you find out the demo for this was originally 'call me daddy' jfc.
  • Love Me Right: exo trying their damn best to put a smile on their faces after all the bullshit, and they damn well succeed. Aesthetically pleasing video with everyone high on drugs. Running ??? Sleeping in the forest ?? Alice in Wonderland??? Birth of ot9.
  • Lucky One: bruh none of us know what this video even is, but it's exo. Patients in a hospital. Highlighted for the gods, esp my mans Chen. D.O's stone face. "The moment I *explosive hip thrust* discover you" yas bitch. Tryna escape while Kai is being a good homie and distracting the nurses (???).
  • Monster: exo is bruised and is bloody and angsty and fighting everything in their way. Baekhyun is a lil snake, but what's new. That clap between Lay and Kai @ 3:00 is all we ever needed. The dance routine that gets everyone hyped, yet no one is able to master. That synchronization of everyone harmonizing during the chorus is actually perfection.
  • Lotto: the one exception where autotune makes a song even more lit. Baek's iconic "lipstick chateau" made everyone's titties fall off from all the shook. Suho out here burning our tuition money like it's nobody's business. Hella references to Wolf. This is everyone's era tbh, don't fight me on this.
  • Ko Ko Bop: exo back at it again with the colorful fruity drugs. We're all ignoring the fact that Lay wasn't in this comeback, he's probably hiding behind Chanyeol's giant ass. The routine for this dance should actually be illegal. Their superpowers are finally back and it's so satisfying seeing tiny suho in a washing machine.
  • BONUS (their annual Christmas singles):
  • Miracles in December: kai's obsession with puppies is exposed. Everyone looks soft and fluffy af. The lyrics are so cute yet depressing. Yes I can still hear yall crying bc I am too.
  • Lightsaber: promos for star wars never looked so good. Sehun snatched us all with his hair and leather jacket. The birth of all the exo/star wars fanfiction. Gonna save you the time and assume Chanyeol's part is probably your favorite.
  • Sing For You: Legend has it, Sehun has never returned from space, and is in fact married to that whale. Honestly this video is depressing even for me that I can't make jokes about it tbh......basically it's about exo missing their former members and getting into fights with each other and imma stop before real tears come out :))))))
  • For Life: here we go again with the depressing Christmas songs. "Giving you my heart and soul" aka just kill me suho I don't wanna live anymore. Everyone goes wild for exo's ballad songs and this ain't no exception, we all cried lmao don't even deny it.
Dating Yugyeom would include

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Kim Yugyeom
- this could go two ways
- cute lil baby who gets all shy
- also gigantic meme
- or uh
- uhHhHHhHH
- maknae grinds a lot so I’ll leave that to ur imagination
- I mean u saw him on hit the stage
- going to costume stores around halloween and trying to scare each other w/ the masks
- and then he bumps into one of the racks and everything falls
- clumsy boy
- he likes to act like he’s bad
- and inwardly screams when you get all shy
- and sometimes you’ll play along and he panics like nonono what r u dOING WHAT
- complimenting you could go like:
- scenario 1: “Ahhh Y/N you look so cute look @ u!!!”
- scenario 2: “Yugyeom, how does this look?”
- “Huh? Oh uh- yeye u look good- I mean nice?? Great! Yes u look great!”
- walks away
- scenario 3: “Jagi that dress looks really nice ;) it fits u ;)”
- “Ahh do u really think so?? Because I think it’d look better on the floor”
- “w-what uh,, i uh,, y es no i wHAT”
- random singing at any given time
- random dancing
- legit he’ll start singing something and you kinda start singing along and then it’s just the two of you sitting lazily on the couch, off-key and everything
- shopping kart races in the grocery store parking lot
- Suddenly a wild Jinyoung appears
- you’ll get videos of him torturing ur boy
- “what are you gonna do about it Y/N??? hm?? nOTHING”
- little does he know that you’ve already put vaseline on his door knobs
- tbh you’ll get videos from all the boys of him being a meme
- speaking of the boys, you’re at war w/ them
-they legit have lil meetings to try to prank/scare you but you’re always a step ahead
- back hugs
- hand holding
- tall baby
- rests his chin on your head/shoulder
- pecks on the cheek in public
- soft kisses when you’re alone
- probably holds your hand when you kiss
- flowers just because ur so cute
- piggyback rides
- teasing each other nonstop
- playing Mario Kart together
- wrestling and messing around all the time
- making him get things from high shelves for you
- the face he makes when he’s like embarrassed where he closes his eyes and just kinda silently laughs and cUTE
- you probably have to say I love you first
- the first time you tell him you love him he’s really shocked and is like “???? what???”
- “are you sure????”
- he’s in such disbelief but he’s so happy
- vv blushy
- his fluffy hair
- playing with said fLUFFY HAIR
- He’s ur boy u gotta love and protect him
- sitting in on his dacne practices
- but when you do he’s lowkey nervous and just wants to impress you
- but you’re supportive no matter what and it makes his large body all warm and fuzzy inside

undervalued things about speak now era

- 1930s duolian guitar at 2010 vmas
- tsou “next chapter” & “the end”
- performing back to december w the string quartet in covent garden how ETHEREAL
- that lacey yellow dress at the acms 2011 u know the masterpiece i mean
- falling backwards off stage during asian leg of tour
- faux bob
- come back come back come back to me eli
- speak now help now
- xiii on the bell during haunted
- back to december mashup
- performing innocent barefoot at 2010 vmas (and that dress!!!!!)
- european tour enchanted gown !!!! she literally ripped it off !!!!!
- that asian guy in the elevator for the ours mv lmao
- collabs with the civil wars and b.o.b!!!!!!
- that time maroon 5 covered mine and taylor was in the audience going wild
- that psycho house performance oh my life
- meredith!!!!!!!!
- tft taylor played the cello whilst recording haunted
- performing on top of a bus!!!! in an airport!!!!! on a cruise liner in mexico!!!!!!
- baby blue tulle dress and hair for the cmas 2011 with the sharpie thankyous on her arm omg
- squad dressed up as geishas and samurais BY ACTUAL GEISHAS
- that time she played eyes open w/o permission in new zealand
- koi fish guitar brought on tour !!!!!!!
- natural curls in mine mv and pregnant taylor mother of 2
- temporary fake bangs
- bangs !!!!!! were !!!!!!! born !!!!!!!!
- that long 6+ month long ass hype for wonderstruck (worth the wait tbh)
- if!!!!! this!!!!!! was!!!!! a!!!!!! movie!!!!!!
- cowboy take me away/drops of jupiter/nashville/bette davis eyes/lose yourself/sweet escape covers
- lil guitar intro for long live
- wearing a gown shaped like a pastry!!!!
- bring on all the pretenders i’m not afraid !!!!!!!!
- that elie saab gown at the billboards 2011 good lord taylor
- flying across arenas in a mother fuckin BALCONY for love story
- haunted photoshoot don’t fight me on this
- that time she said “i don’t care if you have an addic- a gap between your teeth” in an interview
- someday i’ll be singing this at the grammys!!!!!! and all you’re ever gunna be is mean!!!!!!!
- the og agency :( my poor heart
- that time a bonus track became a single and meredith was in the damn video !!!!!!!
- makin snowglobes makin makin snowglobes
- so don’t you worry your pretty lil mind people throw rocks at things that shine :) :) :)
- how taylor literally predicted her own future in the mean mv tf taylor
- the fact that she ended the european shows by being sucked up in a twirl of red fabric then introduced the red tour by dropping down from behind red fabric omggg

rei-of-jakku  asked:

baeee rim im rly fucking deunk so u think u can pls make me a post of ur fac fav kaisoo moment s this year pls i beg you imiss u r kaisoo spams ahd ily v v much

omg hahaha of course mel mel ily💗💗💗

and because my memory is awful i hope none are from 2016 oop (i did check a few to be sure) as always if anyone wants credited or any removed just ask i’ll oblige and it’ll be under a read more cause people get annoyed when they’re long and it’s kinda long

the eve choreo

jognog teasing and trying to kiss kongsu and getting beaten up

the best selfie of all time tbh on a day of the year couples take photos together

when kongsu had to kiss bacon and jognog was super duper deluxe jealous

literally what is that face

when they had their jackets mixed up

jognog was singing and kept looking @ kongsu i dont have the angle of kongsu but theres a vid on @lovekadi

😍 😍 😍  actually


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Imagine having random, out-of-the-blue singing sessions with DK and Seungkwan.

soulmate! Woozi (pt. 2)

anon ask: Could you just do part twos on the the soulmate stories you already had? And I really really love all of this ESPECIALLY WOOZI AND VERNON’s PLEASE WRITE MORE 🙆🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻

a/n: this was really delayed to finish everyone’s but hope you enjoyed!

recap: in which you have a scar symbolizing what your soulmate is most passionate about and it disappears when you touch

part 1

  • you don’t call him 
  • lol no you text him first actually 
  • because you were nervous as hell even if he’s your soulmate 
  • but like the nice kind of nervous you guess 
  • ‘hey this is y/n~' 
  • you text him that night 
  • 'i thought I said call me' 
  • no you didn’t squeal and roll around it your bed, definitely not 
  • without answering his text, you call him 
  • he takes a while to answer 
  • “sorry i had to walk out the practice room bc the guys kept screaming" 
  • "i figured something like that” you laugh 
  • after a short conversation he has to hang up and get back to practice 
  • but it was still perfect 
  • the two of you are really busy after so there’s not much of seeing each other right away 
  • but whenever they’re getting their hair touched up or dyed, woozi is first to go so he can come up stairs with you 
  • in that stuffy little office room afterwards
  • where you two get to know more about each other, having many conversations filled with happiness 
  • it happens on one of those days, the two of you find time 
  • and decide on something 
  • you would come to pledis tomorrow and work in his studio with him  
  • alone 
  • and now you were trying not to stress out about what to where and your music 
  • if the universe put the two of you together, you were going to trust it 
  • the lady at the front desk lets you in after looking at your face 
  • “the studios are down that hall, to the left” she says smiling 
  • nodding, you thank her and excitedly wander down the hall 
  • you come face to face with mingyu as he’s walking out of a room 
  • “ooh noona, are you looking for woozi!?” he says bounding up to you 
  • “yup,” you answer, adjusting the straps on your backpack 
  • “he’s in there” he directs you the studio and leaves waving goodbye 
  • opening the door, you slowly step in 
  • you stare at him, who hasn’t noticed you yet 
  • he’s bobbing his head to the beat with headphones covering his ears 
  • quietly, you settle yourself in the chair beside him and smile 
  • turning his head a bit, not surprised, he slides the headphones off his ears 
  • “how have you been?” he says giving you an eye smile 
  • “it hasn’t even been 24/7 hours yet” you tease 
  • he laughs, the sound filling your heart 
  • “i’ve been great though, how could i not” you say 
  • he turns his head away from your gaze slightly 
  • but a second later, when he meets your eyes again, you can see the tips of his ears redder than before 
  • looking at your shoulder, he sees your backpack 
  • “did you bring your music?" 
  • you nod and pull your laptop and notebook out 
  • as you start the laptop up, you can hear the sound of his breathing, and him scooting closer to you 
  • "may i?” he gestures to the notebook which you hand him 
  • it’s your turn to lean over him, your shoulder less than a centimeter away, but not touching 
  • you don’t know if it’s just you or not, who feels this,,,tension in the air 
  • “i really love this piece” he says almost breathlessly, pulling you out of your thoughts 
  • hoping your face isn’t as red as it feels, you flip to a certain page, “these are the lyrics to it" 
  • watching him as he skims the lyrics, a smile rises to his face 
  • "is it about soulmates?" 
  • making eye contact you nod shyly 
  • something is his eyes change 
  • excitement? mischief? 
  • "how about you record in here?" 
  • you stutter out your words in shock, 
  • "w-what? no, it’s fine i can do it on campus tomorrow" 
  • shaking his head, he smiles, letting you know he was gonna be very stubborn 
  • this is how you end up in the recording booth nervously messing with your lyrics paper 
  • you already listened to svt’s music and heard woozi’s amazing voice
  • and tbh you don’t think your voice is all that special, but not like it needs to be because producing/composing 
  • but you sure as hell weren’t on lee seokmin level 
  • "ready when you are” he says giving you an encouraging smile 
  • taking a deep breathe, you sing, and just focus on your voice coming through the headphones 
  • you stop at a certain part, unsatisfied
  • looking up and your eyes meeting as you both say at the same time 
  • “maybe raise your voice at the end there?" 
  • "i should sing that last part higher right?" 
  • you both just kinda stare at each other surprised 
  • until you giggle, shaking your head then giving him the signal you’re ready to start again 
  • recording doesn’t take long, so soon enough you’re back next to him, pleased 
  • "you know this is a really good song, it'd be just perfect for a solo artist" 
  • you look down and lean forward, trying to hide the smile growing on your face 
  • "maybe-" 
  • you stop yourself short because you leaned a little too close to him 
  • or maybe he was leaning a little too close to you but 
  • if someone took a ruler and measured the distance, you think it would barely hit 5 centimeters 
  • suddenly your brain thinks of those awkward moments in the dramas where shit like this happens
  • the love interest and the main just centimeters apart
  • silence and anticipation hanging over the two of them
  • until someone leans back and everyones’ heart sinks 
  • including the characters 
  • and you’re like no that can’t happen, not today 
  • so something came over you, and you leaned forward and 
  • actually. pressed. your. lips. to. his. 
  • do you hear screaming because pretty sure you’re screaming on the inside
  • and after a moment 
  • you’re really not sure how because your brain has stopped working 
  • his lips begin to move 
  • then less than 5 seconds into this blissful moment  
  • "hey- OKAY NO BYE" the sound of the studio door opening and slamming shut immediately after
  • you hear the voice say, making you and jihoon pull apart 
  • looking at each other like deers in headlights 
  • you two don’t say anything, just stare, with beet red faces 
  • "who was that?” you say, not able to look away from his eyes 
  • “definitely soonyoung" 
  • the both of you focus your ears on the screaming and sounds of feet thundering down the hall
  • "they’re coming for us, right?” you ask already knowing the answer 
  • “yep" 
  • you smile, and quickly bring your hand up to cover your giggle 
  • this action makes him smile 
  • and any awkwardness that could have been there is now gone 
  • until the noise comes closer and all twelve of them fit themselves in the room with the two of you, 
  • staring down at the two of you sitting 
  • "tsk, other people have to sit in those chairs” minghao says simply after looking at the two of you, then leaving 
  • “HYUNG’S A MAN NOW” seungkwan blurts out 
  • and takes one look at jihoons face then bolts 
  • “well you kids go back to doing whatever, have fun~” jeonghan says way too happily
  • and forces seungcheol to help pull the rest of them out 
  • you both catch a glimpse of vernon more clearly, biting into a drumstick
  • “we were gonna tell you guys there’s chicken and pizza but" 
  • "okay out out" 
  • joshua’s the last one to leave and gives one last look 
  • the look 
  • then leaves, closing the door behind him 
  • "i dont know if I’m mortified or-" 
  • "ready to kill them?” you finish for him, tilting your head 
  • “yeah" 
  • you guys are full of giggles today because you bend over laughing while he leans back into his chair chuckling 
  • "I’m hungry, you wanna eat?” he asks, standing up 
  • doing these tiny adorable stretches 
  • you get up also and nod, “starving" 
  • "i don’t want them to bother you so you want to just go buy and eat something at the park?” he suggests, and you can tell he’s nervous about your answer 
  • “it’s a date,” you reply, grinning 
  • you leave your things because you’ll be back, and just take your wallet and phone 
  • he opens the door for you, letting you step through and proceeds to hold his hand out to you bashfully 
  • you place your hand in his and you two walk down the hall hand-in-hand
  • you glance at jihoon 
  • "run run!”
  • so all the front desk lady saw were two people dashing out, with mixtures of their laughter 
  • and then proceeds to see seventeen sprinting to the door, some pressing their faces to the glass and some shaking their heads with smiles 
  • 'why do i think this will be a common occurrence?’ she thinks 
  • oh please, cause it will

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a/n: the cringe is real i know

The Seventeen Soulmate AU Series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin seri

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Please explain your thoughts on hsm2 !



  • how blue they made zac efron’s eyes look should be the only reason you need but here are some more anyway
  • summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER
  • how many times has someone in real life asked the question “what time is it?” and at least two people answer it with “summertime”
  • all the times troy and gabriella almost kiss but don’t
  • troy’s ringtone is him singing “getcha head in the game”
  • sharpay’s pink car with the license plate “FABULUS”
  • just the entire song Fabulous
    • “fabulous parties, even fabulous trash”
  • absolutely! ….NOT
  • ryan and his mom doing yoga omg
  • the pots and pans part of Work This Out
  • troy and gabriella’s version of You Are The Music In Me aka the most beautiful song
    • “like a common thread…” “hmmmm… you’re pulling me” UGH
  • “golden throat, this is jazz square. we may have trouble.”
  • same
  • *singing and dancing to a song called I Don’t Dance*
    • the iconic™ clothes swap at the end
  • troy’s HORRIFIED dancing for the entirety of sharpay’s version of You Are The Music In Me
  • the symbolism of troy missing every shot (just like in hsm1) when things aren’t going how they’re supposed to
  • “give me a beat” *walks out*
  • tbh I Gotta Go My Own Way is the most emotional song i’ve ever heard
    • and i sing both parts of the duet every single time
    • so much frolicking so much skipping so much jumping
  • how did he even do that
  • anytime someone says that they’re “all in this together” i burst out in tears
  • and now it’s time for the best song
  • not just the best song in hsm2, or even any of the hsm’s
  • the best song of all time in the history of music
  • where’s that voice coming from
  • it sounds so familiar
  • bring it down now
  • keep the faithhhhh
  • damn this song is a freaking JAM
  • how did troy learn all this in like 3 minutes
  • and now they all have lanterns
  • and now the finale ALL FOR ONE aka the most summer-y song ever
  • and who could forget the most iconic cameo

and THAT is why high school musical 2 is the best one of the trilogy

[translations] 2017.08.24 NCT DREAM We Young fan sign at Sangam

1. OP kept saying that Jisung is very good looking and Jisung got really shy upon hearing that ㅠㅠ OP asked what color hair does he wish to get the next time, Jisung says pink. And he wishes his height would stop growing at 180cm. Jisung was really shy throughout because OP kept praising how good he looked [myFullsun]

2. Renjun’s favorite lyrics in We Young album is La La Love’s“바람 하늘 그리고 너 (The wind, the sky, and, you)” [jaehyun__0214]

3. (Ment)
Mark: During our trainee period everyone will call me Mark hyung, Renjun will go like,”Hello hyung” but nowadays it’s like “You’re here? (informal)”
Jeno: Hyung, but hyung you said we can speak informally to you when we debut.
Mark: I didn’t expect our debut to come so fast that’s what I’m saying. But to be honest everyone just says it subconsciously and the feeling is around the same
Jeno: Jisung ah, what do you think about speaking informally with Mark hyung?
Jisung: Mark-yah. 
Mark also mentioned that he dreamed that Jisung spoke informally to everyone in the practice room one day.
Jeno: That wasn’t a dream it was real hahaha [mark__99082 | my__mark99]

Haechan asked if everyone had their dinner, and got Chenle to suggest a food for dinner. Chenle,”Ramyeon” Haechan asked Chenle to suggest something healthier. Chenle recommended gamja-tang. [yochi_0v0]

4.  Jeno wishes to travel around the world, wants to go to Europe and eat pizzas in Italy. He wants to bring Jisung along with him because this kid is particularly interesting. After saying Jeno smiled cheerfully [asian_kid_9X]

5. Mark says there’s nothing he particularly wants to do when he turns 20. OP asked for a song recommendation for fans, Mark seriously considered for quite some time, and recommended NCT127′s Paradise because all the words they want to tell the fans are inside the lyrics [myFullsun

6. OP asked everyone in DREAM to draw their mood with regards to their upcoming first anniversary, Mark drew 3 expressions, Renjun drew 2, only Jeno drew a human being, the rest had 1 expression [mark_of_myeye]

7. OP asked Chenle which song does he want to sing the most in front of the fans. Chenle answered 같은 시간 같은 자리 (Walk You Home) without hesitation. [990802mklee]

8. OP: Renjun is really so cute!!
Renjun: Thank you~
OP: What flavor of ice cream from Baskin Robbins do you like?
Renjun: Actually I always try different flavors each time I visit!
OP: Really? What’s your favorite flavor among them?
Renjun: Hmm.. Lemon! [990802mklee]

9.  OP: Don’t you go to cafes? Or do you drink instant coffee?
Jisung: I don’t drink those, I drink black!
OP: Black? Really?!
Jisung: To prevent myself from getting sleepy…
Kids please get some sleep. It’s bad if you fall sick! [990802mklee]

10. OP: Have you taken videos of yourself and Mark singing together?
Haechan: We have lots of them
OP: Please show it to us…
Haechan: It’s in Mark hyung’s iPad.. He cannot lose the iPad!
OP: kkk could you draw my face?
Haechan: *draws very seriously*
OP: You look really serious when drawing me!
Haechan: Of course~~ [990802mklee]

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pd101 boys as boyfriends pt.3

part 1 | part 2

kim donghan

  • his mother loves u
  • brings you homemade food all the time
  • “i didnt make it. my mom did. she told me to give it to you”
  • hold your bags for you
  • hold ur books for u
  • will carry u if u let him
  • lends you his jacket when he sees you shiver


  • would by u a park if u let him
  • “stop buying me stuff”
  • “okay i’ll just pay for the food then”
  • gets you really expensive christmas presents
  • will get pouty if u tell him to return those presents
  • is trying to get into the whole DIY presents things but ends up just buying the real thing. he’s trying okay.

jung jung

  • y’all probably go to the animal shelter to volunteer to walk dogs and snuggle with kitties
  • stutters a lot
  • gets really shy when u watch him dance
  • omg after his recital, u would be the first person he runs to 
  • “how was it? i made a mistake was it noticeable?”

lai guanlin

  • shyly steals glances at u
  • “u dont have to be sly, u can look at me all u want. we’re dating”
  • likes to play with ur hair
  • tries rly hard to act cool around u especially when his friends are around
  • tries to walk with a little swagger when y’all are walking down the street but rly ur just concerned why he’s limping
  • “babe i’m trying to walk cool”

yoo seonho 

  • treats you food but eats most of it anyways
  • always asks “are you hungry?”
  • literally feeds u for hibernation
  • complains a lot bc he’s always hungry and follows u around until u give him food
  • literally sticks by ur side a l l t h e t i m e

lee daehwi

  • arcade dates
  • but y’all dont really do much games y’all just take aesthetic pictures
  • also picnics. he probably enjoys making sandwiches and making them look cute or wateva
  • keeps saying he’s ugly and u gotta slap him a little to knock some sense into him bc this boy’s visuals is no joke stop calling him ugly dammit
  • sings while cooking. sings while cleaning. sings while sleeping. literally sings all the time.

ha sungwoon

  • really smiley
  • also serious abt u
  • treats u like ur his world bc u are
  • whenever he comes home tired, he *softly* tackles u into bed and does not let go ever
  • smells ur hair while snuggling saying “ur smell soothes me”
  • likes to rest his head on ur lap and sing soft melodies (and ends up putting himself to sleep) ((thats how nice his voice is)) 

kim sanggyun

  • is a dork
  • randomly breaks into dance and makes u dance with him
  • likes to call u babe
  • omg imagine just imagine him calling u babe when he wakes up and his voice is a bit raspy i  a m  i n  t e a r s
  • movie nights with sheet masks
  • will do extreme kayaking with u or anything extreme tbh even tho he’ll be scared af

ahn hyungseob

  • extra aF
  • likes to feed u
  • pats ur head a lot
  • likes to spend all the time he can with u
  • “ur doing errands today?? i’ll come with. u probably need help carrying the bags and stuff”
  • ends up picking up all the little knick-knacks and playing with them
Dating V would include

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Kim Taehyung
- Okay this boy
- You’d never know what to expect
- One moment he’s there then the next you turn around and he’s gone???
- Where’d he go???
- You would steal his jackets and he wouldn’t even be mad because oh my gosh you’re wearing his clothes
- He could double as a pillow/ teddy bear while sleeping
- There would seriously never be a boring moment
- Ever
- Couples clothes
- Building forts together, esepcially in the colder months
- Lazy mornings
- Lying in bed together, cuddling while it rains
- Or playing in the rain, it varies
- Whispering in the dark to each other at night
- His precious square smile all the time
- Really deep voice omg
- You’d want him to sing you to sleep all the time
- And he’d happily do it
- If anyone makes you upset you know he’s ready to fight them
- But first he’s going to hug you and make sure you’re okay
- He’d probably rock back and forth and stroke your hair to calm you down
- Best friend couple tbh
- You trip each other and wrestle
- But it turns into laughing and cuddling and cute smooches
- He looks pure but he’s a sexy lil shit
- And he k n o w s it
- That tongue
- Frick
- You think you have a date with Taehyung
- But in reality you have a date with Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook
- You’re third wheeling on his dates with the maknae line
- Or even fourth wheeling
- Okay just putting this out there
- If you guys have kids
- He will be such a gREAT FATHER
- He’d just be so kind and loving and all tHIS WILL PROBABLY BE COVERED IN A LATER MORE IN DEPTH POST
- If you’re also weird and outgoing, Yoongi might cri bc he just wants to sleep
- But he cannot because you and Tae are just doing something
- God knows what
- Probably rapping Cypher together outside of Yoongi’s door
- While Yoongi is lying in bed with a pillow over his face
- You’ll be there for the day Tae finally gets to have his own Cypher
- (please let that day come)
- You’re really supportive him and he’s really supportive of you
- You honestly might come home to a pet goat one day
- “Tae.. what is this?”
- “A goat.”
- “Yeah but- you know what okay.”
- It’s better to not ask questions with him
- B A C K H U G S
- So much cuddling
- And snuggling
- So much skinship in general tbh
- He just wants to make you feel loved
- Have u seen his hands
- U get to hold those hands
- You’re just so lucky to have Taehyung be your boyfriend let alone be in your l i f e he’s just such a blessing
- Everyday will just be full of love with you two
- So much that the other boys will be sick of your love (secretly jealous)
- But like I said, it’s just such a loving relationship

bop: something upbeat, relentlessly optimistic, and with a rhythm that lends itself mostly to various levels of repeated motions when danced to.  they are infectious, and you never feel even a little ashamed jamming out to a bop (jamming =/= a jam) because literally like everyone does.  bops taste exclusively like bubblegum. examples include “bulletproof’ by la roux, and ‘if you wanna stay’ or “beware the dog” by the griswolds

banger: if you dance to this, you’re tired by the time the song ends and probably shouted the lyrics so loud your boss is going to ask you in the morning if you have strep or something.  i have actually injured my neck to a banger.  they are all consuming energy pieces.  examples include every time we touch by cascada (the literal definition of banger tbh), bury it by chvrches, and untouched by the veronicas.

jam: a song where a reasonable way to dance to it is to sing loudly and/or intentionally off-key while pretending to play a guitar, piano, or any other common instrument. nostalgia can affect the strength of a jam but rarely defines a song as such on its own.  examples include bohemian rhapsody by queen and mr brightside or all these things that ive done by the killers.

Taehyung As Your Boyfriend

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Oh boy here’s my smol child pray for me a little~

Meeting Him:

  • Ok I see it going two ways to be honest
  • Either he’s blank Tae and you think he may slightly hate you but then you see him with his friends so you think he needs to warm up to you. 
  • OR
  • He is super nice and sweet and he pays attention to every word you say so you can’t HELP but think ‘wow I’m falling for him’
  • He texts you the most random stuff and you can’t help but question his sanity
  • Perfect for super duper duper deep conversations at like 3 AM
  • SUCH a good listener like I look up to him for how much eye contact he shares
  • Also good for when you need to hype up and you both jam to music weallknowwhatheslikeduringcypher
  • But will sing to you. Anytime anyday #blessed
  • Sarcastic af
  • You never know when you two go to far
  • He’ll fake being sad and pout all the time when you are sassy
  • He’s like a big brother tbh. I can see the big brother vibesss
  • But also a giant child

Asking You Out:

  • Ya’ll are just chilling outside one day and he just looks at you deeply and he just flat out says it. Maybe you notice his sweaty palms holding yours and his wide eyes and nervous lip bite holycow but you know you already say yes
  • Or you ask him out. Tbh you probably are both really clingy so you just flat out say you like him. 
  • PDA
  • Literally he looks at you like you’re his world
  • Talks about getting a pet to share
  • “Do you think that cars ever want to rest and for us to take them somewhere”
  • “What the heck Tae it’s 3 AM”
  • He will definitely send you a derp picture every day on tour
  • Late night video chats too
  • OK BUT I can see a flour fight when you two try and bake something cus you’re both children 
  • Him snuggled as close to you as possible
  • Cupple’s outfits YAS

First Kiss And Such:

  • Ok but-
  • I don’t see Taehyung as kissing you a lot in the first place
  • BUT BUT BUT the first one is probably just an innocent peck before he pulls away grinning like a kid
  • Eskimo Kisses for those who don’t know that’s rubbing your noses together it’s ok I didn’t know that at first
  • Hand kisses to because why not
  • Probably kisses you dramatically you know like he does with the camera sometimes
  • Tbh I don’t see a lot of making out and stuff with him unless you’re super far in your relationship
  • Dates though
  • Very very spontaneous
  • Like “hey it’s winter and 1 AM but I can’t sleep let’s get ice cream”
  • In the freezing cold
  • Playground dates on swings hooooomyGOD
  • Will always remember your anniversary and you will be treated RIGHT sister
  • I can see him buying some expensive stuff for his girlfriend lets be real
  • Also carnival dates
  • Cloud watching
  • He cups your cheeks alot
  • Fort building is a daily I would love to make a fort with him omg
  • Spontaneous races to see who can do something faster
  • Just a really open relationship 
  • I see him shutting down and being quiet if ya’ll fight
  • But if he yells oh boy you both will regret that
  • Will need some time to himself when angry or stressed
  • Gets quiet when jealous or sUPER CLINGY LIKE WOW
  • “Y/N let’s go to the store” he says as he pouts tugging on your sleeve to get you away from the guy who is flirting
  • But when you guys go to the store you both will buy every junk food there especially if it has cute packaging
  • Did I go in depth on this one? No? Well anyWAY he’s such a soft cutie pls love him

A/N THANK you~ for reading this I put a link to my Jimin one up top but if it doesn’t work let ya girl know ya know. I’m no expert on writing but pssshhh and this is my POV so please give feedback if you have time

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What music do you think the foxes listen to like which artists?

oooh nonnie i’m so glad u asked okay i have thought about this:

  • so i know neil is canonically not a huge fan of music but i like to think he’s just picky, he doesn’t care about genre, he just likes what he likes (which is mainly bands with songs that remind him of andrew)
    • see: eden (this band is the official andreil sponsor i’m telling u), amber run, the neighbourhood, borns, sam tinnesz, jaymes young, crywolf, cigarettes after sex, vancouver sleep clinic
  • we know that andrew likes loud music that drowns out all his thoughts, mainly the dark heavy electronic stuff they play at eden’s twilight all the time
    • see: gasaffelstein, justice, iamx, royal blood
    • also his favourite album of all time is “i brought you my bullets you brought me your love” actually fight me on this
  • i think kevin would listen to a lot of edm while he works out but he’s also a nerd too and loves to listen to movie soundtracks (also i like the idea of lorde being his secret fave)
  • nicky hemmick is the biggest lana del rey stan alive let’s be real here, every time he does karaoke it’s to sing ‘young and beautiful’
  • dan is a hot mess and listens almost exclusively to top hits from the 90s and 00s (fight me on this too) i’m talking destiny’s child, nsync, kelly clarkson, natasha bedingfield all that good nostalgic shit
  • i feel like matt lives and breathes pop music tbh? i see his faves being rihanna and frank ocean 
  • allison would love pop music too but i also like to think she has a soft spot for female-led rock bands
    • see: wolf alice, joan jett and the blackhearts, pvris, stevie nicks, sonic youth
  • nora said renee likes instrumentals, i also think she listens to bands with really ethereal vocals
    • see: son lux, the japanese house, sigur ros, the xx, agnes obel
  • aaron is a twenty one pilots stan. do i need to go on.
EXO Reaction when they call you noona and they find out you're younger but they still do it

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Acts like a baby so he can continue doing so* “Please take care of me noona~”


*Mentally slapping himself because he didn’t realize sooner you were younger* “I can’t not call her noona now… what do I do…”


“But but… I’m the maknae…. pretty please???” *Who would say no to him tbh*


*Embarrassed and nervous giggling* “I’m so sorry…. I just… you seem so wise I can’t help myself… please tell me every time I call you like that..”


“Noona is so pretty…” *Probably won’t even realize you are younger unless you tell him or something*


“Well… you know… I like noonas… so I hope you don’t mind”


*He might not be able to call you noona but he can sing Replay by SHINee to you all he wants” *Noona neomu yeppeo..~”


“Wait… you are not my noona? But… I’ve been calling you noona for three months… why didn’t you tell me… does it bother you if I continue doing so?”


*Honestly he’s a baby and you don’t mind at all he calls you noona because you somehow always seem older* “kekekeke sowwy noona, but you will always be my noona, noona or not” *What xD*


*Mental breakdowns at the end of each day* “I called her noona again… what was I thinking… I bet she thinks I do it on purpose… how am I supposed to win her heart this way.. ugh Kyungsoo… concentrate!”


“I am really sorry Noo-ehh.. Y/N… I didn’t mean… eh… I’ll be more careful next time! You can call me oppa if you want.. maybe it’ll be easier that way for me to stop calling you noona…” *Trying really hard here*


*Honestly why telling him you are not his Noona when he looks like this* “I swear I’m not a baby noona! I just.. like doing… things children do xD”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]