i sing this all the time tbh

I’m sorry but the thought of AgentCorp makes me WEAK


this was the beginning of something beautiful tbh (if only in my mind)

ugh they would look so good together

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Two badass, strong, independent women with a STEM background

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But they can both be soft af at times

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Like damn they would be so interesting together! I just can’t stop thinking about it.

I wonder if Chyler and Katie would be into it?


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Ok but today at school my teacher was talking about hamlet and how SATISFIED he was in a certain part and then another teacher in the english grammar class talked about compound words and stuff like that and she repeated "rise up" at least a million times and i swear it took all my willpower not to start singing...

hOW MUCH WILLPOWER DO YOU HAVE DUDE, tbh i have problems keeping myself from singing hamilton daily if i were u i would just break out into a musical number

the signs as reasons to love + support seventeen
  • aries: seventeen composes and produces and choreographs some if not most of all their songs!! genius composer woozi
  • taurus: they started with very little - the majority of adore u was dancing in a large room with simple white outfits - but now we're onto #seventeen5thwin :) dreams come true
  • gemini: all the members are so close and they're hella funny on variety. it's like a huge family tbh imagine living with 12 of your best friends
  • cancer: they spend like all their free time gushing about carats...they do the Most.......Mingyu cried listening to carats sing 'When I Grow Up' together
  • leo: every unit plays a huge part in seventeen and all of them are super multi-talented wtf seventeen's organization + leadership is honestly amazing
  • virgo: their individual personalities are all so captivating; variety star boo + impulsive cheater yoon jeonghan,, remember when we all thought joshua was a shy and polite gentleman?????? biggest fucking meme istg
  • libra: most of their songs are bops especially their latest albums. and all the members got a chance to shine??
  • scorpio: their choreography!!! damn!!! wtf! all those people...all that creativity...michael chankson......
  • sagittarius: they have so many talents like jun w/ his martial arts, hoshi w/ choreographing, jeonghan w/ sleeping, etc.!
  • capricorn: listen they love their parents so much seungkwan introduced his mother as the "prettiest lady in the world" i SOBBED and btw watch seventeen project if you haven't already
  • aquarius: wonwoo
  • pisces: they had to go through years of seventeentv + losing members and gaining members and not knowing when they'd debut or if they'd have the funds to debut i'm so proud tbh

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But imagine Adrien and Marinette/Chat and Ladybug singing "Love Is An Open Door" from from Frozen.

But… Hans turned out to be a bad guy? Like that whole thing was him leading her to think they were soul mates or something.

*paces room considering romantic duet alternatives*

Pocahontas - If I never knew you? 

It got cut from the movie in the end, but they sing it in the time of most strife, about how its better that they met each other and found love despite the awful things that are happening, rather than having never met at all.

Or ‘Xanadu - Suddenly’ 

“She walks in, I’m suddenly a hero
I’m taken in, my hopes begin to rise “ 

TBH I just want to draw Mari in that floofy outfit.

Y'all are imagining Alec sneaking out of the Institute as a serious thing but tbh all I see is him running around humming the Mission Impossible theme song loudly and doing unnecessary parkour and rolls and somersaults and saying “PARKOUR!” under his breath every time he performs a stunt and whenever he runs into someone he freezes and looks straight ahead as if not moving will suddenly make him invisible and the other person or people will be so weirded out that they’ll slowly walk away and then Alec will resume his singing and continue leaping and humming his way to Magnus’ loft

BTS Reaction | When you like singing Disney songs

Thank you for requesting! ^_^
I sing along to Disney songs and musicals all the time too. My neighbours probably hate me for it.

Jin: As soon as Jin heard you singing along to A Whole New World from Aladdin while you were helping him cook he’d join in singing the chorus with you, singing Aladdin’s parts  (or probably Jasmine’s tbh).

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Yoongi: He might not really express it like the other members would, but Yoongi would think it’s pretty cute. He’d just stand by the door listening to you singing Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid until the song was over, then he’d joke about how you still liked Disney songs and how passionate you were about singing the song (but he’d still think it was adorable).

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Hobi: Hoseok would just really enjoy hearing you sing, whether it was good or not. He’d end up joining in and singing along very loudly to Let It Go from Frozen with you while you watched it. The neighbours would eventually come over halfway through the film and ask the two of you to be a little quieter.

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Namjoon: Namjoon would be watching television when he could hear you singing Reflection from Mulan in the shower. He’d put the TV on mute so that he could listen to you sing. He might joke about it after you came out of the shower but he’d generally find it adorable how much you still enjoyed Disney songs.

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Jimin: Like Jin, when Jimin heard you singing Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty he’d start singing along with you. He’d join in halfway through the first verse and eventually start dancing with you in the kitchen like they did in the film, because let’s be honest, Jimin is an actual living Disney prince.

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Taehyung: When Tae saw you intensely singing and dancing along to I’ll Make a Man out of You from Mulan, he’d immediately jump in and join in with you. You’d both end up singing and dancing around your home, not really caring how silly you looked.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would get in from practice to see you singing along to I See the Light from Tangled with all your heart. He’s quite shy so he’d probably just stand in the doorway for a moment while he listened to you sing, but when Eugene’s part came on he’d start singing too, and you’d sing the duet at the end of the song together.

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Requests are OPEN!

by request ( @hatoratomoen and @senatormellie ), here’s what i have to say about seeing Hamilton (Chicago version).

- it was surreal to see something performed irl that you know, like, every single word to, y’know? super surreal. in the best way possible.

- The Room Where It Happens just….totally blew me away. Like the whole musical did, tbh, but that one 500% especially. I’ve seen a lot of musical theater in my time & a handful of broadway shows, and this just. The singing, acting, lighting, choreography, all of it were fucking phenomenal & I’ve never been that INTO a song EVER. It was SO so so good.

- hamilton has a v nice voice, i like him

- lafayette / jefferson’s played by a college junior?? so talented and young and good and im jealous

- hamilton and laurens touched each other a lot

- i cried two times - once when phillip died (after he stopped responding eliza kinda half collapsed and screamed into his shirt and i had a Lot of Feelings), and then at the end (partly bc the orphanage, and mostly just because i was so totally overwhelmed with how good the whole musical is and how much i love it)

any other / more specific questions, just let me know and i’ll try my best to answer :)

I really agree that songs on Eurovision are way too english-centric, but it’s the first time I see people complaining about it ? No one cared before ? People were like “lmfao why France is always in french” and this year everyone is like “WTF HOW DO THEY ALL DARE TO SING IN ENGLISH AND WHY FRANCE HAS LIKE 4 SENTENCES NOT IN FRENCH” ????
I don’t mind, because I agree, but I’m surprised ???? Why this year ????

I fall in love often, as often as my heart makes more room for all the pain that is followed after every goodbye. I am yet to learn the language of no for all those days when words are the only shadow that follow me when love turns away. I make spaces between my breaths for every new person I love and that’s how I have known why home has a heart and a pair of arms. I draft a new poem for every time when moon denies to sing the lullaby of forevers and I am yet to finalize every breath I am supposed to take without you by my side. I am painting pictures of all your unsaid words hoping some day you would drop by with a new promise of tomorrow void of your farewell. Even though the library of our love never promised perfect yesterday I still try to convince the loneliness about the beauty of everything that never happened. I peel down reality of us with a new page that envelops you in the endless serenade of my may be and someday I would still catch you on the horizon of every world we could ever exist. And even though this poem is still one more empty excuse of you and us, I would happily write forever if it brings you on this page for even a moment.

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i hope you'll feel better soon! congrats on the followers!!! also, do you have any bilingual hunk&lance headcanons?

Thank you so much!!! And as for the headcanons…

  • I may have mentioned this before, but I have this headcanon that Lance is super good at learning languages. He loves to learn them too because it means that he can talk to and get to know more people, which is pretty awesome tbh. 
  • He caught on to English real quick because he always took the time to listen to American music and sing along, it’s the best way to practice language if you ask me.
  • He loves to listen to music in all different languages, even if he doesn’t quite understand them yet.
  • He probably took French in high school because it’s the so-called “language of love” and he wanted to impress people he was flirting with. Turns out he really enjoyed learning it and he wants to learn a bunch of new languages in the future.
  • Lance has trouble trying to remember various words all the time because he keeps coming up with the word in a different language, which is not what he needs right now, thank you very much.
  • He talks to himself in Spanish when he’s feeling homesick, it’s a comforting sound and it keeps him grounded. Plus, it reminds him of his family and the fact that he’s doing this for them.
  • Hunk probably learned English a lot earlier on in life because of how common it is on Samoa, but he prefers speaking Samoan to anything. He never uses English when he’s with his family.
  • He talks to himself in Samoan all the time, it’s so calming and he loves it because it’s such a pretty language and it makes him feel at home.
  • Lance and Hunk will rant to each other in Spanish and Samoan respectively because, even though they can barely understand a word of what the other is saying, it’s such a nice feeling to be able to talk freely. 
  • They are the greatest of friends and will often teach each other small phrases and words because just spreading the language is a happy feeling.

Marco Bodtom Week — Day 1: Nov 7th - Traditions / Holidays


marco goes ALL OUT for christmas and but jean never really understood christmas and the moment he hears the ronettes singing sleigh ride he knows theres no escape from marco’s annual christmas fever for the next 2 months (this is on nov 1st btw and hes been decorating nonstop for 3 hours and hes only got 10% done tbh)

I know the quality sucks, but this is me and my friends holding the Greek flag 3 days ago at Milan’s concert.

I can’t describe how happy and sad at the same time I was feeling in that moment. I saw them and I was so close to them. Tyler even saw our flag and smiled. I got to listen to my favorite song of all time. I got to listen to Tyler sing “Josh Dun”. I got to see Josh smiling and throwing his arms up as we were screaming and clapping for him. I got to see Tyler smiling as we were singing Trees to him. I got to see that Josh has freckles on his back.

but tbh, this concert ruined Goner for me. not because they didn’t play it right, it was probably the best song. that’s why I hate it now. I can’t listen to it without crying. because at that moment, I felt pure, I felt clean and I felt like I was home.

I miss every minute of it.

I also loved the clique. they were all so nice and we got so emotional. I found myself hugging strangers and them hugging me back. at the end of the concert a girl with pink hair was sobbing and I hugged her, told her she was going to see them again.

“we are twenty one pilots and so are you”, and with that phrase, the best night of my life ended.


❤️ H A P P Y X I U M I N D A Y ❤️🌸 Minnie turns 27 today! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Minseok is in all honesty one of the most beautiful human beings ever, and by that I don’t mean appearance, i mean potential, personality. I got to be in the fandom for only two years but that didn’t stop me from quickly loving everything about Minseok. He has such passion and dedication for whatever he does and he’s the most selfless person ever, and tbh every single thing about him is pure beautiful. I got to witness the glory of him acting and singing and dancing and performing his heart out and that experience was as breathtaking as it could get but most importantly, i got to witness how he started breaking out of his shell and started opening up little by little and honestly guys, Kim Minseok is a legend and it really is a honor to have someone like him to look up to 😌🙌

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my crush and i bond over music all the time!! she's really good at playing piano and singing and sometimes i sing to her piano playing! she said a long time ago she thinks she's straight but she's questioning, and later i came out to her in a casual conversation and she wasn't like "WAIT YOURE GAY?? I SUPPORT YOU" or anything she just continued the conversation like that wasn't out of the ordinary!! it was a blessing tbh!!! she's so cute and pretty and sweet and she's a really good actress ahhh

please give us the gay sequel to la la land we deserve

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Lmao the anon๐Ÿคฃ some of the kids were even singing the song. It's 2017 I cringe more when kids listen to the stupidest president of the USA. Then Camila singing a song that only some of y'all the only thing that start thinking are sexual things when y'all heard 'Bad Things'.

When it comes to Camila I have a hard time not thinking about sexual things tbh