i sing for the children of the earth

2. Makoto and Asahi, The Comedy Duo
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2. Makoto and Asahi, The Comedy Duo

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Asahi: Hey, Makoto… what are we doing for the appreciation party?

Makoto: Huh? Hmm… what should we do for our party trick…?

Asahi: Well.. Captain said that we could do whatever we want…

Makoto: Even if he said so…

Asahi: Anyway, what counts as a party trick in the first place? Is it different from a special skill?

Makoto: Don’t ask me~! But, I think they are different things? It’s like… something that’s more performative…

Asahi: Oooh, I get it now! Hmmm….mmm… I wonder if there’re any fun ideas? Hey, Makoto, can you think of something?

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Taeyeon as Goddesses: Gaia

 “I will sing of well-founded Gaia, Earth, mother of all, eldest of all beings. She feeds all the creatures that are in the worlds, all that go upon the goodly land, and all that are in the paths of the seas, and all that fly : all these are fed of her store. Through you, O queen, men are blessed in their children and blessed in their harvests, and to you it belongs to give means of life to mortal men and to take it away. Happy is the man whom you delight to honour! He has all things abundantly : his fruitful land is laden with corn, his pastures are covered with cattle, and his house is filled with good things.”


I got bored and decided to highlight ten of my favorite weird/eccentric singers in modern music. Maybe they aren’t the greatest singers of all time, but they’re all unique and unmistakable. Each of them have singing voices that make you go “WTF is this?!” upon first listen, but then you slowly grow to appreciate them as you listen to more material.

  1. Yma Sumac - The godmother of all eccentric voices. This Peruvian soprano both confused and bewildered 1950s audiences with her five octave vocal range, animal imitations, and “exotica” style of music, which mainly consisted of mambos and Latin American folk tunes. Most of the other people on this liste have traces of her influence in their vocal deliveries. Check out: Tumpa and Chuncho.
  2. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - Once an aspiring opera singer, this R&B star single-handedly created the “shock rock” genre that performers like Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson later adopted. Emerging from coffins, evoking voodoo rituals, and scream-bellowing his way through songs about everything from soul possession to constipation? Yep, he did it. Oh yeah, and he’s rumored to have fathered over 75 children. Check out: I Put a Spell on You and Constipation Blues.
  3. Tiny Tim - While often regarded as a novelty act, this falsetto nostalgist was actually quiet sincere with his performances. His ukulele renditions of squeaky clean 1930s pop tunes led to stardom in the 1960s, although his fame quickly faded. He would later find posthumous recognition through the use of his music in cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants. Check out: Living in the Sunlight and this bizarre cover of Earth Angel.
  4. Kate Bush - The queen of baroque prog-pop (if that’s even a genre) known for singing self-penned (and self-performed and produced) tunes with a breathy, child-like timbre that’s hard to describe. Her live performances and music videos were equally as hard to describe, but nonetheless captivating. While she was a mega-star in the UK and much of Europe, her peculiar style never caught on in the US. Check out: Wuthering Heights and Sat in your Lap.
  5. Klaus Nomi - Occasionally there are singers whose voices are so strange that words fail to describe them, and this German avant-garde performer is one of them. Part soprano, part alien, and part walking pop art, his style was unmistakable, if also a bit too weird for even other weirdos to process. Still, there is a beauty about his style that shines through, especially in live performances. Check out: The Cold Song and The Nomi Song.
  6. Diamanda Galas - Her nickname in the ‘80s was “The wife of the devil”, and it’s not hard to understand why. She too started her career as an opera singer and took a turn into weird and frightening territory beginning with 1982′s nightmarish LP The Litanies of Satan. With a shrieking 5 ½ octave vocal range and infamous live performances that could scare the bejesus out of anybody, there has never been anybody quite like her before or since. Check out: Double Barrel Prayer and her cover of I Put a Spell on You.
  7. Bjork - This Icelandic maverick started her career as part of numerous alt rock bands before embarking on a highly successful solo career. While her self-produced, eclectic music was always a bit off-kilter, she has only continued to get stranger over the years, but her clear, arresting howl has stayed the same. Her influence is insurmountable, ranging from Thom Yorke to FKA Twigs and beyond. Check out: Human Behavior and Crystalline.
  8. Mike Patton - Best known for his work with Faith No More, he could only best be described as a vocal freak of nature. Possessing a monstrous six octave vocal range (the widest of any singer in modern music), he has mastered death metal, Italian pop tunes, experimental jazz, Native American chants and literally everything in-between. His style has no limits, nor do his songs from various projects, which often jump through multiple genres in the span of three minutes. Check out: Smaller and Smaller (with Faith No More) and My Ass is on Fire (with Mr. Bungle).
  9. Tanya Tagaq - Another performer of “exotic” music by Western standards, this Inuk throat singer takes music traditional to her culture and puts a plethora of innovative spins on it. Alternating between hums, buzzes, coos, and clean vocals, she is primarily a storyteller, using her voice as an instrument to paint striking mental images. Recently she won the 2014 Polaris Prize for music and caused controversy by paying homage to thousands of murdered indigenous women as part of her performance at the ceremony. Check out: Improv Performance and Uja.
  10. Julie Christmas - What would Cinderella become if Prince Charming jilted her? One listen to this Julliard-trained maniac’s voice, and you’ll get the hint. Known for her work with Made out of Babies and Battle of Mice, Christmas can go from sweet to psychotic at the snap of a finger, her vocal delivery terrifying yet intriguing to even the most hardened of metal critics. Her recent solo work is further proof of her vocal acrobatics - a fallen Disney princess, indeed. Check Out: Cooker (with Made out of Babies) and Bones in the Water (with Battle of Mice).
Do you get to eat fruits in heaven? Are the trees different from this place? Maybe everyone gets to ride motorcycles all day long without fear of an accident or cops because you’re speeding. What kind of currency do you guys use? Is there gender there? What about love? Do you get to fall in love there? I bet you do. Does Cupid write silly love letters for everyone? He sucks at aiming, always have, always will. What about music? Oh my god. You must have music! There has to be a jukebox around every corner. What about racism? That’s not possible. Do you own planes? You wouldn’t put a 90 ban on anyone, right? And religion? Maybe, there’s freedom up there too. Every epic, every Greek god gets a place up there. I bet Apollo sings the best songs. I bet Artemis hunts cloud shaped rabbits for the children– you guys don’t need nutrients. Does the sun speak? Every metaphor coming to life. Every love story finally has a happy ending. Edgar isn’t so sad. Shakespeare is telling everyone that the poetry he left here is really written by him. Are liars allowed in heaven? God forgives everyone, right? Is there right or wrong up there? Earth is getting scary. America is getting scary. I’m terrified. Do the stars look pretty up there? Can you just float and hug them? Do you have feelings or sensations? Do the stars shine? Do you experience day and night? Can you flip a switch and it’s bed time for everyone? I bet it’s beautiful, I bet you’re smiling. Do you feel okay? How are you? I miss you. I still write about you and one day, I won’t. I’ll be up there. I’ll be somewhere up there. Maybe I’ll run a tea shop and you can stop by. We can ride down waterfalls and not worry about anything. We can write our names on oak, we can kiss the stars goodnight. I’ll hold your hand if you hold mine type of night. I suck at singing, but I’ll sing for you. Do you miss me too? I’ll write about you until my last day. It won’t be too long now. Time is timeless up there. I’m sure of it. I’m sure of you. I have to be. Oh. Almost forgot.
—  P.S. I love you

“Tolkien believes in his world and in all those who inhabit it… this failure of belief on an author’s part is, I think, what turns so many books that mean to deal with the real things of life that really happen to the real souls and bodies of real people in the real world into the cramped little stages where varyingly fashionable marionettes jiggle and sing. But I believe Tolkien has wandered Middle-Earth, which exists nowhere but in himself, and I understand the sadness of the elves, and have seen Mordor.” -Peter S. Beagle

And though I am gone,
Just ash in the wind.
One life surrendered,
So yours can begin.

Courage my children,
This is your song.
I am the Earth,
I will make you strong.

So, I heard that the credits song was sung by her VA and it makes so much sense! Considering the lyrics are implying that it’s Mila saying it to her people and how Silque worships Mila, it inspired me to draw Silque singing Mila’s words!

anonymous asked:

about something you posted earlier--how do you know God is so... happy if we come to Him? Like it was so moving (I almost started crying in all honesty) but I can't comprehend God would have any positive emotion at all about my coming to him. I feel like I expect the "about time you showed up" response more than anything. Sorry if this message doesn't make sense or is ignorant. Thanks for all you do <3

Don’t be sorry. I know completely what you mean. I’ve had times where I feel like Jesus just tolerates me. But, I need to tell you. He ADORES you. The Bible, God’s-word, God-breathed, God-inspired is full of love letters and stories for us. For you. You.

I want you to read some of these and understand this it’s God, trying to communicate to you. So for a moment, it’s just for you. It’s you and Jesus. 

Luke 15:11-32. The Parable of the Lost Son. This child, comes back into his fathers home (into God’s presence) and his dad meets him and wraps his arms around him, kisses him, covers him in fine clothes, puts a ring on his finger and declares that a marvellous feast be held. When you come into God’s presence, He does the same thing. This story is about you. When you come to Jesus, he wraps His arms around you, He kisses you, He dresses you in fine silk and jewellery and He declares a feast be made in your honour. He is so happy to see you.

Zephaniah 3. This is a time in the Bible when Jerusalem was going crazy. It says they were “rebellious and defiled.” And God was sad for a while. He was disappointed and angry at them. But, God’s love is so unwavering, so powerful, so on fire that He could not be angry for long. Verse 17 says “The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you; but will rejoice over you with singing.” He delights in you. When He thinks about you, He rejoices with singing. God, the King of all finds Himself singing when you enter His presence. You, dear child. 

Matthew 8. Now, back when Jesus was walking upon the face of the earth, having leprosy was pretty much the worst thing anyone could have. People hated you if you had leprosy. Shopkeepers wouldn’t serve you, people would avoid you, mothers would cover their children’s eyes. But Jesus, so full of love and compassion, reaches out His hand and touches this man with leprosy. I can imagine people in the background gasping at the sight. But Jesus just has so much love for His children that this is not a barrier. He loves you this much. When you walk into His presence, no matter what state you’re in, He is willing and He wants to spend time with you. 

Matthew 14:22-33. I love this one. So, all the disciples see Jesus walking on the water, and Peter wants to join Him. Jesus calls Peter out and he gets out of the boat to walk on the water with Jesus. But, Peter becomes afraid and begins to sink. Now, what does Jesus do. IMMEDIATELY, He reaches out His hand and catches Him. Then, He goes on to ask why he was afraid. But, I love this because Jesus doesn’t watch Peter start to sink and tell him “just don’t doubt, you’ll be fine.” Jesus doesn’t wait for Peter to drown, learn his lesson and then pull him up and tell him what he did wrong. No. The second that Peter asks for Jesus to save him, Jesus catches him. Straight away. He loves Peter so much. He loves you this much. His heart aches when you are in pain and the second that you ask Him to save you, He IMMEDIATELY reaches out His hand to catch you. 

Jesus died for you. Jesus died for you. Jesus DIED for you. An innocent man, who deserved only good things. He watched His friends betray and deny Him. He watched as they declared they did not know Him in front of accusers. He watched a guilty man go free as the public, screaming, decided that He was of less worth than a murderer. He suffered agony by the hands of Romans; from being spat on and having thorns pierce His temples, to having His flesh ripped and shredded until His bones began to glow red. He carried a heavy cross up a hill, collapsing underneath it. He then laid down on that cross and felt the sheer sting of 3 nails skewer His bones to keep Him in place. He was lifted, naked and bloody, on display for all. Friends and family. Even His own mother. For hours He struggled to attain every breath. And then He died. He died. He experienced all that because of His love for you. He went through all of that, because He desperately wants relationship with you. Do you think that He would experience so so much, because He only feels “meh” about you. No way! He went through all of that because he utterly ADORES you. He ADMIRES you. He CHERISHES you. HE DELIGHTS in you. He TREASURES you. He is up and down CRAZY for you. He loves you. So so so so so so much. SO MUCH! Child of God, when you enter His presence, He runs toward you and cheers because He would love to spend some time with You. He died because He finds so much joy in being with you. 

He does not tolerate you. He is not an ‘about time you showed up’ kind of God. He’s an ‘I’m so glad you came. I’m overjoyed. I love you so much. I love you so much. I love you so much’ kind of God. And it’s for you. YOU. 

xx - c


Here’s a grand masterlist of crime-related resources. This list is organized into categories, so it is recommended that you take advantage of the CTRL+F function on your keyboard. Let me know if something is amiss, if you have a crime-related post and want it added to this list, or if you want a category added.

WARNING: Links under the cut are not labeled with trigger warnings for images, titles, or mentions of triggering subjects. Please be careful.

This will be updated every time I hoard more links. Last Update: 4/02/15.

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Why do we meditate?

Meditation is absolutely necessary for those who want to have a better and more fulfilling life. If you feel that you are satisfied with what you have and what you are, then you need not enter into the field of meditation. But if you feel that there is a barren desert deep inside your heart, then I wish to say that meditation is the answer. Meditation will give you inner joy and peace of mind. Meditation will never take you away from your parents, from your children, from your family. Far from it. Only it will strengthen your connection with your dear ones, because inside them you will see the very existence of God.

If you wish to develop your talents or increase your capacity in any field, then I wish to say that it is obligatory to follow some inner discipline. If you are a singer but you wish to sing infinitely better, if you aspire, I tell you, your voice will become far better. There is nothing on earth that cannot be improved through spirituality and meditation.

If you want to simplify your life, meditation is the answer. If you want to fulfil your life, meditation is the answer. If you want to have joy and offer joy to the world at large, then meditation is the only answer.

If you meditate to forget your suffering or to forget your difficulties, then you are not meditating for the right reason. But if you are meditating only to please God and fulfil God in His own way, then your meditation is correct. When God is pleased, and God is fulfilled in your meditation, then it is God’s business to take away your sufferings and difficulties. But if you meditate to escape from the world or to challenge the world and stand against the world, then you are doing the wrong thing.

Meditation is your conscious capacity that you have to utilise every day and every second to enter into your highest divinity, where the finite is completely lost in the Infinite. The finite existence which you have and which you are, can easily be lost in the infinite and become totally one with the infinite if you meditate. This is what meditation is and what meditation can do for you.

- Sri Chinmoy, Experiences of the Higher Worlds

freedom of speech
but i still try to watch
my mouth so that
you’re not offended.
freedom is my soul
but we’ve given up nature
to be commercialized
if my soul is up for grabs
i guess my heart is next
if sex sells then my lips
must have a price tag
and if your breasts don’t
fit his fetish i guess
he’ll pay in order to be satisfied
with your body, oh the irony
and they say that nothing’s
wrong in a society where
jail and prison is just another
business that’ll grow as crime rates
don’t stop and as long as we keep buying
someone’s going to get locked up
and we’re not alone, yet
we’re powerless when
we work against each other
if racism is dead then
why was my mother called
a chink recently by a black kid
down the street? children
don’t grow up mean,
we learn subtle cues from our parents,
our role models. money isn’t evil,
but we can make it deadly.
play the beer ads with
the world’s most interesting man
drinking it, i’ll give up my livers.
design a new phone and a new watch,
my wallet, you can have it too
so i can keep up with my friends
and how much fun they’re having
while sharing it on facebook,
there’s nothing wrong with a little love,
but you’ve got to love yourself enough
to see problems in a system.
it’s not perfect, it’s not perfect,
but it must work, right?
and if debt is out of hand
while we have people living
on the streets, are we too screwed
to fix things? in one way or another,
we’ve already bombed ourselves
out of existence. it’s sad really.
supply my heart more chains
and i’ll demand for imprisonment.
less trees for birds to sing,
less forests for tigers to hunt,
less flowers for bees to pollinate,
we’re so far from this place.
we turned earth into a scary place,
and venting about society
won’t fix the pieces inside of me,
or you. i guess it starts with who
we’d want to be instead of who
society says that we should be
and everyone has their share
of problems, we can’t build a bridge
if we’re on fire. we can’t stop world hunger
if we’ve got children hungry within ourselves.
we have classes for world history,
but not a single fucking course
on how to love yourself.
it’s assumed. you were taught these things
at home. like everyone has a perfect home.
you show up to school on time everyday,
you must be stable, you must be okay.
so we have school shootings because
he wasn’t loved enough, a world filled
with constant struggles, we know more
about the Kardashians than we know
who we want to be when we grow up.
it’s sad really. what’s right or wrong
if it’s played in the songs? we’re still
growing, so i guess that’s worth noting.
and i pray that we never stop growing.
we must learn how to love the guy
who worships another god,
even if he’s black that doesn’t mean
that he’s after you, even if he’s white
it doesn’t mean that he’ll oppress you,
even if he’s asian it doesn’t mean
that you should assume he’s chinese,
even if he speaks spanish
it doesn’t mean that he’s a mexican.
it starts kinda small actually,
it starts with the children.
what are they watching nowadays?
what are they really doing on those ipads?
how much are we really teaching them
while we’re rushing to make coffee in a society that’s addicted to caffeine? i’m not better
than anyone, but i can see the problem
even if i wake up every morning
and do nothing about it. just because
we don’t talk about it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. oh it’s there. it’s not money.
it’s the people who regulates it.
it’s just business, right?
fuck it, we’ll just make more money out
of thin air. and then one day,
the money’s going to run out.
one day, people will stop using it.
one day, the richest people will become
poor too. one day, it’ll start all over.
and i pray, that one day.
if it does happen, we’ll be given
a second chance to not fuck things up.
if we’re lucky, we’ll learn how to love
even if it’s not worth loving.
maybe rape cases won’t be shrugged off.
maybe skin won’t matter as much
and gender won’t matter too.
maybe social constructs will be
less constraining once we notice it
enough times, confined by our
own self beliefs like as long as
it doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t matter.
there is a certain kindness
that we lack as a whole,
have you seen roadkill lately?
numb to the sight.
once you’ve been told something
enough times, even lies
start to become the truth.
tell a child that he’s average
and won’t amount to much
and he’ll most likely grow up
feeling like he’s average and
won’t amount to much.
tell a child that he’s special
and unique and he might grow up
feeling special and unique everyday.
it really does start with you.
you can change the world
even if it means you’ll need
to change yourself first.
—  societal woes
Ok But Imagine:

-kuroo and kenma making a youtube channel together
-they do covers of songs and stuff
-kuroo can play the bass
-kenma can play the keyboard
-its an odd choice of instruments but they both make it work
-kuroo has that sorta raspy n jazzy singing voice
-kenma doesnt like singing but occasionally he sings and its like angels descending onto earth
-akaashi comes over sometimes to hang out and accidentally catches them recording
-so he’s just like “whatever” and starts singing with them
-akaashi can har m o n i z e
-sometimes he brings bokuto and its literally just like a band
-bokuto cant sing to save his life but da m n can he throw down some sick beats
-sometimes they all do acapella together
-or sometimes bokuto just starts beatboxing out of nowhere and everyone just goes along with it
-my precious children starting a youtube channel

I think this is the best way to explain how I feel about my yet unborn son. I feel so blessed to be pregnant even if it’s hard sometimes.
I feel like carrying around the whole world under my skin. When he kicks I feel so pleased even when it hurts sometimes. It’s so cute how he starts kicking when he listens to his singing mother.

I know I will be a good mother because a child is everything I always wanted. I can’t wait two more weeks until I can finally cuddle with him.

My boyfriend and me created such a great gift. It is amazing how you feel that something in your body grows slowly and then it grows fast to be an own person. You feel so bonded with this beautiful thing. You feed this little thing with everything you eat. You share everything with this cutie inside of you. You suddenly have to take care about yourself to take care for your baby. Already in pregnancy you have to learn to take responsibility. It’s amazing how you change to a better version of yourself. Nature is doing such a great job! I believe in the power of nature and it’s blessings.

My son means the world to us. And I know we mean the world to him.

I’m not afraid of giving birth. I feel happy to have the chance to do that and I think mother nature knows how it works. I just have to believe in nature and myself. I just have to listen to my inner self. I can do that. I will do that. There’s no other way. He wants to be born.

Just waiting the last two weeks until he finally wants to live outside of me.

It's Finally Over... Slept on it last night and..... Well... Here we go

I… I literally can’t with this entire series….. I don’t even know where to start in this entire finale.


-Wu Redemption is Stupid (Also idea for independent states sounds a heck of a lot like what it was when the Earth Queen died. Who would be in charge of that? Even we have a president?)

-The bending was uber convenient and inconvenient during the entire the finale. All they need to do is trip the machine, cut off a leg and the weapon would have gone down. Ways to do this? TONS OF IT. They could have 

A) shifted the earth under her feet like Toph was able to do in Book 2. I mean. They have a heck of a lot of earth benders and a heck of a lot of earth from the city. ALso they can use water since it’s a COASTAL CITY to freeze it constantly. Why did Korra have to stop freezing it. It was actually doing more damage when she was contiually doing it?

B) At any time could Bolin have used his lavabending saw to cut some metal in a probably faster fashion than those two robot birds. We saw him doing it inside.

C) Just because the outside is made of platinum does that mean they CANNOT bend what’s inside the robot. Constantly have they proven in the Avatar series that you don’t need to see an element in order to mess with it. Whether earth is jammed somewhere or whether water is deep underground, a bender can always feel their element. Heck, even Kuvira admitted that she felt them bending the metal in the suit.

Platinum is shown to be unbendable but it does not negate the effects of bending like kryptonite.

The mecha obviously was vulnerable as it had earth inside it, therefore it could have been metalbent from outside (especially in the cockpit, which was shown inside to be 100% metal.

-Asami punishment YET AGAIN. Now THIS character has seen the true suffering that Korra stated to have experienced.

She lost her father, She lost her mother, she got her boyfriend stolen from her and then was cheated on, she lost her company and had to work hard to rebuild everything from the ground up. This girl is a rock-solid character that always gets jilted IN EVERY SINGLE SEASON WITH LESS AND LESS screen time and NOW THIS?????

-There was absolutely no reason that Hiroshi needed to die. Heck, there was no reason that anyone should have cared for him to die so why the impact? Just to make Asami suffer? It made absolutely no sense and everyone in the room of where I live was just rolling their eyes and saying, “He’s going to die, right?”

-It was just a dumb plot choice. He was brought in for like two episodes out of the entire last two seasons and they did this to him? The only thing I could see from this is just to put a blot on Kuvira’s pretty much SPOTLESS record, despite the fact that he was a convict and the fact that it was the United Republic that tried to assassinate Kuvira FIRST!

- Korra’s development-

Granted they tried. I will grant them that they tried. However, it was a pathetic attempt. They literally spent more time planning our Varrick and Jhu LI’s redemption/marriage and Wu/the citizens escape than they did with Korra’s lesson. She fights Kuvira, she gets trapped in the spirit world  with Kuvira, decides to NOW talk about ANY SORT OF REMNANCE OF A BACKSTORY WITH KUVIRA with literally NO INDICATION of caring or knowing about it, and then all of the sudden says, “You are like me because you have a fierce and don’t want to give up.”

Well Korra honey, there are alot of characters that don’t want to give up and are fierce like you. Lin, Mako, Varrick, Toph, younger Katara. 

That doesn’t excuse the fact that you weren’t there for  3 years, or the fact that Zaofu and Republic City did almost nothing to help the Earth Kingdom in it’s time of need. That doesn’t excuse the fact that Kuvira was TOLD to unite the kingdoms by everyone and was ONLY condemned for NOT STEPPING DOWN (go look at the early episodes of this book if you don’t know what I’m talking about)


And then she’s arrested and Kuvira’s just like to everyone, “Hey! Give up the cause! We were wrong guys! LOL”

Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something be resolved that quickly since the nonbender revolution in Book 1. And that was really sad.

AND EVEN IN THE END OF KORRA’s GROWTH, she’s pretty much doing what she did every single season ending. Saying that she has changed, and grown, and then doing crap the next season. Whose to say that this wasn’t any better?

-The ending

Granted we never figured out what happened to her past lives or why the HECK we need another spirit portal, we just HAVE to have someone’s wedding in the end and it has to be a side characters. More screen time for character introduced in Book 2 and barely kept alive up until this point! Not like there were other characters that could have been focused on! LIKE ASAMI’S DADS FUNERAL. She is a main character after all.

In the end, we get some stupid love implications from not even the main shipping that the creators themselves said they shipped. We get two people, whom one had stolen the boyfriend from and had been cheated on, to convince the other, who would drop her company and everything she worked for just to be her handmaiden in another kingdom, forced to get together in a friendly stroll into the Spirit World.

And yet they are just friends. But everyone is implying this forced relationship instead of actually saying, “Hey! You know what? Korra hasn’t really developed any good healthy relationships with anyone of these characters. They’re all just one-sided or shallow! Let’s just make her a strong, independent young lady who still needs to learn how to make friends.”

NOPE! Let’s give “the people” what they want! REPRESENTATION! Then maybe they will stop writing critiques on how we left open all these plot holes and other stuff to screw over the series!

You can’t just insert a character for no good reason, treat her like crap, and then at the end of everything say, “HEY YOU WANT TO BE WORTH THE SCREEN TIME?  BE THE SLAVE OF THE TITULAR CHARACTER FOR THE REST OF THIS STORY~!”

That’s just…. Oh whatever.

You know what?

People are going to say that LoK is the best thing ever.

Not because it actually was.

But because people will look at it and say, “Look at the representation!”

Representation of POC!

Representation of TEEN RELATIONSHIPS!

Representation of WOMEN!

Representation of PTSD!

Representation of… whatever that was at the end….

It’s not going to matter what you do in the end.

This show was a train wreck. A huge fan fiction letter to themselves.

Thank goodness the crash has come. And the dust from the wreckage is cleared.

Let’s move forward with our lives guys and go back to the ATLA cafe, where everything was perf, and knew what they were selling.

Drinks and Food are on me.

But think not, Ælfwine, that the shapes wherein the Great Ones array themselves are at all times like unto the shapes of kings and queens of the Children of Ilúvatar; for at whiles they may clothe them in their own thought, made visible in forms terrible and wonderful. And I myself, long years agone, in the land of the Valar have seen Yavanna in the likeness of a Tree; and the beauty and majesty of that form could not be told in words, not unless all the things that grow in the earth, from the least unto the greatest, should sing in choir together, making unto their queen an offering of song to be laid before the throne of Ilúvatar.
—  Tolkien, J. R. R. The History of Middle-Earth X: Morgoth’s Ring. Ed. Christopher Tolkien. (London: HarperCollins, 2002.) 15-16 (Ainulindale Version C §25)
My Korrasami Headcannons

Weird things they do that the other finds adorable
1 Asami is a total fangirl about everything and anything
2 Korra cries during the Nuktuk movers
3 Asami sucks at cooking
4 Korra talks in her sleep
5 Asami makes faces and picks at her nails while working
6 Korra sucks at Pai cho
7 Asami sings her heart out when the radios in in the car and at home (Korras the only one who enjoys her voice)
8 Korra plays with Asamis hair as they fall asleep
9 Asami dances while cleaning her shop/around the house
10 Korra rants for hours about silly things the AIRBENDER kids do that drive her crazy before another “don’t get me wrong I do love them but…” Speech.
They’d go to the ends of the earth for each other
1 Asami wants children, but she wants them to be Korras so in turn Korra starts doing research (without Asamis knowledge) and comes home one day to reveal they can have their own children with the help of spirits.
2 Korra hates always being in the city so Asami hires Earth benders and a construction company to build a small island just off of Air temple Island and builds a small home for just the two of them in the style of a traditional southern water tribe home and decorates it like Korras culture, with just a touch of other places they’ve visited, some spirit world paintings and earth kingdom kitchen set.
Teaching each other new things
1 Asami has to teach Korra to be more lady like in a dress, and helps her learn to deal with the press in a more appropriate light.
2 Korra tries to teach Asami how to cook, but seeing how Korras not very good either it doesn’t turn out so well.
3 Asami has to teach Korra to be less anxious about parent hood
4 Korra has to teach Asami to go easy on her dad with Pai cho
5 Asami teaches Korra on being less easy going when the kids when they’re are acting up
6 Korra teaches Asami that it’s okay to work a regular schedule when Korras in town, she doesn’t have to put off working for Korra.
7 Asami teaches Korra to appreciated her fans more (which she later regrets because she gets jealous)
8 Korra teaches Asami how to take others flirting with her as a compliment rather than a challenge to Korra

I speak in the name of the black millions
Awakening to action.
Let all others keep silent a moment.
I have this word to bring,
This thing to say,
This song to sing:

Bitter was the day
When I bowed my back
Beneath the slaver’s whip.

That day is past.

Bitter was the day
When I saw my children unschooled,
My young men without a voice in the world,
My women taken as the body-toys
Of a thieving people.

That day is past.

Bitter was the day, I say,
When the lyncher’s rope
Hung about my neck,
And the fire scorched my feet,
And the oppressors had no pity,
And only in the sorrow songs
Relief was found.

That day is past.

I know full well now
Only my own hands,
Dark as the earth,
Can make my earth-dark body free.
O, thieves, exploiters, killers,
No longer shall you say
With arrogant eyes and scornful lips:
‘You are my servant,
Black man
I, the free!’

That day is past

For now,
In many mouths
Dark mouths where red tongues burn
And white teeth gleam
New words are formed,
With the past
But sweet
With the dream.
Strong and sure,
They sweep the earth

Revolt! Arise!

The Black
And White World
Shall be one!
The Worker’s World!

The past is done!

A new dream flames
Against the

—  “A New Song” by Langston Hughes
They say I’m behaving like a little child, because I am singing and dancing all the time, because I am smiling and jumping around, because I am crying and laughing in public. Maybe this is what little children do, and this is what makes me happy so maybe little children are the happiest humans on earth.
—  Lora Ruggiu