i sing drunk when im drunk

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my body has a problem that makes it metabolize alcohol too quickly so i cant get drunk very easily. i like going to parties and destroying people at drinking games.

Maybe that’s what ive got going on! For someone who never drank even a little in my teen years, i have a ridiculously high tolerance. Never been drunk, never been hung over. Not even when my friends are drunkenly hitting on waiters and singing at the top of their lungs. Ill match them shot for shot and just be there like “calm down now carol, drink some water. Steve, you too, drink some water” im the mother hen in the group lol!

clizzy au where clary gets dragged by her best friend to a new years party because he got invited by some asshole jock he has a crush on, even though she’s a moody art student who doesn’t go to parties, and then she meets that jock’s sister and they get drunk and make out under the stars and clary sings a song about moonlight to her because she’s drunk and acting stupid and izzy has really, really pretty eyes that make it hard to think. so she gets her number and when she wakes up the next morning her head hurts like hell but she has this bubbly, excited feeling and she can tell it’s going to be a good year

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i have a headcanon that when mike gets totally wasted from drinking he sings "a thousand miles" in his drunk state and goes around the pizzeria scaring the animatronics with his drunk singing and actions towards them and jeremy couldn't do a thing but call doll to fetch him