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My Clexa Con Experience

I have taken a few days between the Con ending and now, I figured it would give me time to process what exactly happened that magical weekend… Turns out, it only made the job harder.

To articulate what happened, what I and many who attended the Con experienced- is near to impossible to do without sounding cheesy or ideological. But it was. That’s exactly what it was.

We created a space where everyone was accepted. We created a space where people of all ages, races, sexual orientation, gender identity, and belief system felt loved and accepted. Above all, we created a safe space where people could be vulnerable without fear of judgement. For those three days we had created a sort of Utopua for ourseves; no one fought, everyone was respectful, there was constructive conversations about race, representation, and how we could make our world a better place.

I arrived to Bally’s not expecting much, maybe 200-300 people- what I was met with was a convention center filled and a line that went on way past my wildest imagination. I picked up my camera, slapped on my “staff” badge, and I got to work.

Walking around the convention center I was met with so many beautiful faces. I tried to strike up a conversation with everyone I met before I take the picture- you can look in the eyes of anyone I had taken a picture with over that weekend. It’s my firm belief the difference between a good shot and a great shot is the relationship you build between a subject and yourself, you can see it in their eyes exactly what they’re thinking… If they like you or not, if they’re comfortable or not, if they want to be there or not.

I hope when my photos come out you can see what I saw through that lens… A group of amazing, passionate, beautiful women from all walks of life and all places.

Now getting to what I assume all of you have read this far for: Yes, Katherine, Dominique, Natasha, Elise, Elizabeth, Rachel, Zoie, Sarah, Amy, Jasika, and everyone are some of the nicest, most sincere people I’ve ever met. But I want to talk about a particular couple right now… WayHaught, or Kat and Dom. Listen to me when I tell you- I have never met two nicer, down to earth, smart, beautiful and incredible women. When Dominique talks to you, you feel like you two are the only ones in the room, she engages you in a way that’s almost hypnotozing, she makes physical contact to make sure you know she’s genuinely listening to what you’re saying… And Kat, where do I even begin. If you’ve ever watched an interview or a video of Kat talking, you can hear the kindness in her voice. When you talk to her you feel an almost safety blanket put around you, that she’s there for you no matter what.

The Shoot, WayHaught, and Hollstein panel was absolutely insane- and you could tell thqt the actresses thought it was just as bonkers as we did. I also want to take a moment to recognize all of the amazing panelists/interviewers- you guys made a hard job look easy. And Dana, having Elise and Natasha read from Clexa/Xena and Gabrielle/Carol scripts was one of the greatest things ever done on a panel EVER. It was unbelievable. Everyone I met over that weekend kept repeating the same question over and over… “Is this really happening?”

Yes. It happened.

I also met many people in the industry that I’ve long admired, notably Emily Andras (If you know me well, you know I was on board with Wynonna Earp since day one). I also took her writing class, the central theme of it being a WayHaught wedding- (she knows us too well 👀) and I learned so much valuable writing/industry rules to follow and goals to keep working on that I will never forget… Least of all my favorite piece of advice, “You know you’ve made it the first time you say ‘no’ in the writers room.”

Oh… And did I mention Sara Ramirez showed up? So, let me tell you a little story- on Saturday I worked about 10 hours, just photographing everyone and everything. I realized I had to finish a 5 page paper due for my English class that I had to get in before midnight, so at 10 p.m. I get to my hotel, write my essay and send it in… I then get peer Pressured into going into the “Sinful” party (Thanks Evan and Sam 😜) and didn’t get back to my hotel until around 3:30 am… So I slept in and unfortunately missed the Queer POC representation panel (the one I was really looking forward to) but by pure luck they were doing a part 2 later on! So… I get to the panel, and I use the term panel loosely as it was more of a very large group discussion about everything from race to safe spaces and who shows up? Sara Ramirez in all of her beautiful Bisexual glory. After that, she sort of became a panelist as well- talking about mental health (which hey ClexaCon 2018 how about a mental health panel!) And the difficulties growing up Bisexual and biracial. After the panel the entire room had a group hug.

Believe me when I tell you, Sara is one of the most charming people I met that weekend- and I learned more than I could ever thank her and the panel for. Being a queer white woman I know of many things, I know about mental health issues because I’ve suffered them, I know what it’s like to be in a wheelchair for an extended period of time and the difficulties that entails (and I also know how hard it is to re-learn how to walk), I know about being gay, and I know about having white privelage.

What I don’t know is race, what it means to be biracial, trans, Bisexual, asexual, gender non conforming, and many many other things. And I will never pretend that I do. Because I can’t possibly know what I haven’t experienced. That’s why as a screenwriter and someone who tells stories it was imperative for me to ask the amazing and diverse people in that room what I can do to help tell their stories and if it was okay to ask for them to help me do so, what they wanted to see in strong female characters that represents who they are. They were so gracious and kind, they gave so many wonderful suggestions and guidelines to work on that I will always keep in mind. I didn’t say much during the panel but that was the entire point of being a white woman in a room about Queer POC representation… It was my job to shut up and listen to them. And I’m so glad I did.

To Alexia, Sam, Lisa, Evan, literally ALL of the amazing organizers and volunteers- we have made something that will last for years to come. I hope to see you all next year for ClexaCon 2018, because there’s no way we’re letting this little piece of Utopia go.

-Rachel Kom Fotokru

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Ahhhhh I need more Aphrodite!Percy please, I'd love it if you headcanon everything you've got xxxxx)))))))

  • his enemies probably talk about how pretty he is a lot, like in that creepy ass way that villains grab their jaw and force them to look up and stroke their face weirdly
  • like dionysus playing that “we’re one and the same, boy” type card and it pisses percy the fuck off because they’re nothing alike except that they kind of are with the whole pretty-boy-genderfluid-powerful-at-manipulation type thing
  • like honestly his #aesthetic is soft purples and lavenders and really rich brown skin like i feel so strongly about this
  • he’s very affectionate like honestly though i think percy is an affectionate person but there’s so much toxic masculinity but if he’d been in this loving and accepting environment at the age of twelve like? he’d have been a lot freer i think
  • i really think being nonbinary is like a super central part of his character arc
  • he’s probably trying to express it to silena one day and she’s like “oh, the gender binary is fake, you know”
  • huge 1975 fan, the whole cabin is i just know this is true in my soul like idk “the sound” is just so fitting for this
  • like i’ve said this before but his eyelashes. like.
  • purple glitter and flower crowns
  • he tells the little ones bedtime stories!
  • he and drew are soOoO deadpan sarcastic with each other but they’re like besties and partners in crime
  • hephaestus gives him a harder time in botl and gets annoyed when he opens his mouth because he hates charmspeak
  • like i’m kind of emotional about hestia explaining that the prophecy was always going to be his because as a child of love he understands the gravity of compromise and yielding and making sacrifices
  • and like the significance of the prophecy and percy’s character arc being about how real heroes aren’t about the guts and glory would be so much cooler and more emphasized? like, quiet heroism
  • it’s just really cool because like he’s really the underdog in this au being a son of a goddess who is treated so sexist, so there’s really something so Profound about applying percy’s canon character arc to this au
  • and pandora’s box? oh my god
  • like just having conversations with hestia about how everything pure and true in the world is falling apart and that’s all aphrodite’s fault? and why should he be trusted with the jar, isn’t that a tragedy waiting to happen?
  • but then remembering hope is still inside…. like…
  • and then the arc becomes about reclaiming the purity and nobility of love and how powerful it really is
  • i don’t want to talk about silena being a spy for kronos because i sincerely think that he would never recover from that, even if he forgives her.
  • he has a lot of conversations with drew about it that have a lot of frustration and angry tears
  • octavian probably accuses him of being a sorcerer a lot
  • he and rachel get each other on such a deep level because rachel has an artistic brain that can understand like how nebulous and complicated love can be. grover also gets it because he can read emotions. they’re about the only ones who aren’t aphrodite kids that Get It.
  • he and annabeth have a lot of roadblocks in their relationship because annabeth has such a hard time Getting It

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Now I am looking forward to the Ukai posts omg! And Aone is just really.... Adorable to me?? Aha! I hope you don't mind that I have turned on notifications for you! :)

they used to be more frequent than they are now, but we have two requests in the inbox for him and when they’re done, it’ll be very apparent lmao

aone is adorable! he’s like a big teddy bear? he seems very cuddly (may wrote headcanons on that)

and not at all! i’m sincerely flattered that you like this blog enough to do that! thanks!!!! (๑´ლ`๑)フフ♡

- admin rachel lauren

Dear taylorswift so… it’s rachel :) 🎅 you liked a few posts about me going to Glendale (night one) a few months ago… but I’m persistent and wanted to remind you because I know you are so so busy! My dad and I are flying from Virginia to Arizona to see you and we are beyond excited!!!! Taylor, I sincerely hope we get to meet after a long wait of 6 years. I love you, Taylor and i CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU (SOON!) Love Rachel 🎅❤

Just to clear up some rumors I've been seeing on my dash.

No, having Quinn accompany me to take my sick cat to the Pet Shop to get looked at does not in fact mean we’re “lovers”. No, Sam and I are not involved in any sort of sexual relationship because he posted a picture of the two of us. Now that’s everything’s been cleared up, can we please start focusing on more important things like the school musical or Halloween plans.

Speaking of rumors, I sincerely hope that the rumor about Santana and Kurt leaving Glee Club aren’t true.

Dear Anne,

Anne Shirley! Posting a video at nearly midnight on a school night?! Don’t you have class in the morning? I hope you are not neglecting your health already, young lady, gallivanting about Toronto all afternoon and staying up to all hours of the night.

Philipa seems like a lovely, bright young woman. However, I do not think you should meet this Mr. Drake. I am sure he is a nice young man, but he is not from Avonlea.


Rachel Lynde, probably