i simply love this movie

really the main difference between the characterization of Sophie and Howl in the movie and Sophie and Howl in the book

is that your average ghibli protagonists are a good-hearted and naive young person who needs to learn to believe in themself and their companion who is both more worldly and more otherworldly but needs to learn to believe in others

and your average diana wynne jones protagonists are little shits. all of them. such little shits.

Thoughts on “Rogue One”

If I could sum up why I loved RO in one sentence it would be simply that this movie reminded me why I fell in love Star Wars in the first place. I’m gonna put spoilers below the cut and try not to gush tooo much. I’m also going to try not to make too many comparisons between RO and TFA, because I know many people have strong feelings about TFA and how it fits into SW canon, a canon I’m admittedly not the best versed in. But there are some things that personally, for me, made RO a more compelling, complex and honest story. Anyway, here we go:

1) I was a goner just from the opening. Two people making an unimaginable sacrifice so their child can live - the shots of little Jyn running into the canyon, her little determined face, I was crying 5 minutes. Chalk it up to seasonal affect but this time of year I ALWAYS get emotional about how much we hitch our hope for salvation onto our children.

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idk why but every christmas i just really feel like rereading your sal series. I just finished it yesterday and ahh even though I've read it multiple times now it's still such a wonderful read

Hee, you’re not alone, anon! I think a few people reread SAL this year for Christmas (and I reread bits and pieces of it *grins*)

I’m so glad you enjoyed the reread! *bounces* The idea that it’s become something of a Christmas tradition is just like dlkasjfads *wriggles* like my god. *rolls around happily*

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Hi i dont know if ive ever sent in an ask before but im a huge fan of your blog! Could you do a squad rate for one of my squads? Gemini F (me), Aquarius F, Libra M, Virgo M, and Aries M (my bf)

Sorry its me again 😣 i was wondering if you could do another squad rate for my other squad, Gemini F (me), another Gemini F, and a Pisces F, we are all huge astrology nerds they would love this blog 😂 thanks

Ok, ok, ok, the first one ! That’s like one of my favorite squads i’ve seen here so far. I think you’re like SUPER nerdy. Whatever you do together, you always end up crying from laughing, and you mostly have very similar hobbies, and favorite movies/music… I simply just love it !
 The other one is more… calm ? You’re not as crazy as the first one and omg you like astrology that’s amazing ! I love this one as well !!!! You probably have the weirdest convos ever though XD

I really want to like Beauty and the Beast. I like old illustrations of the story! And I want to read the old version translated from French but… for some reason, the Disney movie gets on my nerves and now with this new adaptation I’m feeling this strange sense of not-exactly-dislike-but-discomfort even more strongly. Belle is a bookworm, the Beast is an outsider, in theory I should like this story! Be mildly entertained by the movie(s)! I liked the live-action Cinderella.

I mean, all of these movies that simply give their old movies new clothes are boring. I would love to see a creative retelling, one done well, but that’s not likely. Cinderella at least was pretty. The set teases I’ve seen of Beauty and the Beast also look pretty but the CGI makes my skin crawl. I can’t take the Beast seriously because of it, but that’s a whole other discussion of puppets vs CGI in campy fantasy and sci fi films and my personal opinion on aesthetics.

Because I can’t articulate my feelings right now, I’m going to reblog a slightly-angry-somewhat-retelling about Beauty and the Beast I wrote last year. I wrote it more in reaction to the mess that is Once Upon a Time, but I think it does hit some of the reasons why I can’t get excited for the new Disney adaptation. 

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  1. Which movie has had the biggest (positive or negative) impact on you? Why? Either I play it easy and answer the Lord of the Rings trilogy because i simply love the universe and the book-to-movie adaptation was quite ‘’’perfect’’’ in my eyes and since it’s my go to movie when I’m feeling down, or I play it hard and try to explain why the movie Submarine by R. Ayoyade resonated so much with me (it has to be the arctic monkeys soundtrack right ?) and i don’t feel like doing any of it so yay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. If you could have any song covered by any artist, which song would it be and who would cover it? A cover of Femme like U by K-Maro by Alex Turner. I’ll either die of sexyness or of laughter, but it would definitely be something to listen to.

  3. You’ve been chosen to spend a year alone in a submarine studying ocean shit or in a spacecraft studying space shit. Which one do you choose and why? The spacecraft, i have a really really great fear of deep waters, or just having my head underwater in general, like in a swimming pool just crossing under the red and white lines thingy makes me sick, so me in the closed space of a submarine surrounded only by water ? UGH NEVER. I won’t be much more confident in space though but since i’ve never been up there and i really hate the idea of a submarine i’ve got no other choice now have I ? (also stars are pretty)

  4. If you could go back in time to ask one question to one person (someone famous, or someone you know, your choice), what would be the question and who would you ask it to? I’d probably go back to when Roald Dahl was still alive and ask him to give me a signed copy of the Matilda manuscript (wow what a profound answer clap clap)

  5. You can be send anywhere in the world to do one thing right now, at the exact moment you’re reading this. Where do you go? What will you do? I’d go to someplace in the moutains in a cabin surrounded by snow and i’d watch the stars on a balcony wraped in numerous blankets. 

  6. What are your five favourite musical albums of all time? UGH I HATE THESE QUESTIONS IT’S SO HARD TO CHOSE ONLY FIVE. Let’s try though… Favourite Worst Nightmare by the Arctic Monkeys, The concert in Central Park by Simon & Garfunkel, Repenti by Renan Luce, My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men and Hera by Georgio. 

  7. You can go back in time and ask Michelangelo to paint or sculpt anything, knowing that the painting/sculpture will be as famous as the rest of his work. What do you ask him to paint/sculpt? I have asbolutely no idea. To sculpt a replica of the one true ring of power just to mess everyone up ??

  8. Which song makes you feel the most sad? Happy? Sexy? Badass?
    Sad : tears in heaven - eric clapton
    Happy : mardy bum - arctic monkeys
    Sexy : i never feel sexy, an hymn by me :/
    Badass : la terre je la dévore - georgio

  9. If you could create a huge charity organization, what would it be for? i’d develop a charity org to fight all kinds of discriminations and theire main goal would be to go in schools and teach kids and teenagers how to be decent human beings (also they would be obligated to dress up as silly super heroes we would made up).

  10. Who do you consider to be the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen? (other than people you know personally. It can be someone famous, or a random person in a picture you found online or something.) Felicity Jones and Matthew Clavane definitely have me shook atm.

  11. What’s one thing you can absolutely not eat? CARROTS. It makes me want to throw up. (Which is kinda funny because apparently I used to love carrots when i was a kid).

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  • You are given an unlimited budget to travel the world during three months. Where would you go, how long, with whom and why ?
  • You can only eat one thing from now on until the day you die, what do you chose ?
  • One day, you wake up and realize you’re not yourself anymore but Midas and you can turn into gold everything you touch. How do you live with this malediction ?
  • Who would you ask to direct a movie about your life and who would be playing your role ?
  • What are the last three positive things that happened to you in the past few days ?
  • From now on, you can only see the world in one colour. What is it ?
  • You suddendly find yourself send into the last book you’ve read/the book you’re currently reading. What is it and what would happen to you ?
  • In a movie adaptation of your life, what ten songs would be a must have ?
  • How many languages can you speak, which, and would you like to speak some more ?
  • Do you prefer libraries or bookstores ?
  • You are given the opportunity to meet with the head of your country’s government for a day. What do you use this day for ?

despite beeing annoyed of the current minion-hype - seriously, these things are EVERYWHERE - i did enjoy watching the minion movie. i simply LOVE all those tiny details, puns little children don’t get, ideas, art and especially the character designs.
i loved herb since he was first introduced, he is so fucking SLIM. this guy is hilarious in every single way

Star Trek: Ongoing Edits ☙ 1/ ∞ 

♕   Nurse Christine Chapel


Idk if my last post worked. But this movie is beautiful. The most magical movie I’ve watched in a while. It just stole my breath and brought me to tears.
It’s called Song of the Sea. It’s about:

Saoirse, a little girl who can turn into a seal, goes on an adventure with her brother to save the spirit world and other magical beings like her.

And it’s Irish Folkore at its truest. If that’s something you love, even if it’s not, this is one of the best children’s movies.

It’s about Selkies and Sidhe and it’s absolutely fantastic. The art is simple but truly beautiful. The music fills you with so much emotion. I’m in love with this movie.

If love were as simply as this movie, then there is so so much hope for the world. Really friends you should find this movie.