i simply can't

They’re too nice to fight each other what are you even talking about.

They’re babies! They don’t listen to anyone.

Requested by hiteverypanda! I hope this is alright.


“I don’t know much about being a kid…never really had a childhood.”

WIP du jour. 

Been working on Emperor Hux passing on new secrets to his Knight I promised. Tried to make them look a wee bit older, maybe edging their 40’s, as I figured it would take them a few years to defeat their enemies and reign in whatever the First Order version of ‘peace’ is. My head cannon for First Order peace is almost like Blake 7’s Federation which is a supremely messed up version of Star Trek’s federation. They both think they have the best intentions for the people, and no, nope they certainly do not. Though the lady in charge Servalan would put Hux to shame in being fucking fabulous. So tried to do Hux a bit more filled out, because that sadly happens when you get older, though still a skinny sod truing to hide it in layers. Trying right now to do Rens armor which I’m regretting as it’s so hard to render, and I wish I’d done him so you can see his whole costume, maybe save that for another pic.

Stuck on what to do after it. I’ve so many ideas. Something porny, both on floor shagged out maybe. Hux holding Rens sabre to his chest,  injured captured Hux (because I’m evil and like picking on him), Smuggler Ben, monster Kylo, witch hunter AU, a daemons AU (thought it would be fun to draw strange Star wars verse type daemons.) Both pissed watching Stars on the Finalizer. I don’t know *shakes head at indecisive self* Also have sort of Das Boot inspired idea with the Finalizer hanging dead in space, after a rebel attack, the survivors trying to survive on a dead ship. A Ren who can’t access the force because of injury in the battle (the one thing that could save them with communications down)  A desperate Hux trying to hold the ship together and help Ren. Phasma also trying to hang onto order with the last of her troops. How the heck I can draw that I don’t know? Really wish I was a writer other than an artists.


As far as I’m concerned, there is one thing about the one-armed cave picture that I think seems totally legit.