i simply and purely adore this scene


@cartoonfanforever made an adorable post about this scene that was very inspiring, then I threw my hat into the ring… And because of all that, I just had to poke around the scene a bit!

And look what we got! An incredibly smitten Edd. Just look at him! :D He’s not just happy to see Eddy being sensitive and kind, no no. His facial expressions are beyond just pure happiness. He’s smitten. I think if he were simply just happy, he’d simply look calm and content. But here, he looks more like he’s about to burst!

All of his smitten smiles here are dreamy. He never takes his eyes off Eddy the entire time, he’s just so mesmerized.

For example, he has his hands against his cheeks in the second shot. Like he’s about to sigh dreamily.

Then in the third and fourth shots, his smile is getting bigger, like he’s becoming very excited. :D

Also in the first and last ones, he looks more relaxed, but so dreamily happy. It’s all sinking in and he can’t believe what he’s seeing, but it’s amazing.

We can all see by now that when Eddy sheds his mask and starts acting sweet, it makes Edd very smitten. I think on some level, Eddy knows that, but he finds it hard to show it. Like it’s what he wants to do, but with his brother’s influence, he feels he can’t. Very much alongside the fact he has an identity crisis going on because of it.

But as we saw in their very touchy-feely moment, he can shed it at least a little bit to allow some affection.

Despite how strained they are in season five, I think it was also when Edd was very slowly coming to terms with his feelings, but he doesn’t fully understand them. But when moments like these happen and he becomes a little too smitten, he just rolls with it because he feels happy and loves seeing Eddy’s sentimental side. ^w^ Whenever Eddy shows it, he can’t help but become very happy.

Hee, no wonder it was so shippy, Miss Molisee was at the helm of the storyboarding! XD