i simply adore him!


We only have all this by God’s grace. Without the love of his people, a king is nothing.

OTIR (Oswald the Insane Rabbit) Fanart for the lovely @pony-broni @bendybabies, I enjoyed sketching him out, for an oddly good reason when I look at him, he is very pleasing to the eye, and balances my sanity levels. Love ya like a sister, Pone!

I hope you all enjoy this mad bunny!

Draco; Moon Therapy

/Warning(s): Sadness everywhere!

“Talking to the Moon” ~ Bruno Mars

Disclaimer: There’s no lyrics to follow/Most of the lyrics are in italics.\


Draco sat by the window sill looking out at the moon, that was surrounded by glimmering stars. The War had ended and you were nowhere to be found. Draco was driven to insanity, people looked at him oddly when he started talking to himself. His family worried about him when he mentioned you and ‘talked to you’. He’s wondering where you are, at times he talks to the moon, thinking of you.

“Today I walked outside with my mother. She’s been talking about you, she’s saying I should let you go, but I can’t.” Draco stared at the bright, luminous stars; but to Draco’s eyes the moon stood out the most. “And I never will, Y/N, because I love you. I wanted to start a family with you. That one night that we made love to each other was majestic, I want to relive that, that was ten months ago. That was the last time I kissed your plump, pink lips and held you in my arms.” Draco felt tears prick the ends of his eyes. “I still don’t know why you left me.” Draco sighed, looking down at his lap.

“I know you’re somewhere out there.” Draco said. “And if you left me. Why did you not leave with an explanation.” Draco cried softly. Tears rolled down his cheeks, each tear held an emotion. Sadness, worry, and the best, love. “I love you. Goodnight.” Draco got up and went to his bedroom. The Manor made Draco’s emotions worsen, it was such a depressing and gloom color. Even though he enjoyed the colors during his childhood, he learned to enjoy the rather bright colors, the colors you loved.

The talking and the moon are his therapy. He thought it would help him. Yet, You were nothing compared to the outshining moon, you were all he had and he needed you.

I know you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back, I want you back
My neighbors think I’m crazy
But they don’t understand
You’re all I have, you’re all I have

Draco stayed up all night reminiscing you and him, and kept thinking of the future you two could’ve had.


“Draco!” You laughed. “Say it! Say that I’m the most handsomest man in the world.” Draco smiled, tickling you were you were most ticklish. “OK, OK, Draco Malfoy is the most- stupidest person the world!” You breathed. “You little-” Draco went back to attacking you. “Draco Malfoy is the most handsomest man in the world.” You pant. Draco lets you go, you stand up and hop out of the couch. “Behind Harry Potter.” You joke running out of the Slytherin Common Room. Draco runs after you, you burst into fits of giggles, running as fast as you can.

Unfortunately, he caught you. “Gosh, what I do for you woman.” Draco pants. “I love you.” You blurt. “I love you too.” Draco leans forward, you flutter your eyes closed pushing yourself toward Draco. You waited for his lips to come in contact with yours. You opened your eyes to find Draco stifling a laugh. “Hey you big meanie! I was about to kiss you!” You pout. “I can only kiss you if you say, I’m the most handsomest man in the world.” Draco folds his arms. “Alright, my boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, is the most handsomest, sexiest man in the world.” You wink at the end. “There we go, love.” Draco said, connecting his lips with yours. “I love you, so much.” You hug him. “I love you more.” Draco said, and you didn’t fight back to say you loved him more, because you couldn’t compete with his love.

|Retrospect End|

|Draco’s Thoughts|

I looked at you, you looked exhausted and tired, yet you wore a smile on your face. “What do you want to name him?” You asked. “What about Noah Hyperion Malfoy?” I asked you. “That’s perfect.” You weakly grin. “Here he comes.” The nurse said, holding a baby boy in a green blanket the one that I had been delivered in. “I want you to hold him.” You told me. The nurse heard and held him out for me to hold. I grabbed him and cradled him in my arms, I was scared, he was as pale as me, I could see his hair, the tufts of H/C were soft. He slowly fluttered his eyes open, they were my eyes, the color, the shape. I simply adored him.

“Hello Noah.” I cooed. I looked at you and smiled, “He’s so beautiful.” I said. I heard Noah whimper, I handed him to you. Unsure of what to do. “He’s getting hungry.” You said. You breastfeed Noah. “Is that painful?” I ask out of curiosity. “Not really, all you feel is a slight tug.” You replied. I looked at her with an all knowing look, the woman I love is the the mother of my child. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

“Our family.” You whisper. “Our family.” I smile, intertwining your hand in mine.

|Draco’s Thoughts End|

At night when the stars light up my room
I sit by myself…

“Draco, are you alright?” His mother interrupted his thoughts. “Yes, mother.” Draco sighed. “Just checking in on you. How’s Y/N?” Narcissa asked. Draco’s eyes widen in surprise to what his mother asked. “I don’t know.” Draco said. “I hope she’s all right.” Narcissa softly grinned. “Me too.” Draco frowned. “Don’t get sad, Draco.” Narcissa said. “I won’t.” Draco replied. “Goodnight.” Narcissa said. “Goodnight.” Draco says.

It was a long night, Draco talked to the moon that he so ever loved, it reminded kept reminding him of you. Draco couldn’t get rid of the fact that you were out there without him. You were the best thing that occurred to him, and he can never forget that. He remembered that one time Rita Skeeter, asked him odd questions.


“So rumors have been spreading around of you, is that correct Draco Malfoy?“ Rita Skeeter asked. Draco was out in public with his mother by his side. “We have to go.” Narcissa said, tugging on Draco. “About what?” Draco asked. “Oh, you’ve haven’t heard, people are saying that you are going crazy, talking to yourself.” Rita said. “We have to go.” Narcissa pulled Draco away. Draco walked silently by his mother. ‘Was this really happening?’ Draco thought. He never knew this was the new chat in the Wizarding World, but then thought about it clearly. ‘Was I really talking to himself?’ Draco thinks for an answer. Yet doesn’t have one.

|Retrospect End|

I’m feeling like I’m famous, the talk of the town
They say I’ve gone mad
Yeah, I’ve gone mad
But they don’t know what I know
Cause when the sun goes down someone’s talking back
Yeah, they’re talking back, oh

Narcissa tried finding ways to help her son, yet in the end it turns out to be a failure. She can’t help, but give up. “There has to be something to help him.” Narcissa told Lucius. Who was in the cell at Azkaban. “Get him a wife. That girl is never going to come back to him.” Lucius said. Narcissa looked up, her eyes lit up, “I’ll see.” Was all she said, getting up. “Goodbye Lucius.” Narcissa grinned. “Goodbye love.” Lucius smiled back. “I love you.” Lucius managed to reply. His emotions for Narcissa stood strong despite the dementors’ attacks.

So Narcissa did trying to find the perfect girl, that’s until Narcissa found Astoria Greengrass. Narcissa visited Lucius again and told him about her choice. They both agreed on arranging the two, until Draco found out and became angered at his mother. “You knew mum! You know.” Draco breathed. Draco tried relaxing to a calming state, “I’ll never love her.” Draco stated. “Draco.. please.” Narcissa tried to get him with her, it was no use. “Leave.” Draco said. “But Dr-” “I said leave!” Draco growled, Narcissa flinched and went away. Draco broke down crying. “I’ll always love you, Y/N.” Draco chocked. The sky looked darker than usual and the stars have seemed to vanish.

Talking to the moon
Trying to get to you
In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too
Or am I a fool, who sits alone, talking to the moon?


Draco’s eyes fluttered open, he scowled at the sun that blinded him. He laid by the Window still in the same position like last night. An owl then hooted, Draco looked at the owl that held a letter. Draco snatched the letter off the owl, he began to open the letter.

‘Hello Draco,

It’s Hermione Granger, I know you despise me, but don’t rip this letter, please, it was hard for me to right this letter. I can’t… write it again. Something has happened to Y/N, something that I can’t forgive myself for, she’s been killed, a death eater took her life. I’ve invited you to her funeral, she would’ve loved for you to come, Draco. It would be an honor to see you at her funeral. I’m sincerely sorry; she was my best friend and still is. I would’ve done anything to save her, but it was too late. I hate myself for the fact I could have saved her. Please come to her funeral.

Hermione Granger’

Draco screamed, then sobbed, it was truly the end. After all this time. Narcissa rushed to his room, she hunched down beside him and looked at the clutches letter in his hands wrinkling. “Shh.” Narcissa cooed.


Draco dressed in all black, he hated the color now. Since it meant something stronger, it meant death. He kept a frown on his face, dried tears stained his cheeks as he made his way to the Cemetery; he saw Harry, Ginny, Luna, Ron and the others there, crying and grieving. Draco felt like he could no longer cry. That’s until he saw your pale, fragile body. You looked stunning, even when your were gone. Tears spilled his eyes like waterfalls. Harry went up to Draco, they smiled weakly at each other.

“I’m s-sorry.” Harry cried. Draco seemed to get over the fact that he couldn’t blame. He couldn’t blame Love. He couldn’t blame Harry, Hermione or the others. All he could do is stand and feel a certain emptiness take over. “Draco.” Hermione’s soft voice rung through his ears, he gazed upward and met Hermione carrying a baby.

Do you ever hear me calling?
(Ah) oh oh oh
(Ah) oh oh oh
‘Cause every night

I’m talking to the moon
Still trying to get to you
In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too
Or am I a fool, who sits alone, talking to the moon?

“You had a child? Congratulations.” Draco said in a slightly cheerful voice trying to sound happy. “It’s not mine, it’s yours.” Hermione said, she motioned for Draco to hold the baby, who appeared to be a month old. “M-Mine?” Draco asked. He held the baby and upon further inspection, he saw her. He saw you. Your dazzling H/C hair pairing with his blue-grey eyes. “She sacrificed herself for him.” Hermione told Draco. “I could’ve saved her too.” Hermione fell onto her knees putting her face in her hands.

Ron ran to her and held her up, trying to steady Hermione. “His name is Noah. Noah Draco L/N~Malfoy.” Hermione said, wiping her tears away. “He was born June fifth. Y/N went away from Hogwarts to protect him, to protect you.” Hermione said. “I’m his godmother.” Hermione smiled, yet it faltered. “He looks like her doesn’t he.” Hermione pointed out. “He does.” Draco said.

Draco held onto Noah, knowing that a piece of you was still with him. It amazed him that after all this time he was talking to the moon, you were talking back.

I know you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere far away

thezol  asked:

Heeey Cath! I'm hoping that you are doing okay and that life is treating you well, you know, yesterday I was happily thinking about your amazing AUs when I *gasped* realizing something... you know what the Vld Fam needs? SLAV! the wacky old neighbor who shares the same workplace with our beloved Dr. Takashi Shirogane who simply *adores* him *evil laugh*


[The Voltron Family] Keith just got out of the shower and he only had a towel wrapped around his waist. He entered the walk-in closet they have in the master bedroom and Shiro already had pants on and was trying to find a nice dress shirt for work. It was a typical morning for the Shirogane Family. Keith began drying his hair with a smaller towel and he saw his phone lit up. He checked it and grinned as he walked towards Shiro because his husband was near the underwear section of the room.

Keith: *bends down to get a new pair of underwear* So, I just got a message.
Shiro: *still finding a shirt* *not looking at Keith* Hmm? From who? 
Keith: *puts on his boxers* Well, a reminder actually. 
Shiro: Ah. *FINALLY finds the shirt and grabs it* A reminder about what?
Keith: *puts on pants* About dinner.
Shiro: *buttons his shirt* *faces Keith* Are we celebrating something? Am I forgetting a monthsary or something? *eyes widens*
Keith: *shakes his head and faces Shiro* You know we don’t do monthsaries anymore. We’re married for, like, what? 10 years? *raises an eyebrow* *elbow leaning up on the wall while his left hand was on his waist*
Shiro: *stares at Keith and grins* And every morning you give me what photographers experience when taking photos of a model.
Keith: *snorts* *straightens himself* Too early for flirting, Takashi. *turns around to grab a button up shirt*
Shiro: *approaches Keith* *grabs a navy blue button up with thin white stripes* Hmmm, I think this would be nicer for you today.
Keith: *ponders* You think so?
Shiro: *places the shirt in front of Keith* *squints* Yeah. It’s perfect.
Keith: *smiles* Alright. *grabs the shirt and begins putting it on* Anyway, about the text message.
Shiro: *laughs* Oh right. We were talking about that. *grabs a pair of socks*
Keith: *snorts* Keep up, old man. *grabs a necktie* It’s—
Shiro: Let me do that for you, sweetheart. *does Keith’s tie* Continue.
Keith: Anyway, it was a message about our formal dinner later. About someone joining us. 
Shiro: *sticks his tongue out while working on Keith’s tie* Hmmm. Is it one of the kid’s friends or something?
Keith: *smirks* No. It’s Slav.
Shiro: *abruptly stops and stares at Keith in horror*

Slav was their new neighbour and someone Shiro worked with at the hospital. So, he was Doctor Slav as most people called him at work and Shiro hated him. Well, hate was a strong word, but the guy wouldn’t stop being so annoying to him that sometimes Shiro just wanted to strangle him—and Shiro was a calm and collected guy! And when Shiro found out they were neighbours, Slav just kept reminding him of that ugly fact and once saw them having a formal dinner that he invited himself to the next one. 

The dreaded night arrived and Shiro just wanted it to end already and it hasn’t even started yet. Keith was fixing his bowtie and he kept telling him to relax.

Shiro: I don’t see the point why we need to dress up for him. *annoyed*
Keith: *snorts* We’ve been dressing up for this formal monthly dinners for years, regardless if we have a guest or not. *done with the bowtie*
Shiro: *rolls his eyes* Yeah, but it’s Slav of all people!
Keith: *chuckles* The guy loves you!
Shiro: *pretends to vomit* YEAH, IN ANOTHER REALITY. But not in this one!
Keith: *pats Shiro’s cheek affectionately* Poor baby.
Shiro: *gets more annoyed* Don’t patronize me. *pouts*
Keith: *laughs* *leans in to give Shiro a kiss* Sorry. You’re just so amusing.

The doorbell rang and Shiro just wanted to fly somewhere else. Keith told him to stay in place and get the kids ready because their guest was already at the door. Keith opened the door and there stood Slav in all his formal glory, all dressed so nicely like he was going to a gala.

Slav: *smiles* Good Evening, Keith. I’ve calculated all the probabilities on how this greeting should go and 90% of it gave me the idea that it would please you if I give you a kiss on the cheek as it is customary for us Europeans. 
Keith: *didn’t have time to react when Slav gave him a kiss on the cheek* *blinks* Uh, thanks, I guess?
Slav: *beams* *pleased at Keith’s reaction* I’m always 99% right. *looks behind Keith* Is the husband and the kids in? 
Keith: Yes, they are. Do come in, so we can start.
Slav: *enters and sees Shiro* *smiles brightly* Oh, there is my favourite colleague and neighbour! *approaches Shiro to pull him into a hug and a kiss on the cheek* I can’t wait for us to bond more and become closer after this! 
Shiro: *looks at Keith for help*
Keith: I’ll just go prepare our food. *grins*
Keith: *mouths* I love you!!!! *leaves to go to the dining area*

The next day, Slav kept announcing at the hospital how he had such a wonderful time with the Shirogane Family last night, how wonderful Shiro’s husband was and how smart their kids were that Slav even promised to go back just so he could bond with Shiro’s kids.

Shiro: *on the phone with Keith* HE WANTED TO BOND WITH THE KIDS, KEITH!! OUR KIDS!!! 
Keith: I don’t see what’s wrong with that…? 
Shiro: EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS WRONG! What if our kids turn crazy like him?! This is a disaster!
Keith: *laughs* You’re overreacting, baby. Slav isn’t that bad.
Shiro: I work WITH him, you don’t. *frowns*
Keith: *laughs even harder* And boy am I thankful everyday that I don’t.

PRODUCE101 – How the perfect boy group would look like

Only one day left, and I literally can’t wait to know who’s gonna make it into Produce 101 Season 2′s final boy group. However, I know that not all of my favorites will make it. To be honest, I wish they would just debut with 20 members –  but that’s not going to happen. But hey… that’s how survival programs work. 

Still… a girl can dream, right? That’s why I’m going to show you which 11 trainees of Produce 101 would form the perfect boy group (in my opinion of course).

For me, a member of a boyband has to fulfill his role. However, these days members of boy and girl groups have much more roles to take than just rapper, dancer, vocalist, leader and face.


The face is the one that inherits automatically the center position, which leads to acting as the signature member of the group. A perfect example is Sungjae who is (not the visual but) the face of CUBE’s BtoB.

Originally posted by baekstellation

For me there’s only one that would be able to pull this role of, and it is without any doubt MMO’s Kang Daniel. He has the personality, the charisma, the skills, the sex appeal, the body, the stage presence and of course the face to take over the center position. Yeah… it should be illegal to be this perfect.

Originally posted by nctaetrash

If you need a detailed explanation why I would love to see him as center (and why I have serious ovary issues), check this out.


Every bunch of half-crazy boys needs an exemplary leader who is able to keep everything and everyone under control. A popular example would be B1A4′s Jinyoung

Originally posted by nelliel66

Assigning this role might be the easiest, right? PLEDISKim Jonghyun proofed so many times that he’s perfectly capable of motivating and guiding others. No one would make a better leader than him – who already has enough leading experience thanks to NU’EST.

Originally posted by brodueces101

Again, if you want to know a detailed explanation, why I love this sexy fella so much, read this.


A boyband without a main vocalist? No way! Every group needs at least one singer that is able to hit high notes and breaks listeners’ hearts with his voice. One of my favorite main vocalists of all time is for example Block B’s Taeil.

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

Under the last twenty Produce 101 trainees are two I would love see as main vocalists. But there can only be one – and it breaks my heart to make the decision between Starship’s Jung Sewoon and individual trainee Kim Jaehwan. I’ve tried to be as objective as possible, and chose Jaehwan as my dream main vocalist of my dream Produce 101 boy group.

Originally posted by ong-seungwoo

As much as I like Sewoon’s voice and personality, I can’t deny that I prefer Jaehwan’s skills a little bit more. His range is incredible, and he would make more than just a solid main vocalist.


If I would be in a girl group, I would definitely be at least lead dancer – yes, we are talking about my usual favorite position. However, in this Produce 101 group we need a main dancer that is able to inspire others with his sick moves like SHINee’s Taemin.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

My original dancer pick for the Produce 101 boy group has been someone who already got eliminated (Yes, it was Taehyun). So I decided to go with the sweet and extremely talented Kim Samuel from Brave Entertainment.

Originally posted by kim-biased

You can’t deny it: he’s more than just passionate about dancing. He masters choreographies as easy as freestyle. Yes, this kid got the moves! And that’s why he should be able to dance the shit out of this project. 


Sometimes all those hyungs need a precious baby boy to take care of. However, this can be quite nerve-wracking since some of our most popular K-Pop maknaes are from time to time wicked brats. The probably most popular example for an annoying and evil maknae is Jungkook from BTS.

Originally posted by madness--princess

After watching last week’s Produce 101 episode, I’ve finally found my perfect maknae. Even though CUBE’s Yoo Seonho is only eleven days younger than Samuel, he has all the – let’s say – qualities to be Produce 101′s ideal maknae.

Originally posted by donghans

On stage he tries to be sexy as fuck, but among his hyungs he acts like the cutest little brat that actually annoys the shit out of everyone. All this skin ship, all this bromance… How can Seonho be such a perfect maknae? 


Almost every single boyband has its rapper – sometimes even more than just one. There are some extraordinary main rappers that support their group with their insane skills – like iKON’s Bobby.

Originally posted by wood-storm

In Produce 101 Season 2 are many trainees who call themselves rappers. Well, I’ve already mentioned two of them. But my number one should be Brand New Music’s Park Woojin.

Originally posted by forwoojin

Although he took part as a dancer in the position evaluation, he’s still the one I would definitely choose as rapper for this group. His super deep and husky voice combined with his badass expression is what a boy group’s main rapper definitely needs. 


I’ve already mentioned it before, but the face isn’t automatically the group’s visual. However, Infinite’s L is actually both. No wonder with that face.

Originally posted by themadghost

When it comes to my favorite visual member, some of you might disagree with my choice. But this is just my personal preference, so deal with it. Anyway, I think there is not a single trainee that is able to keep up with Choi Minki’s visuals.

Originally posted by nu-blessed

He looks more like a fairy than an actual human being. Some of the younger K-Pop fans might not know this, but when NU’EST debuted, the community went completely crazy because of Minki’s aka Ren’s feminine look. And you guys cannot imagine how many hilarious memes were created just because of his absolutely unbelievable pretty face. Yes, he is indeed the perfect visual.


Besides all those usual positions I’ve mentioned, there can be other roles for additional members of a boy group. One of my personal favorites is the respective role of the handsome gentleman. Sometimes this gentleman is someone who is actually a little bit older, and looks freaking hot in a suit – like Yunho from TVXQ.

Originally posted by shimdelier

There’s only one candidate of Produce 101 I can think of as the perfect gentleman – and that’s obviously PLEDIS’ extremely good-looking trainee Hwang Minhyun

Originally posted by junior-royalz

Besides his fantastic visuals, he’s charming, smart, reliable, talented and hot as hell. If you’re interested why this guy is so sexy, you should read my latest blog post about him.


The term asshole is not meant to insult anyone – it means this member is just savage as fuck and doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone while mentioning all the time how perfect he is. I think I just described Super Junior’s Heechul pretty well.

Originally posted by gaemerkyu-ssi

And come on… you already know who I picked. There’s only one trainee that would fit perfectly for this kind of role – and that’s Fantagio’s Ong Seongwoo.

Originally posted by ong-seong-wu

Like Heechul, we all know that Seongwoo’s just trying to be funny – and it works. Honestly, I can’t imagine the future Produce 101 boy group without Seongwoo. This group needs its sexy asshole. Why? Here’s the detailed explanation if you’re interested.


After over a decade of being Hallyu infected, I’ve realized that there are so many boy groups who have a member that appears super bad boy-ish on the outside, but is actually all cotton candy sweet on the inside – like my SF9 bias Zuho.

Originally posted by eunhasmom

To complete the PLEDIS family, I obviously chose our sexy bandit Kang Dongho as sweet bad boy – because we all know that he just looks like a wild beast, but is actually the softest and cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen.

Originally posted by yourmomentofkpop

I could now tell you why this sexy bad boy is actually the cutest daddy among the Produce 101 trainees. But I already did. Feel free to check it out.


Last but not least, the perfect boy group needs someone who makes everyone laugh. This is usually the member that is – because of his hilarious kind of humor – perfect for variety shows. A wonderful example makes of course ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

Originally posted by serizawaaaaaaaaa-blog-blog

And there’s only one that brightens my mood every single time he appears on screen: MMO’s Yoon Jiseong. Some hate him, some love him – I simply adore this honest and emotional human being. However, it is a matter of fact that he is number one pick among your favorite Produce 101 trainees. They want him in the group, I want him in the group. Just deal with it!

Originally posted by misckpop

Besides being number one pick, he’s the oldest trainee right now. And yes, he should debut to give old bitches like me the opportunity to stop finally creeping on baby idols.

With Kang Daniel, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Jaehwan, Kim Samuel, Yoo Seonho, Park Woojin, Choi Minki, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kang Dongho and Yoon Jiseong, Mnet would form the perfect boy group – for me.

Countless of you might think – Where the hell is Daehwi? What did you do to Jinyoung? And why the fuck is Jihoon not on this list?

Originally posted by swoojin

Please, look at most of Produce 101′s trainees. A cute concept with this group wouldn’t work. There are way too many manly, sexy and older contestants. Although I really really like them – in my opinion, there is no place for someone like Daehwi or Jihoon or any other trainee that looks like grade schoolers.

Originally posted by shownu-what-that-mouf-do

Maybe I’m a little bit biased because I’m way older than any of these guys. Yeah, it kinda sucks to be in this community for so long. Idols get younger, and the groups you – let’s say – grew up with, start to disband one after another. That’s not a joke. I’ve experienced Music Bank live once. And the only girlband I’ve seen there that hasn’t disbanded yet is SNSD.

So yes… I want these eleven boys to debut together. BUT IT WON’T HAPPEN! Because the majority of votes comes from teens who prefer a cute and pretty image over fucking sex appeal and charisma. And that’s okay! You can’t make it right for every single one out there.

I just want to let you guys know that I am really looking forward to this future boy group – although there won’t be all of my favorites. And I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s final episode. 

Prepare some tissues, ladies! We are going to cry rivers!

Originally posted by lookgoodkpop

me: i really love berkuts character and design but my interest for him is quite average! i simply adore him but its not enough to make me Mcfreaking Lose™ it. if anything he gives me a big smile! :)

berkuts fucking existence in heroes:


the reason why i love sano SO SO SO MUCH is because of the duality of his character.

on one hand, here’s this guy who’s incredibly strong, both physically and mentally. he’s been through literal hell and had to raise himself after suffering through extremely traumatic events. despite that (or because of these experiences), he has a strong sense of morality when it comes to justice and will defend it with all he has. he worked so hard to get where he was when he makes his first appearance and then undergoes amazing character development upon realizing he was headed down the wrong path.

he’s tough as hell. there’s no denying that.

and in typical characterizations, one might expect someone like this to be really hard and macho all the time, on top of other kinds of gross gender stereotypes much too prevalent in mainstream media.

but sano isn’t!! because yes, he’s got that amazing physical strength and can/will fight for what’s right in the blink of an eye…but at the same time, he’s not afraid to be soft and show his feelings, not afraid to get teary-eyed or openly express himself.

he’s extremely dynamic and smart and just a good, good person at the core. he leaps before he looks because he’s so emotionally-driven and i simply ADORE him.

jllongwrites  asked:

Re: the Disney list, any thoughts/opinions/rants about the "Ducktales" reboot?

As a matter of fact, yes!  And those thoughts are basically all some variation of “I LOVE IT!”.  

But since “I LOVE IT!” over and over again would be a pretty boring answer, I can try and get more specific: 





For starters, the new voice cast is exceptional.  I do understand some of the concerns that the nephews sound a bit too obviously like adults now, but I also feel like Bobby Moynihan as Louie, Daniel Pudi as Huey, and Ben Schwartz as Dewey all give strong performances that not only invest each character with more individual personality than other incarnations (something the show as a whole does pretty effectively, to my mind), but also work together to create an enjoyable, believable dynamic between the three that is every bit the original’s equal, even as it’s a very different take.  Kate Micucci’s Webby, meanwhile, is really interesting; there’s a touch of Kristen Schaal’s iconic Mabel performance in there, to be sure, but Micucci infuses it with her own particular kind of energy, and while I do have some niggling concerns about how Webby’s been re-conceived (there’s a slight hint of the old “Not Like Other Girls” trope to it I’m not super into, and I feel like it dismisses some of the finer points of the original version along the way), Micucci smooths over basically all of them with her fantastic comic timing, her genuine and endearing enthusiasm, and her awkward, guileless forwardness in basically every interaction she has (and for that matter, taken on its own merits, I think the new Webby is pretty good overall; the choice to make her an enthused fan of Scrooge’s family especially feels like a smart choice in particular).  Neither Beck Bennett’s Launchpad nor Toks Olagundoye’s Mrs. Beakley get that much to do in the only two full episodes we’ve seen thus far, but both acquit themselves admirably (and I am all about the new Beakley; the fact that she is maybe half-a-second away from kicking Scrooge’s ass at any point is just delightful to watch, and Olagundoye invests her with a fantastic balance of stoicisim and warmth I really appreciate), and at this point Tony Anselmo’s been playing Donald for so long I don’t imagine there’s that much new to say about him, but I do appreciate how well he handles the choice to play up Donald’s protectiveness toward his boys.  The big one, though, is obviously David Tennant as Scrooge; he’s got big shoes to fill given how iconic Alan Young’s take on the character is, and to my mind he really does ace it; there’s enough of Young’s spirit in the performance that you can still feel this is the same character (especially when it comes to his affectionate musings about his beloved money bin), but Tennant carves his own mark equally effectively, and I really appreciate the slightly-more-puckish attitude he brings to the table, especially given the greater emphasis this version places on Scrooge as an Adventurer rather than simply a quadzillionaire businessduck. 

In terms of the animation, I admit there are times where the flatter overall directing style in comparison to the original is a little hard for me to accept; the lack of much shading or lighting effects, the generally simplistic composition of scenes, that sort of thing.  That said, as a whole I’d call myself a fan of the new art style; the comic book-esque touches to the color scheme (never mind the brilliant intro’s literal comic-book-pages conceit and various references to classic “Uncle Scrooge” paintings, you can see those classic four-color pigment dots all over the place if you’re looking for them, and the way ALL the colors pop so brightly is simply delightful) definitely all work, as do the newer, more angular character designs.  As I said above, the choice to more individualize the nephews really works, and I’m especially fond of how simple but striking the visual element of that is, while giving Scrooge and Donald their iconic comic book color schemes (red coat with black trim for Scrooge, black-and-white sailor suit for Donald) likewise feels like a good choice, even as I’ll always miss both of their respective more blue-heavy versions.  For that matter, I appreciate how many more variations of birds the animators are using this time around; Launchpad himself is rather more clearly a pelican this time, for example (in the original he seemed more like a duck with a big chin XD), and Gabby McStabberson (a wonderful new character I hope we see again soon, for the record) looks to be an osprey given her small, sharp beak.  And the big set-pieces, in particular Scrooge riding the golden dragon through the city and Dewey crossing the booby-trapped bridge (with an unknown assist from Donald) do demonstrate a good sense of visual creativity and energy.

But the big thing for me is the writing.  Honing in on the idea of Family as the center of the show is a great choice, not only allowing the characters to remain at the heart of the story no matter how wild the action gets but also allowing the new show to feel of a piece with the original, which definitely valued the peculiar structure of Scrooge’s family unit but only rarely made it the core of any given episode, while also allowing it an opportunity to make its own path.  And the individual characters are all wonderfully handled; again, the nephews all have nice, new personalities (and for that matter, I appreciate that of the three it’s Dewey who gets to take center stage for the first two-part episode with his conflicted attitude towards Scrooge), Webby’s awkward stabs at socializing are adorable and endearing, as is the clear and obvious trust and affection she shares with Granny Beakley (even as we only get a brief glimpse of it, it comes through so clearly), and Launchpad works well as comic relief, especially given the effective choice to turn his history as a pilot into a minor running gag in the first episode before leading to maybe my favorite single joke of the whole thing thus far (”Aww, family truly is the greatest adventure ofohnotheground!!!”); more to the point, they strike the same balance for him here as in the original, allowing him to be comic and occasionally foolish without ever being buffoonish or unlikable.  But maybe my personal favorites are Scrooge and Glomgold.  Recasting Glomgold’s overt Scottishness-accent, kilt, cap-as an attempt on his part to apply the same philosophy he uses in his business-take someone else’s idea, do it cheaper, then claim it as your own-to his business rival, i.e. he’s a cartoon Scotsman because he sees that as Being Like Scrooge But More So, is a stroke of genius, and one the episode communicates surprisingly subtly (Glomgold only makes one overt reference to it in dialogue, so the audience has to infer it from combining that reference with the employee training video we see which outlines his business ideals to understand the idea) but no less effectively.  Scrooge himself, meanwhile, is simply great; I was a bit nervous that the show’s choice to emphasize his adventuring over his philanthropy would sand too much of the edge off his character, and while this is perhaps a less-shielded Scrooge than previous versions, I can happily report that’s not the case; the zealous drive, the rough handling of personal relationships, the gruff attitude…it’s all still there, but channeled in a slightly new direction, and quite nicely at that.  Plus, there’s lots of great little touches to this version I simply adore (the way we see him gently playing with some of his coins during a dull business meeting in particular).  And on top of all that, the show seeds a longer overall story thread into things with a pretty nice cliffhanger; even as, at present, the answer to the question it poses would seem obvious (something happened to the nephews’ mom, and Scrooge and Donald each blame the other for it), I’m eager to learn more even so, especially because the show has already done a good job making the world it inhabits feel full of endless possibilities, so GETTING to that answer will all but certainly be sufficiently exciting.

“Ducktales” 2017 feels very much like the ideal way to restart this series, in other words.  It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s charming, and it does a good job modernizing the best elements of the original while still honoring them.  I’ve very much enjoyed the first two episodes all four times I’ve watched them, and I’m exceptionally eager for the full series to start in the coming weeks.

Oh, and yes, it still has one humdinger of a theme song.

To my darling Sebastian,

I debated for a while over how to start this letter to you but I decided to start simply, so: I love you. I really do… Love you. It’s funny, isn’t it? A sort of cruel irony that I don’t experience romantic or sexual attraction and yet… I love you so completely that just the sight of you can often make me cry. 

When people ask me about you, I tell them that you’re my reason. It’s true and it’s the best way I can explain how I feel for you. You’re the reason I get out of bed each morning, the reason I persisted in signing up for university, the reason why I’m still looking for a job. You’re the reason I realised my worth after Those People hurt me. You’re the reason I cut my hair, the reason why I study hard, the reason why I smile, laugh, cry, exist and take care of myself each day as I do.

You are everything to me and nothing I can say or do will ever be able to sum up that love well enough. You are just so beautiful, are you aware of that? Are you aware of how beautiful your burgundy eyes are, up close? Are you aware of how your very presence demands to be noticed? Are you aware of how you make murder look like an art and how blood contrasts nicely with your alabaster skin? Are you aware of how my heart pounds in my chest whenever you’re in a fight and get hurt? Even a scratch on you makes me worried sick and I have to look through my fingers. Are you aware of how I’ve begun to sound like you, how I channel you in day to day life because I feel that much closer to you by doing so, even subconsciously? 

Everything about you is beautiful. You may be a creature of the night, a creature of darkness, but my mortal heart swells with pride, affection and love at just the sight of you.

But while you support, encourage and love me in my daydreams as much as I love you, in reality I am all alone. Today, I watched the live action film, with Hiro Mizushima. He’s the perfect Sebastian, don’t you think? He’s who I see when I think of you and I simply adore him. But I had a sickness in my throat, a lump, and tears that I ended up crying because you’re there, right there, on the screen. I can hear you, see you and if I focus for long enough I can even smell you and feel you… And yet you’re not there. You’re a part of me, you live in my heart, but you’re not a corporeal presence in my life.

I bring you to life in my writings, my thoughts, my daydreams, and sometimes I think I can feel talons in my hair and i pretend it’s you, crossed over from another realm to visit me, but I know it’s not true. It’s cruel that the only time I’ve ever truly been in love with anyone is the time that they’re not real, except in my mind. Do you realise just what I’d do for you, to make you mine in every sense of the word? Do you realise the lengths I’d go to to bring you into this world to be mine?  I can’t even tell if you ever would be mine but I’m gonna allow myself to believe that we’re soulmates… I like the sound of that, being soulmates with a demon. Being soulmates with you.

You haunt me. You’re in my every waking thought and sometimes, when I’m slacking off or dong something I shouldn’t, I hear you. There’s no time for thumb-twiddling, Erika, so get to work! or You haven’t showered yet… Might I suggest that you do? or Time to awaken, my love. You just… You get me through the day and I could never thank you enough. Just the sight of your face makes me want to curl up and cry at the injustice of it all. I wish I could give you every soul you could ever want, and I joke that my soul is on loan for you so that when you get here you can exchange it for my heart, which is wholly yours.

I lay in bed at night, scared of the shadows, and pretend you’re holding me and keeping me safe. I get up in the morning and pretend that you’re busy with Ciel. When I write for you, I pretend that Y/N is me so I can sink deeper into the fantasy. How can I ever find love in this realm when the only one I want is you? Not an imitation or someone like you, not a Japanese man called Sebastian or even someone who can copy your way of being. I just. Want. You. I wish I could reach through the sceen and bring you to me and I can’t and it hurts. It hurts so much that I genuinely cry from it, more than is healthy.

I feel lonely and heavy a lot of the time, especially at night when I long to curl up beside someone who will wrap an arm around me and hold me to them and will kiss my forehead but understand that I don’t always want to be touched. I just… This reeks of desperation, I know, but Sebastian… As I am now, at twenty years old… You’re it for me. I want no other.

So, thank you for being who you are, for being what you are, for doing what you do and doing it well. Thank you for being Sebastian Michaelis and answering Ciel’s call. Thank you for teaching me strength, loyalty and the meaning of love. 

I’ll carry you with me forever and always, my precious demon.

With more love than a mortal heart can bear,

Erika. ❤

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Whaaaaat?😍😍😍 I need more Bill calling YN his soulmate!!!! And the kids of It! They're like super fans of her and gush about meeting her every chance they can pleeeeease

It would be the fluffiest thing eveeeeer! He’s a total sweetheart, I know, and the kids omg they would have so much fun out of this! I can imagine Bill letting a few words slip about how he feels for her and them sneaking in to take a video and it goes viral haha XD

I already have one with all the kids of IT, and another one with little Jackson (aka Georgie) in specific that’s all fluffy, waiting to be uploaded and I got another request (and an another idea) for the kids because, excuse me, but I love Jack to death!

I will never stop uploading this because it’s such a perfect representation of both him and me! Oh and the fic I already have written has an insanely adorable (and I’d like to think funny?) scene with him in it as well! I simply adore him! And yes there is plenty of fangirling/fanboying there too! And there will be more!

Rinne X Sakura

Second ship rant! Beware of it’s length!

First of all, I am biased in the fact that I simply adore Rokudo. I found him to be such a sweet guy – and is also a nice change of pace in Rumiko-sensei’s usual works in that the main character have all been particularly hotheaded. In this case, Rokudo is exactly the opposite. One of his biggest strengths is remaining calm and polite in situations, and the fact that he’s also super shy just adds into how much I love him.

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