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WOOSEOK being (or trying to be?) rude during ‘Lukewarm’ perf (x)

“Once, the temperature between us was truly hot, 100 degree celcius hot
back then, the signs were invisible
Why do I long for you now?
In our lukewarm relationship, I must’ve grown cold
again the time to revive it has come
it’s been too long since the last time
it’s approaching, I’m getting that feeling
I don’t want to be cold anymore” (eng trans cr: cheon sa)


Suzumura Kenichi’s first impression of Kamen Rider Den O

Suzu: At first when i heard den o uses train, 

“Oh no, it’s the enemy!!”
(**Opens train’s door, and goes inside train**)
(**demonstrating the rider in the train**)
(**Opens train’s door, goes out of train**)
(**Ready to fight**)  “OKAY!!”

That’s what i thought of the series at first.

Yusa: At least let the rider sit down (in the train)
Suzu: No, this is how it is! Sometimes. it’s so crowded, he gets pushed too, like this.
Yusa: There are too many people in the train!
Suzu: Yes, many riders are there.

//ok guys legit ok listen

please figure out the difference between me and @shenpaidoodles

Like im not mad or anything but ive been getting some inboxes and messages complimenting me on comics that i haven’t done, shenpai’s done them :^)



sneak peek or not really, just i dunno i shud go on the normal ones or the alter ego inspired ones (sorry for the weird anatomy) 

welp i still got more headcanon tho like Adrinette and AlyaNino playing beach volley, Adrinette reacting to each other’s swimsuit, Adrien being a cat who keeps running away from the waves lolz

continuation here