i shrug and roll away

How to flirt 101 by Draco Malfoy pt.2

Blaise: Okay, here we go again. Are you ready bro?

Draco: Why are you even asking me that? I’m always ready! I was born to be ready!

Blaise: Yeah. Sure. You might eat your words later. But oh well, good luck though.

Draco: I don’t need that, Zabini.

Blaise: Well, I think you might because she’s coming over our way. Oh hey there, Granger! Draco wants to tell you something from the bottom of his heart.

Hermione: uh, what is it?

Draco: …

Hermione: …

Draco: You’re fücking sissy you filthy little mudblood. *walks away like a Victoria Secret model* damn, I messed up again.

Hermione: *rolls her eyes and shrugged and walks away after*

Blaise: *dramatically sighs* at least he tried.