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She’s Just Not That Into You » Part V (A Harry Styles Miniseries)

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As always, this miniseries is dedicated to @stylesunchained. Thank you for your screaming for no spoilers, my love. It wouldn’t be proper of me to not thank @chrissy22787​ and @permanentcross​ for their continued support and also continued screaming over this story. Where would I be without you three?!

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After secluding himself for the better part of two days, Harry decided it was best to consult someone about his next move, if there was one at all. Nick was the only plausible option, as he was the one who introduced you to Harry, and he’d known you longer than Harry had. Much longer. He’d told Harry that he considered you to be one of his best friends, which shocked him a bit, considering Nick didn’t mention you all that much. But, plenty of time had passed since Harry was in London for an extended period. Nick was a magnet for friends, and he was allowed to make more without Harry around…

…especially if they were friends like you.

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part one of rj’s (130jeon) follow forever

hi guys, it’s rj here with my second (and last) follow forever. two years ago, i made my first ff to celebrate 1k+ followers and here i am making another to show you my appreciation to all my favorite blogs. my blog has grown has a lot since. i mean, the last time i made the ff was when i was still radicalwoo (who remembers that url?)

i really appreciate all of you. thank you for following me! i love you all and it’s been so nice to be friends with some of you and even meet a few of you! i support all of you! hopefully this doesn’t ruin your notifications and if it does, please lmk. because there is so many of you that i follow, i thought it would be best to split it into two posts!

banner credit: @jpnver i appreciate it! 

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Like I was actually talking about this to a friend and I came up with a good example. 

Theres the old trope of younger sibling  being grossed out by (for this example) his sister having a boyfriend/crush. Him teasing her about it, him fake gagging at the mention of it, and overall the normal stuff of siblings teasing each other. Normal stuff even I did to my elder brother/sisters growing up. 

But if you flip it to an older BROTHER having a crush on another boy the dialogue takes a totally different note. No longer is the joke just innocent teasing but can be real genuine disgust. Taps into those notes of fear that all wlw/mlm face when showing their attraction to the same gender. How we publicly CAN’T express our attraction, and can face the very real reality of losing family/friends we cherish and love over it. Or at worst straight up assault over it. 

When it comes to writing wlw/mlm couples you really have to be aware of those cultural notes. Especially because I am going to be hyper aware of straight people making those disgusted Yurio jokes because if anything it can be ur good ‘ol homophobia showing up. You are not making content in a vacuum. Homophobia exists in our world, and you can’t ignore that. 

Why did you feel the need to add in Yurio being disgusted? Why did you need need to write a paragraph of him venting about how disgusting two men kissing/LOOKING at each other is? Especially when YOI has been praised for having those moments of PDA between two men which is very rare in media. Did it add anything to it? Is the joke really worth it? Especially when it has been done to death and is admittedly ooc?

Idk, this has been bothering me for awhile and I’m just tired of reading or enjoying content only to get slapped in the face of “Remember! Gay people are disgusting to others!”  

@booksmusicinternet replied:

But aren’t they straight? I completely support the LGBTQ+ community! But why are you trying to make straight characters gay? I have a lot of characters I love that are gay and I wouldn’t ever think about them being straight…

idk how to tell you this but 

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no one in this show

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is straight…..like 

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im sorry but all of this

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seems really 

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and i mean really 

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like i’m not making this up

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this is literally the whole show

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no one in miraculous ladybug is straight

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What do you think about the claims that Jonerys is just fan service?

That something that has been in the making for decades and has been foreshadowed and hinted at for a little over 2/3 of my life could only be fan service in that it serves the fans a logical, natural, momentous, and ultimately satisfying payoff. 

Jonerys is good writing. I’m not saying everything about the show right now is good writing. I’m saying taking the ASOIAF/GOT universe as a whole, foreshadowing something for YEARS and then having it play out is GOOD WRITING. 

It isn’t “obvious” or “Disney.” I promise you two years ago the GA show viewers would be confused as all hell if you told them Jonerys was happening. Most of my friends and family were when they saw the portraits of Jon and Dany that I’ve had since season 3 was airing. 

But Jonerys is foreshadowed. Many of my college sophomore students have come to this conclusion from reading AGOT alone and comparing it to what they’ve seen moving forward through the show up through season 6. We don’t discuss it in a shippy way haha. But a bonus on my fantasy literature midterm (for fun) is “who deserves the Iron Throne?” and many of them make a case for Jon and Daenerys together. If my hungover 19-year-old sweeties can see it in my classroom at 8am, it’s real. It’s been real for years. It isn’t fan service. 

Anyway, an ending doesn’t have to come out of left field and confuse the hell out of everyone to be smart or good. Writing a coherent story that fits together neatly and follows its own path, a story that will be understood and appreciated by your fans isn’t “fan service.” If it is fan service, then I guess I fucking like fan service. 

You know? The highlight of my day was that while catching up with a college friend, she began to tell me about this line of lingerie she started to design and make alongside her cousin, where she took out her phone to show me some of the things they were working on.

Half of the pics where of her cousin in said lingerie, and my friend only realized what she was doing when we came across a pic of a see-through set that left nothing to the imagination.

She just locked the phone and inmediately changed the subject, while all I could do was try to contain my shit-eating grin.

TL;DR: Got to see titties.

part two of rj’s (130jeon) follow forever

hi guys, it’s rj here with my second (and last) follow forever. two years ago, i made my first ff to celebrate 1k+ followers and here i am making another to show you my appreciation to all my favorite blogs. my blog has grown has a lot since. i mean, the last time i made the ff was when i was still radicalwoo (who remembers that url?)

i really appreciate all of you. thank you for following me! i love you all and it’s been so nice to be friends with some of you and even meet a few of you! i support all of you! hopefully this doesn’t ruin your notifications and if it does, please lmk. because there is so many of you that i follow, i thought it would be best to split it into two posts!

banner credit: @jpnver thank you!

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Hi, i have a legitimate question. Is it true that if you work in the industry (or plan to work for one), that i shouldnt make a podcast series or review show? I ask, because one of my friends, who is a producer, advised against me making a youtube review series, otherwise i'd get blacklisted.

There isn’t an all powerful body that controls who does or doesn’t get into the business. No one has the power to blacklist. But keep in mind if you do review things, be constructive and intelligent and funny. The folks whose work you take apart publicly could be the ones hiring you for their next project. It’s a trade-off that you have to consider.


08.18.17 // im so bored rn it’s not even funny. all my friends have started school already so im all alone during the day lmao bc i don’t start until monday rip. and the pre show ended which means im crying and have nothing to watch (pls rec me some anime or webseries ughh)

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Just some more food for thought. So I asked my best friend about the above pictures (I wish you had included some of her looks too) and my buddy was like, "oh yeah he is totally in to her" I mean he has never watched this show (been pushing him to). After I told him that they were suppose to think they were brother and sister, he is like, "I don't see that at all." Again if familial was the idea they failed miserably.

Idk which pictures are you talking about?? But I’m assuming it’s Jon and Sansa’s. I agree with your friend. All of their shots together have been shot in such a way that they can be interpreted easily as that of a husband and wife instead of a half-brother and a half-sister. 

Miguel Sapochnik’s wife Alex supposedly told him that the scene Jon and Sansa share in the tent before the battle of the bastards is her favorite scene in the entire of thrones. I failed to understand why two siblings bickering which ends with a brother’s promise of protection to his sister in the end was so special unless it was conveying something else altogether. That particular scene was so ridden with raw tension, physical, (sexual) and emotional that only if all this translated on screen hidden under the facade of a sibling-esque relationship would be the sheer brilliance of that scene. 

So yeah!! Your friend is right!!

Prompt: “You’ve been pouting since I went out on that date, What’s up?” &  “You can share my jacket with me since your shivering.”

Character: Lance Sweets

Show: Bones

Warnings: Little bit of kissing

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Being roommates and best friends with Lance meant talking about dates that the both of you had been on, which also meant midnight treks to the diner. Neither one of you slept all that well, so these trips were regular, but Lance couldn’t seem to help the fact that one of your dates you had been a few days prior, that you couldn’t stop talking about, was the thing that was keeping him awake at night.  He couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy when you talked about your date.

As a shrink he knew what that meant, but as your best friend, roommate, and coworker, he didn’t want to dare think of it.

You’re in love with her and you have to just face it.  Brennan was right, your attraction to her has always been there.

He couldn’t keep his mind from running, as he sat there in the diner, across from you.  He watched as you talked adamantly while you also took bits of time to eat your burger.

What you realized early on, that Lance hadn’t seemed to notice, was that as you talked, you could tell he wasn’t listening.  He was picking at his food, as a toddler would do when they were thinking.  Something was on his mind, something that was throwing him off.

“Lance, You’ve been pouting since I went out on that date.” You watched as his head popped upwards.  “What’s up?”

He seemed extremely nervous at your question.  As a shrink you knew what it meant, but as his best friend, roommate, and coworker, you didn’t want to admit that you thought of Sweets in a romantic way and that his actions were making it look like he felt the same.

You’re in love with him and you know it.  Angela was right, sexual tension and all, but it’s not just attraction, it’s love.

“I’m just stressed about work is all.” It was possible that he was telling the truth, at least that’s what your rational brain was trying to get from his statement.

Maybe that’s all it is.  Maybe he doesn’t feel the same way.

“Sweets, if you’re stressed about this case, you should be getting some sleep.” You pulled him up from his seat and headed toward the diner’s exit, not forgetting to leave the money on the table.

“I was going to pay for that you know.” He stated with a lazy smile.

It had reached the time of year in D.C where the leaves had fallen from trees and the air could chill you to the bone.

“I know Lancelot.  But it was my turn to pay this time.” The chilly night time air quickly took affect as you shivered slightly.  Sweets noticed almost instantly and began to shrug his own heavy coat off to wrap around you shoulders.

He knew it wasn’t meant to be anything more than a kind gesture, but he couldn’t help smiling at the fact that this exact moment looked like something out of a cheesy romance film.

“You can share my jacket with me since your shivering.”  He smiled down at your frame noticing your shivering had stopped.

“But Lance, we aren’t even sharing the jacket.” And that was true, you were solely wearing his coat.  “Come here, it’s big enough for the two of us.”  You wrapped the both of you in his ginormous coat that looked even too big for him, and began walking back to your apartment.

Within 10 minutes you had reached your building, and within another two, you were stood outside your apartment.

“Sweets, I know something is bothering you.  Why won’t you tell me what it is.”


“I won’t open this door until you to tell me.” You sassed him and smirked. “I just want to know if I can help.”

Without any rational thought, he pulled you in for a chaste kiss. “I was jealous.  Hearing you talk about your date made me realize how much I wanted to be the one who takes you out.” When you didn’t reply, he became worried.

You picked up your keys and unlocked the door, allowing Lance to walk in before you, closing it moments later.  You flicked on a set of lights, illuminating the worry and hurt on Lance’s face.  “I’m sorry if that’s not-” you didn’t let him finish as you shoved him up against the door, attacking his lips, and running your hands through his curly hair. 

“I love you Lance. I am in love with you and I’m tired of running from it.”  You pulled away breathlessly as you watched a smile light up on his face.

“I’ve been in love with you for years (Y/n).  I just didn’t know how to tell you.” 

“Then show me pretty boy.” You gave him a seductive smile and a wink before he pulled you into another heated kiss.

“That.” He said in between kisses. “I can do.”

I’ll let you guys imagine the rest.

With the completion of this zine, i think its a good time to mention something.
Back in 7th grade or so, I wrote fanfic. I wrote cringy self insert pjo fanfic and it was fun. It was so fun! I had my own little character who was everything i admired in a character and she had a robot fox pet and a cool sword and she was brave and loveable and me. It was cringy.

I showed my best friend one night, i don’t remember how it came up but i sent him a link to the fic. And he destroyed me. He didn’t mean to, it was just teasing. But i was already so anxious about my writing and his opinion meant so much to me. He pointed out certain lines that suddenly seemed so so dumb and all the love I’d had for this character was suddenly gone.
I deleted the fic and stopped writing. I stopped writing for years. I felt so bad about my writing, it poured over into schoolwork and essays. I couldn’t even read other people’s fics.

Fast forward to about a year ago. I’d fallen in love with Voltron and had hesitatingly started writing a fic. It turned out to be 5k words long and i had reread it over and over and had it beta read, i was so nervous to publish it. A year later i still love that fic and I’m so proud of myself for writing it. I’ve written so much since then. It’s been such a long road getting back to this point but I’m here. I’m publishing works that I’ve poured my heart and soul into, I’m working on zines and my own original stories.

So this is all just to say, be careful what you say to people because you don’t know how hard it’ll hit them. And, if you’re doubting yourself and your talent in something, it’s okay. I promise, even if its awful and cringy it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you like it and that you had fun! I know it’s scary but you can be brave and you can enjoy what you do.

Let kids be kids. Please. Stop tearing them apart because they wrote a mary sue or they have a self insert who steals the show. Just let fun be fun.

Watching all my friends starting to get involved in relationships while nothing happens to me is difficult. I feel different, even less a woman than them. I feel inferior, and frustrated. A relationship appears to be a “step into adulthood” and this is so fucked up, really. I shouldn’t feel like this, yet I do, because in every show, in every movie, in every book, love and sex appear like this : not only a pleasing discovery, but a title of validity into adulthood. I never had the chance to be in a relationship yet. Why does it feel shameful ?
Why does it feel like a failure at 19 ?

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Does anyone know if the new Netflix series 'Atypical' is any good? The main character is autistic but he's also white and male and I don't know if at least the rest of his autistic traits are good representation or not.

Different Anon:

Thoughts on Atypical? (The Netflix Show)            

Different Anon:

My friend is really into the Netflix show Atypical which I’ve heard got all its resources from A$ and doesn’t have a single autistic person on the crew, and she keeps talking about how much she loves the show. I want her to stop but I don’t want to sound like an ass. How can I bring it up to her? I already mentioned it supports a$ and she still talked about it so I’m not sure if she even understands why a$ is bad??            

From what I have seen of reviews, the show is generally not good.

As for explaining why the show and Autism $peaks is bad, we have quite a few links in our resources page that might help you explain it to her.

 - Os

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I love all of the Vixx members! I can't choose, each of them are special! but sometimes I feel bad for N. He loves his boys and just wants to hug them but they usually resist him and his affection goes unappreciated. He just wants to show his affection the way he knows how.. 😭

hi, hello and h5~~!! i rly can’t choose a fave child vixx member too!! and i think that the members are more thankful to have n as their leader than they like to show it! it’s just their way to show their affection?? i don’t think these dorks act the same off camera ;w;

ID #73440

Name: Grace
Age: 14
Country: UK

hi i’m grace !! i like animals, books, and wasting my time watching too many tv shows (at the moment i’m watching skam, stranger things, twd and parks&rec). i also watch loads of films, especially 80’s / 90’s or horror, but one of my favourite things is music. i love all types, especially more alternative stuff like the 1975, the neighbourhood, arctic monkeys, lana del rey ect !!! honestly i’ll probably be a bit awkward at the start but once i get comfortable i talk a lot lmao

Preferences: i’m open to talk over snail mail, or talk through any other types of social media, just someone who is around 13 - 16 ♡

I love my friends. I love respecting my friends. I love communicating with my friends. I love that they love to reciprocate all these things. I love knowing they make both conscious and unconscious decisions in showing me they care about me. I love that I know where I stand with them and I never feel excluded or forgotten about. I love that none of my friends see me as their best friend and vice versa yet we never feel any less loved or prioritized for it. We’re amazing. I’m so lucky.

i purchased my plane ticket this morning so i can see my boyfriend again

he visited me last month and met my parents and saw my city and now i’m going to him in wyoming

he wants to introduce me to all his friends (“show me off”) and is very excited for me to meet his mom and my heart is just !!!!!!!!

i can breathe so much easier now knowing i get to hold him again in just a little over two weeks oh god i love him so much

  • riccardotisci17 Happy birthday my loving , sincere and unique friend! Your maternal love is constantly showing no matter where we are! You are like the warm hug every friend should receive ! The guiding voice who takes me higher and higher! I m so blessed to have you in my journey! All your wishes may come true any time you are ready for them ! Genuinely love you ❤️ @madonna