i showed him ONE PICTURE

Picture Perfect - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi o was wondering if you could do a dean x reader imagine where she’s like taking cute polaroids of him and he realises he loves you :)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1,682

Warnings: None, I guess.

A/N: Fluffy Dean. I feel like this is too simple and that that’s what gives it the charm I craved for. Let me know what you think! ;)


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“DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” She cheered, storming inside his room and jumping to his bed.

Dean groaned in response. He had been sleeping until then.

“Wake up, I found something great!” She insisted, trying to tickle him.

Dean extended an arm, wrapped it around her body and pushed her to be by his side.

“Dean!” She squealed and Dean covered her mouth with a heavy hand.

It was weird how his relationship with (Y/N) was.

Of course, they weren’t dating, but they weren’t friends like so neither. What he felt for Charlie was far too different from what he felt for (Y/N). There was obviously something more between them, but Dean wasn’t completely sure what it was.

At first he thought it was mere sexual attraction, but that got discarded when he realized he felt something else and away from his pants. Yes, she could turn him on with the simplest action, but there was also something more.

That’s when he thought he thought of her like a sister, but then on New Year’s Eve he felt the immense need of kissing her – without mentioning the many times he craved to have her physically and emotionally – so that too got discarded.

It ended up in him admitting he liked her. It wasn’t love, just a small need he had developed and that would end when he found the one. However, since he started feeling things for her, every other woman seemed to be less interesting, less beautiful and less funny.

Dean no longer dated anyone else, and he stopped having one night stands. He claimed that it was because he was too old to be fooling around with girls, and that the world needed him to focus, and many other excuses.

It’s not like he didn’t want to fully admit his feelings for (Y/N), but the exact opposite. Dean had grown fond of her – feelings or not – and he knew that if he ended up screwing things up because he confused friendship with love his whole relationship with (Y/N) would be affected. Therefore, he remained quiet about it until he was certain of his true feelings for her.

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anonymous asked:

Do u ever think bruce wishes he got to raise his kids from day one? I know infant care is daunting but like, Bruce is low key sentimental af

i think “what ifs” are generally something bruce doesn’t like to indulge in, because that only ever leads to him sitting in the dark thinking about how much of a failure he is, and that leads to even worse places, so, mostly, i think he doesn’t like considering his life could’ve been different. but those times when he’s actually feeling good, and there’s not so much weighing him down, i think he’ll wonder what they were like. like, was dick as touchy a baby as he was a kid? did jason toddle after his parents the same way he followed bruce through the manor’s halls? (and i definitely think there’s times where he wishes they were still kids, because i feel bruce gets along best with kids, but that’s only when he’s mildly frustrated, lol)

with damian, though, it’s different - i think that longing is more visceral, because his other children had parents, and i think he views himself as a stand-in. a dad chauffeur, of sorts, stepping in for something they don’t have. he feels like a father, but he’s always reigning that feeling in because he’s scared of overstepping boundaries - he has no right to have raised these kids as infants, because no matter how much he loves them, they had their own parents, etc. it’s like he’s taking something that isn’t his, even if he feels like they are his. with damian, though, he is the real parent, and i think he’s kind of pissed that he didn’t get to be a “traditional” parent - so whenever he’s thinking about tiny damian, it’s overshadowed by this anger, like how dare you take this away from me, i was entitled to raise him, it was my job and you didn’t let me do it.


Eliot Waugh in the new Season 2 trailer

insanereddragon  asked:

I'm obsessed with the way you have Will and Hannibal interact. There is always this playful push-pull between them, whether it's fluff or angst or smut. And I love that about them. Even at it's darkest there is still that edge of everything being a game. And either of them could win at any moment, and as a reader I never know who is going to end up with the upper hand. (Even more so when Will apparently 'wins' but you just know that Hannibal is secretly pleased with the outcome.) <3 You're Fab!

꒰⌯͒•̩̩̩́ ᴗ •̩̩̩̀⌯͒꒱!!! Thank you! 

It took me a really, really long time to be able to write any dialogue whatsoever and then an extra really long time to write Hannibal and Will talking even just a little (they use a lot of metaphors and I have yet to capture any of that) so I’m super happy you like that aspect of my writing!

Please enjoy some s2 Will and Hannibal playing poker together.

The motel room was musty from the combination of the windows being caulked shut, the old heater which emitted a burnt scent trying to keep up with winter, and two grown men occupying a tight space.

It had been Hannibal’s suggestion to accompany Will to Colorado, to inspect a fresh murder scene and possibly apprehend the serial killer, despite how high a risk it was for him to spend any time at all with Will. But he had made the offer and had been surprised when Will had accepted it.

The thought of spending three days with Will to himself was too great a temptation and any suspicions he had he packed at the very bottom of his suitcase.

They sat at the small table, Will on one side and Hannibal on the other. Will had stripped himself of the armor he wore when surrounded by FBI agents and Jack Crawford. He sat in only his under shirt and boxers, legs kicked up on the extra chair. 

He was the picture of a man relaxed and comfortable with his company and a pleasing sight for Hannibal to witness, knowing he was one of very few who would ever see him like this.

Will pulled out a worn deck of cards from his messenger bag. He shuffled them and skillfully dealt the cards.

“Will we be making a monetary wager?” Hannibal said lightly, scanning over his cards and placing them face down. 

“Too boring. Plus, I didn’t bring that much cash with me.” Will thought for a moment. Hannibal spent that time admiring how the lighting, though dull from the two small brass lamps in the room, illuminated and curved around Will’s features, highlighting the curls around his ears in a very attractive manner. 

“How about,” Will looked at him from under his lashes, “whoever wins has to answer a question truthfully.”

“Are you insinuating I lie to you?”

“Maybe I’m the one lying to you and I want to come clean. Why, do you have a guilty conscious?” Will said with forced levity though the smile behind it was slight and real.

Hannibal was captivated. 

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genre: Baekhyun Mafial/Runaway!AU
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Baekhyun, reader/Hyoun-Jee
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work.
This is the scenario 2/7 of the giveaway. Requested by @mhoun-jez Xo, Ara~

“Do you think you could ever learn to love me?” He asked me as we laid over the hood of his car, staring into the starry sky. 
“But I already do Baek, I love you”
“But you are also afraid of me, of what I am Hyoun-Jee” He turned his head and faced me, his fingertips tracing fine lines on my cheek.
“Then I’ll learn to not be afraid, but loving you. I don’t need to learn to do that, because I’ve always loved you”

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Nan & His Side: 

possibly the coolest thing about my Nan is the fact that for the most part of her teenage years and adolescents she followed the band His Side all over the world. My great-grandparents were pretty well off and my grandmother was their last child in addition to being their only daughter and she took advantage of that. She followed them around Europe and North America even met Brendon Roscoe more than once, she was even at his house once, how cool is that??

My Nan was a successful photographer and according to her she her she got her start by taking pictures of Brendon Roscoe“the first time I realised I was any good at photography was when he (Brendon Roscoe) noticed me being at more than one gig and insisting I show him my pictures and then hiring me for a lot of his smaller gigs. He was so kind and soft spoken and I remember our first interaction at stage door in Amsterdam he smiled at me and said ‘you know one day you’re going to have to show me some of those pictures, can’t have you spreading ugly pictures of me’ it was the greatest moment of my life” my Nan on the topic.

Joe Sugg x Howell!Reader

Joe Sugg x Howell!Reader
Warning: Mentions of sex, alcohol, and slight hangovers. Maybe swearing? I’m not sure.

Notes: I just wanted to do something where you are related to Dan and since my last Joe x reader blew up, I decided to do him. Enjoy!
You knocked on the door of your brother’s new flat door.

It opened a moment later and Dan Howell’s face appeared. And it was less than welcoming.

“Oh, hell no!” 

“Well, it’s nice to see you too.” You greeted.

“Unbelievable! It only took you a week to find us. That must be a new record.”

“Thanks, Bro-Bro!“

“Don’t call me that and it wasn’t a compliment.”

“Positive mind, positive life, Daniel.” You walked passed him into the flat. You whistled. “Nice place you got here, Bro.”

“Thanks. And I’d like to keep it that way. So leave, please.”

“Awwwww! But Dan, Phil invited me!”


Phil popped his head out from around a corner. “Oh, Y/N! Glad you got my text!”


“Come on, Dan,” Phil smiled. “You were just talking about her the other day. About how much you missed her popping in.“

“Phil!” Dan blushed.

“Awww! Danny missed me!”

Dan stood silently, cheeks pink. “Phil and I were just heading out actually…”

“Oh, yeah!” Phil smiled. “We’re headed over to a meet and greet with some fans for a couple hours. You can come if you’d like.”

“Nah, Dan’ll just complain that I embarrass him.”

“You showed a fan one of my baby pictures!”

You smiled at the memory. “Oh, yeah. That was hilarious.”

“It was not! It was mortifying!”

Phil stifled a laugh. “Well, then you can stay here.”

“Yes/No!” You and Dan shouted in unison.

“All right then, it’s settled. Y/N stays here.”


“Sorry, Dan, I kind of like your sister and I’d like to catch up with her a bit.”

“Cool! Thank’s Philly!”

Phil laughed. “No problem, but we really should get going. See you later, Y/N.”

“Bye guys!” You waved.

The door shut and you smirked. Time to get busy.

You pulled your notebook from your bag and read over the list of the people Dan and Phil had done collabs with besides each other. 

You smiled to yourself, you almost doubted they’d want to come when you invited them a few days ago. You couldn’t stop yourself from chuckling at your teasing thought that Dan could possibly have other friends besides Phil.

You called them each to confirm that they were coming.

You smiled when you thumb hovered over Zoe Sugg’s contact. They hadn’t done a collab with her, but you had met her and her boyfriend, Alfie, when you moved to Brighton. You both recognized each other by your channels on YouTube and hit it off immediately.

“Hello?” Zoe’s cheerful tone said through the phone. 

“Hey, Zo, it’s Y/N,”

“Oh, hey Y/N! Still on for the super secret house party tonight?”

“Yeah, that’s what I was calling for, actually.”

“Oh, cool, hey, you don’t mind if I bring Joe along, do you?”

“Oh no, no problem. The more the more my brother becomes awkward.”

Zoe laughed. “Cool, thanks, see you tonight,”

“See you later,”

You hung up and felt your heart pounding. 

You had had a crush on Joe since you met him. And he was coming here. Where your brother lived. The one who liked to embarrass you for revenge on when you embarrassed him…oh no.

What. Have. You. Done.


You were impatiently peeking out the window to make sure Dan and Phil hadn’t arrived yet. It had been about an hour since everyone arrived and you wanted to mingle and you were beginning to become annoyed.

You jumped as your phone buzzed in your pocket.

1 New Message: Daniel😝:

Hey we’re heading back be there in a few

You jumped and dashed to tell everyone to hide as you quickly sent Dan back:

Gone to bed early. Headache. See you soon

You shut off the lights and bent down in the nearest spot to you.

But, being the sister of Dan didn’t come without your own awkwardness.

“Oh, hello, Y/N,”

You could’ve had a heart attack.

“Hello, Joe,” you replied. “How are you?”

“Good thanks, nice party,”

“Thanks, glad you could make it.”

“Wouldn’t miss it. I mean you’re here.”

You blushed and laughed lightly.

“Hey, lovebirds!” A voice whisper-shouted (you were almost positive it was Louise). “Stop flirting and quiet down I hear the car!”

You and Joe blushed, avoiding each other’s eyes.

You held your breath as you waited for the door to open. One hand on the light switch, the other- wait, where was your other hand?

You blushed as you hadn’t realized you’d taken hold of Joe’s hand and, by his calm face, apparently neither had he.

The door squeaked open and you heard talking so you clicked on the lights.

Everyone jumped up and shouted surprise, just about scaring the two lads to death.

You slid your hand out of Joe’s to walk over to your brother. “Surprise, boys!”

“You planned this all tonight?” Phil asked, eyes wide.

“I admire your faith in me, but no. I’ve been planning this for a few days.” You smiled as the two stood agape. “Well go on! Greet your guests!”

So they did.

You stood and talked to Zoe and Alfie for awhile, catching up, before you excused yourself to go grab a drink,

Taking the ladle in your hand, you dipped it in the punch and poured it into your cup….

and that’s the last thing you remembered.


Groggily, you groaned and reached for your phone that had been repeatedly buzzing.

Your Twitter notifications were blowing up and you had two texts.

2 New Text Messages

You clicked on the earlier one.

From Philly

Hey. Where did you disappear to last night? Never got a chance to catch up. Or did we? I think the punch was spiked. I don’t remember a thing after leaving to get a cup. Oh well. Come by again tomorrow or something. Kind of recovering from a hangover. See you soon. 😙

You groaned and held your head. He must’ve been right that was the last thing you remembered too.

You clicked on the other one.

From Daniel😝

Great party but I have a massive hangover. What was in that punch? Remind me never to let you buy the drinks again. I haven’t seen you around the flat so you must’ve gone home. Car’s still here though. Good thinking on your part. TTYL.

Wrinkling your eyebrows, you tried to remember coming home…but you couldn’t… in fact, where were you?

You set your phone down and rolled over.

You screamed and fell backward out of the bed. You went home…just not to your home.

A groan came from the bed along with a “what the hell?”

Then, a head popped over the side.

“Oh…err…hello, Y/N…”

It was almost the exact same greeting from last night.

“Err…Hello, Joe,” you replied, the same from the other night as well. “How are you?”

“Well…confused, but all right…I suppose…”

“Me too…”

You sat in silence for a little while before reality set in and Joe broke the silence.

“So…did we?”

“I don’t know…” You blushed. “But I’m showing more skin than I’d like so…probably…”

“Oh…” Was his reply.

Silence again.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

Joe answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey, dude we’re on our way to film.”

Joe’s eyes went wide. “Oh…right, okay…um…” Joe hesitated. “I think we might have to cancel for today. I have a hangover from Dan and Phil’s party last night…can we reschedule?”

“Oh, yeah, sure, wanna come out to lunch with us? And you can bring whoever it is that’s in the room with you.”

“What the - How did you?”

“Dude. Have you not checked your notifications?”


“Just check dude. I don’t know her personally, but you obviously do.”

Then he hung up.

Joe turned to you. “Um…you haven’t happened to check social media have you?”

“Uh, no…why?”

“I just got informed that we might want to check…”

You bit your lip and grabbed your phone.

“Dear God.”

Photos of you and Joe kissing in a corner. Pictures of you and him leaving together. Thankfully most of them were drunk friends that would, hopefully, take them down later.

You rubbed your forehead and scrolled through the other mentions you had, but none of them were as popular as the ones of you and Joe. You knew it was too late. The fans wouldn’t let it go. You knew that.

“Well,” You looked up at Joe as he spoke. “would this be a bad time to ask you out?”

You laughed. “I’ll go out with you, Joe, but there’s no keeping it a secret.”

Joe smiled and leaned down to kiss you on the cheek. “Why would I want to?”

You smiled at him, blushing and giddy, until your phone vibrated.

One New Message: Daniel😝:

Tell him to run.


Well…I have no words for this. I hope you like it though, I’m not sure what to think of it. What do you think Dan’s going to do to Joe? Haha. I might do a “Being Dan Howell’s Sister would include” if you guys would like. Let me know! Until Next Time -BN&FG

House of Cards in the Wind

TITLE: House of Cards in the Wind

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twelve

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you were a powerful villain who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in Cryogenic storage because there was no other way to deal with you. After doing some research, Loki learned about you and became obsessed. So much, that he looked for you and woke you up, knowing that you’d seek revenge and he would be more than willing to help.

RATING: Teen and Up
NOTES/WARNINGS: This story is the result of an imagine I saw on another blog theartofimagining13. The credit for the imagine goes to the author on that page.

Thor waited and waited, wide awake, his eyes darting side to side, but his body not allowing him any form of movement. He thought over Loki and Rebecca’s words and actions, hers more than his brothers. He recalled how Loki looked at her, it was his first time seeing the pair interact with one another and it was clear, she had his brother utterly smitten with her, he was devoted to her without her ever having to force him to be, it was her strongest card in her arsenal, Loki gave the impression would protect her to the death, Thor was sure of it and she was banking on that. He also recalled her glee at throwing it at him that Loki was so loyal and all she had to do to get his loyalty. Thor had fought in enough battles and had seen enough of the realms to know that to some women born into war, using what they naturally had at their disposal was often a way to get through such event. He had read her file and by doing so decided to research where she had come from and the conflict that had moulded her. It was vicious, ruthless and terrifying, everything she had become and the use of women to lure men to their deaths was done on occasion, so for her to use it herself made some sense.

“Did you sleep well?”

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(Requested by Anon)

It was a bad idea starting the picture war with Emmett. Not only did it make you completely paranoid the burly vampire was going to pop up somewhere unexpected 99% of the time but also who starts a picture war with a vampire where the main objective is to catch each other off guard? Seriously you didn’t think that through because you’d learnt lately that it is pretty much impossible to catch a vampire off guard. 

While Emmett could sneak up on you practically anywhere you had to be a bit more sneaky. Like planting a camera in his locker set to go off when he opens it. This picture war had really only led to you committing a breaking and entering crime, which, thank god, Charlie had not found out about. That would be an awkward lecture.

However roughly a week ago you’d got Emmett and you’d got him real good. Enlisting the help of his brothers you’d had Edward get you up on skype while they were hunting and Jasper take a picture, flash included, right as Emmett was taking down a bear. It was the most hilarious one you’d caught yet, definitely your favourite. 

You’d expected some sort of retribution, Emmett didn’t usually wait long to get you back or you’d expected him to at least make a jab about it being against the rules considering it wasn’t you holding the camera and yet, nothing. Zilch. Emmett hadn’t tried to get you back once. 

You sat contemplating this as you and Bella watched the Cullen’s play baseball, probably not the best idea after the last game but you watched anyway. Watching the baseball game only made you completely sure of one thing, Emmett was super competitive. So why hadn’t he tried to get you back?

You watched him score a home run and Bella declare him in, a large smile sweeping its way across your face as he grinned large enough to show his dimples. There was something effortless about you and Emmett. You weren’t broody and complicated like Bella and Edward. Looking down as you were pulling up a clump of grass you contemplated exactly what was different. You were more fun for one, you just…sort of were. It wasn’t like it was for Edward and Bella who seemed to struggle being together, you and Emmett just fit. 

Then again you and Emmett were just friends so maybe that’s where the differences lay. Oh sure you were head over heels for Emmett but you were pretty sure only Jasper knew and he didn’t seem to have betrayed those feelings. Maybe that’s why it was so easy? Because to Emmett you were just his best friend? 

So caught up in your thoughts you didn’t see it happening until it did. One minute you were tearing out grass and contemplating relationships a look of full concentration on your face, the next Emmett had pounced, pushing you backwards, (quite gently for the someone so strong), so you lay on the grass as he covered his body with yours and kissed you full on the mouth. 

You were so shocked you didn’t even respond, he didn’t give you chance, pulling back quickly a blinding flash appearing in your peripheral vision. 

“Bet that’s a good one.” Large grin still firmly in place, body still flush against yours as he supported himself on one humongous forearm by your side, Emmett looked at the picture and began chuckling to himself. The rumbles in his chest sending vibrations throughout your entire body. “Yeah, I think that’s the best so far don’t you?” He asked flipping the camera around so you could see. 

Your hair was splayed out behind you looking like a mermaids hair floating in water, Emmett was grinning as he pulled back, your deep (e/c) eyes were wide open in shock and there was a comical ‘o’ shape to your plump lips. 

Reaching up gently you prised the camera from his fingers with the one hand, getting it situated just right. “No, I don’t.” With the other hand you yanked him down by the front of his shirt and planted a large kiss of your own on his soft lips, pulling back and clicking the camera just at the right time. “I think this one is.” You flipped the phone around to show him the picture, which was pretty much the same as his although the expressions were reversed. “Don’t you?”

A growl rumbled deep in Emmett’s chest as he took the camera and tossed it to one side before cupping your face in his hand. “I think we need to do that again.” Swooping down his lips connected passionately with yours, your eyes fluttered shut as you ran a hand up his broad chest and tangled it in his soft, curly hair. The deep down earth smell combined with leather that was so fully Emmett flooded your nostrils as the arm that was supporting him above you shifted and his hand began caressing your side leaving goosebumps in its wake. Your other hand reached up around his back seemingly of its own accord and grasped his granite shoulder roughly, almost desperately. There was silence in the clearing. All sounds of the baseball game had faded out to nothing and you lost all sense of time whilst his smooth lips, pressed desperately to yours. Somehow your legs had become entwined but you had no recollection of that happening. Eventually you pulled back both breathing heavily although for Emmett that was technically unnecessary. 

“You know, if you wanted to kiss me Em, you coulda just asked.” You mumbled, voice coming in soft pants of air. 

“Well Babe, there’s always next time.” He shot back with a wink, breathing deeply but rapidly. 

You cocked an eyebrow, your gaze fixed on his honey pools. “Next time?”

“Yeah, next time.” His grin faded a little. “I mean unless- unless you don’t want…”

“Oh I want to.” You assured him practically glowing. “Now where’s that camera? You better not have broken it, it has my new favourite pictures on.” 

But like, why answer the door for strangers when you can instead pretend you’re on a stealth mission in a video game, and sneak through your house in order to get out of sight safely and avoid human interaction altogether?

anonymous asked:

First visit to Grandma and Grandpa Dupain's? or to Grandpa Agreste's? (hoping that Adrien has a slightly better relationship with Gabriel at this point)

OMG!!! I really wanted to do one of these after watching a whole season of “Rattled” on TLC, just didn’t know how or had the motivation to. Thank you!!!


“Oh wow, look all that hair.” Tom laughed when he saw the little blonde cloud on top of his granddaughter’s head.

“I know, it’s hard to believe she’s only two days old.” Sabine gushed as she lightly ran her fingers through the infant’s hair.

“And don’t forget one week early.” Marinette added from her hospital bed as she helped her four-year-old son Jean climb up.

“Mari,” Adrien started as he handed the newborn to Sabine.

“You’re kids like to come early and you know that. Jean was three days early and now Yvette. Next thing we know, we might have a preemie.”

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Secret Santa!AU

Pairing: MinKey (but really… my OT5 feels were out of control)
Length: 1k~
Rating: PG
Warning: This will make more sense if you’ve watched One Fine Day. Its set in the December following their OFD recordings (which happened in November for MinKey). I guess this is canon? Also… this is probably part one of three? But I don’t know yet lol

Summary: Minho’s gonna get Key the perfect present this year. 

“Nooooooo!” Taemin whined loudly as he unfolded the small slip of paper in his hands. Instantly, the rest of the band knew who he’d gotten for Secret Santa. Jonghyun and Jinki chuckled at Taemin’s misfortune and Key rolled his eyes. At the very least, this was the first time that it happened to Taemin.

They’d started doing a gift exchange during their trainee days because they were all short on money, but they’d kept up the tradition even after they’d received their first paycheck from SM. The five of them were all oddly sentimental about all the struggles they had been through as a group, each tradition they upheld and even the new ones they started were pleasant reminders of where they started and how they hope to grow together.

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a fun little story

while @meherandthemoon and I were waiting in line for the today show for 24 hours we encountered a lot of people and one was this young nbc businessman who was with a bunch of his coworkers right?

so he and his pals stopped and asked us what we were lined up for and I said “louis tomlinson!” but then he asked “who’s that?” so I said “from one direction” and he said “I don’t know what this is” and I was like “what? you definitely do” but he kept insisting he didn’t until I quoted a part of wmyb and he was like “oh a boy band!”

BUT the best part is he asked me to show him a picture of 1d so I started pulling one out and his coworkers were like “yo let’s go” and the dude was like “no man I gotta see a picture of one direction”

so I pull out a picture and he asks which one louis is and I point him out and I SWEAR to god he goes “oh he’s really hot” and then started showing the rest of his pals while me and juliana started DYING

the moral of the story is: random businessmen from rockefeller center find louis tomlinson attractive

A.M. - MITAM Series

“Feels like this could be forever tonight, break these clocks, forget about time
There could be a World War 3 going on outside
You and me were raised in the same part of town, got these scars on the same ground
Remember how we used to kick around just wasting time?”

It was really weird, looking through all those pictures. I was already 21 years old and looking at my 10-year-old self, holding hands and smiling big, right next to my best friend, brought a weird feeling to my chest. It always did. We had long since stopped being those two rowdy children, who could bring hell to a birthday party if left alone for two seconds and now we were both grown adults, going on with their lives. Him, a big popstar that left our hometown to conquer the world and me, a personal stylist that was lucky enough to get a good client right of the bat, which helped my career grow in a big way.

Harry and I never left each other’s side, even with all the crazy stuff that happened to us in the past five years. While he went off around the world, winning the hearts of millions of girls, I was back in the U.K., building up a career that allowed me to leave home and even then, when all the odds seemed against us, we managed to stay close, stay together, stay the best of friends.

I could certainly say we had had some help. The fact that our families were so close had always been a huge factor in our lives, but if I had to pinpoint a reason, it was simply because we just couldn’t stay away. Even when we were drowning in all the stuff we had to do and life was getting in the way, we found our way to each other. Either with a call at the wee hours of the morning or a plane ticket in my e-mail with just a word written in the message box “please”, we kept coming back to each other. We were both anchors in each other’s lives. He was home, we were home, or at least I hoped so.

I sometimes wondered where would I be if we weren’t so close. Would I for instance, be moving to a new house, just blocks away from his place in Primrose Hill? Probably not, if we considered all the pestering and convincing he had to do to even get me to go see the house. There was something I can’t deny. When Harry wants something, he usually gets it, and he had his heart set on having me living close to him. The reasons ranged from safety to comfort, and I tried to counter him with reasons of my own to continue living with my roommates: “you’re on tour most of the year”; “every time you get a chance, you take your arse to LA”; “It’s way too expensive for me”; “Jesus, Harry. Stop it, it is not that great!!” But still, he insisted and at the end on the day, we came down to the usual: I couldn’t say no to him, even if my life depended on it. I was weak.

“What you doing there, Doll? You need to help me with these boxes!” Harry said, bringing me back to reality.

“Sorry, was just looking through some of my pictures.” I said, blinking quickly to get rid of the colorful spots that appeared in my eyes as soon as I remembered the sun over me. “Remember this?” I showed him the picture that had me reminiscing, the one we were holding hands and smiling big.

“That was Alice’s birthday party. She was so mad I wouldn’t let go of you to go take a picture with her.” He laughed, putting down the big box of clothes he had in his arms and coming towards me to take a good look at the frame.

“Yeah, that still happens. You won’t let go of me enough so I can run away from you!” I said, a smirk on my face as he rolled his eyes.

“You can’t live without me, don’t play innocent. You’re the one that can’t stay away. You even moved to be closer to me!” He accused, the dimples appearing on his cheeks with how hard he was trying not to smile.

“You’re such a dickhead. I moved here cause you didn’t leave me a choice!” I exclaimed and he laughed out, that loud cackle that made him squint his eyes and look like the little kid I met all those years ago. “Shut up and go get the rest of the boxes, Harry.”

“Yes ma’am!”


“You’re gonna spill it.” I warned Harry as I watched him fumble with the bottle of wine. He was a bit drunk, his eyes turning glassy as he giggled at nothing.

“You like it?” He asked me, leaning on the couch and turning his face to look at me. His breath was a bit bitter, maybe from the alcohol we had had, but that wasn’t enough to cover his scent, the same one that made me dizzy whenever I tucked my face onto the crook of his neck, or pressed my forehead to his shoulder, whining about nothing just so I could be pouty and feel him close to me.

“The wine?”

“The house.”

“S’nice. A bit big, though.”

“It only has 2 bedrooms.”

“Do I have to remind you I come from sleeping in a closet?? That’s how big my room was in my old flat? Give me somewhere I can stand without bumping my head, I’m gonna think it’s big.”

“Want me to sleep here tonight?”

“Were you planning not to?”

“Not really. Even brought new pillows cause your old ones make my neck sore. Don’t want you getting scared.”

“Oh please, you just love getting in my bed.”

“Keep dreaming.”

“You just love me, I know it.”


“Won’t you stay ‘til the A.M.? All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M cause we don’t know what we’re saying
We’re just swimming ‘round in our glasses and talking out of our asses
Like we’re all gonna make it, yeah, yeah”

“Doll, c’mon! We need to leave!” I could hear Harry yelling from downstairs, just as I finished the flick of my eyeliner.

“Can you calm down a second? It’s not like the pub is going to go away if we don’t make it there in the next five minutes, Harold!” I yelled, huffing and hastily putting on my boots and my coat on. He was back from tour for a week, choosing to spend his time off in Holmes Chapel, where we could hang out without being photographed every step we took. He had been touring for a long time now, spending months on end in the States, so I hadn’t seen in for almost six months when he appeared on my doorstep, disheveled and with more tattoo’s than I could count, a big smile plastered on his face.

“Am I gonna have to go up and carry you downstairs?!” He yelled again and I grunted, getting my purse.

“For fuck sake, I’m coming!” I said, stomping on my way down and pushing him towards the door. “You’re so annoying!”

“You love me.” Harry stated, dimples deep into his cheek as he closed my door and led me to his car.

“I do not!” I told him, having to lean into him to be able to go up on his Range Rover and huffing when I sat down. Being smaller than him and having to get his help to get up into his car without making a fool of myself always got him making fun of me for being too short.

“Ok shorty, did you forget all the tears you spilled when you saw me on your door last night?” Harry smirked and I rolled my eyes.

“That was disgust.” I told him with a mocking smile.

“Keep telling yourself that…”


It had been hours since we got to the pub and luckily, it was one of those that stayed open until very late. It was already 1 am and it felt as if we had been drinking for days now. I was slowly sinking into that numb state of mind, where everything is funny and nothing is better than being right there, on that dark pub, the bitter stench of beer taking over my senses and Harry’s heavy arm around my shoulders as we laughed loudly at this one guy that was trying to call for the waitress but she kept ignoring him.

“You know what? This is best night ever.” Harry slurred, his voice getting deeper because of the amount of shouting we had done earlier, when there was this little band playing all the classic 80’s rock you can think of. “Sometimes it’s nice to not be recognized.” He said and started to shake his head drunkenly as everyone in the table gave him an amused look, some of us snorting at him. “I’m not complaining! I’m not. I love what I do. But sometimes it’s nice to be able to chill out a bit, y’know?” He asked, his doe eyes staring intently at me. That was Harry, always grateful for things, even when the craziness took a toll on him. Even when he was on his worst day, he never wanted to look like he didn’t appreciate all the things he was privileged to have.

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me H, I know.” I told him, my hand going up and finding his fingers laying heavily on my shoulder, intertwining our hands.

“I’m glad to have you, love. Dunno what I’d do without you…” He whispered, like it was a secret no one but us could know.

I looked at him, taking in all of his features. The pouted lips, red and swollen, the faint smell of beer coming out as he spoke. His face was so close to mine I could see the emerald green of his eyes, so clear when up close like this. His hair was a little longer, being a while since he last had a haircut but I liked it like that, the chocolate curls smelling like apple and honey, the smell of my shampoo. It wasn’t until that moment I realized how much he’d changed over the years. He had lost most of the softness of his features, the cut of his jaw more prominent than ever, the tiny bit of stubble growing on top of his lips making me remember that he was now a man, not just the little boy I knew since I was a baby. His voice had grown deeper and his shoulders were wider, the muscles more defined and taut under his skin. He smelled like expensive cologne and….well, him, that familiar smell only he had. I inhaled deeply, taking it all in and closing my eyes. I didn’t know if it was the alcohol but I knew I was starting to lose it. The warmth of his embrace was making me a bit dizzy and when I opened my eyes again and saw him staring intently at me, I let out a shaky breath.

“I- I need to go to the loo. Be right back.” I said, untangling myself from him

I could feel my heart beating quick against my chest, my breathing a little hard. I didn’t know what was happening; I just knew I needed to stay away from him for a little while or otherwise, well, I might say things I had to regret in the morning. I leaned on the sink and looked at myself in the mirror, the little redness in my eyes that thankfully, would pass as drunkenness so I didn’t have to give myself away.  

“Don’t be dense, he’s just Harry. Just Harry.” I whispered, taking a deep breath and turning to go back to our booth.

As I reached the bar, I could see Harry standing up against the wall, right next to our booth, a beautiful girl laughing at something he’d just said. Stopping in my tracks, I turned towards the bar quick so he wouldn’t see me. I didn’t want to get in his way if he wanted to bring a girl home, even though he was staying with me. Or maybe I was not that selfless, and I had gotten out of the way just I wouldn’t have to look at him and let the revolting feeling in my tummy grow. It felt weird seeing him with someone else when he was supposed to be spending time with me. Actually, it felt weird all the time, seeing him with other girls. Harry was always such a constant presence in my life, that it was difficult for me seeing him paying attention to someone else. It might sound crazy and selfish and extremely jealous of me, but I was used to having his attention and it was not a nice feeling having to share it. Hence the fact that I was always glued to him when we were younger and even more when we grew older. If I walked away, someone might take my spot.

Drinking whatever it was I had ordered, I turned around in my stool to look at everyone else going ‘round in the pub. The drink in my hand was strong and it made my head swirl a little bit, the nice buzz of the alcohol in my veins easing my mind and making me not care so much that Harry wasn’t around. I could see a guy making his way towards me, making me smile and look away, my eyes going right back to the corner where Harry was standing. Our eyes met and he sent me a desperate look, like he was trying to tell me something but the amount of booze we had in our system was making it difficult. He looked down at the girl, who had one hand on his bicep and the other on the first button of his shirt and looked up again, widening his eyes at me like he was calling for help. Putting down the glass and taking a deep breath, I made my way towards them, ignoring the cute guy that was just steps away from me. I didn’t know what I was going to do or what he wanted from me, I just knew I needed to do it.

“What’s happening here?” I asked, before I could stop myself. The pretty girl, with the big brown eyes and dark hair, her lips painted in a bright red lipstick, turned to look at me with an innocent look in her eyes.

“We’re just talking… aren’t we, Harry?” She smiled up at him, her fingers going under the collar of his button up and caressing his skin. I could feel the frown take over my features as I looked at that and my hand went towards hers without me thinking twice.

“I think you need to back off sweetheart. He’s with me. I was just at the toilet, that didn’t mean he was available.” I smiled, taking her hand away and dropping it. She looked angry, like she was about to scream at me, but I kept smiling as I leaned into Harry. “You ready to go baby? I think we’ve had enough trouble for a day, don’t you?”

“Absolutely. Let’s go home, love.” Harry smiled cheekily, one of his hands going around my waist and the other waving goodbye to the brunette.

Stumbling all over each other and laughing loudly, we walked out of the bar. I was somewhat sober, the adrenaline rush of the little stunt I pulled back in the pub making me sober up quickly, but Harry was drunk out of his ass. His loud laugh, that cackle that made you think everything was ok in the world, was echoing on the empty streets and he was leaning on me, making me almost fall face first to the floor.

“I didn’t know you could play the part of the jealous girlfriend so well!” He exclaimed, the cheeky smile never leaving his face. I laughed, opening the door of his Range Rover and pushing him up on the passenger seat.

“I’m a great actress H, you have no idea. Been pretending to be your best friend for years now, I’m a pro.” I replied, leaning in to buckle the seatbelt on him and he huffed and rolled his eyes, leaning in to whisper in my ear.

“You’re in love with me and you just don’t want to admit it. That scene back there was you acting like you’ve always wanted to.” He whispered, suddenly not so drawled out and a lot more sober than what I thought he was. My breathing hitched in my throat and I leaned back, standing at the door of his car, looking up at him. His eyes looked glossed over and his lips a deep pink, wet from his tongue running over it and his hands were gripping one of mine.

“You’re too cocky for your own good, Styles.” I whispered, finding my voice shaky and my eyes not being able to look into his for more than a second. It was cold outside, but the warmth of his hands holding mine was like a fire, burning hot and taking over my skin. My stomach was overtook by butterflies, that were running around freely, making me feel anxious and out of control. I didn’t know why we were having this conversation at 3 in the morning, in a dark alley, after a drunk night. I didn’t know why he was talking to me like this or why this was making me feel so uneasy but it needed to stop, it needed to end right there.

Taking my hand away from his and closing his door, I made my way towards the front seat, struggling to enter the car and then closing the door, turning on the heater and adjusting the seat so I could drive us home. I was about to turn the ignition when Harry’s hand took mine over the gear, his thumb running over my knuckles and a deep sigh coming out of his strawberry pink lips.

“Don’t worry, love. I love you too.” I turned to look at him, the bright green of his eyes brighter than ever, the sincerity burning into the deep husky sound of his voice. “Gonna marry you someday, y’know…” Harry whispered and our eyes locked, my head nodding before I could stop myself. A happy smile took over his lips and I smiled back, turning on the engine and driving away.


“You know I’m always coming back to this place
You know and I’ll say…”

The house was disturbingly quiet when I got in. Funny thing, at first I absolutely hated that deafening silence that kept reminding me that I was alone and making me jump at the slightest creak of the wood. But as time went by and I got used to spend my time alone, it became comfortable, part of the place I lived in, unless, of course, Harry was there, making his presence known and taking over every bit of space as if he owned it. I actually think that was when that house really became a home.

I had to almost restrain myself to not look for a bat or something to defend myself with as I made my way into the foyer. The house was dark and all the curtains were closed, a decision I was now starting to regret. My fingers went to look for my phone, getting it out of my pocket so I could call for help if need be.

It was one of those moments where you’re in a real hurry and nothing goes right. My hand was glued to the wall, trying to find the light switch but failing miserably and I was about to cry, listening to a heavy breathing that was coming from somewhere in the living room. I was getting nervous and the need to sprint off was growing bigger and bigger.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck.” I said, closing my eyes with a scared yelp when I finally turned the lights on. I waited for a couple of seconds, maybe for a hard blow on the head or something but it never came. When I opened my eyes again, relief and anger slowly sipped up my body, swirling in a quick mix as I saw the grinning boy on my couch.

Harry was sitting comfortably on my sofa, his feet propped up on my coffee table as he offered me a wide, shit eating grin, which frankly made me want to punch him. I was so enraged with him, it took me a while to notice the white ball of fur sitting on his lap.

“What is that??” I asked him, looking at his hands as it played with the little puppy, scratching behind his ears to his comfort. His fur was white and black and his small eyes were almost gray. The only thing distracting from his white muzzle was his pink tongue that he had out in satisfaction.

“This is a dog.” Harry said matter of factly, making my eyes look at him him and away from the little puppy.

“Why is there a dog in the house? Are you giving me a dog?”


“Cause you can’t bring a dog home and then take it away, Harry. I’ve been through this.” I warned him. I actually had, when I was little and my mom had decided she wanted to have a puppy, bringing him home and then giving it away when he bit and destroyed her favorite pair of shoes.


“That would be far too cruel to me, and I won’t ever speak to you again.”

I watched Harry as he carefully sat the puppy on the sofa and walked to me, his large hands wrapping around my arms to make me look up at him. I was incredibly excited, but still, I had decided to wait until he told me if I was indeed going to keep the dog before I even let myself get near him. I hadn’t even let myself think about the fact that Harry was there, instead of tour as he should be. Was it already time for his break?

“Love, I know. He’s staying so he can keep you company and you stop calling me in the middle of the night because you got scared.”

“I do not get scared!!” I protested, already pushing Harry away to go pick the puppy in my arms. He was heavy and warm and his cold muzzle made me laugh when it bumped to my shoulder. “He’s so precious!!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I love him.” I said, leaving him on the couch so I could go to Harry and hug him.

Even when my intention was to give him a hug and maybe a peck on the cheek, I guess my excitement got the best of me, cause we found ourselves stumbling onto the couch and falling clumsily on it. A giddy squeal came out of my lips and I giggled as I started to press kisses on Harry’s face, making him laugh under me and his laugh echo on my body as we both tried to not fall.

I discovered something when I pressed my lips to his: They tasted a lot better than I could ever imagine. They were sweet and soft and even when it took me a couple of seconds to react to the fact that I was actually kissing, they were already imprinted in my memory forever. My hands scrambled to the sofa and I tried to push myself up, but I found myself being pulled to his chest.

His hand on the back of my neck was burning my skin and I almost felt myself being set on fire as he tilted my head so he could deepen into the kiss. It was almost surreal, the heavy feeling of his tongue running across my bottom lip and his arm hooking around my waist to press me even more to his body. I kissed him back, Jesus, I kissed him back as hard as he was kissing me, giving him hard kisses that were going to leave our lips bruised and red, tasting his lips and exploring his mouth with eagerness. I could feel his tongue slipping past my lips and I grunted when he pulled on my bottom lip, my fingertips digging on the leather of the couch before I pushed myself up.

I looked at him for just a second, gasping for air as I saw his flushed face and I got up, walking to the dog and picking it in my arms, maybe to hide the heavy breaths that were making my chest heave. It wasn’t like it was supposed to happen. It wasn’t supposed to happen.

“Have you thought of a name?” I asked him before he had the chance to say anything and as casually as I could, I sat down next to him, flicking my eyes to his red lips before I looked into his eyes.

“I’ve thought of ‘Little Dog’” He said and the sudden raspiness that was present in the dark notes of his voice made me shiver, turning to the puppy to smile at him.

“We’re not calling him that.”

“Why not?”

“Because we’re not, Harry.”

The silence lasted a couple of seconds, the heavy pants coming from both of us the only noise breaking the air. I couldn’t stop my head from spinning or my lips from tingling and I had to make an effort to focus on my surroundings, on stopping my hands to trail through his hair and pull him to me to kiss him once more. My heart was beating so fast anyway that it was all I could hear.

“What about Jagger?” He suggested, looking at me in the eyes as he scratched the puppy’s ear. It was good, it suited him and even better it reminded me of Harry. Like it was meant to.

“I like Jagger.”

“We have a name then.” He smiled tentatively and I smiled back, feeling a heaviness sit on my tummy as I tried to not look at Harry. Literally any other place was better. Awkwardness was slowly sipping up in the air and I shifted on the couch, trying to not bother Jagger as he started to look at my hand in interest and to lick on my skin with tiny little flick.

“H,” I started, and just saying that letter drained me of all the courage I had in me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean t-“ There was a lot more I wanted to say, but Harry shook his head, raising his hand to stop me.

“You know I never do anything I don’t want to, right?” He asked, looking at me intently, the intensity of his gaze making me hold on to Jagger tighter, like he was an anchor. I could feel my legs turning to jelly, the fact he admitted to wanting the kiss was amazing and scary at the same time. He’s my best friend, for fucks sake. “Don’t you?”

“Yes.” I nodded and looked up from Jagger, his eyes locking into mine.


I don’t think I had run so much in my entire life. I am pretty sure you can sum up all the hours I had run in my life, all of them, and it wasn’t going to be as much as I had played with Jagger that day. It was nearing 2 am and we were ready to pass out, lying down as Jagger trotted around the house.

I was as sleepy as I could be, but the kiss we had shared was still haunting me, not allowing me to fully relax in Harry’s presence. I knew he noticed. I knew I wasn’t being very inconspicuous but I couldn’t let go of the fact that we have kissed. After all those years, after going through puberty and the high of our hormones together, we had managed to not kiss and do something stupid but now that were grown adults, we couldn’t help it. I had to admit, if it was anyone else, I wouldn’t be so freaked out. But the chance of losing him, even the slight percentage was making my head pound. I was scared.

“Earth is calling!” I heard his raspy voice calling for me and I looked up, finding him looking down at me from the sofa, his eyes heavy from sleep and his cheek squished against the couch cushions.

“Hm, sorry.” I said, patting Jagger’s head as he stood next to me for a second before he sprinted off again. It was rather unfortunate; I needed his help in avoiding Harry’s stare.

“You’re gonna have to talk to me normally again, you know?” He asked and I sighed, rubbing my hands over my face.

“I’m sorry…It’s just, I don’t want things to get weird!” I exclaimed, letting my frustration get the best of me. I whined, sitting up so I could rest my back to the sofa and look at my hands as they fiddle with the little tear in my jeans.

“Things will only get weird if you continue insisting that they will. Don’t get too into your head love. I promise I’m not mad or thinking badly of you.” Harry said, sitting up as well and taking my hand as I got up hastily and got ready to leave. Pulling me to him, one of my knees in between his spread legs, my hands found purchase on his shoulders so I wouldn’t fall. We were face to face and his eyes were boring into mine, like I was so scared of. “It was quite lovely. Wouldn’t mind doing it again…” He said and my breath hitched on my throat.

“Don’t- don’t be like that Harry.” I whined, looking down and pushing myself away from him so I could go to bed and forget this ever happened. I thought things were going to be simple but I forgot I had a stubborn as hell best friend. He pulled me back down, this time making me sit on his lap and he leaned in, his lips catching mine before I could stop him in a quick kiss.

“Let’s go to sleep.” He whispered and I nodded, almost automatically, too lost in his green eyes and his electric kiss to even begin to think.

We got up from the couch and his hand wrapped around mine, leading me to the stairs as if he owned the place and I was the guest. It was almost silly, to think things could really change, that I could lose him over a kiss. I could not, I would not. I needed him in my life.

“C’mon baby, let’s go.” I said in a baby voice, standing at the end of the stairs to wait for him. I had almost gone to bed without him. Some mother I was. Jagger didn’t seem to mind about my slip, though, running up to me, with his tail swinging from side to side and his tongue pocked out, and he jumped into my arms, allowing me to pick him up.

When we got to my room, I breathed deep and decided to let go of my fears, at least for the night. I had to trust Harry in this one, cause if I didn’t, I was going to go mad. With a big sigh, I stripped down to my underwear, picking a large T-shirt on, that I was sure had belonged to Harry at some point, and taking my bra off from under it. I lied down on my bed, the only part of the house that was actually set, and I looked at Jagger as he jumped behind me, snuggling his little head to my tummy as I played with him, caressing his soft fur. When I felt Harry’s warm and naked chest pressing against my back, I didn’t even flinch, letting him pull me to his chest and nuzzle his cold nose against my neck. All of it was normal, it didn’t mean anything.  

“Why are your feet always so cold?!” I groaned, trying to pull away as his cold feet tangled with mine under the covers.

“Shh, don’t complain. You’re always drooling on my chest and I never say anything ‘bout it.”

“You’re saying it now!” I exclaimed, turning to look at him to see him chuckle.

“Goodnight, love.” He ignored me completely, his full lips puckering to give me a quick peck on the shoulder, his version of a goodnight kiss.

“Won’t have one with your squash feet freezing me to death.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be warm where you’re going.”

“Hey!! Shut up or you won’t get anymore kisses!!”

“Oh, are we negotiating now?” He said, raising his head from the pillow and looking down at me as he propped himself up on his elbows. A mischievous smile appeared on my face and I let my eyes wander to his lips, biting into the corner of my lips as I willed myself to look into his eyes.

“No, we’re not.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m not, but if anything goes wrong, I wanna put it on you.”


So, to celebrate MITAM and it’s wonderfulness, @punkcupcakestyles​ (aka Scar) and I decided to write a series together. This is the first installment, in which we worked very hard on. We will be writing all of the MITAM songs, not in the same order they are in the album but there will be a timeline. You guys will find all of it in both mine and Scar’s blog. Hopefully you’ll like it, please please please with a cherry on top tell us what you think! Lots of love, B xx