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hi! this is a bit of a strange question but i was wondering: how do you deal with fandom frustration? when you love fandom content but frequently feel frustrated by a large portion of the fan base? i'm a fandom baby in a lot of ways and sometimes though i feel like a jerk, it's so hard not to let other people overpower my experience. i love hearing your thoughts on everything in general, but. if you have the time i'd love to hear your thoughts on this as well. hope you have a nice day. :)

hmm! this is a great question and one I’m not 100% sure of how to answer, because for the most part I have had very positive fandom experiences. but when it comes to making your fandom experience as relaxed & fun as possible, here are my tips:

1) accept right now and forever that everyone does fandom differently, and everyone is in fandom for different reasons and to get different things out of it. it doesn’t matter if people don’t ship what you ship. it doesn’t matter if they write stories of which the summary makes you recoil in horror. they are not doing this at you. accept that you are going to do you, and everyone else is going to do themselves, and unless their shit spills over into your personal space (see point 3)) then there is literally no point in trying to control the fannish experience that anyone else is having. fandom’s a large space! there’s room for everyone! 

so the thing to do is:

2) CURATE YOUR FANNISH EXPERIENCE. I’ve been doing this since ye olde days of livejournal and do it even more intensely now. essentially: find the people you like, and the parts of fandom you like, and carve out your own corners where you can hang with like-minded people. you don’t have to be right in the thick of it, reading everything, interacting with everything and everyone. you don’t have to track all the tags which are crammed full of stuff that annoys you. you can take it slowly, and be discerning.

if you want to read meta, find the people who write it and follow them. ditto art. learn to embrace ao3’s excellent search function, and to use a tumblr blacklist. if you want to read fic and are bemoaning the fact that none of it is quite what you want: write your own! enthuse about your ideas on tumblr! leave prompts on kinkmemes! befriend some writers! I have to admit I am still pretty lost when it comes making friends on tumblr because the etiquette is bizarre and variable, but hey: the messaging system exists, askboxes exist, comments on ao3 exist. sure, different people have different levels of openness to making new bosom friends, but nobody minds being engaged. we’re in fandom to be fannish, together. 

3) if people are being jerks in your space, block ‘em. ignore ‘em. delete ‘em. I am not even remotely internet famous enough to be at risk of being deluged by trolls, but on the rare occasions that I’ve engaged in good faith and subsequently decided that I was being concern-trolled, I’ve noped cheerfully out of there. the few accusatory or unpleasant anon (because they’re always anon!) messages that have landed in my inbox, I’ve deleted without batting an eye. sometimes I share it with a friend via chat or email and we have a laugh about it, and that helps settle any residual hurt or irritation that I might feel. I’m a grown fucking woman. I keep a calm sympathetic face while being shouted at, cried on, confided in, manipulated, and projected onto, for a living. and I have zero qualms about policing the boundaries of the spaces I’ve carved out for myself–the fun, creative, relaxing, incredible places–in fandom.

4) manage your entitlement. just remind yourself every so often that nobody owes you the next chapter of that story, or the exact piece of art you want to see, or the paragraph-long comment, or the attention you crave, or the whole-hearted agreement you seek. remember that everyone has their own lives, and you’re never seeing the full picture. be gracious. be kind. try to resist the urge to snipe and snark and finger-point and complain in public; I enjoy a bit of fandom bitching as much as the next person, but I inflict it all on my friends, in chat.

5) the flipside of this is: show appreciation of the things you like. comment on that story. reblog that art with a furious tag spiral of capslock (creators LOVE tag spirals). put together a rec list–this is also a great way to show people what kind of things you like, so people who share your tastes know who to gravitate towards.

if you are frequently frustrated by a large portion of the fanbase, anon, then ask yourself: are you reading the comments? ie. are you making yourself engage with parts of fandom where people have THE WRONG OPINIONS and are writing your beloved characters THE WRONG WAY? if so: just scroll past. don’t read it. unless you really enjoy an argument, don’t feel obliged to reblog it with a detailed explanation of why they’re wrong: you’re gonna frustrate yourself and, yes, maybe end up looking like a jerk. just shrug and move on. maybe this isn’t the corner for you.

I have been following my own advice in this regard for almost 14 years. I’ve kept a handful of enduring and awesome friends from most of the major fandoms I’ve been part of, and I’m still making new ones, and I’ve (mostly) managed to avoid wank. I write what I like, and I read what I like, and I try to communicate generously and enthusiastically with people who are creating the things that I enjoy.

tl;dr - seek out the things that make you feel good, and follow them. weed out the things that make you feel bad, and ignore them. it’s fandom. it can be as serious or unserious as you like, but it IS supposed to be fun.

Girl can SING (Part 2 of 3)

A/N: Here is the second installment! Please stroke my ego if you’d like because I’m not feeling confident about this one. Shout out to @jared-padaloveme and @multifandom-slytherin!

The next day when you all woke up, the first thing you did after breakfast was get dragged into a jam session. You all talked music, explaining what your vocal range was like and things you’ve worked on before. Brendon had you do vocal warm ups with him while Kenny warmed up and Dallon tuned.

You felt so incredibly awkward and sang them quietly. Vocal warm ups were silly on their own, with lots of “me meh mah moe moo” and “oooo” runs. Doing them with Brendon, and in front of Ken and Dallon, was weird. You nervous-giggled through the whole thing. Brendon finds it very endearing.

You weren’t confident about your singing around them at first because you didn’t think you were the same caliber. Brendon’s singing seemed way out of your league. Brendon seemed way out of your league. Plus, you didn’t want them to think that you’re using them for their connections. 

Brendon points out where you can add harmonies to their songs and has you try Girls/Girls/Boys out. The boys start to play along. You look both terrified and awkward, your voice barely audible. Brendon locks eyes with you while he sings and smiles. He suddenly takes your hands and makes you shimmy-dance with him, never missing a note. You giggle through the lyrics and he spins you around.

Before you realize it, you’re singing at a normal volume, no longer feeling shy, with a smile on your face. The fact that he knew just how to get you to open up warms your cheeks.

Things only got better from there. Truth is, you had been playing out quite a bit and posted on YouTube all the time before you met them. Once you were comfortable around them, music came to you as easily as it did alone. It was pretty easy to feel confident when the best singer you’ve ever met was impressed by you. The way Brendon looked at you as you sang… it made you feel invincible.

Actually, the way Brendon looked at you in general made you feel invincible. Over the course of a month, the butterflies in your stomach had not gone away. He makes you feel brave.

Singing with Brendon was like living in a dream. The band was so excited to have you around, saying that you brought something special that they had been looking for.

One day when you’re rehearsing, you step out to get some water. You return and stop at the door, hearing hushed voices. You can’t help but listen in.

“What?! You still haven’t made any moves on her?” It’s Dallon, whispering incredulously.

“No,” you hear Brendon reply sheepishly. Oh my god. Are they talking about you?

“Dude, what are you waiting for?” Kenny asks.

“I don’t know,” Brendon says quietly, “She’s just so… so perfect.”

Your heart is racing.

“Brendon Urie,” Dallon teased in his mock-dad voice, “Are you afraid of falling in love?”

“Y/n is perfect for you, Brendon,” Kenny says simply. Your stomach does somersaults and a grin overtakes your lips.

“I know, I know,” Brendon is chuckling nervously, “Soon.”

You replay the word in your head. Soon. Soon couldn’t come soon enough. You’re certain your heart is about to explode. You take a moment to bring your face to a neutral state. You look as though you heard nothing at all and pushed the door open.

As you enter the room, everyone suddenly looks away or down at their instruments. Brendon fiddles with the microphone in his hands, turning it upside down and toggling the on/off switch as if it was broken. Brendon has you in some sort of state, and you do something that was really unlike you: you decided to mess with him.

You walk right up to him with a bit of concern.

“Is something wrong with the mic?” You ask, sliding your hand around it, gripping the cylinder tightly just above his hand. It was very suggestive, yet you looked up at him with an innocent expression. He is bright red. You liked having such an effect on him.

“Uh,” he stuttered, “no I- um yeah it was off for a second.”

“Oh good,” you smile and walk over to where you had set down your mic. You pick it up and turn around, acting like you are completely oblivious. “Ready?” You ask Brendon and look back to the boys. You are met with a few nods and continued on with practice.

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Today, I fucked up...  by probably ruining a girl's life, forever, via Capture the Flag.

Today I fucked up. There’s a girl in my Ecology class. Let’s call her “Madge”. Madge is your go-getting try-hard holier-than-thou know-it-all with an unchanging facial expression I can only describe as “cat trying to shit a peach pit”. One of those constant-frowners, and constant-downers.

I even tried to get along with Madge at the start; I’d sit by her and try to engage her (read: humor her) with conversations in relevant topics about Ecology, such as the thrilling handedness of apes or edge-of-your-seat songbird plumage complexity, but just trying to be civil was a futile endeavour. Expecting Madge to be civil with you because you were civil with her is like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat it. Madge was born to be an asshole.

Everything you said to her was met with a “Pffft”, or a dramatic roll of the eyes, and a quick retort such as “Well, if you’d actually read Carter et al. 2007, you would have known that…” She had to be better and smarter than everyone, at everything, all the time. And boy, that shit got real old, real quick. So I stopped sitting by her. And began to loathe her. With a pre-occupied disposition. I thought about her twice today before even writing this, that’s how much I don’t like her.

Fast forward to the first Capture the Flag game of the year. Being a Freshman, I thought I’d attend as a way to get out of my residence room and meet some people. The first game was at about 8:00PM, the campus was already dark, and I showed up just wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Out of 150+ people (who knew Capture the Flag was so popular?) I ended up being possibly the most under-dressed person there. Camouflage, Ghillie suits, face-paint, and black morph costumes were just some of the norm. This was like Capture the Flag Olympics.

Teams were divided into short sleeve vs. long sleeve, and the “flags” were two bicycle lights. I began to mingle with fellow short-sleeves… and that’s when I saw her. Madge. Black boots, black pants, black turtleneck, black scarf, black cap, black gloves. She was going all Call of Duty for this game – of course. Why wouldn’t she be a try-hard at Capture the Flag too? And I just knew I’d have to tag her the fuck out. This was my chance to prove I was better at something.

The first few rounds, us short-sleeves did terribly because no one stayed behind to defend, so we lost 3 rounds promptly. Each time they blew the whistle, I could hear Madge laughing. I could hear it. So I switched to defense. To prevent “camping”, there was a 50 meter buffer around each “flag”. Conveniently for me, there was a group of hedges 50 meters away from my flag. So I hid in the hedges.

Each time anyone from the other team tried to sneak up to our flag, I’d jump out of the hedges, startle the hell out of them, and that would give me the time I needed to run up and tag them out. I’d probably tagged out 8-10 people in about 15 minutes, when the stars aligned, and I saw her. Madge. Walking through the shadows along the side of a building, headed straight for our flag, thinking she was so sneaky with all her matching black gear. This was it. It wasmy time to shine.

But I was too excitable. I bounded from the hedges like Sea Biscuit while she was still a good 40-50 feet away. So I yelled “AAAaarrgh!” to try to emphasize the startling effect. She shrieked in surprise, but without missing a beat, she spun around 180 degrees and headed back for her “side” at a dead sprint. I then realized that if she got to her side before I caught her, she’d be “out of play” and I couldn’t tag her out – that was an impossible embarrassment, I couldn’t allow it. I took off too, at a dead sprint. Like Gimli, I’m not so much for long runs, but dangerous across short distances. I was gaining on her, and now confidently puffed up, with a laugh I shouted “YOU CAN RUN IF YOU WANT, I’LL JUST CATCH YOU WHEN YOU’RE TIRED!”

The chase lasted probably 100-150 feet before she tripped on a tree root and fell pretty hard, but made no attempt to get back up. As I got closer, I realized she had stooped to a whole new low - playing the crying game, surely exaggerating an injury that would thus make my “tagging” of her distasteful. But then as I got closer still, I realized she was really crying, like hysterically crying. I was still mad, so as I got up to her I said “Crying won’t fucking help”, at which point she rolled on to her back and looked up at me and shouted “GET THE FUCK AWAY!”. I leaned down to make eye contact and said “it’s just a fucking game”, to which she cocked an eyebrow and said “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!”

And then it hit me.

I did not recognize this girl.

This was not Madge.

This was some girl walking to the bus station after a night class.

Horrified, mouth hanging open, the rolodex of my mind spun as I suddenly imagined what it must have been like from her perspective: a large, strange, bearded, sweaty, under-dressed man jumped out of the bushes screaming “AAARRRRrrrgh!”, and when she ran, he ran too, screaming “YOU CAN RUN IF YOU WANT, I’LL JUST CATCH YOU WHEN YOU’RE TIRED”, and when he saw her crying, said “Crying won’t fucking help”.

I wanted to apologize, I wanted to introduce myself, I wanted to explain, but all I could get out was “Hey… sorry – it was, it’s just… Hi, I’m… Hey, you know, Capture the Flag?… PLEASE DON’T CALL THE POLICE, THIS WAS ALL A MISUNDERSTANDING” and then I ran away hoping she hadn’t seen enough of my face to create a composite sketch for Campus Security.

I never ended up tagging her, or Madge for that matter, and I never went back to Capture the Flag after that (I hear it may be getting cancelled) but I probably caused some seriously deep-seated anxieties about night classes that will haunt that poor girl forever.

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Hey guys, do you remember those seven boys. Yes, those seven who hilariously filmed a show in America for us and thought they were kidnapped; those boys who weren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zone to try new things; those boys who initially couldn’t afford even one car to get around in by now are holding concerts in some of the biggest venues of the world. 

Those boys. Look at them standing on that stage right now

Each and everytime I think about Bangtan winning Artist of the Year, my heart simply soars because our boys have finally done it. They wished for it with all their hearts, worked their asses off and continued to somehow give their audience a better performance each and every time! And it’s not just their stage performance - they give us beautifully shot videos, create concepts that are out of this world, are not afraid to be dorky and “ruin their image”, are real - but it’s in everything they do, they want to ensure they’re presenting their 200% (and we all know how hard their choreo is; the early/late hours they go into shooting…we see the blood sweat and tears they’ve all poured in).

But do you know what gets me the most? These boys are so humble. In all their speeches, they never fail to say thank you to fans - us! And I can’t help myself but want to swoop in and give them all a giant hug because no, it’s not just because of us! It’s you too! We couldn’t have gotten here today as a fandom without 

Namjoon’s wise leadership 

Seokjin’s strong perseverance

Yoongi’s solid determination

Hoseok’s continual goal for perfection

Jimin’s quiet but ever-present attitude

Taehyung’s infectious energy 

and Jungkook’s neverending support for his hyungs.

we wouldn’t have any of this without all seven of you.

So I’m not going to say something like, “These boys deserve it” because each and every artist that promoted this year deserve an award. Yet I can confidently shout and proclaim that they’ve definitely earned it. They’ve further solidified their spot as a global group.

Boys, we ARMYs are so proud of you! We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings us! We can’t wait to continue to help you attain your dreams; we want to fly together with you forever.

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This is not a request, I just wanted to ask someone who might be able to explain. I'm almost positive I'm Asexual, so many things point towards me being so, but just when I feel comfortable and confidant about it, someone shouts "That's not Asexuality, stupid! It's just your issues!" and I'm left a little uncertain. Sorry if this is a bother. Thank you for your time.

If you say you’re asexual, you are asexual. No one else can tell you what you experience in regards to your identity.

Chapter 22

WARNING: The following chapter may cause triggers.

You walked upstairs and into the bedroom, you remained silent and sat down on the bed and just sat there staring into space. For some reason, you couldn’t manage to cry anymore, you were literally all out of tears you had cried so much, so hard.

You stood and walked up to your closet and opened it, you slipped on a sweater and walked downstairs and into the kitchen, you were about to take a mug out of the cupboard when you noticed one of the kitchen drawers were open.

You stared at the pantry door and slowly walked up to it, you slowly opened the pantry door seeing Loki sitting in the corner with the bed sheet wrapped around him.

Loki held a blade in his hand, he trembled looking down at the cuts on his forearms, “(Y/N)” He stuttered looking up at you, his eyes were all puffy and beat red.

You carefully took the knife from him and put it down; you then picked up a towel and wrapped it around his forearms.

Loki winced but slowly stood and followed you into the bathroom.

You made him sit down on the vanity counter; you poured rubbing alcohol on his forearms.

Loki winced and cried out in pain, he then watched you pat his arms with a towel before wrapping it with bandages.

You looked at Loki disappointed, you looked deeply into his eyes and sighed, you slapped him and sent a slight glare at him but sighed and looked down again.

“Why haven’t you said anything to me yet? I’m shocked you’re not screaming at me right now” Loki muttered softly.

You looked down at Loki’s forearms and smacked him up the side of the head.

Loki pushed you pushed you away from him, “Stop hitting me!” He shouted pinning you against the closed bathroom door.

You remained silent and just let Loki continuously shake you and slam you against the door, you remained silent and leaned against the door and slid to the floor.

“Speak!” Loki shouted at the top of his lungs, “I could read your mind if you won’t talk” Loki threatened.

You replied with silence.

“Will you please just speak to me… I promise not to shout anymore, it achieves nothing, I now know that… You don’t deserve to be shouted at…” Loki muttered softly.

You couldn’t stop staring at Loki’s bandaged forearms; you quickly wiped your tears.

“I caused you do that… I made you… H-Hurt yourself…” You stared at Loki sadly, “I’m so sorry; this is all my fault…” You looked down sadly.

“Don’t say that” Loki begged cupping your cheeks, he kissed your forehead and winced helping you up.

“I hit you because you’re an idiot for doing that Loki, you don’t deserve that, you deserve so much better than that!” You cried.

Loki looked at you, he could see the sadness in your eyes, he hated seeing you upset, it killed him.

“You deserve better than me, you should be with some goddess in Asgard and she should be feeding you grapes” You mumbled.

“Why do you think you’re just a nobody?” Loki asked following you upstairs and into the bedroom.

“I am a nobody, I’ve lost my job, I’m probably going to go to prison, I’m in love with a god, a god! We both knew this wasn’t going to work out Loki” You sighed.

“We can make it work, just hear me out, please” Loki begged.

“We’re too different Loki” You heard Loki slam the door, you squeaked and turned around looking at him.

“What do you mean by different? No one is the same; we’re in love, isn’t that enough for you? Love is more powerful than anything, you told me that (Y/N)” Loki looked deeply into your eyes.

You felt like he staring into your soul, his eyes were like daggers.

Just tell him, tell him how you feel (Y/N). Tell him that this relationship would never work out because he’s a god and I’m a normal human being, I’m nothing compared to his kind. I and he are the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. You two can never live in peace together.

You sighed sadly looking down at the floor.

He is right, love is more powerful than anything, at least that’s what you thought. Besides, I do love it when he’s all gentle, loving and kind. It’s just his anger kind of scares me, I can understand why he’s frustrated though, look at what I’ve put him through, he should hate me.

“(Y/N)? Why didn’t you ever… Why didn’t you tell me?” Loki stared at you.

“What?” You looked at him confused.

“I read your thoughts…” Loki muttered softly, “I had to… I’m sorry I invaded your thoughts but I had to” Loki sighed.

“Of course! You have no patience! I was trying to build up the confidence!” You shouted.

“You were never going to tell me…” Loki muttered softly.

“Loki…” You sighed sadly” You sighed sat down on the bed and wrapped a woven cotton blanket around you, you huffed and covered your head with the blanket groaning.

Loki sighed and slowly walked up to you and lifted the blanket and looked at you, “I’m sorry” Loki muttered softly and kissed your nose.

“Loki…” You sighed as he crawled under the blanket with you, “We should get you some trousers” You blushed and giggled cutely.

“What? Like you haven’t seen me naked before” Loki chuckled.

“Loki stop being foolish” You giggled and gently nudged him and removed the blanket from your heads and threw it onto Loki’s crouch.

Loki laughed and watched you walk up to the closet.

“All I have is boxers, I’ll look for some trousers later” You mumbled throwing the pair of boxers at Loki.

Loki slipped on the boxers, “What about panties for you hmmm? I can see all of you as well” Loki grinned.

“My sweaters baggy, your just a pervert” You poked Loki’s cheek.

“I’m not a pervert, okay maybe a little but I am in love” Loki smiled.

“I’m in love too, with this sweet, loving, kind man… You see he’s got these gorgeous emerald green eyes, I could stare deeply into his eyes for eternity, his cheekbones… Are like razor blades, his face is so defined like as if his face were sculpted by gods” You smiled.

“Really? I’m in love with this woman, she has beautiful (E/C) eyes, (H/L) hair that is a beautiful (H/C), she is absolutely gorgeous, she’s a goddess, she’s angelic, I swear she gets more beautiful each day” Loki smiled at you.

You blushed and smiled, you were about to speak when Loki suddenly grabbed you and pinned you to the bed, he winced slightly because of his wounded forearms. You looked at him concerned, Loki smiled and leaned in and kissed you lovingly.

© Fan-Fic written by Skylar J. James/ Suka Jeezuma

See You On The Other Side (1/4)

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Requested by @smollittlebean:

“Bucky imagine where u see him again after you’ve been defrosted (u got them ice powers bc u were injected w/ the serum too) and you r shocked and it’s the scene where he says ‘who the hell is bucky’ and is all angsty.”

Warnings: Angst, mild language, violence, little bit of fluff

Note: Thank you to @smollittlebean who helped with the development of the plot <3

Part 2

Part 3 

Part 4

Brooklyn, New York - 1942

“Can you believe that one day all this will be a thing of the past, not the future?” Steve muttered in wonder as he tried to take in everything the Modern Marvels of Tomorrow exhibition had to offer.

“Mmhmm.” *yn* hummed back in response, clearly not taking in anything Steve was saying. 

“What are you look- oh.” He spoke when he realised her gaze was fixed on Bucky and the two girls who seemed to be having a complete ball a few metres in front of them.

“You know you need to tell him before he leaves *yn*.” Steve murmured finally breaking *yn* away from her glowering gaze. “Tell him what?” She asked pretending to act like she had no idea what Steve was talking about.

“You know what.” He spoke sending her a pointed look, letting out a sigh when she just shrugged her shoulders. “*yn* he’s leaving in the morning and who knows how long he’ll be gone for. Or if he’ll even-”

“Don’t even think about saying that. He’s coming back.” *yn* snapped.

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@siwon407: Wish i was there too. Thanks SHINee and Suho! #superjunior #shinee #exo

Heechul comment on Siwon IG: waaah… You cropped ryeowook off.. I don’t know (what is going to happen) now… (cr: worldwideelfs)

@ryeong9: why did you cut me ? Chet

@siwon407: Ah this. Because I uploaded it in a rush, correction^^ (why does it have to be Ryeowook..) But because we accepted each other’s differences, I believe he will understand. Shouts from Guangzhou. I’m confident.. (cr: Sup3rJunior)

Heechul comment on Siwon IG: It’s too late^-^ hahahaha 😀😀😀😀

@kimheenim: Take it from the wise Heenim who has uploaded with Donghae and Ryeowookie^-^ Everyone too doesn’t like it when the photo gets cropped right?? So let me introduce you to an app today ^-^ It’s no other than #instasize. If you use this app, your photos won’t get cropped ^-^ so to my Instagram family use this from now on too ^-^ (cr: heechulfacts)

@ryeong9: so why did you cut me off ~~ ㅋㅋㅋ Come back safely ~ ^^ ♡♡

@the-velvet-upsidedown has been feeling weird about her looks recently which i find strange cus she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met inside and out, thought I’d give her a shout out to boost that confidence but shit, look at her. Fucking amazing! Hopefully see you in the next year or so, either way i’m gonna twist of fate you through a table

Reign 3x10: A Bloody Business

Last night’s Reign opened with a pair of bloody hands!

Queen Elizabeth was bloodying up her sheets before the maid came in and the maid did not look like she appreciated it. What a prank!

Okay no Elizabeth was not pranking her laundress by spilling her diva cup all over the sheets, but hiding her pregnancy by faking a period.

Also Lola had arrived in England, and looking styling. Finally a member of the core cast is at English court! Despite Lola’s hopes that she would be able to trade herself for the release of her family, that was not the plan.

Rather, Lola’s family would remain in captivity while she hung out with Queen Elizabeth at court as a “guest.” Lola tried to shout her way out of the situation and guilt trip Elizabeth for holding her hostage and breaking their deal, but unlike Queen Mary, Elizabeth gives no fucks about a guilt trip. Instead William was like “Hey, you want to get moved to the crawlspace? Keep pushing it.”

Mary, meanwhile, was desperate to remain at French court while she looks for a husband because real talk she has run out of options and it’s hard to convince Kings that you’re a powerful ruler staying in the Fantasy Suite of Greer’s tavern.

Narcisse strolled in and threw a lot of shade about French soldiers returning from wars on her behalf needing to get paid. To get that money, Narcisse wanted to marry off Claude ASAP to the richest bidder, luckily one had recently put forward an offer: Duke Bonnell!

Meanwhile Greer approached Mary with some letters to from Elizabeth to Gideon she’d intercepted and deciphered. Greer is essentially the head of the Scottish CIA right now in addition to serving up pints of delicious butterbeer at her cozy ass tavern. But also from these letters Mary learned part of Gideon’s mission was to SEDUCE her!

So she confronted him about this sexy side-mission while he was beating the shit out of a flour bag.

Mary had a cunning plan: how about he actually DOES SEDUCE her?! Or at least, they would pretend to be in love in front of his fellow spy, Jeffrey. Then Gideon could get his daughter freed, have a ton of cred with Elizabeth, and Mary would have her rival in the dark about her motives and huge leverage over the spy working in her service.

Also what else does she have to do in this lonely ass castle where Narcisse is in charge and has gone so power-mad he rounds up the entire royal family for elaborate, impromptu accusations ?

Narcisse and Charles also announced that Duke Bonnell’s gold bridal payment had gone missing, so Claude would be getting married at the earliest possible convenience to this dude, without any input from Catherine. Then he snidely accused Mary and Catherine of being in alliance with each other against him. It’s one of the first times someone outside of Queen’s Club openly acknowledged Queen’s Club and while Mary rolled her eyes and pretended she didn’t know what he was talking about there is very much a Queen’s Club and clearly it was time for an emergency meeting. Catherinea and Mary were both smdh about the King of France getting all Dicks Before Sis and selling off Claude.

Claude was not happy about any of this either I might add.

Beatuiful embroidery on that veil…oh wait, let me digitally enhance…

Yeah Claude was not pleased, though her wedding dress is one of the most gorgeous gowns I’ve seen on Reign and consequently in the world.

Her long, piercing stare at Leith as she road away with her new gross husband was genuinely cinematic.

This episode was directed by Megan Follows aka Queen Catherine and there were several moments like this that were so thoughtfully composed and gave so much space for the actor’s performance to develop and heighten the emotional moments, just amazing job by Megan, she’s a legend in front of the camera and maybe she’s poised to become a legend behind the camera as well.

Also Robin was where Elizabeth was getting her fake period blood.

Robin, where are you getting all this pig’s blood? You know what don’t answer. You know your boyfriend is a real one when you can turn to him for period stuff, like buying you tampons or mysteriously acquiring fresh pig’s blood. Robin was like “this is the last batch, after this we really can’t risk being seen together because I’m suspected of murder and also am about to possibly go on trial for murder if a tribunal says so, so, that’s awkard.” and Elizabeth was like “Ugh I really don’t want to marry someone else and raise your baby with a stranger but that’s what I’m doing I guess.” I mean, these two, have they had even one happy moment together? Poor darlings.

Meanwhile Greer’s sexy pirate lover turned up at her tavern and offered to send her child support (in the form of chests of treasure? Sounds pretty sweet.) Greer rebuffed him, telling him she was looking into an open adoption, though we’d come to find out the situation is sort of less than ideal: her sister and her sister’s husband would raise her baby in a home Greer would pay for, and Greer would get to visit and have to put up with her brother-in-laws twattiness.There was a red flag right away that this shituation was going to be rife with saltiness when her sister was like “Seems like we’re all paying for your mistakes”

I was like…

Greer was like “Um…as in I’ll be paying for your rent? For life? WTF are you talking about?!” Greer, take the pirate money and run!

Meanwhile Mary was trying to stage a fake date with Gideon for Jeffrey’s benefit, and she was pulling it off with all the swagger of a nerdy teen from an 80’s sex romp. There were no candles at the dinner table! And then it started raining!

Mary fled back into the castle crying “BRING THE WINE!” which, relatable, and then Gideon stumbled onto a pillow literally bursting with gold.

The stolen gold from Duke Bonnell had been planted on Mary! And Mary planted one on Gideon.

Then they kissed again to make sure Jeffrey knew they meant it, and then after the second kiss Mary immediately she pulled away and was like “Well, mission accomplished, off you go, see you never!” and Gideon was adorably flustered.  Jeffrey wasn’t the only one watching they convinced guys. Do you ship it yet? I cannot deny the Ledgeriness, personally, 9/10 would recommend, PRIME shipping imho.

Less adorable: Claude’s first interaction with her new husband, which included a pop in the face. Claude responded by breaking out all her self defense skills like a badass while screaming “THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT THE ROYAL BLOOD OF FRANCE!” and then screaming “I’M A PRINCESS!!!” as she fled the scene. The emotion in Claude’s voice and the commitment of her physical performance was genuinely exceptional.

As someone who takes self defense classes and is learning to perfect my eye jab, charlie horses and throat punches, I will say that I thoroughly recommend them to anyone interested in moving through the world confidently, and I will certainly consider shouting “THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT THE ROYAL BLOOD OF FRANCE!” when I’m practicing, or when someone invades my personal space on the bus, or if McDonald’s fails to include two BBQ sauce packets the next time I treat myself to some mcnuggs.

Real talk though self defense classes: FUN. Good exercise! And worth it!

Back at French court, Mary confronted Catherine about hiding the gold in her room. Catherine was like okay yes I planted it in your room, my back was against the wall, Mary was like that is a CLEAR violation of Queen’s Club rules, but she let it slide for once, because when Narcisse questioned her about it later (and tore her room apart looking for it) she did not snitch. Even if Narcisse did try to scare her with the disembodied hand of Timothy.

Narcisse also told her to get packing, because he was done with her taking up one suite and half a balcony at Court. Class act, evicting a royal widow, well done.

Meanwhile in England someone added something to the tea.

And moments later Elizabeth was finding a private place to miscarry. Girrrrrrl. Oh man. Elizabeth never gets a moment of happiness, does she?  Robin turned up with the disheartening news that the tribunal had declared him basically “not proven” in the murder of his wife. He wasn’t fully exonerated but he wasn’t going through a trial. Bad times, because now he’s forever associated with scandal and Elizabeth’s major claim to the throne rests on the popular support of their subjects. If she marries the guy they don’t ship her with, she’s dunzo.

Of course now she doesn’t have to rush to marry, but also she’s lost the child of the man she loves in the most painful way possible and it’s just been a 24 hour period of non stop body horror. How many bodily fluids does one Queen have to deal with? It’s been a lot, and then William had the nerve to blame the poisoning on Lola. But Elizabeth wasn’t buying it. She knew the Tudor Family fandom was just trying to bully her out of her OTP with Dudley.

“The English Did This To Me” is something I want on a t-shirt and a mug. The amount of feels I have endured over the years due to English period films, mini series and BBC dramas has almost destroyed me. Jane Eyre alone almost broke my mind at age 13. The English did this to all of us, with their moody landscapes and class struggles and proud history of emotionally rich literature, damn it!

Back au France, Bash had picked up Claude off the roads, hitch-hiking to Paris, and brought her and her extremely bruised face back to court.

The bad news: Claude had had a rough night. The good news: she was back in Leith’s arms, he vowed to rise in station until they could marry, and a furious Charles demanded Narcisse be voted out of power as Regent and Catherine elected instead!

Queen’s Club was back on top, and Ctaherine told Mary to stop packing her bags, she could hang as long as she wanted! Everything had worked out for the best, until, PLOT TWIST!

Catherine had set up Claude to get punched in the face so Charles would turn on Narcisse and Catherine would be back in power. I guess once you get used to manipulating your powerful children through pure savage cunning its pretty hard to stop, but also she had effectively saved them. Claude’s fist fight with her husband had saved her from an actual arranged marriage and secured her freedom, Narcisse has proved a power-hungry baddie in the past, if Charles has to be under the thumb of a power-hungry baddie it might as well be his mother.

Finally, when Mary brought Gideon word that his daughter was coming to visit, he got a little too happy, spilled a drink on himself and kissed her.

Gideon had gotten lost in the sauce of their staged date and let himself believe the love was real, but Mary straight-armed him: No way bro. Nope. Nope nope no.

Does the lady protest too much? Is Mary secretly feeling it? You tell me.

We have I think a bit of a break coming up after this episode…but I will be tweeting links to Reign news as I see it. And I am always down to talk about Tudor-era Europe and Mary Queen of Scots and Anne Boleyn at all times of the day or night. HMU!!! And thank you for reading!!!


Izuku proudly shouts, his voice full of confidence. Until he turns around and sees that somebody spotted him at least

“..I thought I was alone in here.”

They Got Older

A/N: Okay, Yeah, couldn’t think of a better title. Sorry. ;-; Buuuuut, this is basically just a short story thing with Sodapop and Darry. It’s mainly about their relationship before and after they got older. :’D By the way: Italics/Bold means it’s in the past, and just the normal typing thing means it’s in the present :””D M’kay yeah enjoy I guess–

“And, Sodapop,” The teacher smiled softly at the ten year old and nodded, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Soda’s brown eyes gleamed in happiness as he grinned, “I wanna be just like my older brother, Darry when I grow up!” He shouted confidently.

 Sodapop let out a soft sigh as he stood behind the register at the DX gas station. This was what he grew up to be. I mean, I guess you could say he was happy, but he really wasn’t. He looked ahead to the front doors of the gas station as the bell that signaled that another customer had walked inside started ringing.

 “Hey… Are you Darry Curtis’ little brother?” An older kid eyed Sodapop curiously and raised an eyebrow. Soda’s eyes widened as a huge smile appeared on his face and he nodded contently, “Yes! Yes I am!”

 As the customer went up to the register Soda stood at, he tilted his head slightly and looked at Sodapop’s nametag.

“… Sodapop? Huh, are you—uh—Darrel Curtis’ brother?”

The man looked at Soda and crossed his arms as the 16 year old merely nodded, “Y-Yeah, I’m his younger brother.” He shrugged.

 Sodapop’s big chocolate brown eyes stared up at his older brother in admiration as he poked Darry’s chest.

“Yeah, little buddy?” Darry laughed as he looked down at his younger brother. Soda looked at him with the happiest smile as he pulled his brother into a hug.

“You’re the greatest, bestest, amazingest older brother I could ever ask for!”

 Sodapop slowly looked up as Darry walked through the front door of the Curtis’ home, not giving his little brother so much as a second glance as he walked to his room to change. The 16 year old sighed and looked down again, playing around with his DX shirt for a bit.

 “D-Darry?” Soda mumbled as he walked up to the 13 year old with tears in his eyes. He sniffled as Darry looked down at him with worried eyes, pulling him into a soft hug, “What’s wrong little buddy?”

 Darry walked out of his bedroom and went right into the kitchen. Sodapop ran a hand through his golden blonde hair and bit his lip. “Darry?” He mumbled, looking into the seemingly empty kitchen. No response. He tried holding in his tears as he slowly walked into the kitchen. “D-Darry…?”

 Soda started to ramble, making it kind of hard for Darry to really catch what he was saying. The 13 year old sighed and started rubbing his younger brother’s back, trying to calm him down. “’s alright, kid… You’re gonna be okay.”

 The blonde felt his voice catch in his throat as his older brother slowly looked over at him, “What, Soda?”

Soda struggled to get any words out as his breathing began to waver around a bit. He remembered all the times he and Darry spent together as kids, which only made it harder for him to speak at all.

“Sodapop? What’s wrong?”

“Darry… I’m leaving…” Sodapop finally mustered out, trying real hard not to start crying right then and there.

“What the hell do you mean?” Darry frowned deeply and narrowed his eyes.

“… I got drafted today.”

Okie, I was going to give credit to @talk-greasy-to-me at the beginning of my A/N thing for the Sodapop getting drafted idea, but that would’ve spoiled the end part– so here! XD Thank chu Jess fer the amazingly sad idea! :’D

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matilda i swear to god i can ruin you if you dont tell us

“Go ahead, I’m not afraid!!! I’m a soldier!” She shouted confidently, hands in her hips, chest puffed out, and nose in the air.