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i…… actually never realised how much i love tyler until scotty posted his one mil thank you video……..


inspired from this because flower shop au and kiribaku work

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I saw Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx and Director Marc Webb skdjfjdjsj. Im still alive but im barely breathing.
SHES SO PRETTY AND ANDREW IS SO CUTE UGH AND JAMIE WAS HILARIOUS. I couldnt hear cause there was too much screaming but my friend who stood right behind Emma and Andrew said she told him “I love you” and he replied “I love you too”. STONEFIELD AUDBAHDJSHA
Emma’s ass was like 45 degrees away from me omg. So near but so far.
And at one point Andrew was trying to discreetly rebutton his shirt but we saw him unbuttoning and buttoning it anyway and it was a nice moment :)))
And Jamie was so much fun he brought his daughter and her friend up with him and he was dancing with them awwww.
AND THEN ANDREW DID A CUTE LITTLE DANCE AS HE WALKED OFF THE STAGE, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. It looked like a failed moonwalk but WHOOP! Show us them moves, Spidey.
Ugh I shouldve just broken the rules and taken pics but omg this has been a once in a lifetime experience.
P.s Marc Webb was shaking everyones hands and he accidentally missed me :( WHY U NO LIKE ME

things that fucked me up about xmen dofp:

  • pentagon is not in dc
  • how does erik fly
  • why does erik have a shitty cape
  • why did we even break erik out of jail. how did he help at all. this is a recurring theme in all xmen movies. “fuck guys looks like we shouldnt have trusted erik he made this about 5 times more complicated then it needed to be” its like invading russia in the winter at this point we have proven time & time again thats a BAD PLAN
  • probably everything could have been solved in like 10 minutes if they had just kept peter with them
  • erik is in solitary for like 10 years & then hes totally fine when he gets out like??? bro that fucks people up what the FUCK
  • we are not even going to talk about that scene where charles talks to his future self because honestly i have no clue what happened there
  • erik shoving metal into the sentinels and somehow that makes him like the boss i mean the most he shouldve been able to do was move them like puppets not fuckING VOICE ACTIVATE THEM
  • gross overestimation of 70s technological capabilities
  • ur telling me that raven couldnt go visit or call charles like ONCE in TEN YEARS after he was SHOT IN THE BACK and spiraled into ALCOHOLISM and DRUG ADDICTION smh
  • how charles had to read logans mind at the end of the movie to figure out what happened like bro arent you from that timeline dont u remember a man coming from the future in 1973 or w/e
  • not enough 70s pop culture references
  • we didnt talk about ‘nam enough
  • they needed to sit erik down and talk about his pr campaign, once he made the sentinels fire on civilians it was done. no one would ever support the program after that. like congrats. we did it. but then erik had to go try and shoot the president on national tv like bruh
  • there was no michael fassbender in bellbottoms