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Okay, so, we all know how good the Voltron writers are with continuity and foreshadowing, right? Like there’s that one scene in Season 1 where Coran offhandedly mention the Weblum which of course reappears in Season 2. Well that got me thinking…there’s this one scene in Season 2 in which the writers deliberately go into detail about a possible plot point that is then just… not mentioned again. And they don’t seem like the kind of writers to just to tell us all that information and not have it go anywhere.

Which scene?

WELL (excuse the horrible quality of the screencaps)

THIS little gem, in which Hunk contemplates whether or not the Galra could successfully brainwash Shiro using his prosthetic. And his conclusion is…yeah, they totally could. So like, I’m not saying we’re gonna get a brainwashed Shiro in the future but…

We’re gonna get a brainwashed Shiro in the future.

one opinion i have is that whenever someone is exposed as an abuser you weirdos shouldnt be saying shit like “what did you expect” or “im not surprised” because theyre cis/white/male/straight/neurotypical/abled/whatever else because im just saying thats just a more advanced, progressive way of victim blaming or “boys will be boys”

if we want oppressive groups to stop getting away with abuse we cant EXPECT it from them. we have to hold those groups to a higher standard than “well im not surprised” you SHOULD be surprised because EVERYONE should be held to the very low standard of not being an abuser. just because someones a cishet white guy doesnt mean you should expect to be abused by them they need to be expected and required to not abuse people and by being like “it figures” youre just enabling the culture of not holding them to normal standards of human decency

thanks for your time atlanta youve been wonderful goodnight