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so i was in front of Van Gogh’s Starry Night at the moma yesterday and this girl in front of me took a picture with the flash on (WHICH YOU DONT DO!!! EVER!!! BECAUSE FLASH IS TERRIBLE FOR PAINTINGS!!!! THERE WERE SIGNS EVERYWHERE SAYING NOT TO USE IT!!!!) 

so i said “hey, dont use flash” 

AND THIS MOLDY ASSBABY turns around, gives me the dirtiest look, takes ANOTHER photo WITH HER FLASH ON and fucking!!!! walks!!!! away!!!!!! and ive never come so close to beating the ever living shit out of someone before in my life.

Starry NIght is one of the most important, beloved works of art IN THE WORLD and youre such a entitled piece of shit that you risk damaging it just to get a fucking photo??????? and you know what? it doesnt even matter that it was starry night, ANY piece of art deserves to be shown safetly. just because an artist isnt famous doesnt mean you get to put their work in jeopardy. art is so fucking imporant to our histories and cultures, to our very humanity, and it makes me furious when people dont respect it. 

this has been a psa from an angry art history student thank you and remember to turn off your flash 

EDIT: I’m adding this because if I get one more ask about how im a fucking pretentious art student who shouldnt assume everyone knows about this im gonna rip my hair out. even though I’ve added it before, I didnt know that it wasn’t common knowledge not to use flash, so sorry for assuming, even tho its a rule at almost every art museum in the world, whatever.

Also while im at it, im now aware that the exact amount of damage is debated. didnt know when i posted this. im not taking any fucking chances on it, but go ahead if you want to, im not your mother.

now just leave me the fuck alone.

so i was rewatching s 1 ep 5 (lol) idk if this has ever been brought up but i noticed when after the team defeats sendak pidge helps shiro and keith helps lance. (seen in the picture below)

 now, yeah thats a given but i started thinking about it more and this scene is just so out of wack that it honestly just adds another point for klance. now youre probably thinking “well i mean thats just a given and of course it adds points for klance.” but hear me out 

as a given, we know that keith and shiro have a very strong relationship and keith is really attached to shiro. keith always has shiros back and is his right hand man. so in a situation like this it should be a given that keith would be at shiros side in a heartbeat. but…. that isnt the case here which doesnt make one ounce of sense. yeah, even though pidge was at shiros side and wanted to help her fellow paladin, pidge knows how much shiro means to keith, so wouldnt she give them space and help her garrison bud instead? but she doesnt for some odd reason. 

though, the most oddest part of this whole scene though is how keith reacts. he doesnt seem to worry about shiro too much, which isnt a bad or good thing, its just weird that keith wouldnt even go to shiros side or at least check on him. keith couldve easily said to pidge “ill check on shiro, you make sure lance is okay.” but he didnt. he was totally fine going to lance even though he always seems irritated with lance. 

then this happens:

keith literally starts holding his hand. now look at these pictures of shiro and pidge and keith and lance from the same screencap:

with shiro and pidge it seems like a normal teammate helping out another one, but keith and lance on the other side…. its a little different. i know it shouldnt be a big deal but honestly its the little things that make a big difference. especially knowing that keith and lance always bicker with each other.

i think the importance of this scene is the turning point of keith and lances relationship. in the very beginning of vld, their relationship was a more shaky, but after this scene, this moment, everything changed. keith started getting jealous over lance, their weird flirting thing that they have really took off, we got to see them work more with each other, and actually being a really good team with a strong bond.

in conclusion: this scene is really goddamn gay (well it is but) this scene is so damn important and is what started everything. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Falsettos is so important?????????????? its really disappointing to know that there's a bunch of straight 13 year olds who like to fetishize gay characters that only watch falsettos because its a 'Gay Musical'. ppl dont realize how IMportant this show is????? it changed my life????? falsettos tells a story SO POWERFUL that goes way beyond just two homosexual men. its LITERALLY about 'growing up, getting older, living on a lover's shoulder, learning love is not a crime' and its SO AMAZING??? i feel like its ironic because all the characters are merely children EXCEPT for jason and its about these adults who are just.... GROWINF UP??? um??? marvin matures A lot? marvin and whizzer's relationship?????? TURNS INTO SOMETHING HEALTHY?? it teaches that love isnt just sex and passion and anyone!!! CAN BE A FAMILY!!! when marvin Finally learns how to love his boyfriend and son and his Whole tight knit family properly he loses something??? it makes whizzer's death super important?? whizzer's death is SO IMPORTANT STOP SAYING THAT WHIZZER SHOULDNT HAVE DIED. :( . these characters r Jewish and i hate when ppl write/draw/make headcanons of them celebrating christian/other holidays (why do they do that??????) it really puts into perspective how unfortunate the AIDs outbreak was and AIDs is Not a joke so dont call whizzer aids boy?? this musical about Marvin's ex wife and boyfriend and son and therapist and neighbors is so valuable and I just? Plz respect falsettos why cant ppl respect falsettos ! :(

I redrew a gif i did long ago for  the cringemas, to be in #finalfanartfriday. Finished this right on time, 10 august 17 OOF! I decided to draw them all with their cool new hairstyles! hopefully they keep the same clothes haha.

redraw of this gif from 11 december 2016.
I’m so happy on how this turned out, and also the due date for this event is my birthday so i shouldnt probably go to sleep now instead of posting at midnight :’D I hope you all like ahhh!!! @cheapcookiez

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Bucky my dude, Avenger animals was awesome, but what about Sam?? Sure, he's a falcon but I bet you have other ideas...

i guess ill do the newbie avengers too. 

sam would be a dolphin. fast and effective in their environment of choice but pretty useless outside it, dolphins are also very smart (dont tell sam i called him smart) and absolutely lethal to threats to their own. they also care for their own sick and injured and will even help injured or distressed humans sometimes.  and they talk freaking constantly.

pietro would be a ferret. smart, mischievous, high energy, social, and as hard to catch as greased jello. fights dirty. loves to mess around. 

wanda would be a stoat. like a ferret, they too are very clever and mischievous, but are also extremely adaptable, able to use their brain to turn circumstances to their advantage. theyre one of the smallest carnivores around and they have attitude totally disproportionate to their tiny little bodies. dont mess with stoats guys. they feel no fear and they hold grudges. 

scott would be a raccoon. fun loving and social but also total troublemakers, always getting into places they shouldnt be. and stealing your stuff. and making messes. and then looking totally confused about how on earth all this got everywhere, i was just grabbing a snack, i swear. 

peter is a bluejay. like ravens, theyre smart and chatty, and are excellent mimics. despite their small size, theyre surprisingly fierce, but they prefer cunning to force. but dont think that makes them pushovers–bluejays are tiny colorful badasses, despite how fluffy they get when its cold out. 

tchalla is a cat. i tried to reach with this one and find something else, but he totally is, nothing for it. he’s a cat. dignified and graceful, good with people but definitely still a predator underneath. also im pretty sure that if tchalla ever did something embarrassing, hed just straighten himself out and pretend it never happened, exactly like cats do. 

rhodey would be a california condor. theyre pretty much the biggest bird in north american skies, with a wingspan of over nine feet. they have an intimidating reputation and can look pretty scary but underneath they are very loyal to their chosen families. they have very complex social systems and tend to be dedicated but tough-love parents, and are also very curious about the world around them. theyre big, badass, and enduring–one of the oldest species still aloft. nothings got staying power like a condor. or an air force guy flying around in a tank. 

Little gremlin solider.

 Did this without using ctrl z. 

You Know What?

It’s incredible to see how close kpop fandoms can get when an idol isn’t alright but it’s even more incredible to think that the same people who were so close can turn on each other when they find out that idol is alright. Can’t they stay close? When TOP overdosed ARMYs and EXO-Ls were so close. Some are close again for Hansol of Topp Dogg. I’m a multifandom but one I’m mainly in is VIXX’s fandom called STARLIGHTs. That doesn’t mean I put other groups down to make VIXX look better. EXO-Ls shouldn’t do that to BTS and ARMYs shouldnt do that to EXO. The groups are close so why aren’t their fandoms? People need to become more aware to things like these.

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Okay so I couldn’t figure out why that massive post about Salazar Slytherin, naming him a cautious hero, didn’t sit right with me until now.

This defense of Slytherin, stating he didn’t want to accept students of muggle parentage because he was ‘cautious’ of them is a bit misguided and I’ll tell you why.

If you apply that logic anywhere else it makes you a bigoted asshole.

These were children that *needed* an education, and muggleborns especially needed a place where they wouldn’t be forced to repress their magical nature.

Remember Fantastic Beasts? Remember how Creedence repressed his magic because of his muggle mother? He turned into an Obscurial. His magic literally ripped him apart, and it wouldn’t have happened if he had the proper tools at his disposal. And if I remember correctly, Obscurials were widely common during Slytherins time.

So for this man to know that magical children were literally ripping themselves apart because they were so repressed, and then still make the conscious decision to deny them an education, what kind of person does that make him?

On top of that, when has that logic ever made sense? When has the refusal to educate ever lead to progress or enlightenment?

It doesn’t because it’s a baseless accusation. It is entirely dependent on the false assumption that everyone from a specific minority is exactly the same; the exact prejudiced mentality that has halted civilizations for centuries.

These are a few examples of how this logic would work in today’s society:

Ex 1. I don’t want my children going to school with children of criminals because they are likely to be criminals as well.

Ex 2. I don’t want to teach students of Muslim heritage because a few select terrorists happen to be Muslim.

Ex 3. I don’t want to teach students of undocumented immigrants because it’s taking spots from ‘real’ citizens

*This* kind of mentality is close minded, bigoted, and perpetuates hate. *This* is what lead to the Wizarding Wars. It made it okay for people to justify their discrimination against muggleborns, because in their mind, muggles are dangerous so it’s okay to discriminate against their children.

If a child is being discriminated against for things they cannot control, you wouldn’t call the person discriminating ‘cautious’, you would call them racist.

I am not saying that Salazar Slytherin shouldnt be sympathetic. You should be able to see the logic behind the ‘villian’s’ backstory. You should be able to understand *why* he believes he is right… but you should also recognize that he is wrong. That while he had a real reason to be cautious, he let his fear turn into tunnel vision and refused to do what was right. He became bitter, prejudice, and hateful.

So hateful that blood purists used his ideas as a platform for genocide.

When we take a step back and apply this mentality to a real world situation, we should recognize this is not a man that should be lifted up, he should be learned from.

I spent my day reporting homophobic comments on the “In a Heartbeat” film.
It was ridiculous. The straights were saying things like “i’m not homophobic, i’m okay with gay people just not when they rub it in your face that they’re gay”, listen bud, the straights have been kissing in movies/shows, out in public etc. forever so if anyone is rubbing their sexuality in anyone’s face it’s y'all. And saying “i’m not homophobic” doesn’t make it true.
They said “this is going to turn kids gay” and it’s infuriating because their arguments are so idiotic. Gay people have been exposed to straight romances their entire lives and guess what we’re still gay. “Being gay should be ok BUT IT SHOULDNT BE FUCKING PRAISED! DO PEOPLE GO AROUND BEING PROUD THEY’RE STRAIGHT!? THIS IS GAY PROPAGANDA!!!!!!1!!” are you actually fucking stupid? I’m assuming you’re a hermit because you’ve obviously never seen a second of television. Get your head out of your ass.
“They’re using young boys to sell their homosexual agenda! Disgusting!!” get the hell out of here. I see heteros saying “awww how cute they’re boyfriend and girlfriend” when they see two infants playing together, like literal babies. Oh no they’re using babies to sell their heterosexual agenda! (see how stupid it sounds). They don’t realize that being straight is so normalized that all their comments could be flipped and apply to being straight too.
“Homosexuality is a mental illness” alright Chad we get it, you majored in psychiatry at DeVry Online University, you can shut up.
Don’t give homophobes the pleasure of knowing they annoy you because they really don’t care what we have to say. Report their comments instead :) so that no one else has to be burdened by reading them.
It’s a film about a crush, it’s not that serious.

So i just wanted to share a short analysis of my point of view towards the certain color page.

First of all,there’s plenty of people who are worrying about whether or not this drawing is a death flag for Touka.That is logical if you remember that Arima had a drawing with his neck in a red line and within the next chapters he died.

However,that’s not the case here.While there are 3 possibilities that consist of “Death” ,“Pregnancy” and “Virginity” i think that one of them fits the most with the said page.

Personally, i believe that virginity and pregnancy are tightly connected to each other.From my point of view,the drawing has 3 crucial parts.

The first one is the text.That alone has 2 translations,and what they both seem to agree on is the placement of an order.On this one,she says “bloom me..a flower of my own” and i can’t help but feel like that is an indirect way of Touka asking (Kaneki “Bloom me..”) to place his ‘seed’ in her belly ,so that a ‘flower’ can grow and then eventually…bloom!( “…a flower of my own”) .It’s not a first to see how the bringing of a child in a world filled with tragedy could symbolize hope.

On the other translation she says “place an order …my only flower” which fits perfectly with the “Flower=Virginity” indication.Also,in the chapter Kaneki is thinking “shouldnt you treasure it” directed at Touka’s -flower-

Aside from that,the second important element is at the top right corner where a flower can be seen with the name of Osmanthus frangans,which can be read as Kaneki.What’s most important is that only a single petal (i repeat..only a single petal)of it is falling down towards her red abdomen.Now,given that the petal has a seed form …That goes to emphasize the possibility of pregnancy.

In both cases though,i really want to believe that this color page doesnt turn out to be ominous.


Our Home ( Carl Gallagher x Reader )

I’ve just started watching Shameless but got this idea in the shower

Not requested

Warnings: language, mentions of sex,drinking and drugs

AND STAY OUT”, my ever so amazing parents yelled at me, while throwing me out the door. Note the sarcasm. Great where am I gonna go now, sighing I start walking to the one place I really feel safe. The Gallaghers.Yeah i know what you’re think fucking Gallaghers, but they really aren’t half bad. I mean yeah they steal but that’s to get through their hardships. But Debbie is my best friend and well Carl is the reason for me being kicked out.

YOU ARE NOT TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSE AND LOVE THAT MANIAC “ “ THAT MANIAC IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE “, my parents and I kept going back and forth. They believed the Gallaghers second youngest boy was a bad influence on me. When really it was them, always drinking and having sex, oh yeah can’t forget drugs and cigarettes.
You see I, (Y/N) am inlove with Carl Gallagher. But he doesn’t know, in fact none of the Gallaghers know. Not even Debs. It’s hard hiding this secret, but then again you can’t help you who love. Great now I have to explain my situation for Fi. Fiona is like the older sister I never had and always wanted. I know she has a lot on her plate buts she’s the only person I can go to.

Not even bothering to knock on the door, I walk straight in and find Fiona sitting on the couch. But to my luck, again note my sarcasm, the whole Gallagher family is there. Except Carl, but it makes me happier knowing he wont know my situation.

“Fi”,  thats all I could say before I burst out crying.
(Y/N) oh my god are you okay?” No Fi I’m not
Ofcourse not only did Fiona get up, but so did Lip, Ian, Debbie and Steve. Liam was in his playpen, god bless that baby’s soul. “ (Y/N) what happened why are you crying?”, Lip asked me, he’s always seen me as a little sister.

Who do we have to beat up, I’ll get the killing bat. I’ll meet you outside Lip. “, Ian said, as if ready for battle little does he know, he can’t win it.
No Ian, you can’t, its my parents… they kicked me out
Holy hell (Y/N) why?”, Debbie asked me. Not wanting to give her an answer, I stayed quiet, only for Fiona to ask the same question again.

I told them I was in love with someone they dont like, at all and they said that I cannot love that person while living in this house. I told them nothing they can do with make me stop loving them and so they dragged me throughout the whole house and threw me into the streets.” I had explained to them, the truth would’ve came out eventually.

Well fuck (Y/N), I mean who are you in love with?
Yeah who are you in love with that you didnt tell me?
They kept pestering me with the questions and as i began to say it, “ I’m in love with C–”  Carl just so happens to walk in. My fucking luck man.

I’m sorry I shouldnt have come here and interrupted your home, I’ll go now “, as I began to walk out, I heard Carl. “(Y/N) why are you crying? Whats wrong?”. But I ignored him, I continued my path to the door when I felt him grab my hand and interlock our fingers. Blushing, I turned around and look at our hands, up to his face and look at the other Gallaghers.

(Y/N) oh my god “, Fiona said covering her mouth.
Carl, you’re in love with Carl”, Lip says, not even caring.
I got to go, again I’m sorry for coming into your home.
(Y/N) wait ”, I heard Fiona yell after me. I was by their front gate by the time she reached me. But she wasn’t alone, she brought Ian and Lip. I couldn’t bring myself to even be mad at Lip because I know he tends to speak his mind without thinking first.

Guys take (Y/N) for a walk”, Fiona tells the, no not even, she ordered them.

——————————Time Skip—————————-

On our way back to the Gallagher household, the boys tell me something really interesting.

(Y/N), Carl’s in love with you too”, they tell me that in sync. It really creeped me out.
Why would he be in love with a poor girl like me, one that’s out on the street”, I kick rocks into the road while walking.
You are coming home with us. You are apart of our family, making it our home.”, they said that in sync again. Again creeping me out.

As we walked into the house, I sat down with Fiona and explained my deal with conditions. I told her I wanted last shower of the day. Her saying no because its only cold water. Me saying yes because “ you guys need it more than I do”. Me saying I’ll make dinner and eat left overs. Her saying I can make dinner but get my portion first. I gave into that one. Her saying I can share with her. Me saying I’ll on the couch and thats final.

After telling her I was going to go take a bath, I gave her a hug and thanked her for everything she is doing. Walking into the bathrrom and turning on the water, I mentally prepared myself for the ice cold water.

You know you could’ve told me you love me and I wouldn’t have rejected you” Carl said, standing in the doorway entrance of the bathroom. Nodding my head, I jump in, not even caring if he saw me naked.

I love you (Y/N), this is our home now” he said to me, my heart melting with every word.
I love you too Carl, now, get your ass in here with me” I said smiling knowing I was right where I belong.

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friends to lovers au yet again, theyre in a club and someone comes up behind isak, trying to dance with him, swaying their hips but then isak excuses himself and on his way to the bathroom he grabs evens hands and pulls him along and once the door is closed behind them isak is freaking out ,rambling , and even is trying to calm him with strong hands on isaks shoulders and then isak lets out a breath, “this guy..i was dancing with him” and even is confused, “thats good yeah?” and isak throws his head back, “i mean i guess?? but like..” and when he doesnt continue, even cups his face and it helps, “i dont really know how to like, grind” and even snorts, “thats in like everybodys veins” and isak throws his hands up, “well /i/ cant do it!” and even squints his eyes before he steps away from isak a little, “come here” but isak doesnt move and even raises his eyebrows in encouragement, “im gonna teach you, come on. turn around” and isak does with a pout and the atmosphere changes when even is breathing close to his ear and his body is pressed against isak’s and it shouldnt feel different bc theyve cuddled before and their friends complained about how personal space is unfamiliar to the two of them but…..for some reason it IS different and isaks heart is beating hard against his chest then even takes isaks hand and places it on his neck, “you can hold onto the person’s neck” and his voice sends shivers down isaks spine and his hold on evens neck tightens which pulls him closer and isak feels even let out a sudden breath and it cools him down a little but then his body is on fire again when even puts both his hands on isaks hips and holds him steady, “im gonna put my hands here and you, um, you should move your hips” and it takes a few seconds for the words to reach isaks head and then he moves his hips forward and even chuckles into his ears and pulls him back by his hips, bodies completely flushed against each other, and isak can feel his cheeks heat up then even moves isaks hips with his own hands to the side, “like this, then to the other side but make sure your …ass is ..that it touches my body” then isak tries it and he feels evens fingers burning into his skin through his shirt then his voice comes out weaker than expected, “like a circle?” and isaks sure he couldnt hear even if he wasnt standing millimeters from him, “kinda, yeah” and then theyre moving to the music coming through the walls and isak closes his eyes and lets himself get into it and he’s getting a little sweaty and his grip on evens neck is hard and its making even tilt his head so their cheeks are almost pressed together and he can feel evens breath on his own neck, and his shirt is rolled up where evens holding him and if he looks long he can see red marks on his skin forming from how strong even is holding him and its so hot but then,,someone opens the door and the music is louder and it makes them jump apart and while the guy disappears into one of the stalls with a thumbs up, isak turns around to face even, but he cant really look him in the eyes and he scracthes the back of neck nervously and he only realizes now how out of breath he is, and by the look of it even is too and so with his thumb pointing towards the exit he’s like ,”yeah uh. thanks bro. for the help.i’ll just, go and see how good of a student i am” and his heart is beating SO fucking fast as he moves through the crowd and decides to sit at the bar and jonas is there, and when isak sits down, jonas stares at him for a minute before, “did you just get laid” and isaks eyes go wide, “NO what the fuck why would you think that” and jonas holds his hands up in defense, “chill ,youre just so flushed and your hair,” he reaches to touch isaks hair ”is a little messed up” but isak swaps his hand away and fixes his hair himself, “its hot in here” then stands up “which is why im gonna go and get some fresh air bye” and when he’s outside, he sits at one of the empty smoking areas with a bench and he’s lighting up his joint when even sits next to him, and his heart starts beating fast again and he tries to calm himself down ,holding the smoke inside a little longer. then even nudges his shoulder, “so that was interesting huh” and all isak can do is hum and keep looking forward and even nods, “did the guy like it?” and isak shakes his head blowing out the smoke, “havent tried yet, i came to have a smoke before” and even lets his back hit the bench, “youre a good student. you got me hard” and isak nearly CHOKES on the smoke and he’s trying to act like he doesnt have a coughing fit going on at thsi seCond and then even chuckles, “just kidding, can i have a puff?” and isak is finally regaining his breaths and with one last cough he dares to look at even, “you sure? have you drunk?” and even rolls his eyes, “no mom, i have not” and isak slaps his thigh which earns a grin from even, and then isak is handing him the joint and he cant force his eyes away from evens lips around the joint and how his cheeks hollow as he takes a hit and then he looks back at isak as he exhales and he licks his lip, and theyre looking at each other, from eyes to lips, and then theyre both leaning in and evens lips are so soft, and the world stops existing and all isak can feel is evens lips and his tongue and his teeth pulling at his bottom lip and his cologne that he knows so well and he exhales through his nose and then they break apart breathless, and they look at each other for a while before they both sit back ecstatic, then theyre grinning at each other and the ground and then even takes one last hit and he’s handing it back to isak, “by the way i wasnt exactly joking about the hard on” 

And inversely (if Hide does turn out to love Kaneki that way), I hope people aren’t going to start ignoring or dismissing Hide’s attraction to women either. It’s pretty clear that he’s attracted to girls (just read chapter one of Tokyo Ghoul Days; the guy spends like two whole pages admiring some girl’s thighs) and I think it’s shitty to bi people to dismiss that attraction just because you want him to be gay. One of my best friends is bi and has talked with me about this before, so bi erasure definitely rubs me the wrong way, whichever way it’s done. If you want people to acknowledge his attraction to men, I think it has to work both ways.

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Bucky and you taking your child to the zoo. The animals don't come near the partitions because the predators recognize their own and the prey animals recognize a predator. The little one is disappointed. Bucky feels low. On your way out, you slip your arm around him and whisper softly 'An apex predator protecting his own is about the sexiest thing.'

I have so many feelings about this and I can’t pinpoint them 

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