i shouldnt be posting this now


found these super old sketches while cleaning out some ancient folders.. probably shouldnt post these lol but then for some reason posting stuff always makes it feel more like closure lol. clickthrough for descr.

For those of u asking why they’re ending the show: Wolf 359 isn’t being cancelled or anything like that. Gabriel said that it was just coming to the end of the story. He wants Wolf 359 to be a show that’ll be missed and to not over welcome it’s stay when he feels like the story is close to over now. It’s just how the story was mapped out when it started.

That being said I think it’s a good decision. Wolf 359 is my favorite podcast but I wouldn’t want to see it become Supernatural or The Walking Dead. I’m gonna miss it SO much but I’m also so excited for what this last season will bring us in June!!

@personalinsanitymoment thank you so much for creating this show. I can’t wait to hear what happens in season 4.


alright so. in light of all my positivity and lovely posts i know i am sunshine and rainbows most of the time but holy hell if you guys dont listen to me right now.


do not. tell artists they need to stop whining because they are having trouble with a medium. i dont care if you are a master artist you still find something thats super difficult to mess with.

ALSO dont tell people that they shouldnt try another form of art bc it isnt thier strond suit. they may be stronger in one area thatn another but that doesnt mean you can go round bein a rude piece of trash???

so yeah. dont be a dick to new artist.

thats something im VERY passionate about because its a pretty big probelm 

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sorry I am a bit confused what happened?

omg hey look at the post I reblogged from bigdicksquadd. basically it is about soloharried, she sent me 3 vids of herself masturbating and she sent videos of herself to other people in our group chat, and she has sent videos to minors in the past! I asked her to stop sending me them after the second one and she sent me another :) and then she said that ace ppl should leave our gc. Then she said about minors that if we cant deal with her nudes we should leave the gc and that we shouldnt even be there in the first place… well too bad now shes the one that’s gone wuagawjdhk I’m sorry I’m so shook by this situation. She also completely ignored ppls trigger warnings and would constantly bring up really nasty stuff and just be tmi all the time, and she would try to make the convo depressing in times of happiness. just… don't join her group chat if u dont like mean people basically :))) STAY SAFE PLEASE

you know what tho like I used to see posts supporting the LGBTQ+ community by using comparisons with the privilege that cishets get & it allowed me, as a cishet, to understand what being a supporter means

but now all the posts I see are literally people in the LGBTQ+ community bringing each other down because they wanna fight over who’s more oppressed. like. this is about moving forward together.

Isso: Really with Torb… I forgot about the Christmas comic panel… but I guess it could be a replacement prosthetic…. in his reference sheets he also has the claw thing on so… who knows.

Alice: Well… I guess I shouldnt question the logic of a world like this anyways. Where the hell did I get it in my head that he was albino… see now thats the real question.

okay so we’ve all noticed how basically the whole fandom now has opened their eyes for baekhyun /bless you fam, but you slow af/ - here’s a few tip from me /a baekhyun stan since when the skies and the groun-/ to you. 

/some of these arent even tips. this is more like a appreciation post for baekhyun - feel free to add to this list/

• he the biggest tease known to man kind, in order to survive- well, you don’t have fun.

• take a moment to listen to his vocals, watch his facial expressions, notice his stage presence, look at him dance. there’s much more to him than you think.

• his fingers have their own fandom /religion/, ya’ll should join it.

• he’s actually a human puppy, you’ll squeal daily. 

• he is also a nerd pass it on.

• baekhyun in any hair color is amazing, but baekhyun with black hair is DEADLY.

• if you wanna find a man who can /be both/ baekhyun is that man.

• appreciate his efforts. he’s loud because he want everyone around him to be more at ease; he wants them to be comfortable and happy. yeah he’s cheeky, but he does it because he loves his members.

• he always tries to lighten the mood, even when he’s not feeling very happy himself. he has such a loveable personality how can people hate him

• he loves to dote on members, especially yixing and sehun, i want to cry, i’m sure you would want to cry too.

• baekhyun is a confident person, but he’s a bit insecure about his looks and his talents. remember to always compliment him and cheer him on. he shouldn’t be so hard on himself!!

• baekhyun loves exo-l /his aeris/ probably more than we can imagine, he’s the first to come to our defense and call himself our protector - /our dad/. always always ALWAYS love byun baekhyun for the amazing person he is.

•  also thank god everyday for baekhyun’s looks, hdskdhbdjsbn

•  he has the cutest most wonderful retangular shaped smile and his lips are so !!!!!!! 


•  byun baekhyun also got the most fantastic thighs, like excuse me I need a moment.

• baekhyun’s eyes is amazing and baby shouldn’t be so insecure about them, everyone always love his eyes - both with and without makeup!!

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A: *snerks* …do they really need to? I hear this is a guy who used to murder people because they called him /by his name/, so…

Jonathan’s expression quickly contorted into one of shame and guilt at the other’s tauntings.

“I…I didnt mean….I shouldnt have…” The Narrator buried his face in his hands and trembled slightly, the memories of that horrid incident flashing through his mind. 

The irrational anger he felt, the fury at the woman’s disrespect…now it all seemed nothing but barbaric and cruel.

“I’m so sorry…”

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To say someone shouldn't have more children because they once struggled with PPD is DISGUSTING. There is help out there for those who struggle. Your comment just adds to the horrible stigma of mental illness. There's nothing wrong with having a hard time and it's okay to need help. It's also okay to have another child as long as you manage your mental health. I had depression from age 11-20. Should I never have a child because of that???

Nope! Never said “anyone who has PPD shouldn’t have kids” I simply stated kail had posted about it recently and that I think THE GIRLS ON THE SHOW SHOULDNT HAVE MORE KIDS BECAUSE OF WHAT WE HEAR AND SEE.
Now see what you did by implying I was referring to EVERYONE who suffers from PPD or PPS shouldn’t have kids is disgusting. PLEASE READ what I have written WELL before messaging me things like this. For the record I have NO idea who you are or the kind of person you are so of course I am not going to comment on whether (in my opinion) you should have a child or not. Shit I’m sure you have your stuff together better then most of the girls on this show and would (if u aren’t already) make an amazing parent. Don’t make assumptions tho please.

So this is my fourth page before refreshing after i get new posts

This is after, the previous post does not exists and instead a post i saw on page 3 is now the last one. the posts that were around the last picture are gone.

Ive been here for… two months? i shouldnt see no “Next>” button with all the crazy art i usually get in 8 hours. I never have since i was here for a week. Now today  theres  a massive shredder at the edge of page 4. 

Tumblr, git yo stuff together…

on my mind
  • and now i dont understand it, you dont mess with love you mess with the truth: taurus, gemini, leo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius
  • and i know i shouldnt say it but my heart dont understand: aries, cancer, virgo, capricorn, aquarius, pisces
emo thoughts

man im just so salty at myself right now. i saw that there are a bunch of new amazing animations out because of the undertale anniversary and I thought “HELL YEA im gonna post mine too to celebrate!!” but i feel like i shouldnt have because people are watching them right now and, even though it has very good comments so far, i cant help but feel like mine is so shit compared to them

ye i know “BUT UR AN ARTIST AND YOU SHOULDNT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!!”  thats exactly what i say to young artists and i really mean it but i cant help but ignore my own advice what the hell ?? im just so mad why cant i just enjoy other people’s work without feeling like im a piece of garbage and that i’ll never get better

i try very hard to think of it as a challenge, one day i’ll be as cool as them right? but I’m getting old, soon those amazing artists will be younger and younger and i’ll be left up there with the rest of adults that did nothing with their lives

what makes me keep up hope though is that one comic about cakes [source]

Thats what sums up the audience’s point of view right? only hardcore artists would judge the differences but thats not what we’re here for. this isn’t a contest. We create because we share the love for the fandom– and to be fair i think im the only one comparing, everyone else just enjoy the thing.

i dont know where im going with this. i know im wrong for thinking like this, but i can’t help these feelings.

and like not to turn this into a pity party but i have a lot going on right now, between my mom moving out, trying to find a place to live, family problems, my aunt having brain surgery, my cat getting sick, and my own physical and mental health problems i have enough going on without being tormented by anons. i literally can never win. no matter what i do, it always seems to cause drama. i know ive probably provoked this by oversharing and i shouldnt have gotten so comfortable sharing every aspect of my life online. you guys aren’t entitled to any information i don’t want to share. just because i post openly about something doesnt mean anything. im making a conscious effort to think about what i post because no one needs to know everything about me. this blog has always been a way for me to vent and acknowledge things that i cant outside of here, but i let it become some weird voyeuristic way to sabotage myself. this isnt healthy and i dont want this to be stressful anymore. im so tired of having to prove that im in pain. im so tired of feeling like i have to share every detail of my suffering in order to be taken seriously. im done with trying to exploit my own sadness. thousands of people can access my personal information when i cant even tell my closest friends some of these things. nobody is entitled to knowing my diagnoses and history and life story just because they follow my blog.