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Selina Meyer/Kent Davison (requested by anon)

- “Oh my God! I’d kiss you right now, but I’m never gonna do that!”
- “My brain is at you service, ma'am.”
“We’ll see.”

For such a silly serial… Planet of Fire has a freaking TRAGIC ending. This is a serial in which Peri kicks Kamelion and stubs her toe, the Master has shrunken down to less than a foot tall and scurries around like a rat, Peri tries to kill the Master with a SHOE (best way to threaten the Master in my opinion) and yet it ends with the complete disillusionment of the Doctor.

This is a bit interesting because if you pair this with the Resurrection of the Daleks and Warriors of the Deep, this actually shows a bit of an underlying character arc for the Doctor. This Doctor is very heavily affected by loss. The sonic screwdriver, Adric, and the fact that Tegan left on rather rocky terms all have piled on the Doctor in this serial. In Resurrection of the Daleks, he was being far more ruthless than he usually is. He didn’t try to negotiate, he didn’t try to out smart them, or trap them. He actually happily picks up a gun and actively tries to kill the Daleks. The senseless violence eventually is what drives Tegan away. And with this serial, he actually kills someone whom he was trying to save. He kills Kamelion. A person who is considered a companion. This is the first time in the show that he actually, actively kills a companion. And… Just… DAMN! Albiet, Kamelion was begging for the Doctor to kill him out of mercy, but I didn’t think he’d actually do it! And to top it all off, he lets the Master die. Well… You know… ‘die.’ The Doctor in the past always tries to save the Master. When the Master ‘dies’ it has always been because of his own folly. He does this to himself and that is why the Master is in the terrible state that he is in. But not this time. This time the Doctor can save the Master. He can protect the Master. But he chooses not to. And that is fascinating. I kinda see where Ten’s arc towards the end there was trying to go for. Ten is a bit of an expansion of Five’s capacity for cruelty. I think this is the point where the Doctor becomes disillusioned and you could genuinely start saying that tragedy follows him everywhere. Though who knows? Maybe things will drift in a completely different direction from here. You know. Since I’ve got a regeneration story next!

You know it’s kinda sad that I’m almost scared to follow people with DID because there’s a good chance we’ll have to unfollow them for being anti-endogenic :/

[SH:R] The passing of the eclipse for Wang So and Hae Soo

I may be one of the few who…actually really enjoyed the way the events unfolded in Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 18. I’ve felt for a long time now that Hae Soo and Wang So’s characters could only ever find happiness in the future. Hae Soo herself is completely incompatible with a brutal historical past, and she isn’t enough of a scholar to understand that the people of that time cannot be merciful in the modern sense. 

I have a lot of thoughts, so I’ll just break ‘em down and see how it goes from there. Not sure how coherent this post’ll be, but I’ve put it below the cut in case it gets lengthy.

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17: rain kiss

It wasn’t supposed to rain today. Sunny skies and warmth had been all that was predicted. Yet here they are, stuck in a sudden (and freezing) downpour. She should have brought an umbrella. Or at least a jacket. 
Sooyeon sighs, annoyed, but presses a little closer to him to keep warm, “Sorry about this. I swear it was supposed to be a nice day.” She mutters, frowning, “I promise I’ll make it up to you eventually.” 
Leaning up, she lightly presses her lips to his cheek. Nothing much, just a little act of apology, “Are you upset?”

You Were My New Dream

The Tangled-Inspired one-shot I mentioned yesterday. 

It seems that writing angst after the last chapter is required. 



From the moment Natsu touched down at the guild to the horror unfolding in front of her, Lucy had known something was wrong. He was too quiet, too distant.

And his eyes.

Oh, his eyes.

They were shattered things, and for once those wild flecks of color–mostly greens and golds–in his irises seemed to be broken glass instead of a beautiful mosaic. She wanted, desperately, to sit him down, patch his wounds and ask what was wrong. She had to know what had put that awful look in his eyes. What had made Happy a crying ball of fur, inconsolable by anyone. She wanted the world to go away, for Zeref’s army to simply fade so she could just have five uninterrupted minutes.

As it was, she didn’t get five seconds. With Wendy on her to support Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel, Porlyusica took over healing duties. She shoved the remaining guild members aside, dumped Happy into Lucy’s arms and barked out orders to give the boy some space.

That didn’t stop anyone from peppering Natsu with questions, but nothing made Natsu even flinch. His eyes were fixed to the ground, and it was like he couldn’t hear anyone. THe questions slowly tapered off, until a thick, uncomfortable silence settled over them. Dread chilled bones, and fear caused limbs to shake and sweat to bead.

What had caused Natsu to react this way?

Some of them were starting to not want an answer.

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Some more hiatus doodles! This time it’s Steven Universe!


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anonymous asked:

Do you consider deleted scenes from star wars to be canon?

Well that depends anon. I have an extremely rigorous process for determining whether or not a given deleted scene is canon. And that process is:

Do I like it or not?

LOL okay but seriously. I usually consider deleted scenes to be apocrypha, partly because I do like some of them a lot, but several of them are also flatly contradicted by canon in its final form. And in other cases they conflict with each other.

So, for example: in ROTS, Shaak Ti has two different death scenes, both of which were cut from the final movie. But they were also both filmed, and you can watch both cut scenes. In one, she’s on the Invisible Hand at the beginning of the movie and is killed by Grievous. In the other, she’s killed by Anakin during the storming of the Temple. Which, if either, is accurate?

Then there’s something like the cut scenes with Padme’s family in AOTC. Now, on the one hand I like the idea of Padme’s family. And they do actually appear in the final film of ROTS. But I’m not wild about the specifics of those scenes. They read far too much like a modern (and rather traditional) USAmerican family, and the dynamics don’t actually make sense for the GFFA. And Padme’s parents, in particular, act more like their daughter is a traveling performer who should settle down, rather than the former Queen and current Senator of their planet. It’s honestly weird to watch.

So in that case, I generally take as canon the fact that Padme’s parents are named Jobal and Ruwee, and she has a sister named Sola and two nieces named Ryoo and Pooja, but I don’t bother much with the specifics of those scenes, and my headcanon for the family relationships looks quite a bit different than what we see in those scenes.

And then there’s something like the cut scenes in ROTS which show the birth of the Rebel Alliance - those I generally take as canon, because they really should have been in the movie, and it honestly doesn’t even fully make sense without them.