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Could you post the art description for "Triskaidekaphobia"? Because reasons.

This was a fun one. All the credit for this goes to Willian Murai and Willian’s art director on this, Jeremy Jarvis, who wrote the art description:


Color: Black spell

Location: Inside a villager’s kitchen

Action: This represents the superstitious fear of the number 13 (which is not a superstition here on Innistrad, it is very real). We want to see the inside of a kitchen with an open window fairly central in the scene. We want several instances of 13 to be viewable within the scene to observant players, but the most notable one is that there are long cracks running across the walls which have 13 small rivulets of blood coming from them (the 13th is just starting to bleed). Also, there is a stack of 13 plates in a cupboard, 13 spoons somewhere, maybe 13 beetles on the counter. Through the open window we can see a villager fleeing from the kitchen toward the woods in the distance.

Focus: The scene, the 13 rivulets from the bleeding walls most prominently, then everything else secondarily.

Mood: Whatever-the-hell might be in the woods, this dude read the signs and his own kitchen is worse.

Triskaidekaphobia art by Willian Murai