i shouldn't make gifs

I think this is the single cutest thing Aro has ever done in the movies. Like just that slight head tilt??? That tiny smile??? He looks so frickin’ sweet and adorable in this one moment I can almost forget he’s responsible for the deaths of thousands of humans and would probably kill me. Talk about catching flies with honey.


riley matthews in every episode ☆ girl meets world [1x01] 

how long do i have to live in my father’s world?


Pre-MI6 Bond was a test subject for Project Somnacin, and one of the few agents who could maintain a stable dream. Even after the Project was discontinued, MI6 has 007 running a particular brand of interrogation: trial and error. Because when you die in a dream, you just wake up.

But Silva refuses to crack. And with the clock ticking, they must think of more creative ways find out what he’s done with the list. M wants an extraction. James believes it to be academic theory only. Q is an extremely quick study.

Based off Letters from Silberer by Fishwrites, illustrated by Bjodoodles. 

The gif of animated paintings comes from Beauty (Rino Stefano Tagliafierro), and I think Q would enjoy Caspar David Friedrich.


                                             chanhun ; monster [ dance practice ]