i shouldn't love this as much as i do


Meanwhile: Karamel is canon the writers love it AND Benwood is totally real

Karamels: Mmmm Mel hates Chris sooooo much she’s smooching with him irl too. Because that’s what two people that supposedly have no on-screen chemistry do; they start dating irl.

Melissa somewhere, probably: I love Karamel so much I decided to upgrade it to real life as well.


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“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.


I woke up in my neighbor’s bed with a head wound, yesterday’s paper, and an empty bottle of sleeping pills, and my nightmare in that putrid shithole of a bar, Paddy’s Pub, finally, mercifully came to an end. The owners all deserve to rot in jail, though having to spend every day with each other in that vile establishment is a decidedly greater punishment. That is why I decided to not press charges, leaving them to live in the hell on earth that they’ve created for themselves for the rest of their pathetic and miserable lives.

Painty dood of Brei 

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I don't know who scares me more and who I like more?? Seriously they're both so intimidating and enjoyable characters, I can't decide!

I agree! I enjoy them both for their own reasons.

I just happen to be able to write for characters that are like Dark easier than I do for characters that are like Anti. Otherwise, I might’ve made a blog for Anti as well.

But both of them are great honestly. I don’t see a reason to pick a side. They’re also intimidating for their own reasons.

Ok, so in light of recent events - Even pulled everything off so damn effortlessly. Like, how do you manage to play everything so cool and look so damn unreachable when you’re very much in love?! His self-control is perfected.

(And that makes me think of how Even has learned to control every aspect of his behaviour because it makes it easier to cope with his illness and because it is the only way to be in public and hide what you really feel. Which is not okay and makes my heart break.)

I don’t have a strong support system. In my family we don’t lift each other up, we tear each other apart. This is something I’ve started to realize just recently, and it makes me confused about my whole family situation. I won’t go further into this as I could write a novel but it’s just to give you a picture of my situation. However, I do love my family and I feel like it would be unfair to them not to clarify that.

We all need support and encouragement and everyone seeks those fundamentals to be hopeful in different things. TV has always been my thing. I grew up on movies. It’s one of my favorite things about how my parents raised me. It made me curious, and I like to think that it indirectly led me to Gillian Anderson.

I was late to the party and she didn’t even exist in my consciousness until a few years ago when The Fall aired and I was gobsmacked by her talent and of course, Stella Gibson - like all other men and women.

Then 2016 happened and I had a minor meltdown, which means I dropped out of university. The ugly truth is that I spent a decent amount of days in sweatpants, not going out, not doing anything really, but then X-Files happened, and Gillian happened, and you, reading this, happened. I was sleeping before X-Files but it made me curious about things again - a curiosity that had been gone for years. I also started to question my sexuality so thank you for that, Gillian.

Anyway, seeing her portray these strong and vulnerable characters - I always try to make these two traits coexist but without luck - made me hopeful. And the fraction of herself we, her fans, get to see is always humble, honest, powerful, curious, kind, and even flawed. She has always been very honest about her past, mental health, and about her past and present struggles. I’ve never liked her less because of those things, it’s actually the opposite, which is a constant reminder not to be so hard on myself.

Representation always matters, and she has represented and represents something I aspire to be, and I can only hope that, in lack of a better phrase, some of it will rub off, and hopefully I’ll end up being as honest, kind, and selfless as she is.  

I’m not who I want to be but I’m getting there, and having Gillian by my side helps a lot.

Seeing her achieve so much, and knowing she has struggled too, actually makes me think I can too.

You know what man, I love Astrid. She loves Niska so much and is so accepting, open-minded and their last scene really showed how great she is for Niska. How she knows Niska is worrying about her family and she encourages Niska to do what she has to and when Niska’s worried about leaving Astrid again, Astrid reassures her that she’ll always be waiting for her. She doesn’t guilt trip Niska (Ahem, Joe) for choosing to help her family first, she actively encourages it and she’s just so great for her. Niska really needed that purpose to ground her in her world synth domination.

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Who would be into a short chubby girl who is very shy and clumsy but laughs about everything? From Nekoma, Karasuno, Aoba Johsai and Fukurodani pls ^^ hope you don't mind!

Ahh more of these it’s like matchups but not exactly lmao - Hope


  • Yachi Hitoka
    • I can not express how much she would love a girl like this, she would think she is adorable and probably would just bring a smile to her face whenever she saw her
  • Tsukishima Kei
    • If y’all think that he wouldn’t like a girl like this you are terribly mistaken, although Kei is a little bit of a bitch he falls for very cute girls like this all of the time and he basically drives himself crazy because of how cute they can be


  • Lev Haiba
    • He would love a girl like this and cherishes her with all of his heart, also Lev is a bit clumsy himself so I don’t think he’d mind all of that much
  • Kuroo Tetsurou
    • He would just think she is the cutest thing to ever exist during the same time as him and he would have to ask her out immediately because he would never be able to stop thinking about her

Aoba Johsai

  • Kindaichi Yuutaro
    • Ever so silently blessed for a girl to be that cute, everyone encourages him to go after her and just talk to her but he’s far too nervous


  • Konoha Akinori 
    • He would definitely like a girl like that, and totally glorify her and shower her with compliments about how cute her laugh is or always catch her when she is about to trip


  • Reon Ohira
    • That big softy boy would love a girl like that who was just so happy all of the time and so carefree he’d just be head over heels 

gonna share a little preview of these guys. I love character design so much. I am in deep. I am in really really deep. I’ve also decided that the wasps have a junior and a high school division, so these guys have probably been together for a long time. Group shots kill me dead but I want to do more of them. This is fun so far. I’ll eventually clean it up more and they should all have names by then~


“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Madeleine smiles contentedly.

“What wasn’t?” Theo asks as she rests her head against his bare chest.

“You. Me. Us. I’m not supposed to fall for a fling.”

“You’re falling for me?” he smirks.

“Why do you think I came back tonight?” Maddie giggles at the smug expression on his face. “Not that it matters, really. I’m not looking for a serious relationship right now.”

Theodore frowns. “Why not?”

Tearing her gaze away from his riveting blue stare, Maddie runs through a list of all the lies she could tell him. Married, engaged, divorced, pregnant, too young, too busy, too broke, too scared, but instead she closes her eyes and lets the truth spill from her lips.

“I’m a recovering addict,” she whispers, burying her face in her hands. “I spent the past year in jail on a cocaine possession charge, and I’m just staying with my dad in Bridgeport until I get off parole. I- I’m sorry, Theo. I wish I had told you before, but I didn’t want to lose you. I still don’t…” she trails off waiting for an answer, but only the sound of her quiet tears breaks the cold, hard silence.

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give me a character (from anything ever) in my ask and I’ll rate:

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

DO I EVEN HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF??? HONESTLY???? I will spare you all from my incoherent screaming but….I mean… come ON

hahahahaha kill me

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

Kuroo is just all kinds of awesome that I am not ):

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno | WHY ISN’T MARRY AN OPTION?????!!!

Kuroo is literally the anime embodiment of “my type.” Not even just his looks (though I truly am a sucker for tall, dark haired boys,) but his personality is what really gets me. I. Am. So. Into. TEASING. Like, guys that constantly provoke people (in a funny but loving manner) is my thing. Always has been. I mean, Bokuto even calls him the “provocation expert” and BOY AM I DOWN WITH IT. He is also so incredibly loyal to his friends and I adore that. He is motivated, caring, hard-working, and DESERVES THE WORLD. I COULD WRITE AN ESSAY BUT I WON’T. I JUST REALLY LOVE KUROO TESTUROU OKAY? OKAY GLAD THAT’S OUT OF THE WAY.