i shouldn't know all of these names

I love 98% of you but why is this bandom so unwelcoming? literally not a single one of us was around when GNR was at it’s prime so we had to get into them when they were already a household name. we didn’t always know every song and every lyric and every detail so shouldn’t we be welcoming people, because the reunion IS bringing them back into focus and don’t we want them to get all the love and support they deserve? even if we’ve been fans longer?? I just feel like anybody new who tries to come in is maybe made to feel bad because they don’t know every single thing but that takes time. and honestly as long as they love the band and aren’t using them for their name we should be really happy about this new wave of people trying to love them.

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better I was tagged by tall-tiny-and-broody 

Name: Marine (no “y” HAHAHAHAH SURPRISE)
Average hours of sleep: 12 hours or 3 hours, no in-between
Last thing I googled: Canada’s government website
Nickname: None because I hate them all (YES EVEN YOURS JESSICA)
Birthday: January 31st
Sexual orientation: Anyone with a vajayjay (this doesn’t include only girls let’s be clear)
Height: 5′6″ (your height thingy is weird people, let’s say 169cm)
Favorite color: The blood of my enemies (yes, red)
One place that makes me happy: Anywhere near the sea.. or my bed
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1
Favorite film: Jurassic Park
What am I wearing now: Is this thing PG-rated?
Last book I read: Do comics count? Let’s say it does. Guardians of the Galaxy comic.
Most used phrase: “Yeah, I know”
1st word that comes to mind: Nasty
Last thing I said to a family member: “Tell the birthgivers I will call them tomorrow and kiss your girlfriend for me, butthole″
Favorite beverage: Green peppermint tea
Favorite food: Peaches
Last film I saw in theatres: I have absolutely no idea
Dream vacation: anywhere in C A N A D A
Dream pet (s): A platypus
Dream job: What I’m currently doing

I’m tagging no one because I’m a lazy fuck. But if you feel like doing it, go ahead.