i shouldn't have tho

“And I came back… but at a cost; You left me disfigured.”

It’s just that… I’m well aware Rick probably didn’t actually intend for Clarisse to interpreted by anyone as a butch lesbian and I’m aware she had a lot of development throughout the series… but that doesn’t change the fact that the go to characteristics for a bully were similar to that of a butch lesbian, and that’s pretty horrible when you think about it.



This is yet again completely @tyranttortoise fault, because she rebloged THIS and I had to draw it because Edge with cat ears and because I have no self control and Tortoise gives me constant inspiration for things I am not supposed to draw adjkawk

Also bonus Stretch as Luigi from the latest chapter of “Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady” as I had to fill up the page I drew Edge on so took the opportunity to draw Stretch because that moustache, also that joke he is saying is like one of my favourites of all fucking time

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Honestly I’m so petty. The minute Julian cut things off I officially unstaned. Julian who’s she? I only know trust and working things out together.

hsafalga; i mean. i’m sure things will eventually work out between mc and julian. he has an entire route. it’s not like julian is just never going to show up again. i think julian has gone through a lot and doesn’t really know how to handle it properly; he just knows that he doesn’t want to endanger anybody else. obviously he didn’t do the best thing but he has flaws, you know? i think his route is going to consist of seeing him overcome his guilt and self-deprecation and like. become happier and healthier and understand that he deserves happiness. idk how to articulate my thoughts but basically i’m trying to say: is he a moron? yes. do i think he’ll become a better, happier moron who stops blaming himself for things that could have potentially happened / learn that the mistakes he’s made do not completely determine who he is as a person? yes. 

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Hello! I just wanted to say first on how much I love your blog! You have the best writing I've seen in a long time! And second, I was wondering if I could get a scenario for Akira, Ryuji, Yusuke and Haru: Their S/O that's good at an instrument, invites them to an empty room and plays a song they wrote just for them as a thank you gift for helping them stick to their passion for music. (I hope that makes sense! I'm sorry if it doesn't!)

Hi!! I am SO GLAD you’re enjoying my blog and my writing still has a ways to go, but I appreciate your generosity all the same!! ;A; Thank you for this request, it made perfect sense and it’s so romantic!!


“Come on, Akira. There’s something I need you to hear.”

S/O had ensnared Akira’s hand with their own and they were currently dragging him through the desolate auditorium of Shujin High. He didn’t have the slightest notion as to what S/O was plotting; regardless, the bespectacled student played along, his curiosity expressed by his attentive onyx eyes and slightly furrowed brows.

S/O warily guided him up the stairs leading to the stage, where a lone, forgotten piano stood at the opposite end. Akira suppressed the temptation to drum his fingers on the concealed ivory keys; incidentally, however, that’s exactly where S/O strayed. The couple halted just in front of the instrument, and Akira flashed S/O a questioning look. They returned the gesture with a reassuring smile as they squeezed his hand prior to procuring a few sheets of paper from their carry-on.

Akira’s eyes widened upon recognizing the dots and dashes that unified a music score, and S/O hesitated a moment before speaking, their eyes grazing over the flimsy paper. “I’ve seen you play the piano here after school. Seeing you play each note with such passion… it’s truly inspired my own.” 

S/O paused again to place the sheet music on the rack, then they perched themself upon one half of the wooden stool before their eyes locked with Akira’s. A glint of determination nestled in their eyes as they stated, “This piece requires two people. So…” They extended their hand toward him. “Will you join me?”

Akira simply stood there for a moment, disguising his astonishment with a neutral expression. Verily, could a person be any more lovely? 

He promptly nodded and grasped their hand, his eyes soft as he responded, “It would be my honor.” Akira seated himself adjacent to S/O, gently releasing their hand and uplifting the fallboard with them to expose the dichromatic keys underneath. The duo exchanged a final, affirmative glance before diverting their attention on the composition, their eager hands levitating above the keys. On S/O’s count, the duet commenced with Akira supporting the harmony and S/O dominating the melody. 

The nocturne reverberated throughout the vicinity, the mellifluous series of trills and chords dancing in Akira’s ears; the dulcet tones embraced him and the ensuing sense of euphoria conjured goosebumps on his skin in addition to an electric chill zipping down his spine. This feeling was one of the few things he treasured, that gave him peace; the fact that his dear S/O was alongside him, playing with such fervor and flair, amplified the sentiment.

The song was gradually concluded with a hushed set of triplets, and S/O abruptly hugged Akira around his waist.

“That was incredible,” they whispered breathlessly. “I thought this feeling would never come back… thank you, Akira.”

His arms delicately snaked around them; he empathized perfectly with what S/O was feeling, as evidenced by his swelling heart. Akira resolved to display his own appreciation for another day. 

“You’re welcome,” he replied, followed by a soft kiss on S/O’s crown, “And… thank you for this, S/O. You really do play beautifully.”


Ryuji retained minimal to no knowledge pertaining to music, but the wondrous ballad emanating from S/O’s instrument was quite captivating, even to untrained ears such as his. 

Lately, S/O had been struggling with their motivation, or rather their lack thereof, and Ryuji had been their most devoted supporter, assisting them in any way he could through words of encouragement or spectating while they practiced. 

On this occasion, however, S/O had mentioned that this particular ballad they were currently playing in their isolated studio was an original piece dedicated to him as a symbol of their gratitude. He believed he didn’t do anything to warrant such a touching gesture, but S/O insisted so earnestly that he couldn’t refuse. Truthfully, Ryuji was grateful he didn’t.

Despite his infamous indifference to the arts, he could feel S/O’s heart dripping from every note that hung in the air, and it had steadily lulled him into a peaceful reverie. Once it had ended, all he could do was sit there with wide, awestruck eyes. 

S/O’s voice was dense with concern. “Ryuji…? Are you all right?”

Ryuji shook his head to jerk out of his trance and apologized, “S-sorry, I think I’m still in shock… where’d ya learn to play like that?”

S/O grasped the elbow of their limp arm in embarrassment as they explained, “I’m self taught.”

“For real?!” Ryuji exclaimed with raised eyebrows. “That’s incredible! You’re incredible. I feel like I could run a freakin’ marathon after hearin’ that.“

S/O laughed, and to Ryuji, it was just as musical as their ballad. “Save it for after I thank you properly.”

“Babe, ya don’t gotta thank me. This was all you,” he proclaimed, his muscular arms circling around S/O’s waist.

S/O shook their head prior to resting their own pair of arms around his shoulders. “Don’t dismiss yourself so easily. I nearly gave up a few times, but you always gave me a reason not to.” S/O’s amused eyes twinkled like the stars as they reminisced, “There was even that one time you borrowed my instrument and played it yourself, and you were sharper than needles.”

A smug grin danced on his lips. “But it worked out in the end, didn’t it?”

S/O tenderly pecked him on his lips. “Yeah, it did. Thank you again, Ryuji… for being my inspiration.”

Although S/O’s voice was soft, their words carried enormous weight and emotion, catching Ryuji off guard. A faint blush had permeated the apples of his cheeks, and a sudden temptation to embrace S/O forever overcame him. He decided to subdue the urge… for now. “Of course. It would be a shame to rob yourself of somethin’ that makes you so happy. I should be thankin’ you for creatin’ this song. To be honest, it’s kinda stuck in my head now.” 

Ryuji broke away from the embrace and proceeded to bashfully rub the back of his head. His demeanor was similar to a child that was about to ask for something expensive. “Uh, if it isn’t too much trouble… could ya record it? For me, I mean. I-I’d be willin’ to pay.”

S/O slowly blinked at the blonde before smiling brightly, prompting Ryuji’s heart to flutter. “I’ll see what I can do. Don’t worry about money, just think of it as a thank you gift. And…” S/O paused and timidly clasped their hands together. “I’d be willing to play for you any time you like.”

Ryuji’s consciousness was threatening to escape him; if S/O became any more perfect, it would certainly prove to be detrimental to his health. Even so, they were one of the most precious gifts to have ever befallen him, so he figured they were worth the risk.

“Yeah… I’d really like that.”


“Is it really okay that we’re here, Yusuke?”

“It is all right, my dear. This room isn’t occupied on weekends, and the acoustics are splendid.”

Once school had been dismissed and the students had finished tidying up, Yusuke invited S/O to the Kosei choir room upon their request for a quiet, vacant area. He ascertained that it was relevant to music, since S/O was carrying a case befitting of an instrument. 

The couple had reached their destination, and Yusuke cautiously turned the doorknob. “Hm, it’s unlocked, like usual. How careless of them; anyone could sneak in here.”

The irony of his words elicited a reluctant smile from S/O, but once Yusuke opened the door, they merely gaped in reverence; concert hall would be a more appropriate term for this vicinity, rather than choir room.

“Is something the matter?” He spoke with a hushed volume, but Yusuke’s pleasant voice wafted through the air and faded with a wispy finality. He was correct; the acoustics were most magnificent.

S/O shook their head as they joined him inside the ‘choir room’. “I’m all right, honey. It’s just… amazing.” They gasped softly as their hand shot up to their vaguely parted mouth; their echoingthey voice had surprised them, and they suddenly longed to enroll for admission to this school.

Yusuke emitted a low chuckle from how adorable they appeared with their child-like wonder. “I suppose it is rather impressive. If I may ask, what did you want to use this room for? I’m assuming it has something to do with the instrument fastened to you.”

“Oh, right.” S/O detached the instrument’s bag and fumbled around with the zipper before finally retrieving the object. They discarded the bag and pivoted toward Yusuke, their instrument nested in their hands. “I… wrote something for you, if you’d like to hear it.”

Yusuke hesitated from surprise, but he hastily recovered to give S/O a confirmation. “Yes, dear, by all means.” S/O smiled cheerily and bobbed their head once prior to directing their focus to their instrument as they initiated their arrangement.

S/O’s aria was enchanting beyond compare, and it enraptured Yusuke like a moth to a flame. Of course he knew they played an instrument, but their aptitude surpassed what he could have imagined. Not only was he struck speechless, but his mind was devoid of any thought, and for once, that included art. The melodious sounds echoed throughout the chamber and rung like bells in Yusuke’s eardrums. 

It had ceased much too soon, and his astonished gaze had promptly met S/O’s expectant one.

“My love,” the artist started, raising himself from the seat he had occupied, “music isn’t exactly my forte, but that was truly the most divine thing I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.” He elegantly sauntered to S/O as he continued, “But what precisely did I do to earn such a treat?”

S/O shyly shuffled their feet after they returned their instrument to its bag. “I wanted to repay you. Your passion for art was always something I strived to have, and you inspire me to keep going. So… thank you.”

Yusuke halted directly in front of S/O, subsequently clasping their hands with his. “I must admit, I’m… surprised to hear that you think of me this way. Surprised…” He ascended their hands to his face and daintily pressed his lips to each of them before continuing, “But elated, all the same. If you are comfortable with it, can you play that tune for me again sometime?”


Haru was entirely aware of S/O’s adeptness for their instrument; in fact, the two had performed in various duets in her private studio, and their chemistry was seemingly unparalleled. Even if they improvise, they’re still able to support and harmonize with the other, as if they were one. 

However, despite all of this, Haru remained stunned by the graceful etude S/O had composed specifically for her, as a method of expressing their gratification. She marveled at their impeccable technique, and each measure contained a fraction of S/O, all of it assembling to manifest a breathtaking piece. 

Once S/O finished, Haru eagerly applauded from her seat. “That was remarkable, S/O! I can’t even begin to properly express how much I loved it. All I can say for now is… thank you. This means so much to me.”

S/O smiled fondly from her praise as they returned their instrument to its stand. “You took the words right out of my mouth, Haru. Our duets give me the passion to continue pursuing music, and I hope my composition was enough to get my point across.”

“S/O…” Haru breathed, her cocoa eyes glimmering with admiration. She couldn’t prevent herself from standing up and embracing S/O, her gentle warmth radiating like sunshine. “It makes me feel so happy to hear you say that. Watching and listening to you play is such a beautiful experience, so I’m glad you can find joy in it as well.”

S/O could never grow accustomed to Haru’s natural kindness, yet they reciprocated her affectionate gesture regardless.

“I have a confession to make,” Haru confided suddenly. “This might seem selfish, but I may have recorded you with the intention of, um… keeping it for myself.” When S/O retracted slightly to glance at Haru’s face, it was as scarlet as a rose. “I-I feel bad for not telling you, but… is it okay?”

A chuckle bubbled from S/O’s throat against their will. “Of course you can keep it, I wrote it for you. I… hope you think of me when you listen to it.” They stroked Haru’s cheek, and she covered their hand with her own, her adoration written all over her porcelain face.

“I promise.”

thank you guys for all the support on this ! it really does mean a lot to me :< it’s very comforting to be validated by other people hhffkb

unfortunately people have been harassing me about my gender off and on ever since i started to get popular last year smh
i’ve heard it all and HONESTLY IM JUST.. used to this. i don’t care much anymore and i’m now a lot more confident in myself. I AM A CUTE BOY and idc if my gender doesn’t fit some rando’s “standard”. my father never accepted me as trans either and he was a complete asshole about it, always belittled me, threatened me, blamed it on my mother, now i don’t see him anymore and i could care less about him. 😊 if you think my gender and identity is up to debate and being nasty to me about it is alright UR A RAT and that’s that

i’m still early in transitioning but seeing trans specialist therapists and doctors is about all i can do rn. everything will be easier when i’m 18 and i can do things by myself CAUSE RN i can’t even get my legal named changed unless i battle my dad in court :c honestly when i was younger i didn’t think i was going to be able to wait this long and i thought i would never live to see the day things would change for me, i would cry myself to sleep literally every night. but i’m almost 17 now, and things are getting better and easier for me to deal with. i’m a lot more comfortable with myself and being myself nowadays too ! AFTER ALL IVE BEEN THRU I AM PROUD, and letting a snarky …anon.. bother me would be dumb at this point.
i’m just disappointed people act like this, it’s wrong and they should honestly just be ashamed they’re so low and petty lol



My Girl, Sana Bakkoush, is smiling again and she is lighting up the sky. All is Good now.

It’s not the best one I’ve ever done but AAAAAAAA @cloversdreamsfic is the cutest thing I’ve read these days and I just had to draw something ❤️

Kiri, the King Sunshine and Denki, the one who changed his life ❤️ ugh I loved it so much

Things I don’t need in my ask box:
“You need* this god”
“You need* to do whatever this is that I’m suggesting”
“You would feel better if you were a vegan.” This one is a serious issue for me, I was for YEARS and my health can no longer tolerate it. I have three doctors to back me up, I will literally be blocking anyone who sends me this shit. Your opinion is NOT more important than my dietician or doctors.
“Well, clearly I’m not good enough for your help.” Guilt tripping or manipulating is an immediate block in my book I get 15-30 messages/asks a day sometimes it takes me DAYS to respond. Be patient. Thanks!

I don’t need anyone to tell me what I need*, it’s totally fine to send me well wishes or tell me what helps you out. You can recommend suggestions sure but telling me what to do or how to live my life isn’t going to fly. No offense guys I really do love the love but it’s stressing me out when people get so offended when I don’t do what they think I need*. It makes me feel bad on top of already feeling bad. Otherwise I wish you all well and that you have a lovely weekend.❤️

what if the mini-genos gang all represented different parts of big genos?

so like, one is super emotional and fragile, representing his human emotions, and another is his robotic side, and is super pragmatic and unfeeling about everything. another wants to destroy and burn stuff down, bites literally anything he can at every possible opportunity. another just steadfast follows saitama around 24/7, copies him down to matching his footsteps and breathing pattern exactly.

Imagine all the possibilities…