i shouldn't have tho

thank you guys for all the support on this ! it really does mean a lot to me :< it’s very comforting to be validated by other people hhffkb

unfortunately people have been harassing me about my gender off and on ever since i started to get popular last year smh
i’ve heard it all and HONESTLY IM JUST.. used to this. i don’t care much anymore and i’m now a lot more confident in myself. I AM A CUTE BOY and idc if my gender doesn’t fit some rando’s “standard”. my father never accepted me as trans either and he was a complete asshole about it, always belittled me, threatened me, blamed it on my mother, now i don’t see him anymore and i could care less about him. 😊 if you think my gender and identity is up to debate and being nasty to me about it is alright UR A RAT and that’s that

i’m still early in transitioning but seeing trans specialist therapists and doctors is about all i can do rn. everything will be easier when i’m 18 and i can do things by myself CAUSE RN i can’t even get my legal named changed unless i battle my dad in court :c honestly when i was younger i didn’t think i was going to be able to wait this long and i thought i would never live to see the day things would change for me, i would cry myself to sleep literally every night. but i’m almost 17 now, and things are getting better and easier for me to deal with. i’m a lot more comfortable with myself and being myself nowadays too ! AFTER ALL IVE BEEN THRU I AM PROUD, and letting a snarky …anon.. bother me would be dumb at this point.
i’m just disappointed people act like this, it’s wrong and they should honestly just be ashamed they’re so low and petty lol



My Girl, Sana Bakkoush, is smiling again and she is lighting up the sky. All is Good now.


I can swear, I can joke
I say what’s on my mind
If I drink, if I smoke
I keep up with the guys
And you see me holding up my middle finger to the world
F— your ribbons and your pearls
‘Cause I’m not just a pretty girl

- Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann

so like, i’m rewatching kyou kara maou, cause my friend and i had been talking about animes we watched when we were kids and we both got excited cause we’d never met anyone else who’d watched it, too. anyways.. so, i was feeling nostalgic, decided to rewatch it and i’m like.. so shook, cause now my love for shiro makes so much sense… he reminds me So Much of konrad…. Like seriously, it’s amazing. anyway, i had a big ass fictional crush on him when i was, like, 14? and shiro is apparently carrying on that legacy…

ANYWAYS the reason for this post: it got me thinking about a voltron au of this, with, like, hunk as the main character. it’s kinda one of those almost-magical girl type animes, only with, like, a guy main character, and involves being transported to another world where he’s, apparently, the next king. and he ends up meeting a bunch of really attractive people, and there’s a bunch of shenanigans, from cultural misunderstandings to simply not being ready to be a king, but he eventually grows into the role and is really awesome….

anyway, if you haven’t watched that series, it’s pretty fun, though an older-ish series. also pretty gay, which was probably why i liked it as a kid to begin with, lol. but like….. i’m tempted to write something like this……… idk, i want “actually apparently super powerful and royal, and also everyone falls in love with him and he has a whole bunch of super attractive people around him all the time and he becomes a really amazing king who brings long-lasting peace to his kingdom” hunk….. set in medieval-type, magical europe-not-actually-europe………

what if the mini-genos gang all represented different parts of big genos?

so like, one is super emotional and fragile, representing his human emotions, and another is his robotic side, and is super pragmatic and unfeeling about everything. another wants to destroy and burn stuff down, bites literally anything he can at every possible opportunity. another just steadfast follows saitama around 24/7, copies him down to matching his footsteps and breathing pattern exactly.

Imagine all the possibilities…