i shouldn't have drunk last night

  • Alec: God, my head.
  • Jace: Maybe you shouldn't have drunk so much last night.
  • Alec: Maybe you should try looking a little less smug about what you did last night.
  • Jace: I do not look smug. Well, no more than usual.
  • Alec: Please, I can read your face like a very open, very pornographic book. I wish I couldn’t.
  • Jace: Is this your way of telling me to shut my face?
  • Alec: Remember when you mocked me for sneaking around with Magnus and asked me if I'd fallen on my neck? This is payback.
texts an ex shouldn't have sent to me:


you were in my dream last night. it was odd.

i’m not drunk texting you; i’m slightly tipsy texting you. so there.

i don’t want to open this bottle of wine alone.

don’t disappear on me.

you should come to this shindig saturday.

hey, you up?

you awake?

are you there?


anonymous asked:

Ok I'm gay and I have a boyfriend but last night on New Years I got drunk and had sex with a girl who is a good friend of mine. There is a possibility at this point that she could be pregnant and I feel so shitty because obviously I shouldn't have cheated on my boyfriend and also if she got pregnant she would have to get an abortion without her parents knowing because she's under 18. I've just fucked up so badly that I don't even know how to proceed.

Well you’re just going to have to wait and see if she misses her period. If she does miss it, well she’s pregnant bro MAN UP. You want to know something else pal? Just because you got her pregnant when you were drunk doesn’t give you the right to push abortion on her. You already had an attraction to her and you know it. How do I know this? because you fucked her to the point of orgasm and there’s no way in hell your body didn’t know you were sleeping with a woman. Liquor has the tendency to amplify your urges/or discontent towards certain people. So YOU got drunk around someone you liked. So YOU put yourself in this position. As for your boyfriend you owe it to him to tell him what you did. And when you do tell him, he won’t accept “I was drunk” as an excuse and neither should your child (if she’s pregnant). And hey it’s not all bad. Because you’re going to be closer to the person you really like but won’t admit it, your female best friend.