i shouldn't go out

  • lucas baker: literally trapped a child in the attic and left him there to starve to death, set up a jigsaw-esque death trap room and burned one person to death in it then tried to burn another, willfully participated in the abduction, mutilation, experimentation, and murder of multiple people
  • y'all: uwu what a precious cinnamon roll

Honestly? Jin and Jimin are /adults/. They’re not catty teenage girls going behind each others backs and insulting each other, this was a part of a /game/, where the point is to roast someone basically.

Obviously, no one is trying to say that the statement that Jin made was okay or not uncalled for in any way (it personally made me cringe, and yeah, I’d rather it not have been said). But to criticize those kinds of statements means you should criticize them when they’re being used against anyone, including the /countless/ times they were used against other members i.e. Jin.

Going back to the adult thing, Jin and Jimin work and live together, and have for almost 5+ years. All of the boys are very close, and if there is an issue, I am sure at this point they are mature enough to address it with one another and talk it out.


The park had a piano and a rose covered gazebo! 🎹🌷

Hey, so I’m the most indecisive person in the universe and I don’t have friends to talk to, so I thought I’d talk to the blank face of the internet. I’m applying for housing and my options are to take my chances with 3 random people or ask the two people I know and potentially ruin their strategic plans to have a non-American roommate (because we will be exchange students). Ahahaha what should I do?

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hey ry you mentioned something about how kubo's represention wasn't bad but that it wasn't perfect either. like in what ways? cause i know you aren't being critical but i also wanna understand where you're coming from with that.

yeah sure, i’ll give it a shot.

first thing’s first, i’m american. even if i wasn’t white (which i am), i don’t have the same say in this kind of thing as a native japanese person. the more i learn about japanese culture, the more i learn that there’s so much i DON’T know. in the end, it’s the queer people of japan who get to say whether this is good representation or not. the culture and norms and pressures of japanese society are VASTLY different from from especially western culture (ie. women in the west reclaiming their sexuality while sexualization of girls is a big problem in japan).

so, given my perspective as a queer, white, american, this is what i thought of yuri on ice:

  • i don’t think the narrative about ‘a perfect world’ for queer people was a bad narrative choice. as i mentioned on twitter, 1) kubo is a cishet woman. she should not be telling the stories of queer struggles. that is for our community to do. so criticism that she didn’t include homophobia or what-the-fuck-ever is frankly, in my opinion, bullshit.
  • then, 2) for fuck’s sake, can we be content with a happy queer narrative? finally? this year at my school’s cinema i went to see both ‘closet monster’ and ‘moonlight.’ both were good films, but both heavily feature homophobia and bullying and tbqh??? i’m sick of it. i’m tired of seeing the queerphobic narrative dragged out and put on display. it sucks. it sucks that my parents threatened to take me out of school for having a girlfriend. it sucks that im scared to hold her hand at disney bc i think some suburban mom is gonna call me a f**. i want to consume happy queer content for once in my fucking life. what about all the fanfics we read of queer relationships?? don’t most of them ignore queer struggles?? because for once in our godforsaken lives, we’d like to not be reminded that half the world wants us dead. i don’t have any problem with kubo’s ‘perfect world.’ it’s the kind of world i’m going to write as a queer author who’s tired of the same sad story.
  • kubo’s history: short one here. i challenge anyone who saw her homophobic tweets to think real long and hard as to what they were doing and saying seven years ago. if you can prove that you were an unproblematic, woke angel then i will literally eat drain cleaner. bc at thirteen, i CERTAINLY didn’t give two fucks about most minority groups, including two i eventually became a part of. god, just shut up.
  • how it could have been perfected: actual queer japanese people on staff. if kubo had brought in or at least talked to queer japanese men about their relationships and how to portray viktor and yuuri’s relationship. from what i understand, she didn’t talk to any actual queer people about the relationship. ideally, there will be content like NABARI NO OU, with queer characters created by a queer author, but that doesn’t mean straight creators shouldn’t write about queer characters, in the same way that white ppl like me SHOULD write poc characters and SHOULD consult on how to avoid stereotypes/offensive material but SHOULD NOT write about racism.
  • a follower pointed this out but it’s the fandom that’s made this all about representation in the first place?? kubo just wanted to write a story that happened to include gay men, not revolutionize the anime industry. i think the attitude of putting so much pressure on her to be the ideal of queer representation is fundamentally just,, a bad idea altogether. just let this straight woman write a happy story about gay men skating and let queer people get excited bc they’re seeing queer people in a positive light
when they tip nicely
  • Cashier: I should've never taken this shift. Working this late is fucking me up.
  • Cook: You get used to it.
  • Cashier: Do y'all even get customers this late, or is it early? I can't even tell at this point.
  • Cook: Sometimes.
  • Cashier: What kind of person even eats fast food at this time of night?
  • Cook: Mostly travelers, junkies, and such.
  • Cashier: Makes sense.
  • Disheveled dude: *presses face against the restaurant window*
  • Cashier: Eugh!
  • Cook: What's the matter?
  • Cashier: There's some gross dude outside. Oh no, he's coming in.
  • Disheveled dude: *runs into the restaurant carrying a suitcase*
  • Cashier: Hello, can I help you?
  • Disheveled dude: Yeah, yeah, let me get a burger. Large drink. Yeah, that's it.
  • Cashier: This is a Mexican restaurant, sir. We don't have burgers.
  • Disheveled dude: Just get me anything with a lot of meat.
  • Cashier: We need a triple stuffed burrito!
  • Cook: Got ya!
  • Cashier: Okay, that'll be $7.99.
  • Disheveled dude: *slams a wad of cash on the counter*
  • Cashier: This is like... thousands of dollars!
  • Disheveled dude: Keep the change.
  • Cashier: I, uhm... are you sure?
  • Disheveled dude: I just want my food. Make it fast, please. Thank you.
  • Cashier: *stuffing cash into their pockets* Got ya, dude. Hey, make it quick! This guy wants his burrito!
  • *the cook quickly finishes the burrito*
  • Disheveled dude: *aggressively devours his food, sometimes nervously looking over his shoulder*
  • Cashier: He's like one of those professional eaters. That's impressive.
  • Cook: It's disgusting. That burrito has like 1500 calories.
  • Cashier: I'll call anyone who hands me three months worth of checks for a single burrito impressive.
  • Cook: Yeah, about that... could I get some of that cash.
  • Cashier: I mean, a bit. He told me to keep the change.
  • Cook: Technically it's the restaurants money, so you shouldn't be taking any of it.
  • Cashier: Yeah.
  • Cook: Plus, I cooked the burrito.
  • Cashier: Alright, how about $500?
  • Cook: Only $500? Come on, man. You've got at least $10,000 there. Let's split it.
  • Disheveled dude: *hops the counter*
  • Cashier: *backs away*
  • Cook: Whoa, dude, you can't be back here.
  • Disheveled dude: I need to leave through the back. You guys, closing soon?
  • Cook: I don't know what you're on, dude, but the back is for employee's only.
  • Disheveled dude: *opens suitcase and tosses wads of cash at the cashier and cook* Extra tip gives me VIP status.
  • Cook: Uhm... sure thing.
  • Disheveled dude: Anyway, I don't know if you guys are closing soon, but it's in your best interest for both of you to leave. I've probably given you enough money to relax for a year so it doesn't matter if you get fired. Just listen to me. Fucking leave and definitely do not look back. *runs out the back door*
  • Cashier: This is so much fucking money. Was that guy a drug dealer?
  • Cook: Probably, now that I think about it, yeah.
  • Cashier: Holy fuck! Is it safe for use to have this money.
  • Cook: I don't don't know.
  • Cashier: I could buy my own house with this, holy fuck! *stuff money down shirt* I don't know about you, but I'm out of here.
  • Cook: What!? You know we really can't leave with all this money, right?
  • Cashier: We can, and I am.
  • Cook: This could be drug money, or money from a bank heist. If we're caught with this stuff we could go to prison, or be killed.
  • Cashier: You didn't seem worried about it when you were hounding me for money just a few minutes ago.
  • Cook: That was then, and this is now. Nobody just gives money out like that unless there's something seriously wrong. It's dangerous for us to keep it.
  • Cashier: My life is going nowhere fast, man. I've got nothing to lose.
  • Cook: Well, I've got family at home. I'm calling the police.
  • Cashier: You do you, man. I'm out of here. *runs off*
  • Cook: *dials the 911, but gets a busy signal* What?
  • Cashier: *yells*
  • Cook: What's wrong!? *runs to the cashier*
  • Cashier: *sitting on the ground, money dropped everywhere* Look. Outside, there's nothing. Like, literally nothing. It's just an empty void.
  • Cook: I... it has to be some sort of trick of the light. I'm going out there.
  • Cashier: You shouldn't.
  • Cook: I bet it's nothing. I'll show you. I'll be right back. *disappears entirely into the void*
  • Cashier: Hey! Hey! Are you out there!?
  • *a pale hand appears out of the darkness and gently beckons for the cashier*
  • Cashier: *slams door shut* NOPE!
  • Cashier: *runs to the front counter*
  • Cashier: *is greeted by an all encompassing wall of blackness*
  • Wall: *encroaches on the cashier*
  • Cashier: *attempts to run away, but gray arms emerge from the darkness and wrap themselves around them*
  • Cook: *decapitated head rolls out of the wall of darkness, its eyes spinning in opposite directions* Told you that was bad money, dude.
  • Cashier: *screams as they're pulled into the darkness*
  • *elsewhere*
  • Driver: *parked on the side of the road smoking*
  • Disheveled guy: *taps on car window*
  • Driver: *slightly rolls down the window* Can I fucking help you?
  • Disheveled guy: I need a ride.
  • Driver: Let me think about that. Hmm, FUCK NO!
  • Disheveled guy: *points gun at driver* Then I'll drive myself. Get out.
  • Driver: *obeys orders* Alright, don't shoot.
  • Disheveled guy: *tosses wad of cash at driver* That should cover the cost of a new car. I suggest you catch a bus and get out of here as soon as possible. *speeds off*
  • Driver: *looks at the fraction of a fortune that was just tossed at him* This is way too much money for a bus.

more angel au! (shout out to the two people in the rvb nano discord for suggesting “bird” and “wash”) 

he’s looking all fancy in his ceremonial armor and face paint. all ready to shake hands and kiss babies

  • "Do you realize what you just did?"
  • "Is everyone okay?"
  • "I have no idea what to say to that."
  • "Why do you have to break my heart this way?"
  • "I'm going to go down in history for this."
  • "No one is walking away from that."
  • "What did you expect?"
  • "That shouldn't have happened..."
  • "You are driving me mad."
  • "Whatever you say, Sherlock."
  • "What makes you think that is a good idea?"
  • "Did you kill them?"
  • "We need to do something."
  • "No. Just... no."
  • "I shouldn't have gotten out of bed."
  • "Are we going to walk away from all this?"
  • "Maybe we're destined to do this."
  • "Let's jump."
  • "Change is necessary. It's the only constant in the universe."
  • "I'm starting to get excited for this idea."
  • "I can't... What?"
  • "Did you have to do it?"
  • "There's no stopping this."
  • "It's coming..."
  • "I'm not going to sit here while you destroy yourself."
  • "Didn't you just say the opposite of what you said two minutes ago?"
  • "Leave me here."
  • "Why bother?"
  • "I'm not going to sit idly by and let the world burn."
  • "Can we vote on this?"
  • "That's fucked up, man."
  • "We can't do this ourselves."
  • "We have to try."

i have the option of getting up early to try to talk to a counselor about transferring back here From community college once i’m more stable but honestly i could also just… not………………………………..


I don’t have a choice. I don’t get to just go.

Ti vs Fi: Mistyping Fears

I feel like types have two very different fears when it comes to being mistyped:

For one, being mistyped equates to having to completely rewrite your way system of logic. That every single revelation you’ve ever made becomes moot because it was built upon faulty and baseless reasoning. You have to start over.

For the other, being mistyped equates to having to completely rewrite your system of identity. A label that has become an integral part of the way you perceive yourself becomes completely wrong. You have to rebuild your self identity once more.

Do you guys ever go through a post-story depression? Those weird mixed feelings you have after you finish a TV show, book, or really good movie. And to call it a depression doesn’t quite fit because it isn’t all bad? 

You are incredibly happy that you exist in the same world and at the time where you had the ability to see/read this amazing creation. It is one of the most amazing things you have ever been able to experience. 

But… that scares you. You wonder if anything will ever be as amazing as that. If anyone will be able to come close to that kind of wonder. And suddenly you feel really small and weighted down.  Like, even you probably wouldn’t be able to create something anywhere near that level of awesomeness.

Or is that just me?

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Hey!! I need a ton of relationship advice, and I'm not sure where to begin. So I'm a girl who is bi but my close friends may still think I'm lesbian (I was going through a weird phase) and I really really have the hugest crush on this guy. I've known this guy for so long and we talk and joke and our relationship is very much friendly. I'm falling for him even though I never thought I would but he is so nice and kind and I would love to be more than just friends. (Part 1)

(Part 2) one of my bestest friends is really close to him and they would never date but I don’t know if I should ask her if he has any interest in me. Like she might be telling him that I am gay and there’s nothing he can do about it when I really do like him. But I’m not sure if he even likes me back at all but I was out to dinner with them and other friends and I was on my best friends phone and she and I were at a superset table than him and he texted her something about

(Part 3) something about switching seats and it mentioned my name. And I and just rambling now but I hope that he kinda wanted to switch seats to sit with me if that was what it was about. I’m sorry for wasting your time but I just don’t know what to do about this. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Hello anon, thanks for reaching out to me.

First of all, take a deep breath. You sound like your going to exhaust yourself!

Now, let me see if I got all the facts…

  • You like this boy and currently, it’s strictly a platonic friendship
  • You have a reputation among your peers for being a lesbian but you self-identify as bisexual

  • This boy you’re interested in is not 100% aware of your attraction towards him

  • A mutual friend between you and him may or had may not unintentionally interfere with your pursuit by telling him you’re a lesbian

  • He has made attempts to get closer to you and you’re not sure if he is signaling back his attraction to you
I think that’s the gist of what you’ve just told me in your three part post.
It sounds to me that this boy you’re interested in is trying to get a feel for what is possible for relationships within this circle of mutual friends you share with him. This is pretty normal and I dare say you were thinking and doing much the same as he was. This mutual friend between you and this guy you’re attracted too shouldn’t be an obstacle. In fact, use your own discretion on deciding this but you may want to inform her of your feelings for him. If however, you’d think it would cause unnecessary tension than I’d avoid it for now. In either case, I advise you seek this boy out in private without your peers involved and find out a few things. Flirt with him in public, give him a call, shoot him a text and invite him over to a coffee stop or something… however you want to handle it and setup a time and place to meet privately with him and calmly try to tell him what you’re feeling. Let him know you like what you have but you want to know if maybe you could date and feel out if you two can have a more intimate relationship. There is nothing wrong with a woman taking the lead in asking a guy out, believe me on this one. You might be surprised and find he too shares similar feelings, and if not it’s better you had been honest with him than hiding these feelings and never knowing if anything could’ve come from them.
I wish you the best anon and here is hoping he says ‘Yes’
Keep being fabulous~

PS. Careful when sending anon asks. You forgot to filter yourself in the part two portion of your post. Don’t worry, your identity will remain safe with me.

ok at this point i’m so confused by everything happening in the manga (snk) i might as well stop reading and wait for it to be animated