i shouldn't find this as hilarious as i do

“So, uh, fun party, huh?”

“Are you trying to hit on me?”

“Is it working?”

“Not really. I’m just awfully conscious of the fact that you’re putting your hand all over what looks like a very expensive painting.”

Seriously tho if Zuko hadn’t interrupted them, Mai would have called out Ruon’s cool act and he’d end up melting into a puddle of awkward and silly in front of her.

anonymous asked:

You shouldn't romanticize the current arc in Shokugeki, it's wrong and it's not the way to start a healthy relationship at all. It's sickening to see a fellow SouEri shipper coming up with theories over this arc and using Erina's mental/emotional traumatic past as shipping fuel. As much as I want Erina be end game, this is not the way to go about it. This is the chance for Erina to develop as a person, not develop feelings for Souma.

No offense, but first of all, I think it’s absolutely hilarious that you find it “sickening.” You do realize these characters are fictional, right? ^^’ So kindly get off your high horse. Second of all, it’s incredibly naive to think this isn’t a catalyst to exactly what the author answered in a recent tweet about Erina noticing Souma (romantically) soon. Honestly, it’s like you’ve never read a manga (or anything, for that matter) before.

And the story itself has already hinted multiple times that Erina will likely develop feelings for Souma, and that Souma, too, needs to find the person he wants to give all his food to, as that will improve his cooking, which is his main goal in the series. So, considering it’s such a key point in the manga, I see nothing wrong with theorizing when and how that might happen based on manga developments. And you taking issue with that theorizing is pretty ridiculous, and seriously makes me question what ship you’re actually a fan of. ^_~

Also, I don’t think Erina will fall completely in love with Souma after this arc (nor did I say anywhere that I think she will). Otherwise, that will take a lot of the fun out of it. We don’t know how long Azami will be in charge. He may be a multi-arc villain that has to be chipped away at. But, do I think the current developments and Erina’s history is a jump off point for future romantic development/do I think the character development she gets in this arc, both individually, and alongside Souma, will lead to a romantic development sometime in the future?  Absolutely. 

There’s nothing wrong or sickening about that. Nor is there anything wrong with coming up with theories. It’s my blog, and I can theorize about whatever I like. And from a storytelling perspective I’m being realistic. If Souma and Erina will happen in the future, then they need a story thread that will give them a reason for them to become closer. This arc is at the very least a start of that reason. 

Nor do I think it’s unhealthy for a relationship to start in this way. Please tell me what exactly is unhealthy about someone being a comfort and support for a person during a traumatic time in their life, and that eventually blossoming into love? I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t think you understand how healthy relationships work if you find that wrong in any way. Erina being able to get through this hardship is a way for them to interact on a more personal level, so that they can get to know each other, and see each other in a different light. 

We’ve already seen Souma finding out there’s more to Erina, and her behavior than he could have imagined, and certainly more than he could have learned in any other way (Erina’s not going to be quick to talk about her own trauma, for example, as even Hisako seems unaware of the true history with her father). And in Erina’s case, she only just started accepting that Souma might have a place in Tostuki (she’s been softening towards him ever since the elections, and ever since Hisako returned), but because of the bubble she’s usually in, they have little reason to interact together. So, it makes sense that the author is going to bring them closer in this way.

And I, too, think this is about Erina developing as a person, or did you miss the part in my post where I said “Because Erina really needs to be able to break away from her dad on her own, but I think Souma needs to give her the encouragement and help necessary to get to that point. She needs an emotional and mental boost. So, I think that’s what his job will be.” 

As I said, ultimately, this will have to be something ERINA accomplishes on her own, but it will be through Souma’s help that she’ll have the courage to do that.  And from that support their relationship will grow and flourish from what it currently is. That’s what I think. You may disagree. You may find it unhealthy, or sickening. But if you’re so quick to throw around such judgement, at least have the courage to do it off anon. Otherwise your opinion holds little, to no weight, and the entirety of it reeks of troll tbh.

That’s alright, though, it gives me an excuse to further theorize about how Erina and Souma’s story will progress, and how they may eventually get together. ^^


Dear whoever made this: a torturous combination of perfect and too soon, even though I’ve read the books.