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One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

so yeah. you asked for it and i had no self control so here i am, with another animatic

All Jewish people need a lot of support and love right now - please give it to them. You can talk about hating Nazis all you want, but Jewish safety is first priority. Inform yourself about antisemitism, learn more about Jewish culture, and please stand up against antisemites and Nazis whenever possible.

If you say anything bad about Kihyun, just unfollow me right now. Kihyun doesn’t steal all the lines, he does not deserve to be called racial slurs, and he does belong in Monsta X. He does not get a choice in how many lines he gets so how is that his fault? If you guys want to complain about how many lines he gets and how he’s “stealing” them from other members, go complain to starship, don’t slander Kihyun for doing his job and what he loves.

Remember when I said I would cut out your favorite emblem into MDF? 

GUESS WHAT I JUST DID. @nightpiercer my gift to you, my friend.



Sadly, this is not the one I’m going to give you, on account of it’s various flaws, but once I perfect this thing I’ll send it! 

I’m planning on selling these as custom commissions! I don’t know a price, so the benchmark is probably gonna be around $15 per pendant? Leave a suggestion for what the price could be in a reply or reblog!

Want a high resolution version of your favorite emblem (And the possibility of having it laser blasted into medium density fiberboard and sent to you for $15)? Leave a reply on or, more helpfully, reblog my original post!

You keep treading the line so fine
between m a r t y r d o m and lies.

Little soldier boy,
where was your innocence lost?

Ariana Romero: *posts article* 

This Still Star-Crossed Storyline Is So Depressing

Me: *side eyes title* *reads article* *rolls eyes* Are you freaking kidding me?

Me: ‘So Depressing’ is the blatant sexual exploitation of women on Game of Thrones, including the gratuitous rape of Sansa Stark that was not in the books.

Me: ‘So Depressing’ is Abbie Mills getting sidelined on her own show, Sleepy Hollow, in favor of more Crane family.

Me: ‘So Depressing’ is critics dismissal of fun genre fair in favor of grimdark prestige shows when in the Golden Age of television there is no reason not to celebrate it all. (Thank you WIRED for that great article!)

Me: Let me fix that title for you. *scratches it out and writes a new one* 

Still Star-Crossed Powerfully Celebrates The Agency Of Women Of Color

There are two types of people:

Religious people who call you by the correct pronouns and although they may not understand your transition, they respect you as a human being regardless.

Religious people who purposefully call you by the wrong pronoun and make it their mission to disrespect you, even after you or someone else has corrected them.

Don’t be the second. I don’t care if you don’t agree with my transition, it’s rude, shallow and disrespectful.


Let’s swing, baby!

Part of the Pandora Hearts gift exchange! This one’s for Dweebunny! Hope you have a lovely winter break! <3

“How did fighting turn into shagging?” Harry asked. He looked annoyed and scared all at once.

Draco was starting to wonder why he was bothering to omit the truth. They were both going to feel like shit anyway. So far, he’d spoken no real lies, but he was leaving out what was possibly the thing Harry would hate the most.

Had it meant so much to him? The things Harry had said and done, that he was protecting him now?

“I honestly don’t know, Potter,” he said, and that was no lie. He could never have predicted them falling into bed together, especially after the fighting. “We yelled at each other, we cried a little. We landed a few blows, we cried some more. It’s a bit of a blur, I only remember moments of that, until you said you couldn’t stop thinking about me.”

Merlin, he wished he did remember everything that had happened following their exit from the floo. Everything else had such clarity in his mind, the fight at the party, and the intimacy that had followed the fight in his flat. But that fight, he didn’t remember. Perhaps it was disorientation from the floo, combined with how much alcohol he’d had. He only remembered snatches of yelling and pain, and crying. They’d managed to avoid making each other bleed, at least.

Or maybe it would have been better if they had made each other bleed. Then maybe the rest never would have happened.

“I didn’t.” Harry looked completely shocked by the notion.

Draco shivered. He had been just as shocked at the time. “You did.”


“After everything you did, why can’t I stop thinking about you!” Potter screamed at him.

Draco’s words died in his throat. What did that mean? That…that wasn’t angry. Potter’s voice had cracked, his shoulders were heaving with heavy breaths, and he looked almost scared, now that he’d said it.

“Fuck, Malfoy!” he said, sounding shattered. “Why have we never done this before? So much shit between us. So much of my life spent fighting you while fighting everything else. You’re so caught up in everything I went through, and I’ve mostly come to terms with everything else, but not you! Every time I see you, I want to talk, to clear the air. It drives me mad, not having that closure.”

He was crying again. Merlin, why couldn’t they both stop crying? They were grown men. Here they were fighting and crying like they were those stupid teenagers all over again. He wanted to call him pathetic. It was such a perfect opening, but those weren’t the words that came tumbling from his mouth.

“That’s why you’ve been watching me again?” he asked. Merlin, that explained the way the git looked at him sometimes, across the halls at the Ministry, in meetings. “Haven’t you kicked that habit yet?”

Potter’s posture slumped, and he made a pained sound. “I was right to follow you that year! If I had been better at it, if I had noticed more, or understood what few things I did notice, then maybe I could have stopped you!”

Draco’s chest constricted. He’d had those same thoughts himself. Even if it might have meant the death of his family, his own death in fact, he hadn’t been able to stop himself from imagining. He’d still do the same thing though, it was something he was unable to lie to himself about. But he was able to imagine what might have happened if Potter had stopped him.

“I can’t stop though,” Potter said. “I can’t stop noticing you in every room. Noticing your expression, your posture. Checking to see if you’re up to something. I just want to know what you’re up to so I can stop watching you!”

Because even though Infidelity and Honesty didn’t go over so well, I still love Draco’s pov enough to share a small portion of it…

There’s nothing more amusing than seeing people yelling ‘FANSERVICE’ when they, fans, are very clearly not being serviced.


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