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Part 2 of this thing [X] :3c also inspired by Yamato’s pose~

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I hate to bother you ! but the download on your icon post isn't working ! c:

you’re not, love! i’m so sorry, dropbox can be awful, so i just decided to upload it with two more borders in a zip file to media fire. it can be found here. please like or reblog if you’re using.  i hope i’ve helped! xx

Good Shipping People vs Bad Shipping People
  • Person: Hi!
  • Me: Hello!
  • Person: So, I ship *insert ship name here*
  • Me: I do too! Why do you ship it?
  • Person: Oh, it's just so cute! I mean, look at them, both boys together. All of my ships are gay. All. Of. Them.
  • Me: I think it's good cause of evidence that supports it.... And how their personalities work.
  • Person: Really? I've never noticed that! Oh well, hey look another gay ship with them!!!! MY NEW OTP.
  • Me: Damn it.
  • Note: Do not be like this person. All ships have a way of being good, and you shouldn't ship just cause it's a boy and a girl or a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl. Ship cause you think that personally they could be a good couple.

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Hello! I was wondering shouldn't Vlad technically be less powerful than Danny? Danny was inside the ghost portal when it started but Vlad got blasted in the face. Idk what do you think?

Yes, I’m inclined to think so. For several reasons.

  • Not only was Danny inside the portal, he was inside a very large working one. Vlad got hit with a small, contaminated proto-portal.
  • The only thing Vlad has over Danny is experience, and by the end of the series, Danny’s actually able to go toe-to-toe with Vlad. Regardless of the messed up timeline, he’s still in high school, and he’s grown a lot faster.
  • Vlad had his powers for 20 years, yet he never gained things like cryokinesis or the ghostly wail. We never even see him with a ghost sense.
  • After only 10 years, Dan became one of the most powerful ghosts in existence. The most powerful we see barring Clockwork. He’s able to change his form, disguise to look human despite not being one anymore, create ghost portals with his hands, use a time medallion alone to travel through time, and somehow permanently injure multiple ghosts.
  • All of that is after Dan absorbed Vlad’s ghost half, so honestly, his ectosignature is probably corrupted like Vlad’s was, making him likely weaker than he would be otherwise (without realizing it.)
  • Our Danny not only defeats Dan, but gains the ghostly wail 10 years early. Dan mentions at the beginning of TUE that it’s a new power.

Honestly, I think the reason Danny has such a large number of powers is because he was zapped by the entire ghost zone, so he’s basically absorbed a huge number of powers. The only reason he doesn’t have them all at the beginning is that he’s still growing and learning. Give him a few years, and fighting ghosts won’t even be a struggle anymore.

Or even that frequent. He’d definitely gain a reputation over time, and I doubt any ghost would wanna mess with him or anything under his protection. He might get a few who want to challenge him here and there, but yeah.

Not to mention how powerful some of his allies are.

He’d be able to wipe the floor with Vlad pretty shortly.

But lookit his face.

He has no idea.

How "Sexy Advertising" Works
  • Straight Men: I want to do her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Straight Women: I want to be her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Lesbians: I want to both be her and do her (and ergo want the thing she's got by association).
  • Asexuals: That hamburger looks really tasty, but shouldn't someone get that poor girl a coat before she freezes to death?

“So, uh, fun party, huh?”

“Are you trying to hit on me?”

“Is it working?”

“Not really. I’m just awfully conscious of the fact that you’re putting your hand all over what looks like a very expensive painting.”

Seriously tho if Zuko hadn’t interrupted them, Mai would have called out Ruon’s cool act and he’d end up melting into a puddle of awkward and silly in front of her.

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Okay but I feel as though murderers, rapists, child abusers/molesters should not be allowed to have kids or even pro-create. Throw shade at me all you want, perhaps it's wrong of me to think that. However, there are just some people who are just incurably horrible that their bloodline shouldn't even be allowed to continue. This does not include the poor, all criminals, etc. just low life scum like nazis and rapists. Imo.

Right except that’s not how any of this works at all. 

The state should have no fucking right to sterilize anyone, like it’s that simple. Really think about the prison system, who gets punished, and the historical/modern abuse of power. A system that regularly sterilized it’s citizens is abusing its power - and it’s going to extend that power to target minorities and people in poverty just like it always does. 

Do I think that child abusers/molesters should have kids? No. But I also don’t think that the state has any right to sterilize or kill its citizens. Like, I can’t believe I have to explain why forced goddamn sterilization is bad right now. 

And let’s really look at this from a realistic point of view. Who is targeted most by modern sterilization at the hands of the prison system? Black and brown people and those in poverty. What happens if we extend this to an even worsened level? Those same groups are going to be targeted. Nothing changes. 

Now, how do we decide who gets punished in this manner? Is it mandatory for every person who commits the crimes that you mention? Okay so do we have judges who lay down this sentence and lawyers who fight for forced sterilization as punishment similar to the death penalty? Do we have the same appeals process as we do for things like the death penalty - because just so you know that takes up a lot of state dollars so if we’re going to start punishing people on a mass level with forced sterilization that’s something you’re going to have to factor in. What about those that are found innocent later, what happens to them? 

If we’re going to start using the sterilization penalty, we’d also have to look at how this type of court process would harm POC and those in poverty even more. Race and class already plays a huge factor into the court system and it’s a similar problem with higher risks on the death penalty. And most importantly what’s to stop the state from making more laws punishable by sterilization. What’s to stop the state from taking this to another level. When have we ever trusted the state to do fucking anything without abusing its power and taking it out on the most vulnerable. 

And how are we going to do this without committing human rights violation and how does this not violate cruel and unusual punishment? That’s already a legal problem when forced/coerced sterilization happens in prisons now - so how would this extend to a massive level? 

Also this whole certain “bloodlines,” shouldn’t be allowed to continue comment is horrific thinking and pretty on par with the eugenics thought process as is. So like, maybe think this over a bit. 

Ao3 Pro-tip

If a ship doesn’t warrant a mention in the summary for your story, you should not use the ship tag.

If the ship merely exists in the background, like because of canon compliance, you should not use the ship tag.

Tag the ship only if it is actively going to be explored or developed in the story.


Let’s swing, baby!

Part of the Pandora Hearts gift exchange! This one’s for Dweebunny! Hope you have a lovely winter break! <3

I cant blame anyone but myself for the pain i feel. Its my fault. I shouldn't have fallen for you in the first place but how could I resist your dark eyes and that playful smirk? Or those jaws that align so perfectly with your face? And instead of trying to forget you, all I do is write about you, letting you live forever in my work. All i do is imagine scenarios in my head where you’re mine. I blame no one but myself for the pain that I am going through.
—  I need to write you out of my mind.

Messy Hunk doodle because I need to draw more of the lovely sunshine child 💛 not the best- I’m half asleep snd had to retype like half of this like 5 times so I’m probably gonna sleep after I post this- but still something! I haven’t done chibi/ish drawings like this in forever

Monsta X as Things People in My Class Have Said
  • Minhyuk: "It's not even a nice kind of hot today, it's like the sun is ripping my skin"
  • Kihyun: "I do this thing called saving, instead of shoving them all in my mouth"
  • Wonho: "I shouldn't have brought headphones in, all I've done this morning is watch cat videos"
  • Shownu: "How did you get glitter on your eyes?"
  • I.M: "Have you ever been in a space raid? it's what I aspire to do"
  • Hyungwon: "If I had £1 every time I swore I'd never have to work a day in my life"
  • Jooheon: "I bet I could shove this gob stopper up my ass"
Some of the beautiful things my piano teacher says about being a classical musician:
  • 1: It is this thing you shouldn't do, you should study law if you want to ensure living... but for some people, like us, it is the love of our lives and no one can take it away from us. We shouldn't but we do.
  • 2: I hate it, it is the worst thing I could have chosen to do in life, but every time I have tried quitting I am forced back in. I am not myself without it, and I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing.
  • 3: Study, work hard if this is what you want because getting to do this is the most amazing experience you will ever have.

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So.. when do you think page 61 will be out? making a page shouldn't take more than like an two or three hours.

Page 61 will be out tomorrow as scheduled. If you need something to do while you wait, I recommend using those superfast hands of yours to draw your own comic! You should be able to get 6-8 pages done between now and then.

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So I just dyed my hair- work is cool with it. I get lots of compliments (it came out a really nice blue!) and lots of people kinda glare disapprovingly (not that I care) but the other day someone GRABBED my hair and said "You shouldn't dye your hair! It's unprofessional." I yelled at them to get off and let go, which they didn't do- they were probably intending to lecture me more- until my manager came over and kicked them out. They're also banned, thank god. What made them think that was ok?!

does anyone else with ptsd have delusions??? like I’m convinced 24/7 that people are following me. even when I’m home. like I always feel like people are watching me from the windows, it doesnt even matter if its light out and I can see no one is there. it usually manifests as being convinced that there are cameras behind mirrors and my dogs n cats eyes and people are watching me and I have to be careful and moniter what I do/say. and when I’m talking to people irl I always feel like they can read my thoughts. tbh ive only recently realized these thoughts are Not Normal. so idk if its related to ptsd or not ??