i shouldn't color things

more alolan eeveelutions! (that have absolutely nothing to do with alola but those are basically the only canonical regional variants right now soooo)

anyway, glaceon is based on glaciers and how they shape bedrock, sylveon is based on a papillon dog and the apollo butterfly, leafeon is based on rusting metal in the woods.


“The Doctor is making up for a thousand years sans cuddling and a year of being a big idiot when it comes to the touchy-feely stuff. Clara is his source for all snuggling and he is majorly into it.” [x] Exactly. Colored version of the cuddlecore lines.

You Color My World (closed RP for detective-ryugazaki and sparklingsei)


Seijuro Mikoshiba headed into the library on campus that day set with the task of locating research materials for an upcoming assignment. He wasn’t the best at English, so he needed to get a dictionary and a couple of other books to help him figure out what the heck was going on in class. Because he was an athlete at heart, the library wasn’t really his favorite place most of the time, but he supposed he would have to deal with it.

Grabbing a couple of books from the shelf, he glanced over at another student with an armful of books who was pulling yet another down from the shelf. The moment Seijuro’s eyes locked onto the megane, everything changed. He’d heard about it happening, heard about people’s worlds completely changing when they met their soulmates, but words could never do the experience justice.

The first thing that happened was the young man in question’s skin shifting from drab grey to a tannish color. His hair blossomed into a navy blue, the frames of his glasses burned red, his shirt remained white but for the little blue butterfly that seemed to spring from the breast pocket. His pants remained a greyish black.

After the young man was fully colored, Seijuro noticed other colors surrounding him, unsure of how he knew the names for them. The books lining the shelves seemed to pop now, a mixture of reds, blues, browns, greens. The shelves themselves were a rich mahogany wood, standing out so much more starkly now that they held hues of their own. The other people around the library became filled with color, as well, but Seijuro couldn’t stop staring at the one who had started it all, nearly dropping the books he was holding in the process.

“U-um…excuse me,” he said, approaching the young man slowly. “What’s your name?”